Nice print ads

I would like you to think what the print ad below advertises. 
It is pretty easy to find out if you observe it carefully.

What is the effect upon the viewer?  Why do you think the company/organization/institution decided to have their "product" advertised in this way?  What is the link between the print ad and the "product" it advertises?

If you were asked to advertise this "product" yourself, how would you to it?

Looking forward to reading your suggestions.  Unbridle your imagination.  You have got lots of creativity!


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23 Responses to Nice print ads

  1. anonimo says:

    This ad is quite simple but original: many newspapers are put in a way to look like a brain. I don’t know if it regards a certain company or institution, but the message is clear: they think newspapers open minds and only through knowledge you get intelligence. Ignorance is weakness and what make people reflect upon the problems are different points of view. They convey two key-concepts: plurality and freedom. Freedom is linked to the right to inquire about problems, themes, issues, people… to the right of information. Plurality concerns the right of everyone to express his/her opinion and, at the same time, the right of everyone to choose among many positions. If I had to advertise this “product”, I wouldn’t be able to do better.

  2. anonimo says:

    I really love this ad,first of all because it is really eye-catcher,the colour is really bright and the layout of the ad is really well-framed. Secondly I completely agree with its message:read is essential if we want to keep up with the rest of the world. People has to be always in touch wìth culture if they want to belong to this society.The fact that all newspapers are connected one with another,symbolizes the bound between nations and consequently between their cultures. At first blush when I looked at this ad I thought it was a brain:brain is our life,not just under a scientific and biological point of view,it stands for our education and therefore for what we are. It is divided into two separate "sphares",and it may be it is a symbol of the collaboration between the developed countries and the third-world countries,or between black and white,nord and south,man and woman. This advertising alloweds people to reflect about the importance of education and information.


  3. anonimo says:

    This print ad is extremely  original!! I love it!!
    These newspaper look like a brain…Apparently it may be consider senseless ad but the message is very clear:  newspaper open our mind!
    We can not know how these newspaper are about but it is not important because we can open our mind throw all themes and all types of content.
    Probably this is a social ad: it is a message for everybody designed to educate or motivate our  society to the beautiful of the reading and to the importance of information.
    I think that it is the perfect way to advertise the importance of reading
    and, in my opinion,  if this is an ad of a specific magazine, i think that it is  efficient and impressive ad, even if there is no logo!!!

     CHIARA B.

  4. anonimo says:

    Not to seam dump, but it took a bit for me to understand what was advertised. At first sight in fact, it just looked like a muddle of ropes J but realizing that it is a newspaper taking the shape of a brain I must say that it is a pretty original idea! There is a strong tie-up between the product that we see in the ad and what it really sells: it is no paper, in fact, but information, ideas and awareness. These words are, as a matter of fact, what reigns and builds our brain and the agency efficiently rendered this concept.
    If I were asked to advertise a newspaper I think I would try to rub in the title of the magazine with a play on words or a funny and effective slogan, so that the passerby easily remembers it when it comes to buy a newspaper. Anyway in my opinion newspapers are difficult to advertise because they are often bound to a political party or ideal that narrows the target and the possible consumers!

  5. anonimo says:


    This is a very effective commercial.The connection between brain and culture is very significant.Reviews make up the two hemisphere of our brain and even without a slogan it catchs the imagination of the viewer and this is why the company/organisation/institution decise to advertise their product in this way.In my opinion this commercial sells product for a publisher or journal.
    If I was asked to advertise this product!?!?Well, I prefer to make up a video with the slogan “Only with culture you can save your future!!!”.I will present a future society characterised by ignorance of people,who don’t know the meaning of book or culture.The main character a young lady,that one day discovers a treasure( in this case a book) and will understand the importance of culture and the beauty to read.Because only with a catastrophic vision of the future the human being can focus the attention on present.


  6. anonimo says:


    The creative of this Ad used lots of newspaper in order to create a human brain.At the first glance I feel amazed but after carefull consideration I think that it is a symple but very original image. This one catch immediately our attention, especially for the red background that underline the importance of this image. I think that this company/organization/institution used it in order to create a strong bond between reading and human mind. In fact, the product advertise is  newpaper. The way in which this newspapers are bend, bring back the structure of human brein in where, every day, a lot of information are store up.
    If I ad to advertise this "product", I would like to make a collage of words with various and different dimensions put inside a human’s  eye.

