Why should we study Shakespeare?

Shakespeare_in_Type_by_KawaiiChan789Lots of students seem to turn up their noses when they are asked to read the works of Shakespeare.  They wonder “why should I read works by someone who died a long time ago?”.  Well, what is your view?  Why should we study Shakespeare?  How do you think this Elizabethan playwright’s works are still relevant to our time?  As a student of English, why should you bother? Wouldn’t it be nicer or more worthwhile to read “Hunger Games” or other books that reflect your interests and most of all that are written in contemporary English?  How can we relate Shakespeare to Italy? How would you love to appraoch Shakespeare’s works?


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  1. Pozzi Valentina scrive:

    In my opinion it is important to study Shakespeare’s plays. I think that those who haven’t had the possibility to study and appreciate his works, aren’t completely developed as regards their education. It is true that Shakespeare died in 1616 and his works might seem far from our life-style, but if you are taught to understand and to catch their deep meaning, you can realize that the themes he wrote about, are related to our culture, qualities, virtues and vices. I think we should study Shakespeare to become aware of what is hidden under our deeds.
    His works are relevant in our time, because they deal with the human nature, which doesn’t change with the passing of time. Therefore the same ambition, jealousy, unawareness, need of power, fear of death and so on of his characters is the symbol of our modern society.
    Studying a subject instead of another one, a writer instead of another one doesn’t depend on the students’ choices but on the teachers. Sometimes they are really able to rise our interest, curiosity, passion and they let us become fond of that issue. The students bother if they can’t find the sense in what they are studying.
    I think that each book is worth of being read: for example from Shakespeare’s works you can learn new old words and structures and so your language ability improves not to mention the richness of your vocabulary. Also reading books like “Hunger Games” can open your mind: perhaps they aren’t as educative as those by Shakespeare, but this kind of books can help you to relax and enjoy.
    Shakespeare is related to Italy because he was influenced by Dante, Boccacio and Petrarca, whose “Canzoniere” became a model of Shakespeare’s sonnets. The structure between Italian and English sonnets is different, but both the English writer and the Italian one wrote about the lady and the passing of time.
    I would like to study his comedies and tragedies, but not the political ones. In fact I find much more attractive themes like love, revenge, friendship than the political and historical plays. It would be fantastic to have the ability and possibility to insert these themes into our world, to understand our mental and psychological motivations

    • cristianaziraldo scrive:

      Valentina, thank you for your comment, really full of insight and well written. I hope your classmates will follow suit. You dedicated some time to the writing of this comment and I am happy you did. Kudos. 🙂

  2. Erica Corazza scrive:

    In my opinion Shakespeare is a very important writer, who wrote plays and poems, though, unfortunately, many of these were lost. His works are fundamental in English literature and has been a source of inspiration for many authors: this is due to the richness of plot and characters we can find in his works, but also to the universality of the themes he dealt with. Besides, he invented so many words and expressions that have become part of the English vocabulary, making this language richer.
    Some researchers think that he didn’t write the plays himself and there are many other possible true authors. Everyone has their own hypothesis. Anyway, Shakespeare always remains very important because all people, from the most educated to the least ones, know some of his most famous plays or have at least heard about him. His plays are full of basic themes, such as love, the most important one, nature, friendship, rivalrly, destiny, ambition, revenge, and many others that make his works involving and moving even nowadays.
    As a student of English, I may bother because it is quite hard to translate Shakespeare’s lines into Italian, because I can’t immediately understand the depth of his characters’ feelings, nor discover the hidden meanings in his plays, and because it is difficult for me to identify myself with the tastes of Elizabethan society.
    Of course, reading books like “Hunger Games” can be more entertaining and involving, because the language is easier and there is a lot of immagination that can easily appeal to teenagers who usually like escaping from everyday reality. But with this kind of books you can’t learn anything about history and the psychology of the characters is not so developed, so it can be a nice pastime but not something that you can enrich you.
    Shakespeare is related to Italy because he wrote sonnets, like Petrarch: unlike Petrarch, though, he used the English pattern, made up of three quatrains and a final couplet, even if the contents of his sonnets follow the Italian pattern. But above all he is related to Italy because he took inspirations from the works of some Italian authors, such as B. Castiglione, M. Bandello, G. Straparola, G. Fiorentino and G. G. Cinzio, as a consequence some of his works are set in Italy: Venice for “Othello” and “The Merchant of Venice”, Verona for “Romeo and Juliet” and “The Two Gentleman of Verona”.
    I would love to read some of Shakespeare’s plays to analyze them and get interested in his most famous characters, but above all I would like to see a Shakespearian performance at the Globe Theatre in London, where actors try to reproduce the way of acting and the atmosphere that were typical of the Elizabethan Age.

