Watch some commercials and …

What does it mean to be creative in advertising?  

Think about this and then watch this video clip.


Were your considerations correct? 

What kind of creativity is expressed in this ad? 

What is actually being sold? 

Why do you think certain companies decide to advertise their products in this way? 

For example, watch the video again and this time pay attention to the Starbucks ad (people drinking coffee from a paper cup whose bottom shows a grinning mouth).  Why did Starbucks decide to invest money on devising these paper cups?

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  1. anonimo scrive:

    In my opinion creativity is the keyword both in advertisment and commercial. Through original, funny and uncommon ads in fact, advertisers manage to stun and mesmerize consumers so that their attention is caught. In this way the product sold, actually its image, is stuck in their brain and they will probably recognize it on the shelf of a store. There’s variety in the products advertised, from TV channels to chewing gums, stores and pain relievers but I have to say the weirdest is the association Starbucks-Wrigley’s. The chewing-gums company in fact had the genial idea of launching its whitening-gum-campaign “Extra Smile” positioning the ad under Starbucks’ cups. Definitely a smart way to remind people to have clean and white teeth through “Wrigley’s” after any break at the famous coffee store.

    Gloria T.

  2. anonimo scrive:


    Creativity and imagination are fundamental to those who work for advertising, in fact they have to find smart ways to persuade costumers and catch their attention. The more the advertisement is funny, colourful and unique, the more will be printed in the mind of the costumer, in order to facilitate the sell of the product. The creativity expressed is various, so it is the good sold: we can watch ads about chewing-gum, TV channels, bags and Starbucks. For example a chewing-gum company put the overstated image of sparkling teeth under Starbucks’ paper cups: as I said before, this is a bright way to induce people to use their product after having a coffee.

    Sara M.

  3. Jessy1716 scrive:

    TO BE CREATIVE :having the skill and ability to produce something new ,especially a work of art. I  think AD is pure creativity! Someone says “we need to produce better creative if we want to attract big clients.” And this is true. What strikes you ,seeing a product, is its creativity and originality. Something dull could never impress you, and could even show you negative prejudice.

    In my opinion, a company which decides to advertise its product in this way , has an extreme knowledge and ability, it has the powerful to persuade people, adults, children… it cannot  leave someone cold!!! So ,when I saw for the first time this video, at the end I was smiling . I think Starbucks had just a great idea! In fact, without thinking in a  “philosophical and complicated” way , it decided to create something so likeable for its coffee. We can  imagine how many people could buy a cup of Starbucks  coffee just to take a funny photo.

    Jessica L.

  4. anonimo scrive:

    Being creative in ad means imprinting your ad in a passer-by’s mind by catching his attention with something totally unexpected to him. The products being sold are often unnecessaries, the ad raises the reader’s attention and will surely be reminded for its hilarity, the important thing in shockvertising is not the product, but how it is introduced to the consumer, the ad is selling itself, not the product. Shock-ads are lovable, consumers will actually enjoy seeing them and will tell their friends about it. Starbucks chose an effective ad, which shows a smiling mouth, it is funny, and the teeth are perfectly white, even though the costumers are drinking coffee…

  5. anonimo scrive:

    According to me advertising agencies are frantically exploiting all these trends. They use shock to play the media for some extra publicity, exponentially multiplying the value of campaigns, even if they receive negative publicity. They let their creatives use shock gratuitously as a replacement for smart and sophisticated creativity. It even depends on how famous and popular is the brand:generally speaking are big companies the ones who uses the most shock-advertising,,because they have nothing to lose and they can risk. A brand-new company will show the features of its products,will cast light on its brand.If I think about the future of shock-advertising I’m not sure that is going to work:if shock ads sold more products to more consumers,you’d see more of them. Even in this case,in my opinion,is all about money.