  7. anonimo says:

    When you look for the first time at this image, I do not think it is immediate to realise it represents a brain composed of (different?) journals. Certainly the viewer is attracted by the red background. This "strong" colour catches our attention. The "paper" brain surprises us, because is visually (but not only) fascinating and complex. If we dwell on this ad, we start to think about the "product" it sells and we know the importance of "having it".
    They decided to have their "product" advertised in this way, because they want to convince us reading (their journal/s) is necessary for our brain’s health. This activity mantains the brain active and an active brain is a healthy brain!
    All is connected: it is a print ad, it advertises "paper" (and culture) for our mind, an active mind thanks to reading.
    If I were asked to advertise this "product" I would create a provocative ad: it is composed of two separate parts. The first one shows a very big, but empty bookcase. The second one is the image of a room completely dominated by chaos. Books are used for everything except for what they exist. We see books in strange roles: as doorstops, as coasters, etc.


  8. anonimo says:

    The first effect you have is about curiosity. You have to focus a bit on it to understand what the print advertises. I think the company decided to have their product advertised in this way always for the same reason : CATCH PEOPLE’S ATTENTION!
    The link between the print and the product is quite easy if we want to outline the first message.
    The product, in this case the magazines have the power to improve and develop your minds.
    Your brains could become richer and full of knowledge with them!!!
    Watching at the print I see something more than a brain. I see a big egg.
    Inside it I can see ( with creativity and imagination), fetus, ready to grow up.
    So… knowledge ,culture and curiosity from BIRTH, but even a large number of births ( of brains and minds) from a unique origin … (EGG AND MAGAZINES).
    If I were asked to advertise this product I would put two people. On the left, a primitive man.
    On the right ,a manager, with an elegant suit. The primitive man is on the grass and he is looking at the other character. The manager is on the top of a column made of magazines, his tie is moving because of the wind !!

  9. anonimo says:

    This is an original idea! I really love this ad. Actually, at first, I didn’t understand what this ad was about, but after a careful analysis I understood that this is a brain formed by newspapers.
    I think there is a strong link between the product and the ad: newspapers open minds and you get knowledge and intelligence even through everyday information.
    If I were asked to advertise a newspaper I think I would highlight the differences between someone who reads it and someone who doesn’t, with a funny video that represents the different lifestyles. But I think this ad is perfect and definitely very effective!  

  10. anonimo says:

    It is a very nice idea make a brain with newspapers. The message is clear:it invites us to think with our mind. If we read different books, magazines or articles we form a critical ability.
    I think I couldn’t do this ad better, it is a very good print and I think the company decided to advertise their product in this way to emphasize the quality of its news.


  11. anonimo says:

    In my opinion this is a really nice and creative way to create an ad.  The first time i saw it i just saw a brain, then i noticed that it was composed by newspapers! This is really creative!
    Maybe the company decided create a brain with newspapers because it is by reading that you can grow your ideas and thoughts, improve your knowledge and your language as well. I do not think i would be able to create something like this, because the idea it is gourgeous it self! I think that even red on the background has a strong impact to the viewer (to me, it had!)
    I really liked this advertisement because it is just an image but it has a strong impact: and i think this is important!
    Sara M.

  12. anonimo says:

    The print ad is advertising a magazine, the magazines represent every-day life, they deal with every kind of matter, from fashion to science. The magazines normally help us in keeping our culture in fit, and here comes the greater message: culture= brain, so culture is knowledge, and magazines we said are a link to society, so reading helps us raising our knowledge level, our place in society, and our culture of course. Actually, I’m loving this ad, it’s very effective and essential, the background colour is red, it catches our attention, it’s sort of telling us to give a closer look to the details. I don’t really know how would I advertise the product, personally I enjoy effective sentences, so I think I’d come up ( <= concentrating..) with a sentence dealing with what the magazines main themes are.

