The Holocaust and Modern Genocides

This project was carried out in collaboration with Ms. P. Schincariol during the school year 2011-2012.  Here I am going to post the materials we prepared to help our students and the power point presentations my 5L students did.  Hope you will find our and their work relevant and useful.

genocide definition


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One Response to The Holocaust and Modern Genocides

  1. Emanuele says:

    The Tulip

    A Tulip lies on a field,
    Its petals fiery red,
    Its scent “sniffable” anywhere.

    A gentle breeze is blowing,
    Its surround sound,
    Its uninspired Execution.

    A Tulip lies on a field,
    Its stipe broken by the window.
    Its petals taken away by a Life’s Breath.

    This is the Nature,
    That’s the way it went.
    That’s how it ended.

    But the Nature, mother of all things,
    Judges not the Wind, nor stop its course.
    The wind is experiencing its life.

    Another new Wind will blow;
    The same that waved before,
    But in another way of form.

    A new kind of fragrance
    Everywhere is tastable,
    Which is the right parfume

    Of whom it is well changed.

    Emanuele Li Calzi IV F

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