     Valentina <3

  6. anonimo scrive:

    Creativity is the most important thing in advertising: it is useful because it attracts people by the use of funny (as the elderly man that is strangled by the bag’s handles) or shocking images. It is not the simple product that companies try to sell, it is also their image: they use strange bags as a sort of gadget, or images that will be impressed in people’s minds.
    I think certain companies decide to advertise their products in this way because they want to attract more and more customers: funny images are meant for those people who are not yet their customers. Bags, paper cups and other kinds of ads are meant to be that thing that will make people buy what the company really sells; in fact people buys in the shops advertised on buses, bags and so on, in order to collect the “funny gadgets”.
    To me Starbucks had the great idea of putting the ad of a chewing gum at the bottom of the paper cups. It is a sort of cooperation between two big companies: in Starbucks customer’s minds, having coffee will not imply necessary having yellow teeth, because if they will follow the suggestion, they will have white teeth by the use of chewing gums.


  7. anonimo scrive:

    In my opinion be creative in ad means that something must capture people’s attention in little moments with funny and uncommon ideas.
    The creativity in these ads is very original and various,we can see ads about Starbucks, bags, chewing-gum, tv channel, camera, etc..
    I think certain companies decide to advertise their products in this way because they remain in consumer’s mind for their hilarity and also because when you see these ads you unavoidably smile…
    I think Starbucks have a great idea to put a photo of a smiling mounth with perfect and white teeth under their paper cups because it implies that even you  drink coffee your teeth remain white.


  8. anonimo scrive:

    Nowdays  a lot of advertisements are connected to art and above all Creativity.In my opinion creativity is something very peculiar ,the key to create witty and serious advertisements at the same time.Creativity catchs the attention of the consumers,which puts people into an uncoscious state.This is the effect that we notice in television ,in the newspaper and even in the supermarket,where we buy things without know why!!!I think that creativity is the power of advertisement and this is why companies  decide to advertise their products and invest their money to improve sales and profits.In a world dominated by Coca-Cola and Pepsi the only thing that we can do is BUY!!!! 

  9. anonimo scrive:

    Creativity is a very important and powerfull element in advertising.
    It is use to impress an image in the mind of the people because in this way  people can remenber easily a particular object among many other products.
    In this AD are used  funny and ironic images in order to sell directly a products.
    This company  realised this AD with great ability and intelligence , involving men,women and children of every age.
    In my opinion Starbucks decided to use this grimmig mouth impress in the paper cup because at first drink in this cup make smile and, at second , maybe because this cup is made by recycle paper,and  smile reflects love and respect for nature and human being.


  10. anonimo scrive:

    Creativity is the soul of advertisement and of commercial.
     Capture people’s attention is the role of advertising man. He should  create something new, something unexpected, something crazy …This is what people want!
    I think that advertise products  in this way is very smart, funny and useful.
    Now a day people work a lot and spend  time  to go round throw the city. We have not  enough time to watch TV or flip throw the magazine so,  this way to advertise is the right way to notice a product even if you are waiting for a taxi or a bus.
    The products advertise in this way are numerous and different (for example: TV channels, chewing-gum, bags, Starbucks…) but they are similar for one reasons: they have the same target. They are address to common people, the people who spend their time in the city.
     Why did Starbucks decide to invest money on devising these paper cups?
    I don’t know, perhaps they want to underline the fact that their coffee keeps our teeth white, or may be the smile means : “drink this coffee: it makes you feel better…” .

  11. anonimo scrive:

    Creativity in advertising is a kind of way to express ourself. People who make an ad, think about something that can catch the attention, something strange and funny. They use the extra ordinary things. When you see an ad like this, you pay attention on it, because it is something new and strange. A person who think about the ad, have to know things that attract people. They use creativity to sell us any type of product, but they have to be original. Who buys wants something that anyone has, like the Starbucks’ cups…the smile under it, is very funny, and when you buy it, it could be also because at the top there is a big smile…maybe your friends wants to take a photo of you with this enjoyable and original cup! Some products won’t be buy maybe because they are too stupid, but at the same time this kind of advertising induce person to speak with a friend about a product that they see or only to remember the name of it. In fact this ad play an important role in our mind, because we remember and we like only strange and original things, so advertising agents use their creativity to hypnotize our mind!