  3. Deborah D'Angelo scrive:

    We should study Shakespeare because he wrote extremly important plays that, even nowadays, are read everywhere, because they contain significant themes, such as: love, betrayment, hate, suicide, jealousy, murders, revenge, friendship… Shakespeare is the inventor of approximately 3000 words and sayings still used nowadays, so it would be interesting know better this kind of genius.
    Shakespeare’s plays are still relevant in our time because they treat topics that open our minds and help us to understand the true meaning of life.
    Who never read Shakespeare, can be a very smart person, but I think he/she can’t understand all what happen in his/her life. Shakespeare’s plays are some kind of resource to get the answers we need to know to our questions about life.
    Read, for example, Hunger Games would be really nice, because it’s a modern novel in which we can reflect on. But reading ancient poems is very useful to understand what people thought at that time. It would be nice read both of them: Shakespeare’s plays and modern novels, and then compare them to note differences and analogies.
    Shakespeare is one of the most important simbols of England, and in Italy it could be compared to Dante Alighieri, because both of them wrote poems still known nowadays. If we ask to our grandparents who Shakespeare or Dante was, they would know at least one of their most important sonnets’ title (Romeo and Juliet or la Divina Commedia); this means that those two poets are relevant in every age.
    I’d like to approach Shakespeare’s works reading all his plays’ plots and discuss them together, and then, chose one play and begin to read and understand what Shakespeare meant. I’d begin with “Othello” or “Macbeth” because I would like to understand all what Shakespeare had would teach us.

    • cristianaziraldo scrive:

      Romeo and Juliet is a tragedy, not a sonnet 😉
      We will certainly read and analyse the excerpts present in your book together, but you’ll read the plots at home. It is easy to read the summary of a play by yourself, isn’t it? Macbeth is one of my favourite tragedies. We will deal with Hamlet, Macbeth, Othello, The Merchant of Venice , Romeo and Juliet and Julius Caesar.

  4. Alessia Giordano scrive:

    I think that studying Shakespeare is really important for students who study foreign languages because we can gather a lot of information about the main features of the historical period in which he lived and so we can deepen history.From that we can study literature and all the arts that reflect the customs and traditions of that time.
    Literature, poetry and drama cover an important role themselves: if we think about Shakespeare’s works we can absolutely point out the fact that he is called “the genius of language” because he coined lots of new words influencing the English language and bringing it to evolve in the years to come. In fact nowadays we always use his words sometimes without realizing it, that’s why it is good to have a thorough knowledge of his works.
    In my opinion he is still relevant to our time because he revolutionized the culture and the English language.
    Of course it is difficult to understand his works because the language was a bit different at the time and that’s why it requires some effort to analyze them.Probably, as a student of English, I would face some difficulties on the understanding of the grammar structure of the language of Shakespeare but I think that, with will and commitment,I will be able to take it in and grasp new concepts.
    Taking as an example Shakespeare’s sonnets we can possibly reckon that he was inspired by italian poets like Dante and Petrarca; in fact the sonnet was largely used by them and it was likely, as scholars say, designed by Giacomo da Lentini; a member of the Sicilian School which in turn inspired Dante and his contemporaries.
    I would love to approach Shakespeare’s plays by reading the script all together in class and then analyzing it in a simple way. Regarding to the poems and sonnets I would like to study and paraphrase them and then I would also get to know more about the themes included in Shakespeare’s works.

