Getting to know one another!

Hi folks!
Here we are.  This is our "public" space.  Write here your poems, short stories and considerations.
We started with our "gut" responses to the question "What is poetry to you?" Please write your comments.

FREEDOMdea alata





Go to google videos and look for "The Use of language in Poetry".  Watch the video again and see if any of the words the poet says may still be of any help to sparkle your imagination! Then jot down the words that are meaningful to you as a potential writer.
poesiaA wonderful poem by Langston Hughes will certainly inspire us today.
Listen to it and then read it by yourself.  What are dreams to you?

Hold fast to dreams
For if dreams die
Life is a broken-winged bird
That cannot fly
Hold fast to dreams
For when dreams go
Life is a barren filed
Frozen with snow

Now write your own poem.  Follow the prompt as support and inspiration.
As I told you in class, there is nothing I will ask you to do that I won’t do myself (this is called coherence, isn’t it?). I cannot possibly ask you to share your feelings and opinions with the rest of the world (the NET), if I do not overcome my own fears and sense of pruderie (poetry is about intimacy, isn’t it?).  So here is my poem.


Dreaming is the colour of silence stretching out into the universe of our existence
I feel it when I am with my loved ones, when I see a smiling face, when I feel I am needed
It sounds like the flowing of water and the rustling of evanescent leaves

When we live with dreaming
We fill our lives with meaning and purposeful joy

It tastes of icecream and fills my mouth with a creamy consistency
and I see it in my bed sheets

I dream of dreaming when I feel like drowning in my sorrow, wading in my fears, chocking in my powerlessness before life’s slashing injustices, life’s bitter insults, life’s maddening incongruities

And I hope that one day dreaming will save us all, will unite us in a world where barriers are made of cotton wool, anger made of cotton candy, weapons made of melting chocolate, evil made of soft mortar, pain made of sweet flowing water

The poems your wrote are really special, so please let other people possessed of the same passion for poetry as ours read them.

Poetry certainly expresses our identity.  We will work on slam poetry too.  I am growing passionate about it.  Hope we will enjoy it together.  I would love to share this wonderful slam poem with other students.  I loved it so much because it speaks of me too. It is really intimate, it moves me to anger.  As I told you in class, we are all angry in some way.  Slam poets give vent to their anger through their performances.  Instead of hitting someone’s face for the injustice they think they have had to withstand in life, they hit their victimizer with their words, with their poems and by doing this they raise an issue everybody can ponder on and benefit from.

And then, our adjective poems.  Mine is as follows, please post yours!

LAUGHS are reassuring
LAUGHS are reassuring, comforting
are reassuring, comforting, warm
reassuring, comfroting, warm, nurturing

We start with a laughter
we grow laughing
and hopefully we will end our existence with a great laughter of joy!

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16 Responses to Getting to know one another!

  1. anonimo says:

    LIFE is free
    LIFE is free, strange
    is free, strange, essential
    free, strange, essential, unexpected

  2. anonimo says:

      are amazing,
    FRIENDS are amazing, trustworthy
    are amazing, trustworthy, loyal
    amazing, trustworthy, loyal, funny


  3. anonimo says:

    music  is moody
    music  is moody,sensitive
    music   is moody,sensitive,sympathetic

  4. anonimo says:

    DREAMING is the colour of your soul, it brightens it up like a rainbow.
    I feel it when I think about my ideal world: it’s a dream, but it may become reality.
    It souns like Sunday morning bells, when you see everything with some pink glasses: it’s your free day!
    And many people think it is the only thing that makes you go through bad days.
    When we live with DREAMS
    we reach a place that’s impossible to describe, because it’s different for each one of us.
    It tastes of kisses and hugs and I see it in my every-day stuff: everything can make you dream.
    I dream of DREAMING when I imagine my future: I want to keep dreaming, or everything would be much harder. I wish I could change things and make them better. That’s my dream.
    And I hope that one day DREAMING will come true, but not only for me. There are people I love and I’d love their dreams to come true even before mine.