  12. anonimo scrive:

    Creativity is the fundamental component of advertising: we, as customers, are influenced especially by this element. It is a mental process, that implies to make something new, starting from the ability to take existing objects, concepts, ideas and combine them in different ways in order to create new purposes.Creativity is all, because nowadays and in our society we need to be stimulated with special effects, original ideas and irony. Only a few people do not care about the "packaging" and focus their attention on the product, because they have to buy it and not because they are only attracted by it. Apparently creativity increases the value of a product: it is the first thing we see and the last thing we think about. Creativity is the protagonist, the object is the supporting actor.
    Creativity expressed in this ad is absolutely extreme. Some pictures are really impressive: the shark’s mouth that welcomes us into the bus is something unexpected, but exciting. Another shocking example is the bag with the gun included. I do not think everybody looks at it impassively.
    Starbucks decided to invest money on devising these paper cups, because they suggest in a funny way to brush your teeth after having coffee (at Starbucks, that’s clear). And if you have no time doesn’t matter, because a special chewing gum is going to solve (temporarily) all your problems about dental hygiene. Starbucks could be an obstacle sometime, but customers are safe: all is under control with a simple chewing gum.


  13. anonimo scrive:

    In my opinion, be creative in advertising mean that you can advertise something in a funny way, with something that catches the attention.

    I think that who works for advertising had to be creative because only in this way the AD will be effective. In this AD there are a lot of products advertised with funny creativity, from bags to TV channel, from Starbucks to chewing gum.

    This form of AD is important because, in today’s world, many people are spending their time in the bus,in the car or around the city and it’s not difficult to notice a bus with a big shark printed in, or a bag with a funny draw that advertised a product.

    Sometimes the companies decide to cooperate in advertising their products. For example under Starbuck’s cup is advertised a bleaching gum. in this way both products are advertised. This is a brilliant idea!!!


  14. anonimo scrive:

    creativity in ads means surprising people and catching their attention through something unespected by buyers; this is fundamental for ads because it becomes a means of persuasion.
    this ad is a perfect example of creativity, some images are really mesmerizing and they immediately catch the attention of costumers ( for example the bus with a printed dj who plays the wheel as if it was a cd really impressed me). 
    The originality of these ads will probably sell the product that they advertise, because they will be fixed in costumer’s memory.
    This is a powerful means used by companies because selling something in this way is  easier and more effective, and they try to make the difference from the others! Starbucks, the famous coffee company,decided to sell you both warm breakfast and bright smiles just through an image of a smiling mouth ( but not the chewing gum) under the cup..this is creativity and cunning!  


  15. anonimo scrive:


    Creativity is surprise, first of all.
    Ads have catch our attention with something strange, new, illogical or unexpected.
    The entrance of the bus like a shark’s mouth produce in our mind the association of ideas bus=shark and it is like we enter into the shark’s stomach.
    Or the bag with the gun is like we really hold a gun. It is exciting but danger, it a sort of ostentation of the bad, manly and strong boy.
    Or if we walk with the bag with the baby it seems like we are walking with our child and so we take care of it, and of products in the bag.
    Ads have to shock and surprise us, they heve to be engraved in our memory.
    Nowadays we are bombarded with special effects everyday and who create ads MUST always play with creativity. I think it is not so easy.
    They can play with shocking images, or with the power of colours, or with the psychology of sounds, or with irony, like Starbucks paper cup. Sometimes these original packaging can become something to collect and in this way they miss their primary function to become a symbol or a form of art.


  16. anonimo scrive:

    creativity in ads means surprising people  and catching their attention through something unespected by buyers; this is fundamental for ads because it becomes a weapon of persuasion. This video is a perfect example of creativity, some images are really  mesmerizing and they immediately catch the attention of costumers ( for example the bus with a printed dj whi plays the wheel as if it was a cd really impressed me). the originality of these ads will probably sell the product that they advertise, because they will be fixed in costumer’s memory.This is a powerful means used by companies because selling something in this way is effective and theywant to make the difference from the others! 
    starbucks, the famous coffee company, decided to sell you both warm breakfast and bright smiles just through an image of a smiling mouth ( but not chewing gum) under the cup..this is creativity and even cunning!