    • cristianaziraldo scrive:

      He was definitely a genius, wasn’t he? No fear of Shakespeare, though. There are different sites that will help us, sites that provide us with a contemporary English version of his sonnets and works. You can see it by yourself: browse No Fear of Shakespeare and have fun. http://nfs.sparknotes.com/

  5. Leonardo scrive:

    I think that there are so many advantages in studying Shakespeare like learning how people used to live in those days, because in his plays he represented the problems people had and there is nothing to be surprised in discovering that we have to face, more or less, the same ones!
    Of course during the years thing change but we do not mutate as human beings and neither our feeilngs do; considering this, W. Shakespeare treats actual themes.
    He also invented lots of new worlds and expression that are still used in the English language and as an English learner it is very useful to know that so many words that I study were coined by such a brilliant play writer.
    I would like to make a further point taking into consideration that Shakespeare’s productions are really challenging because they are full of deep meanings and fundamental particulars that seem to be hidden and I think this is great!
    So, to sum up, if someone would ask me if we should still study Shakespeare I would say that we definitely should, or better, we must!

  6. Chiara Tosi scrive:

    I had never thought of Shakespeare before I started reading the book our teacher gave us this summer. I did not know almost anything about him and his life. Because when we think about Shakespeare immediately we think at Romeo and Juliet, especially us as Italian. We do not know that he built the Globe, we might do not even know he wrote also poems. I think that students that complain because they have to study one of his plays don’t know what are they doing.
    Shakespeare’s plays are full of double-meaning concepts and the themes he wrote about are really interesting and suitable for people of all ages and cultures. We can find history, happiness, sadness, stories of victorious, losers, kings, queens but also humble people that lived in the Elizabethan period, believed in witches and in astrology.
    Some scholars say that even if Shakespeare wrote in the XVI century, his plays are still relevant in our time. He deals with modern themes like the relationships between parents and children, between wife and husband, the problems with the political society, the problem of unemployed people. It seems that he knew what was going to happen long time after his death. But the most important aspect is that his plays influenced our way we speak. In fact, he invented lots of new world and idiomatic expressions still used today.
    Personally, I do not think that would be better reading a novel by a contemporary author because it is part of our story that Shakespeare lived and wrote lots of beautiful plays, we can’t deny he existed and if we do not know our past, we can’t think of our future. I think we should read both Shakespeare and authors of our times. So we can compare and find differences and similarities, and we can say what is better.
    Is an inspiration to many artists who came after him and his are still relevant today and are represented in many theaters. Italy and especially Verona must thank Shakespeare because, settling there one of his most famous tragedies, Romeo and Juliet, has given a boost to tourism, many people come in fact to Verona to visit the house of Juliet.
    I personally would love to study his plays but also his poems, because we don’t have to think Shakespeare has been only a great playwright, but also a good poet.

    • cristianaziraldo scrive:

      Happy to read you are interested in his sonnets too, as a matter of fact we will start with his sonnets first, then tackle some of his tragedies to move on to his comedies.

  7. Beatrice Silvestrin scrive:

    In my opinion Shakespeare has become the literary institution. He was and he also is the beginning of the English literature. Ne with his poems and plays is able to make us find our own values and he also connected the past with the present challengin and confounding us.
    For these reasons I think that studying Shakespeare is very important to understand things of the past that can explain also things that are totally important now.
    In fact his plays are very important because they were the mirror of the society and they had the capability to make the people grow.
    I think that students bother because nowadays we are more interested in what is happening around us. But if we don’t have a good idea of the past we can’t project pur mind into the future in the right way.
    In addiction to this in my opinion study something contemporary to us is the most enjoyable way to learn a foreing language, but be able to read the contemporary books with the eyes of somebody that know the origins of the literature is like reading with more awarness.
    Studying Shakespeare is also important because he related to Italy with many of his plays which are set in Italian citys ad: “Romeo and Juliet” in Verona, “Othello” in Venice, “Ceasar” in Rome etc…
    For these reasons I would like to approach Shakespeare’s works putting more attention in what is closely relate to the present.

