Give shape to your creativity!


You’ve experimented with different topics and different shapes and the poems you have conceived are just awesome.  I am amazed at your drawing skills too.  Please forgive my hopelessness at drawing, but I tried to do my best.  Before posting our poems I would love to share some really nice ones I found on the web.  Shape poems appeal to the eyes and the ears at the same time.

Now let’s give shape to our poems! You had lots of fun and so did I!

This is what I tried to do with my bike poem. 🙂

It sounds like screeching tyres, rattling chain, sharp spokes fighting against the stubborn air. It feels like freedom to roam here and about, restless motion, incessant need to bounce and prey on life.  It tastes like refreshing gravid raindrops on a parched tongue, iced snowflakes metling on a steaming face, spring-scented breeze crushing against your wlcoming nostrils.

It looks like a different bike altogether, but this is because I cannot draw.  Mine is elegant and sporty, energetic and dynamic, rebellious yet careful, international and hard-to-please.

This is my bike, This is my love.

Cristiana Ziraldo


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