  17. anonimo scrive:

    Being creative means to stick objects and sensations together in order to leave an unforgettable mark.
    They  has used the “natural” shape of objects, doors, tires and windows of buses and trams, bottoms of glasses, handle of bags, to sell their product, they go beyond the limits of space. You remember both the ad and the place where it has been shown on, it’s very innovative.
    They are selling amusement.
    Customs say: “let buy some more of this thing and see what will they come up with next time”.
    Creativity it’s what we expect from an advertisement to have and often it is the only reason we buy the product for.
    As long as Starbucks’ Ad is concerned, it’s quite clear the aim of the advertisement. You just feel the need of trying it yourself and look how it works on you.
    Even if it’s worth doing it, we see how invasive advertisement is now-a-day, we are really going too far.
    Stefano P

  18. anonimo scrive:

    Creativity is an art, a form of expression that is used to create an original image able to catch consumer’s attention and imagination in a good or in a bad way: the essential is to send a message that can leave an impression on people’s mind, that is unexpected, involving but extremely memorable.
    I like this form of advertising but I think it can have a dangerous effect on companies. Here it is sold only the image, not the product. Consumers memorize images and have fun thinking about them, but they don’t know the name of the product and of the company. Probably certain brands decide to advertise their products in this way because they are extremely famous and they aren’t required to identify themselves and also because they want to involve more and more new consumers. As regard Starbuck’s example, I think it is funny and effective. It is created to enjoy the “drinking” with friends and to show how healthy it is ( it leaves your teeth perfectly white!!!).


  19. anonimo scrive:

    To be creative in advertising means the need to find something new every time we make a new ad.  advertising has to strike, possibly in a positive way, everywhere and every time it is used, on television, on the radio, in cities… The aim of an advertisement is to impress people’s mind so that when they see the product in a supermarket, a store, a cafe they probably will buy it. Creativity has to be expressed in all the fields used to make an ad: language, images, videos, colours, places to put them (streets, bus stops, buses, etc…). In this video we can see creativity expressed in the most funny and, at the same time, smart ways. All those shopping bags and tea cups are creative but also very useful: people are mesmerized by all these funny ideas, as well as I am, and so they immediately want to go to the shop to buy something, even a small one, just to have that great and fashionable shopping bag; it is the same about tea cups at Starbucks’: a chewing-gum company decided to put its ad under this popular café’s cups so that the advantage is both for the chewing-gum company and Starbucks, which is already  popular and crowded, but thanks to these fantastic cups are absolutely fantastic the frequency people that go in these cafes would definitely increase. Advertising products in this way is very powerful, striking and effective because we can see creativity at 100% and the ads are set in “common” places, where people walk and see every day.

    Sara T

  20. PaulAuster2008 scrive:

    You really wrote interesting considerations.  You are growing into "ad" experts, aren’t you?
    There is something I would like to investigate with you.  You wrote that ads are very creative, they are meant to shock you to impress you even more, they are everywhere (we are certainly dogged by advertising, we find ads everywhere: on our way to work, on buses, along the streets, but even inside cafes or restaurants), you can’t eschew it!
    Companies are not just selling their products, they are selling much more: they are selling (imposing???) their values, beliefs (false beliefs???), their view of life.  Some companies advertize through "images" that are not connected to their product at all.  Think of Coca Cola or Starbucks.  Do they really need to advertise their product?  Wouldn’t you drink coca-cola even without seeing their ads?  So why do you think these companies keep launching captivating and sometimes "shocking" ads/commercials?
    A coffee is a coffee, that is in what way a coffee bought at Starbucks is different from a coffee bought at Second Cup?  Some of you wrote that by having a paper cup with a grinning mouth at the bottom of it, you allure more customers: people may want to buy a coffee at Starbucks for the very paper cup, because it is cool and they want to have a photo taken with it!  We are not just buying a coffee, we are also unconsciously doing what they want us to do (we fall in the snare they prepared for us).  We get used to the idea that in order to be cool we need to go to Starbucks.
    Now imagine a world with no ads or no commercials.  I invite you to be carried away by this image.  What do you see?  How do you feel?  Do you think companies would see fewer products?  In what way the relationship (if we can define it as such) between manufacuter and customer would change?