    • cristianaziraldo scrive:

      Since his works deal with issues that are with us to stay, issues that are inherent in human nature, it goes without saying that will relate what we read to your present life.

  8. Giorgia Lena scrive:

    I think that we should study Shakespeare because he is known all around the world and he’s plays are still played in theaters nowadays. We can read quotes from his plays in newspapers, in TV, we can even read comics or books inspired by his works. We know that he coined lot of new words that are still used today, even the themes of his plays are still relevant today; he wrote about love, revenge, pain, ethnicity and history. Some people wonder why we should study him if he died a lot of time ago and we don’t read modern books like ‘Hunger Games’, I think that we should know something about the past to comprehend the present, probably the writer of Hunger Games used words that Shakespeare invented and for sure in that book we could find some analogies with one of William’s plays. We can relate Shakespeare to Italy because he was inspired by a lot of famous Italian writers and because a lot of his plays are set in Italy, like Romeo and Juliet, Othello, Julius Caesar and The Merchant Of Venice. I like studying Shakespeare plays and I’m curious to read his comedies.

    • cristianaziraldo scrive:

      We won’t be able to tackle all his works, but we’ll certainly read excerpts taken from some tragedies and at least one comedy.

  9. toffoli michael scrive:

    In my opinion it is important to study Shakespeare because if we are studying a foreigner language it is important to know something about the culture too.
    Shakespeare is an important and famous playwright of the english culture and I think that it is important the we study him because we can know how the playwrighters in the past thought, and reading his poems and plays we can also know how the english language evolved. We can’t forget that Shakespeare envented more than 3.000 new words and exspressions, that we use every single day but we don’t know which are.
    I am a student and as the program of the school says we have to study poets and poems, i am studying them in italian. But as a student who is studying english it is important to know poets and poems of the english culture, in this case Shakespeare. It is also important studiyng him because as we can see in his sonetts he uses a different form form the italian one.
    I love reading. I think that reading is the most beautiful thing we can do. Reading is very helpfull expatialy when we are studiyng a foreigner language. I also think that we can’t always read the same book. I mean I love reading fantasy book but i can’t always read them.I think that we should read different things just to increase our level of culture. What I am trying to say is that it is important reading books like Hunger Games, but we need also to read something else for example poems.
    First of all we can relate Shakespeare to Italy because he is a poet, like Dante, Petrarca, Leopardi just to say few. But we can relate him to Italy because he loved Italy as we can see in his plays which take place in Italy, like Romeo and Juliet; Othello, The merchant of Venice and Julus Ceasar. For example we can see in Romeo and Juliet because of the two family, the Montecchi and Capuleti. In fact the two families were really exested. Maybe Shakespeare were interested in their feud.
    I think that it would be beautiful to work on Shakespeare making some presentation with power point, or prezi, or Kahoot. Or it can be also cool work on him watching his plays act at the theatre.

    • cristianaziraldo scrive:

      Remember the Globe Theatre last year? Wasn’t it a great experience! You are right, it would be great to watch some of Shakespeare’s works at the Globe, in English. My dream. Unfortunately we can’t. Yet, we can discover lots of things about the Elizabethan Theatre in his works. We can go and watch his works performed in Italian and compare and contrast the performance with the study of the work you did at school with your classmates and teachers. I will certainly use some powerpoint presentations or launch a Kahoot quiz in class.