  5. anonimo says:

    Dreaming is the colour of ourselves, of kids
    of our imagination

    I feel it when I’m alone and full of joy

    It sounds like music, like life
    and many people think it is a waste of time

    When we live with Dreaming
    We’re able to break the rules
    we’re ready to fight for our world

    It tastes of peach and
    it is as sweet as the warmth of the sun
    and I see it in my heart

    I dream of a dreaming when I
    see my future further and further
    impossible to realize

    And I hope that one day Dreaming
    will become the real world and not a pure illusion as lot of people think
    Dreaming is life, it is what makes our hearts beat

  6. anonimo says:

    DREAMING  is the colour of life
    without it everything would be grey

    I feel it when I am sad and I think everything is against me
    But when I start dreaming, everything becomes colorful
    It sounds like being in a different world where I can’t help being happy
    and many people think it is stupid, but thinking that is stupid

    When we live with DREAMING
    We are happier
    And all our problems go away

    It tastes of chocolate and sugar
    Because dreaming is the sweetest thing in the world
    and I see it in my mind in every moment I need something to uplift myself

    I dream of DREAMING when I
    am down, when sometimes the thought about problems
    is stronger than the willingness of deaming

    And I hope that one day MY DREAM
    will come true: that everybody in the
    world believes in their dreams.

  7. anonimo says:

    FREINDS are generous
    FRIENDS are generous, sympathetic
    are generous, sympathetic, always there for you
    generous, sympathetic, always there for you, loyal

  8. anonimo says:

    Dreaming is the colour of life and peace! it brightens our days.

    I feel it when i’m sad. I like sitting by myself and just think and dream. When i dream i fly in some other world far away from this one.

    It sounds like living another life 
    and many people  think it is stupid and a waste of time.
    But…what’s the problem if i like dreaming?

    When we live with  Dreaming 
    We hope for a great future and we would like to think our troubles have vanished.

    It tastes of sweets and hugs: the best things in the world!=)
    and i see it in my everyday’s life: i always need huggs and sweets… they keep me going on like my dreams.

    I dream of Dreaming  when i’m feeling down. When something bad has happend and i hope it was only a nightmare.

    And i hope that one day My Dreams will come true. Because i believe in my dreams…And i’m sure of one thing…I will NOT stop Dreaming!!!


  9. anonimo says:

    My ENGLISH is my life, it is what I am but it’s almost what society wants. It’s a commercial way to get profit and spread a language. 
    ENGLISH is my alphabet, it’s my dream. it’s my <<linfa>> and it’s the only thing I’m able to understand when I don’t want to listen to anybody or anything. ENGLISH, ENGLISH makes me feel aliveand thanks to it I can express what I really want to say about everything without fear of being myself.

  10. anonimo says:

    A poem isn’t
    an art
    but it can be coloured
    a poem isn’t a blend of letters
    but it’s a mix of deep emotions
    a poem isn’t a waste of time
    but it’s your freedom
    a poem isn’t a stupid way of saying something
    but it represents yourself, the way you’d like to be
    a poem isn’t the product of a writer
    but it’s the only thing that reminds us of our feelings
    a poem isn’t a page of a diary full of homework
    but it’s something that contains some of our happiest moments.
    A poem isn’t ink on a white sheet of paper
    but it’s like a monsoon
    a poem isn’t a storm
    but it’s life
    a poem isn’t a film
    but it’s your life
    a poem isn’t rubbish
    but it’s your Bible

  11. anonimo says:

    I’m too serious
    I’m not a dreamer
    I’m a fighter
    I’m not a barbie
    I’m a human being
    I’m not a toy
    I’m a teen with my feelings
    I’m not a loser
    I’m an opened mind
    I’m not strick
    I’m gold
    I’m not a waste of time
    I’m myself
    I’m not a pumpit of the society
    I’m too full of myself
    I’m not a star
    I’m who I want to be
    I’m not who YOU want
    I’m me, only me
    I’m not a machine
    I’m a shining moon

  12. anonimo says:

    class 5cs is unique
    class 5cs is unique,creative
    is unique, creative, beaming,
    creative, unique, beaming, bizarre
    ….. STEFANIA

  13. anonimo says:

    warm, stubborn, reliable, full of energy, positive,
    adventerous, too serious
    nice hair-style, approachable, up-front
    sociable, out going
    simple ton, nice
    serious, shy, sweat
    …. yeah this is how I am

  14. anonimo says:

    posterei anchio ma nn trovo i fogli, appena li trovo posto


  15. anonimo says:

    Dreaming is the colour of my life
    I feel it when I look out of my window

    It sounds like the wind
    And many people think
    it is the only thing that every people would like to have

    When we live with dreams
    We have a beautiful day and a perfect life

    It tastes of a big ice-cream and
    I’m very happy when I taste it and
    I see it in my heart

    I dream of dreaming when
    I’m sleeping in my bed or
    I’m looking at a blank point

    And I hope that one day dreams
    will come true


  16. anonimo says:


    BROTHER is generous
    BROTHER is generous, sympathetic
    Is generous, sympathetic, good listener
    Generous, sympathetic, good listener, fantastic


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