  21. anonimo scrive:

     Personally I find shock advertising really funny and original: an extremely witty way to advertise products and companies. It is also a good expedient for companies because such ads find themselves everywhere in the city. Through amusing images people are brought to stare at and to impress in their minds what they have seen more easily than through a “normal” ad. They can also remember the product sold the following time they see its ad. But there is also the risk that people remember the image and not the product, because of its strong impact and maybe the habit of seeing such things, like buses with “shark doors” and “eyes wheels” or children or guns drawn on bags. Anyway, advertising men are aware of their products and know very well that sometimes it is not important the good to be seen but the ad to be understood and appreciated. In fact, companies like Coca Cola or Starbucks go over their products: what matters is their names and people recognize them only by the shape of a can or a bottle or by its coffee paper cups.


  22. anonimo scrive:

    In my opinion there would’nt be "relationship"between manufacturer and costumer without advertising,because the essence of the product is not utter without ad. Commercials,spots,advertisments,billboards help people to understand what a product is really about:advertising is the bridge between consumer and companies.Economy is based on advertising,because big companies invest a large amount of money in sales-campaigns. Brands like Coca-cola,Starbucks,Nike or Nokia don’t need advertisment anymore: maybe they keep on advertising because they want to be always on the top,they want to widespread more their market and the fame of their product. I don’t think they are going to sell fewer products over the years if they don’t advertise,they are too famous,and they are,in my opinion,a guarantee,a security. I can’t picture in my mind a world without advertisment,they are complementary with the society,they influence mores,trends and even culture.


  23. anonimo scrive:

    In such a world, I would sit down and take a long breath. I would be able to have what I want, because nobody imposes me anything.
    It’s a good feeling, man can finally use his peculiar capability, intellect, and choose.
    Choose a life style, give vent to his attitude not worrying about the trend imposed by fashion.
    Small traders would develop better relationships with customers and we, as customers, would get to know the trader personally, we would trust a real person and not a brand, as we do now. Products, especially fashion products, would cost much less, because advertisement often is a black hole for money and advertising campaigns make products raise dramatically in cost. Moreover, companies would sell what they only can produce and what they are already famous for.
    What’s most important, small traders would be revaluated, very few unsold products and ware would get wasted, there would be less extended crops and agriculture would need less pesticides, herbicides, chemical products. Goods and richness would be distributed more evenly.
    Many people say that advertisement has coloured our world, that city centre are more… attractive.
    Well, it’s no good news than. It means that Advertisement has wrapped its roots not only to many branch of trade, but also to our mind and now it’s impossible to unwind them, to set our mind free, even to wish a different system.
    Stefano p

  24. anonimo scrive:

      Creativity is the ability to represent a company, a product, or a person creating a mix of pictures, music, colors and words in a spot that knows how to engage and entertain the public. If it is involving, a publicity agent can succeed easily.
    An excellent example of creativity is shown in the photo collection proposal form above. Indeed we see a number of bus decorated in a funny and creative coach who undoubtedly capture the attention of bored passers, or definitely arouse curiosity and enthusiasm of the tourists. We can also admire some grants, that are decorated with a strong imagination and irony.
    The publicity and distribution of the product is also encouraged by the photos that will be taken by tourists, fascinated by a product that  does not exist in their country.
    Here is why creativaty plays such an important role for advertising: we can say that it is a key ingredient to prepare a tasty and entertaining commercial.
    Jiulia B.