  10. Sonia Bruccoleri scrive:

    Why schould we study Shakespeare? Well, I think that there are two important reasons.
    The first is what we immediately think when we’re talking about Shakespeare: the language, in fact he invented many words that we are still using today without knowing what these words are.
    However personally, I prefer the second reason that is the differences between the 16th century and today. In fact I know that when I’ll read something by him I would be catch by these. His works teach us how the world change and that even if now it is not perfect, we are very lucky.
    I think that studying it wouldn’t be boring or annoying becouse I don’t see it like something far from us, but something that represent in a different way, that we don’t understand immediately, some part of our lifes. I don’t think that reading other kind of books that are written in contemporary english would change a lot, but maybe reading what Shakespeare wrote would be better to learn new words because the vocabolary is very ample and would be more interesting to uderstand their way of thinking.
    Pesonally I would love to discuss in class about the differences and the mentality of that time, but also think about how that changed and compare these two worlds that are not so far as they seem.

    • cristianaziraldo scrive:

      Well, Sonia, as you mention at the end of your comment, it is really interesting to study the Elizabethan period and to compare 16th century London with your own hometown in 21st century. We read widely about the Elizabethan time and I think you can see the differences between now and then quite clearly now! 🙂

  11. Claudia Lavopa scrive:

    I think that studying Shakespeare is very important because the themes of his plays are not as historical as we may think but are very contemporary and can make us think about the world we live in, our virtues and our culture. In my opinion this is one of the reason we study Shakespeare nowadays. He is also related to us because he invented words and expression that we still use today.
    As a student of English I like knowing how was life in the Elizabethan era and how people thought, we should all learn something about our past.
    I read ‘The Hunger Games’ and I think that is a very well written book that catches your attention because it has a different plot in comparison with the books that teenagers read but it seems to me that is a book that should not be studied in school but should be read in the free time. I like that in this book there is the theme of the value of life but I think that in Shakespeare’s plays are more different themes that we should study.
    Shakespeare is related to Italy because he wrote Romeo and Juliet, which setting is in Verona, Italy and also because the structure of some of his sonnets is the Petrarchan one.
    I would love to approach Shakespeare’s works by reading some of his plays, analysed them and then watch films that are linked to them.

    • cristianaziraldo scrive:

      We will certainly watch some film adaptations of the excerpts we’re going to analyse. We will also watch some lectures so that you will get used to taking notes as if you were already at a university abroad. You’re certainly right when you claim that Shakespeare developed topics that are still relevant today. However, in his works there are historical and cultural references that can be grasped just if we contextualise them in his own time.

  12. Anna Borin scrive:

    I agree with what you say, that students when hear that they have to read some Shakespeare’s works are afraid and they don’t want to. But I think that if they start one of his works they get involved. Shakespeare is known as one of the most important British writer and is popular in all the world. He is important because he invented a lots of words in the English language that are used still today, but I think that his themes are important too. We should study him because the themes that he debates are contemporary and at our age we can understand them in a good way. He speaks about love, friendship, betray, revenge and war and these are themes that we have even in the Italian history and we have them even today. A thing such as love can involved people of all ages and more in adolescence where guys want to discover the real meaning of it. I’ve never read a Shakespeare’s work but I think that in it we can find a lots of emotions like happiness, sadness, anger, and other deep feelings. At the end I think that the best way to study it is discussing it together and sharing own ideas in class.

    • cristianaziraldo scrive:

      You’re certainly right Anna, Shakespeare wrote about universal topics and this is the reason why he still appeals to readers after so many centuries. His themes go beyond barriers of time or place.