  13. anonimo says:

    I like very much this ad. I think it is a form of art and to express the creativity. It has a strong impact because of the colour that is used: a sort of white-grey in contrast with red. when you see this ad for the first time you don’t understand what is the message and the product that is selling, but then if you pay more attention you can see that is "the brain", our brain. I underline our brain because this ad is addressed to all people. It doesn’t have a language or a nationality, everyone can interpret it in different way. In my opinion this ad wants reveal the importance of reading and studying because this brain, that we see, is made by a lot of newspapers. The company wants comunicate that our brain can contain a lots of information and with this can grew up. maybe this company wants to sell their newspaper, or maybe other completely different thing, but they choose a very strong ad.

  14. anonimo says:

    This advertisement is very original! To realize a human brain, they have used many newspapers, obtaining unique and nice effect. However, we must be able to read well between the lines in order to understand the deep message that they want to convey. It could have been understood as an invitation to feed our brain with information from newspapers, but not to dwell on one particular, but to read different of them.
    If I were asked to advertise a newspaper, I’ll have probably trying to highlight its positive sides, painting it as the only true provider of news without masks.
    It is a pity that in reality there are no serious newspapers.


  15. anonimo says:

    I like this ad, it is simple but has a strong impact and the message is obvious: if you do not read you cannot be in touch with society.
    I think they had a great idea to form a brain with newspapers, they did not use this ad to advertise one type of newsparer or books but a lifestyle, they said that everything you read is important for education and for personal culture.
    The setting, with its "blazing" red, catch people attention.
    If I had to advertise this "product", I would like to use an open book and inside a lot of newspapers and books, I would use very bright colours and in the middle I write :"Reading is our safety" 


  16. anonimo says:

    It is not very simple to recognize at a first glance what the ad is about but then you realise that it is a very creative way to advertise news papers!! We can infer a message: reading trains your brain, reading makes you think about issues that you cannot possibly get to know without it. It is a great source that helps us to grow up in our lives: we can have different ideas, different points of view; we do not have to think necessarily in the same way of the others, because WE ARE NOT LIKE THE OTHERS! Every one of us is different from the rest of the world and this is also because we think in different ways and have different opinions.
    To me the red background is meant to convey the idea of “passion”, because reading should be a passion, a thing that you consider useful for you intellectual and moral growth, not something imposed that makes you loose your time!
    Then the fact that there is not a slogan leads to a stronger message: it is a sort of enigma itself and you have to solve it in order to understand what the company wants to advertise.
    I do not know if there is an ad that creates the same strong impact on the viewer…maybe there could be other ways to advertise the same product, by zooming on other qualities of the product. For example: if you focus on freedom of speech, you could create a mouth with papers…in fact there could be different ideas for all the qualities and aims that a “simple” newspaper has.


  17. anonimo says:

    This print advertises a magazine; I do not know what magazine, but likely a culture one. I really liked the idea of using the outline of the magazines to draw the shape of a brain! They have got a brilliant intuition! It has a great impact upon the viewer: it is hard to find out what the ad is about, if you do not look carefully between the “pages”. The fact of printing the title of the magazine in the lowest part of the ad is a technique for catching the attention of the viewer, who is obliged to stop on the print and observe it. Magazines stand for culture and intelligence, and the brain is the container in which culture and intelligence dwell. Reading that particular kind of magazine will enrich you with creativity, self-awareness and the capability to understand what is happening around you. If I have had to advertise this product, I do not think I would have been able to realise an ad like this; I think I would  have simply advertise it by broadcasting the commercial on TV or by posters, in a more direct way.

  18. anonimo says:

     the first time i saw this image i thought : " it is genial". this ad has a simple structure, but the message is really straight, clear and explicit . these rolled magazines assembled  together upon a red background look like a brain and they immediately catch our attention.
    but the thing i most like is the message of the ad : culture increases your knowledge…open our newspapers means open your minds. Probably the magazine advertised is a scientific one, as our italian " Focus" or any culture newspaper, even if the target is specific because i don’t think this ad is printed on a fashion magazine, the producers had a really brilliant idea :  altogheter is a simple image but the hidden message is powerful.


