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I told you why I try to foster creative writing in my English classes. Most people think that creativity belongs to primary or secondary school only. We know this is a misconception and by now you know that creative writing forces you to use your imagination in ways that make you more aware of, and also question, your surroundings. You are asked to examine all sides of a story, not just one perspective. You learn not just take things as they are on the surface but to investigate, a lesson that will remain with you throughout your lives. I wish to contribute to raising a generation that will (hopefully) cling to the idea that there’s more to a situation than meets the eye. This is why, then, we do creative writing tasks!

You were asked to write to something dear to you (your bike, the sunset, your dog, your pen, your pillow, etc.) and to reply to you as if you were that object or pet.

This is my creative writing bit. You need to go to bookr to create this digital flip book. Have fun.

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