  13. Anna Borsatti scrive:

    “Why should we study Shakespeare?” I think there isn’t just an answer to this question, but millions and millions of answers, objections, notes, and considerations about it. I honestly don’t know where to start from, because reading the question made a lot of thoughts come in my mind about this topic. It’s really interesting, also the answers that I have seen in the videos, especially the first one. What struck me the most is: “We Should Study cool books like Hunger Games instead of Shakespeare.” My question about this sentence is: How can we compare the works of a excellent and insuperable poet and playwright like Shakespeare with a contemporary writer? For me it is absolutely absurd! Shakespeare was a cultured person like few, with a great imagination and extraordinary mastery of language, I really don’t believe that he could be replaced with a contemporary and also great writer, but not at the level of one of the famous person in the entire world! Taking these considerations, I firmly believe that the problem is the school program and some teachers. Teens need to be encouraged, “captured” and involved in reading and understanding his magnificent works. Apart from this I absolutely convinced that his works are still relevant, because he created a new world, only with words, and this thing for me is incredible. The positive thoughts in the first video are very interesting, the ones that impressed me more are: “It’s key of literature”, “It’s the foundation to modern literature”, “It allows us to utilize different parts of our brain to become more efficient”, “It teaches very good life lessons, as well as opens up the readers eye to one of the best playwrights in history” and I could go on and on. This tells us that Shakespeare has left its mark in all of us, and although there are some who do not appreciate his work, there are many other living thanks to his teachings.

    • cristianaziraldo scrive:

      He is/was a great playwright and poet, definitely so. The only problem is that lots of people think that he was a genius, but when asked why, they cannot provide an answer. I hope by the end of our “path” on him, we will all be able to substantiate the use of the adjective “great” or the noun “genius!

  14. Anna Pignat scrive:

    In my opinion it’s very important to study Shakespeare and his plays, obviously everyone is free to have their own opinion, but there are some fundamental concepts that make Shakespeare’s plays contemporary and useful for everybody. Yes, the fact that he lived several centuries ago can make people skeptical although the themes he deal with aren’t outdated but contemporary. He has analized, through his plays and sonnets, human nature: emotions like love, hate, revenge, respect, jealousy, and even life and death, beliefs, ideals… And if it isn’t enough he gave us a detailed description of the Elizabethan period, he is certainly the principal font of owr Knowledge obout all the abits and traditions of that period.
    On the one hand it could be difficult to understand at all the word and expressions because the language isn’t the one we use nowadays, on the other hand he himself has invented the maggiority of the words that make up the English language. So he wasn’t only a talentous writer but a brilliant inventor.
    Shakespeare was acculturated, he described and set some of his plays in Italy, think of the famous Romeo&Juliett and how many people goes every year to Verona to see the famous Juliett’s balcony! Shakespeare is for England what Dante is for Italy, you can’t say to know English lichacha if you haven’t studyied his commedies and tragedies!
    This does not preclude that contemporary books are instructive, I have written Hunger Games and I’ve really liked it! It’s a dystopic book full of good values and well written, but Shakespeare is the “father” of English literature. If Shakespeare had not existed would English language be so incredibile? I dont’t think so.
    I can’t possibly know how it is better to study Shakespeare but I would love to do it. Absolutely!

    • cristianaziraldo scrive:

      I did not know you were the writer of “Hunger Games”! 😉 I feel honoured to be your teacher 🙂

  15. Sara Boschin scrive:

    Today lots of people prefer to avoid Shakespeare. They think that he is bored, useless and BYGONE. They think that he doesn’t influence people’s life anymore and that we should move on and study contemporary writers like Suzanne Collins.
    Probably they don’t see how Shakespeare still exists. We can find Shakespeare everywhere: in language, in philosophy, in films, in books…. Everywhere!
    And if this is not enough to make people curious to learn about him, let’s see what this immortal soul did for the world.
    1. Shakespeare put the stands of the English language. To create visual words inside audience’s minds he coined lots of words and expressions. A maledition for the students, a gift for the country.
    2. He analyzed philosophical doctrines studying the working of the mind and opened new questions like “to be or not to be?”.
    3. Through his works we could know upside down Elizabethan period. The customes, the entertainment, the beliefs.
    4. Shakespeare is linked even to Italy. Some of Shakespeare plays are set in Italy like Romeo and Juliet and the Merchant of Venice. So through him we don’t just learn something about England but even about italian costumes.
    So, for all these reason I would be glad to study Shakespeare. I like him. I’d love to read at least one of his works. At school we could study him in a special way. Watching the videos I understood that it would be great to study his works acting some plays. That experience would be challenging. But if to act plays is too demanding, then another way to learn about him could be through videos or films or theatrical performances.
    Therefore, to study Shakespeare is important. There are many ways to learn about him so let’s choose one and start to know him!
    It this way we would be more accolturated and interessant than those wo choose to settle for Hunger Games.

