Brave New World and Brave New World Revisited


What are the dystopian elements rendered in the song by the Iron Maiden? Pay attention to the rhythm.  How does it contribute to the mounting feeling of anxiety? This song, sparked by Huxley’s masterpiece, is proof of how lots of bands/music groups get inspired by literature.  Any form of art – be it music, writing, painting, etc. – is the unvaluable expression of the way we (human beings) respond to life, reflect upon our existence.  Can you think of any other author that inspired an artist in his/her work?

Look at the different book covers chosen by different pusblishing companies for Brave New World.  Which one do you like best? Why?

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Watch the Spark Notes Video of Brave New World, it will help you grasp better the complexity of the plot.

You can also resort to to get a better understanding of this great anti-utopian novel.

You may want to listen to a radio programme on Brave New World.

If you were asked to record a book review of the novel, what would it be like?  Here is an example.  Do you like it?  Why (not)?

The following disquieting images commented by A. Huxley himself, reveal the dystopian dimension we have fallen into.

How are we controlled by the system, in simpler and somehow pleasanter means?

Are we transcending huan limits?  Are we redefinig humanity?  Have we already entered the TRANSHUMAN AGE? Reasearchers and scientists disclose the unimaginable and explain what this new age is all about.

Obviously if you want to investigate fully the world these scholars are envisioning, you need to watch part 2, part 3, part 4.

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