  25. anonimo scrive:

    To me Coca Cola or Starbucks do not sell their products anymore: they try to sell a new image of the companies, an image that conveys new meanings. For example Bauli, with its ads, broadcast during Christmas and Easter time, makes people think that its products are necessary to live in a happy family, as if a cake could infuse happiness and love between people.
    I think that a world without ads could not exist: as Mr. Cataruzza told us, ads have been created when people started to deal with trade, at it happened a long time ago!!
    I think that ads are necessary because if they did not exist, it would be difficult to find out activities and goods that we need; to me would change also the relationship between trader and costumer: we would go back to the time when there was only a small shop in every town that sold every kind of good! Lots of companies would sell fewer products and new companies will not be established because people will not know what the company sells and what the advantages are.

  26. anonimo scrive:

    I can barely imagine my city without ads, billboards and placards, really. Maybe because with the greenery that disappears more and more, they are the only thing that can give a touch of colour to the reinforced concrete.  Anyway I think I would feel depressed and sad. I cannot deny in fact, that I’m often impressed and mesmerized by  the lightening of the big cities when it is night, even if those writings and neon signs are saying “CocaCola”, “Samsung” or “TDK”. Think for example about Piccadilly without  giants displays! It would not be the same! However I think ads and commercials can be both fundamental and paltry for the sales of a company. In my opinion it is up to the popularity of the company, because there are firms that rely all their income on the efficiency of advertising and other multinational companies that have already built around them a certain image that speaks for itself. Anyway they could not do without keep on advertising their products because in this way they can be always present through the generations saying the consumers “ hey, look, after a century we are still here, working hard for you guys, being beside you when you feel thirsty, CocaCola will never let you down!”   Gloria

  27. PaulAuster2008 scrive:

    Dear Erica,

    Nice considerations.  You disclose interesting aspects about advertising: shock advertising, as you write, is certainly a form of art.  People are positively impressed by it. 

    Valentina, you struck a “relevant” chord when you say that our society couldn’t possibly “exist” now without advertising.  They are complementary opposites (borrowing from Blake!) and they certainly influence our morality too.  I wonder to what extent. 

    Stefano, I like the picture you draw of a world without advertising!

    Gloria, I smiled when I read your comment: how could we possibly appreciate Trafalgar Square or Times Square without their flashy billboards?

  28. anonimo scrive:

    So… I am arguing with myself!!! Thinking of what I wrote few time ago I disagree with me.
    I wrote ad sends us just a product… that it does not oblige us to do, to think something… but…I really know that this is not true! This is only the way I  want , I promise and  maybe I impose me to think.
    I mean this is the “TRUTH” I want to see. You can imagine two Jessica, having a debate on the effects ad  have to us… values, beliefs, view of life…. I  think INCREDIBLE and UNBELIEVABLE are the perfect words.
    And now… what I see in a world without ads and commercial??! NOTHING.
    I am thinking about an image, a scene I see and live every single day:13.20 the bell is ringing; a huge crowd of people are coming out to school. I don’t see young people… I see EASTPAK rucksacks, CONVERSE shoes, MP3 PLAYER OR  I–POD, mobile phones… A MASS, dominated and controlled by  fashion, lifestyle and AD.
    SO… in a world without commercial, I think just  brave people could live, people who know very well what means survival and live better than us also without an EASTPAK.
    Do you want to know what I remember at the best about  PICCADILLY CIRCUS?! THE SCREENS WITH ADS.

  29. anonimo scrive:

    Blake’s oxymoron is perfect to define the relationship between advertisment’s tycoons an buyer: ADVERTISMENT IS THE MIRROR OF OUR SOCIETY. Undoubtedly ads influence our lives because they are literally everywhere,they strike our unconscious and our rational component. Advertising writers are aware of what people want,think and desire. They know very well what their morality is;they can’t go against their values and beliefs,they can’t offend them,and violate their ethics.