  19. anonimo says:

    I think this ad is powerful and has a strong impact. The product is advertised in a particular way: there are no slogan, no logo, no WORDS! How can we understand what product is sold? 
    The use of red on the background catches attention and interest.
    I think even this ad has 2 important messages. The first one means that this newspaper(Newsweek??) contains news that “open your mind”, in fact we can say the inside of a brain, not only a head. The second one means: there are a lot of interesting articles inside, why don’t you buy and read it? We(the company) print this newspaper only for you, to improve your knowledge!!
    If I was asked to advertise this product I still choose to use a print form: a big newspaper whit many other smaller inside and the name of the product in a large font at the top.


  20. anonimo says:

    It takes quite a long time actually to understand what is advertised… finally I got the point: it is a newspaper. We cannot truly understand which newspaper is, maybe it is an ad to promote newspapers and written things in general. It could be because of nowadays television addiction, they are inviting us to read more and watch less, so we can improve more and better our ideas and opinions (maybe that is why the newspaper has a brain shape. I think this print ad is a wonderful idea, I would have never thought of anything like this. Usually newspapers and magazines are sold showing their great amount of interviews and exclusive articles. I think this kind of print ad has a really good impact on the passersby because for example if it were me, I would stop at least for a minute trying to figure out what the poster is about and I would definitely be impressed. Perhaps if I had to advertise a newspaper I would “sell” it as something coloured, with lots of images and maybe with some games through the pages, something like crosswords, of course, if the magazine or the newspaper had a specific addressee, I would focus on what peculiar the product has; I actually cannot think of anything strange and singular to advertise journals…
    Sara T

  21. anonimo says:

    This advertisement is fantastic!
    It creates a strange but really strong effect; at first most people would not understand what is advertising. The company decides to make this particular ad so they can catch attention to their product.
    This is a clear connection! By reading their newspaper you can improve your knowledge, you can open your mind to more that “one voice”.
    I would not be able to do something better.
    It is simply genius!!!! 
    Chiara F.

  22. anonimo says:

    The print ad establishes a connection between what the product is and what it promises to the reader. It’s a connection both in meaning and in shape. It definitely shows us what our brain will be like after reading those magazines. Such a kind of ideas can be used with any other products.
    Actually it’s no matter what the product is, as long as the shape is clear, and the effect it produces on the viewer will be surely great.
    Just think to Arcimbold’s paintings, which are made of fruit. I think they could use those paintings to advertise fruit and vegetable, and the effect would just be the same.
    In this ad I cannot see any logo and it’s downputting. As a matter of fact it may just encourage people reading as a good habit, and the RED behind the brain somehow tells you it is compulsory.

  23. PaulAuster2008 says:

    You certainly came up with original interpretations or better readings of the Economist ad: the importance of feeling connected (through reading a magazine), the link between the two hemispheres of the brain (metaphor of the division between man and woman, rich countries vs poor countries, the north and the south of the world, different races and the power of a magazine to connect these hemispheres). Gloria, you are neither dumb nor slow. If the ad were that obvious, it would not be that original, would it? So you got it. It certainly plays on the idea of awareness, as you pointed out. You grow more aware of yourself as a person and of the world that surrounds you, if you read and keep in touch with the rest of the globe. Reading is a way to keep connected, isn’t it? Jessica, I love the suggestion you made as to another possible ad for the Economist. As you pointed out, the colour red is quite catchy. It is certainly linked to the logo of the Economist, which, as you know, is red. I like Lory’s metaphor for reading: Reading is our safety net! (I added the word net, hope you don’t mind!) Stefania, your idea of having mouths made out of newspapers to “promote” freedom of speech, is just a great idea! Stefano, the ad is quite embedded in its English-speaking context. To the eyes of a foreigner, as you point out, it is difficult to figure out what newspaper or magazine is being advertised. But to the eyes of a British person, the link is immediate: it is the Economist. The logo appears in the folds of the left hemisphere and the brain is couched in a red background (once again the colour representative of the Economist). Nice comments folks, I liked them. Thumbs up to all of you. Your teacher.

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