workshop two

New week, new commercials.  This week Chiara will analyse the Martini Commercial, Davide will focus more on the green side of our existence, Sara will focus on a very touching social ad and so will Claudia.  Watch them and read their observations.  They are worth reading. 
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  1. anonimo says:

    The commercial lets us understand how much children learn from adults. It has been shot by a non-profit organization known as "Child Friendly Initiative", meant to improve children’s lives.
    The start is slow but then it turns into a climax when the singer stops singing, and we are "left alone" with music, which is melodic and most played with guitar and piano; of course even with images.
    This ad is addressed in particular to grown-ups, here we can see them acting badly to other people and to environment; unconsciously they are even being curel and numb to their children, that take them as an example of life. For example we can see children smoking (something that shocked me is the zoom in on the little girl’s hand: she’s holding a cigarette between her fingers), throwing away cans, buttering a woman (the man butters his wife, the boy butters his mother), puking on the street, showing their middle finger..just because their parents act like that!
    This commercial sells nothing but common sense, as it is written in the slogan, which is "Children see. Children do. Make your influence positive": this is the reason why i chose this ad, because i think it has a strong impact on us. It really lets us understand how much our actions, could be taken as examples from youger generations, expecially from kids: they can not understand what is right and what is wrong.
    Sara M.

  2. anonimo says:

    Analysis of a social ad: The Magic of Giving
    This very touching and beautiful social advertisement is made for Peruvian Cancer Foundation. It shows in a beautiful way how our support can change and save lives of kids suffering from cancer. Our giving is the most powerful magic we have.
    Starting from the music we can hear that it has different level during the spot: an high level at first(happy and joyful), than a low (quiet like drops) and finally it grows and concludes the scene.
    This particular instrumental music catches immediately your attention because it is soft, quiet and lets you understand character’s feelings.
    Music has also an important value because there are no dialogues: only images and sounds. The images speak more than words. There is the idea of universality: everybody can understand the message regardless from the country you come from.
    Referring to the colours used: a black and white shooting may represent something old but I personally think they signify a story that is ever the same, day by day.
    On the scene an important role is played by three main character: the enchanter, a street entertain, the young child, a cancer-suffered, and her mother. We can recognize 2 different sections: In the first one the magician is entertaining with a lot of tricks the audience around him. Everybody is laughing and enjoying his performing. The audience is made from people from different ages and origins. Thanks to the variety of frames, we can identify ourselves with theme and became part of the ad.
    The second part is characterized by the wonderful magic of giving. The magician involves the young girl in his performance putting his hat on her head. Due to the cancer, the child is hairless but when the magician takes off the cylinder she magically heals: her hairs grows back!
    Here we can recognize the main message, presented on the slogan: The Magic of Giving!
    The magician, helping the girl with the money ho just earned, realize The magic of Giving.
    The message is concrete because not a donation just to get that annoying phone call, or even worse door-to-door visit done with. A donation that is felt as a concrete and conscious act of kindness, creating The Magic Of Giving!


  3. anonimo says:

    “Martini” commercial with George Clooney
         It is a very simple but efficient commercial.
    We see a dog in a little boat that reaches a huge yacht in the middle of the sea, may be the Mediterranean sea.
    Than we see the yacht and on board there are George, the testimonial, and a beautiful Mediterranean girl that is sunbathing.
    Suddenly the yacht motor turn off and immediately arrives the boat. The dog and a beautiful boy get on board and the boy gives George the petrol.
    George will pay him but the boy sees the Martini box and now we understand that he wants it. After a long hesitation and a quick glances we see George on the beach with the dog while he is drinking a shot glass saying: “ah the simple pleasure in life”.
    Immediately after we see the yacht that sail away with the boy and the girl on board.
    During the commercial we can hear only the sound track: a typical south Italian folk music, the dog’s bark and the final sentence said by George. This choice highlights the importance of the glances between the two men and the George’s sentence.
    At the end we see George and the dog walking on the beach and finally appears the logo of the Martini , behind the mountain like the sun.
    George and the dog too opt for a satisfy life with “simple pleasure”: the Martini and a new friend.
    We can’t understand immediately that this is one of the Martini ad because the logo appears quite in the middle of the commercial and it is filmed just for one second.
    This is the commercial of “Martini bianco” and we can notice that many of the objects are white, for example the clothes of George and the Yacht.
    This ad is particular because the majority of the Martini commercial are in black and white but this ad has sparkling colours. The majority are set into a disco or during parties and I think that the setting of this ad is a very smart choice because creates a sense of freedom, happiness and harmony with the nature and I think that it is closer to common people.

  4. anonimo says:

    This ad is advertising a new diesel car engine by Honda. The key word is HATE, the Honda Chief Engineer hated so much diesel engines that he when he was asked if he could ever love one, he answered “only if it’s the best”; the advertising campaign is well developed on the website
    The video opens on an animated scene, there is a wonderful garden, a perfect habitat for beautiful animals, but there’s also a disturbing element: a group of flying engines disturbing the animals, and the animals hate them and try to eliminate them in every possible way. As a matter of fact we see three hens jumping as the engines fly close to them, and then a group of rabbits escaping the engines and wearing ear muffs in order to bear the noise. The rainbow, the sun, the flowers and the animals, images of perfect harmony, want to get rid of the engines (the environment has developed the HATE we see at the very beginning of the video) because they are dirty, smoky and noisy. The concept is reinforced by the song repeating “hate something, change something, make something better” this is a powerful message: it’s saying that hate can be good, as it happened with the engineer: he hated diesel engines but was asked to design one, and the hate led him to create the best one (hate, change, make it better). When every engine is eliminated, we see two rows of pink flamingos introducing us the new engine, at a first glance we notice that this is cleaner, and makes no noise because the rabbits can now take their ear muffs off; the engine starts flying around the garden and every natural element is friendly to it: we see hummingbirds approaching it, then a toad jumping on it and the rainbow giving its approval. The ad ends with an harmonious choreography and displaying the diesel engine logo and the Honda logo. The ad features creatures associated with environmental protection, innocence and bliss, such as humming birds, rabbits, peacocks, butterflies that first hate the engines for being noisy and smoky, but are brought by this hate to create a new eco-friendly engine. Through this ad the consumer thinks that it is no more the man who creates car engines, dangerous for the environment, but it looks like it’s the nature who designed the new engine, every creature loves it and the final scenes show us how the product goes perfectly with nature. The music is the most important thing in this ad, the lyrics are simple and repetitive: if you hate something and you can’t stand it, just think about how you could improve it and make it better for you and for everyone else; the message is short, positive and very effective because it doesn’t deal just with car engines, but with everything, if you are determined to change something, then you can do it with your power of will.


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