    • cristianaziraldo scrive:

      I smiled when you wrote “a curse for students and a gift for the country”. Lovely expression. I think he won’t be a curse to you though. You will love the Great Bard. Impossible not to!

  16. Chiara Turchet scrive:

    Why should we study Shakespeare?

    There are many things in our life that allow us to mature and to discover the world we live in better. And I think that all the art forms can do it, transferring messages full of deep meanings: they are a mix of passion and power capable to involve everyone in a whirlwind of emotions.
    Without a doubt literature and poetry represent two of the most beautiful and meaningful art forms that all the humanity have seen in the years. They have always been a form of expression for the human being, that since he was born needed a way to vent everything that was impossible give a rational explanation to. The soul and the emotions of the people could be expressed in a special way in some of the finest literary compositions, that today we consider the pillars of the world literature. Obviously among the greatest literary exponents, William Shakespeare holds a special and privileged place.
    So to the question “Why should we study Shakespeare?” the most immediate answer in my opinion is because Shakespeare was an artist and a creator of literature, an art form that deserves to be studied and to be lived. I used the expression ”to be lived”, because I can really live literature: every single poem and verse can tell a story that make me feel part of it, in which the real and the unreal can coexist and in which my ideas and feelings maybe coincide with another one’s that lived many years before me. And this because the inner emotions that characterize the human being haven’t changed in the different historical eras: they have united all the people in the years.
    Shakespeare, a writer of 1500, represented the person’s behavior, analyzing the bad and the good aspects of it, in works that are appreciated even nowadays by all the people. Everyone in the world know Shakespeare: he was able to be remembered himself and his works after many centuries. Does this man deserve to be studied, does he!? I think so.
    The themes of his works are really contemporary and he can represent our society even if he lived long time ago.
    Studying Shakespeare offers the possibility to investigate and to dig deeper into the human soul. It allows us to analyze our behavior towards others and compare the past with the present. Shakespeare makes reflect, above all young people: I think that his works has the ability to divert the attention of all people from the rush of modern life and to stop to reflect on what we are and on what’s most precious to us. He laid the basis of the modern literature; he is considered an inspiration for all writers. I think he was the best observer and listener to the human’s soul, because he could express humans and their psychology in a careful and completed way . Some of his compositions are pretty intense and rich in philosophical contents. I’d really like to meet him because I think he had a sensitive and special personality: he deserves to be studied only for the important messages and issues that he faced in his works and for the way he transferred them to the audience. He is a part of history and a myth and he will never be forgotten.
    Moreover this Elizabethan playwright’s works are still so relevant to our time because they are a a source of information about the economy, history, tradition, politics and society of time in which Shakespeare lived. Through his works he represented the Elizabethan time in all its facets: the violence, entertainments, beliefs, the upper and lower classes, betrayals, sexuality, jealousy, all in a sort of huge painting that incorporates different characters and themes.
    He wrote tragedies, comedies and also a lot of poems, inspired by some of the most important models of Italian literature. He wasn’t only a writer, playwright and an artist, but also an inventor, of words specifically: in fact he coined a lot of words and expressions that we still use today in the English language; he reformed and improved it.
    He really was one of one of those rare and special people who are born with a destiny assigned by history, for this I don’t think that some of our contemporary books can be compared to Shakespeare’s works: the contents that treats him are common to many modern books but the way he faced and expressed them to his audience in his plays is unique and so he has to be studied to be understood and appreciated. He worthies all the time his plays deserve. Obviously Shakespeare’s compositions are difficult to understand for the courtly language and the archaic expressions, so they require patience and dedication, but the values that get after his reading I think they are incommensurable.
    If I have the possibility to decide how to study Shakespeare, I’d choose to act his works: I think it would be really funny and useful to recreate the atmosphere of the Elizabethan time. We could identify ourselves with the characters of the stories, assimilating the ideas and the concepts that Shakespeare wanted to convey. What a better way would be to study Shakespeare if not in the way he would have preferred? Acting his works in theaters!

