Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet and…Shakespeare still rocks

LeanHealthcarebasicsto be or not to beGrasping the purport of Hamlet’s soliloquy is not easy at all. You show insight into it if you can link it to your own existence. These are the great things you came up with. Thank you for “modernizing” Shakespeare. He is still with us to stay. I learn great things from his works everyday. He is the one who throws great and harsh realities about human nature into our faces. It is impossible to turn a blind eye/or a deaf ear when you either read or watch his plays.


Eleonora Cupin

This is the digital rendering of the students’ review of Hamlet’s soliloquy. The students were free to adapt the enigmatic question to their own life. What did the soliloquy prompt in them? To what extent do they share Hamlet’s view of the world? To what extent is Hamlet’s dilemma their dilemma? How is this soliloquy still relevant to their lives?



Inspired by the website of the Globe Theatre (Globe Education) the students created an “updated” yet faithful presentation of either Romeo or Juliet and then they wrote to the Dear Agony Aunt/Uncle column. This is what they came up with.


Are you my Romeo? Am I your Juliet?


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