The way I feel, the way I am

Among a list of different emotions we chose the one that suited us on that very day we wrote it.  Here are our emotion poems.  How lovely they are, regardless of being a hymn to joy or sadness, “up” moments or “down” ones (so to say!).  Then your BIO POEMS are the assertion of who you proudly want to be, to be seen, to be considered, to be remembered.


Voidness is absence of colur, denial of hues, violation of rainbow, storming hurricane of a derange duster.  It wipes out the living colours of existence itself.

It sounds liek an ogre gulping down thefruits of life, slurping the enlivening intoxication of wine, the hoarse roar of a furious volcano, the deafening frumming of a wild stampede.

It tastes like vinegar forced down a sore throat, like an ecstasy-aroma coffee, sweetened with salt, like sour milk, like castor oil.

It smells like brunt meat attacking yoru nostrils, just-cut onions piercing your eyes, mouldy pages of an old book, long forlorn.

Cristiana Ziraldo

Here are your poems, my fantastic creative crew:

What bliss is for me:
Bliss is the rainbow after the storm or the snow that falls down during a cloudy day. Bliss is turquoise, celestial. It sounds like the chirp of a nightingale, the melody of a harp or a lullaby.
It tastes like passion fruit or strawberries with cream. It smells like the parfume of the peach tree’s blossoms. Bliss feels like sleeping in a storming night, seeing a flower blooming, the eyes of a child.
Positive, shy, sweet and quiet
Relative of my relatives!
Lover of music, old movies and New York City
Who feels joy, bliss, radiance
Who needs books to read, free time, time in general
Who fears snakes, loneliness, sometimes myself
Who gives trust, help or a shoulder to cry on 
Who would like to see again my Grandfather who has died for two years
Resident of Pordenone (SO FAR)
First Name: Ilaria
Four traits to describe my character: chocolate drugged, nature, good-music and Tracy Chevalier’ romances lover.
Relative of: Donatella Zardini and Roberto Zanelli.
Lover of: Edgar Allan Poe, animals and Croatian towns.
I feel: cheerful, ecstatic and a little bit (I don’t know why) anxious.
I need: my hairy kitty Stella, to be on holiday and I need bliss.
I fear: the empty, emotionless and unmoving places; to be involved in a such whims-made world.
I give: I hope I’ll give something useful for my future generation, I’ll give more happiness and support to sad people.
Who/what I would like to see: how it is to live in other contries, I would like to have a flashback of live in Middle Ages and I would like to see Canada’s landscapes.
I am resident to: Codroipo.
Last name: Zanelli.
self-assured, smiley, thoughtful and carefree
sister, daughter, friend, gymnast, student
lover of sports, memories and changements
(who feels) sometimes ignored, open-minded, different
(who needs) love, kindness and nature contact
(who fears) loneliness, boredom and delusions
(who gives) carelessness, humour and sweetness
(who would like to see) the “hidden” world, a different side of people, the real glee
resident of Italy

Restlessness,continuous tension,this is what I felt in the last few days.

Restlessness is vivid red,such  a strong colour,so cheeky,like an unexpected slap.

It sounds like plucked violin’s strings,when it’s night and all the lights are switched off, and oyu feel uneasy – tension raising inside you- hands shaking – you look straight into the eyes of Fear and you’re at the same time fascinated and disgusted but she is the only one there with you and you would almost like to embrace her – tension raising -you barely hold back tears…  BOOM!!! …then nothing,just peace…

It tastes like fizzy lemon sweets,that burn your tangue and make you do funny faces;

it smells like fuel or the annoying smell of nail varnish, so intense it leaves you no possibilities to breathe;

it feels like lizards, impossible to catch,that slip from your hands.



…shy, affectionate, sensitive, a DAYDREAMER…
…relative of GIGLIOLA,my mum…

…lover of children, dreams,well-ending stories and ARTISTIC GYMNASTIC…

…who feels uncertainty, wistfulness, sometimes an unexpected euphoria…

…who needs a close friend, a bit of self-confidence, time to spend for herself…

…who fears spiders, being alone in the dark, speaking in front of many people…

…who would like to see the aurora borealis…

…resident of Fontanafredda….



HOPE is pearl white.

It sounds like the laughter of children.

It tastes like the rare ice-cream you eat with your friends.

It smells like fresh baked bread.

HOPE feels like a ray of sunshine after a persistent deluge.

(Veronica Baldasso)


Bliss is bright yellow, light blue as summer sky, lighted pink. Bliss is a RAINBOW.

IT SOUNDS LIKE… a song singed out with you friends
the adrenaline of a rock concert
an awakening accompanied by a sweet birds tune

IT SMELLS LIKE… the fragrance of victory
a roses bunch someone gived you

IT LOOKS LIKE… a day spent to the beach laughing and swimming
the warmth of family reunited on Christmas evening.

Bliss is like SUN. It makes you feel alive, as sun makes you live.

(Silvia Ersetti)


is a fading honey,
sweet in its memories,
sticky in its hearthbreaking loss.


sounds like utter darkness,

it tastes like plain chocolate,

it smells like unglued shoe soles,
torn apart by hatred,
by Fate,
by lack of humor;

it looks like a rotting apple,
a spreading disease.

feels like having
an endless pit inside our souls,
is a churning sensation,
a mutilated body with ghostly arts.

feels like
a gnawing claw that deepens the wound.
It feels like the missing hand,
the missing eye,
the lack of oxygen.

LONGING it’s the denial of needing.

-Andreea Deleanu

Here it is “our” English poem.

Learning a language is like listening to a romantic and swinging song looking at the Earthfrom a flying spaceship in the middle of nowhere, only sorrounded by the dark starred outerspace.
Learning new words is like chatting with friends and laughing with them, just like feeling filled by the missing pieces of a puzzle.
Learnin grammar is like drawing a waterdrop added to a waterfall.

Lilian and Ilaria


I’m dreaming to stay alone, relaxed, carefree as a child, laying on a huge flowered field.

The grass is so perfect, green and soft that someone can’t believe it is real, touchable. The wind blows slowly and silently on the leaves of near trees, and the only sound I can hear is the crushing of the near shimmering river. Sun rays shine on my skin and warm it sweetly.
I feel completely happy and quiet. I close my eyes and I can only hear my regular breath now.
The fresh and sparkling water slides down on my throat, and all my body feels refreshed and revitalized. Sweet violets and daisies smells keep filling my nostrils, while my fingers kindly touch the moistened grass.


wondering about something different
swooping under a track, because you can’t imagine what will happens next
shifting rocks you couldn’t think to be able to shift
diving in a new strange and magic world


swallowing constantly things
breaking glasses you thought too sturdy to be broken
receiving every time a small award that only you can see


sunbathing, because you paint your language as you tan your skin
starting to walk: after the first time, you won’t never forget it


Farewell to the storm

          Hello to the rainbow
farewell to the scare of loneliness                  hello to love constantly received
farewell to obstacle behind every corner         hello to he freeness os choosing
farewell to worries, delusions, fights               hello to satisfactions and wins
farewell to pain aroused by others                  hello to carefree glee
(Silvia Ersetti)
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