  30. anonimo scrive:

    Doubtless famous companies do not need to advertise their product anymore, but I would not fight against the course of time. Time is an enemy for advertising: it deletes everything, so in order to gain over it (it is really possible?!?) companies HAVE to show us something new, funny, interesting, exciting every time, even if they are selling the same thing since XIX century. And they know how to refresh our memory.
    A world with no ads or commercials? "What a wonderful world". I see a sort of positive emptiness: it could be boredom, it could be sadness, it could be solitude. But why not freedom? Ads colour grey cities nowadays: why not start to paint buildings instead of trying to make money and not art? Companies would sell fewer products, but it could be a really long and slow process. I think that without ads there will be no more distinctions between manufacturer and customer: especially the customer would not be influenced anymore and he would have free choice without psychological conditioning. Last, but not least, the product (no more advertised) would cost little and it is a great advantage for everybody who buy. Obviously I am talking about ads which sell material things. Generally speaking we HAVE to save ads which promote cultural events, meetings, arts and all what have to do with CULTURE.


  31. anonimo scrive:

     In Africa paths, streets and villages are covered by dust, earth and trees.
    Women have to wear coloured beads or flowers to distinguish themselves from nature.
    Here we are bombarded from colours. Even new marks nowadays are difficult to invent because there are too many products to advertise.
    In African markets women have to observe, to examine, to choose carefully their goods of exchange. It is a real exchange of things.
    A lots of objects have the same function and one product has thousand potentialities.
    In our supermarkets packages do choose us, they jump literally in trolleys.
    We don’t buy our neighbour’s cheese or vegetables, we want to be sure that what we buy in our towns we can buy in India too. And we want to show other people that we buy a powerful image. So we are important, we are better than other people, we have money to appear or just we believe in lifestyles that companies sell.


  32. anonimo scrive:

    Dear Tiziana,
    I like the expression you used "time is the enemy of advertising".  In other words, companies use advertising to remind consumers of their products, so that people will "feel the presence" of that product or service on the market.  Then the more companies let their voice be heard the more consumers think that given product is of "good quality" and thus a product to be trusted. Then you make the distinction between "useful" ads (the adjective is mine, that is why I placed it in inverted commas!) and "useless" ones.  It seems you are saying that advertising could really be useful to promote cultural events and to arouse people’s consciousness.  It would be really effective if it were meant for this purpose only.  As a matter of fact this is SOCIAL ADVERTISING and we have already analysed some examples of it.  A special post will be dedicated to to in the near future.
    See you!

  33. anonimo scrive:

    I think that without commercials there would not be a relationship between manufacuter and customer.
    In fact, through images, involving musics and funny scenes, products would be sold not that easily. Sometimes it is the ad that reminds us the product, we saw it with Tommaso, when we watched the Marini ad: almost no one remembered the spot but once we saw Charlize Theron, we all started nodding! This is the reason why i think this relationship and the existance of advertisement is so much important! I can not even think about the idea of not having ads, even because they are a "structure" in our society.

    Sara M.

  34. anonimo scrive:

    Be creative means make something unexpected! 
    Is an awesome way of been creative… it catches the attention and it convinces customers to buy their product. Actually they did not sell their product, expect for dogs food, and cameras, but at least they sold their images; everybody will link the shop or mark to that kind of advertisement. 
    starbucks decides to invest money on these cups because lots of people will buy their coffee, just because of cups, not necessarily because they love starbucks’s coffee
     Chiara F.

  35. anonimo scrive:

    Being creative in advertising means being able to advertise a product or service by depicting it in an unusual way, taking in consideration all the features of the product, from the color for example to its destination.  This funny video deals with different kinds of creative advertising, and shows how advertising is now became an inseparable part of our everyday life. The companies bombard us with their products, advertising them in a way that cannot be taken for granted. Lots of different things are sold in these adverts: from dogs’ food to nail polish. The two cups with the big grinning mouths at the bottom for example are a funny way to advertise Starbucks. Even if someone did not like coffee, he would buy it just for the pleasure to have a nice cup!