    • cristianaziraldo scrive:

      A heart-felt comment, full of useful input and great insight. I think all your classmates should read it. I am passionate too about Shakespeare and I am sure young people like you fall in love with his works as soon as they start reading them, but most of all, as soon as they watch them performed. We will certainly act out a few scenes, we will make them contemporary (no Elizabethan costumes, modern ones with some changes to make the text more believable to the contemporary audience); we will also act out some scenes the very way they were written by Shakespare; we will rewrite the ending to some of his tragedies; we will change the features of some characters. We will have fun, hopefully. It is just a pity that we have little time in class and most of all just two hours to plunge ourselves into literature. Regardless of these limits, I am sure you will all do a great job. All your comments are evidence of great literary sensitivity.

  17. Sara Foresto scrive:

    I think we should study Shakespeare because he is the foundation to modern literature. He is also considered a contemporary writer. His themes are still alive like the difference between love and sexual desire, the good and evil..these are all themes that we can find in film or books nowadays, and are also topics of actual discussion. We can find performance of Shakespeare everywhere like Romeo and Juliet that is a play set in Italy and we can relate Shakespeare to Italy because of the Shakespearean sonnet that is taken from the Italian sonnet.
    As a student of English I bother some themes about politics that Shakespeare wrote.
    Yes I think it could be nicer to read Hunger Games or other books that are contemporary because this kind of books can be more enjoyable and less difficult to understand, but I think that Shakespeare’s books are more suitable to study literature. I would like to study the plays about love and jealously but also see “Macbeth” and read “A midnight summer dream”

  18. Alexia Toniol scrive:

    Even if, as we all know Shakespeare lived and composed his works many years ago,he is still considered one of the most important or the most important poet of all the years, and all his works and plays are also know by young people like us.
    Honestly I think that if our teacher, even if all the students later or sooner face the topic,would’t have done us to do activities , like the reading of the book about Shakespeare, the “What is love” ‘s teamwork or simply the readings about the life of Shakespeare and about his works, I would never been interested so much about it.
    In my opinion it is essential to study it, also in depth,not only because it gives us the possibility of acculturate us but also because it introduces different themes that are contemporary to us like love, sexuality, friendship, religion, wars,politic, etc.
    The poems of Shakespeare that were part of the Elizabethan period, are contemporary to us, but they also contains important words, phrases or sayings that were used at the time but are still use today in english and that we study.
    I also think that since we are students we have not to bothering, beacuse sometimes things like the poems of Shakespeare seems difficult but if we have a teacher who is able to explain us those things and also to involve us and making the argument interesting, it is going to be much easier than what we think.
    We know that Shakespeare is linked to Italy because he composed his sonnets inspired by italian’s one of the 500 and 600, or rather by Dante’s,Boccaccio’s and Petrarch’s sonnets, especially by ‘il canzoniere’ of Petrarch. But the structure of the italian sonnets is not equal as the english sonnet or the shakespeare’s sonnets. The first is composed of an octave and a sestet and the second is composed of three quatrains and a couplet, even if the themes are the same: love, faith and beauty.

  19. Chiara M. scrive:

    According to the text and to the videos….
    I agree therewith.
    I honestly think that each one of us should be curious and reflect about the origin and evolution of our language.
    The words we use nowadays are evolving more and more,but which is the main base that makes us understand how languages evolve?
    William Shakespeare is the founder of lots of sentences,that we still use. He teaches us values and has influenced the world where we live,( In my opinion a sentence or a word isn’t something that you think immeadiately when you wake up in the morning. It must have an own meaning. It must represent the object we’re talking about. ), In fact nowadays Shakespeare is everywhere.
    For example in plays,novels,films,song,advertising,art…etc.
    He helps us to understand the Elizabethan period in a fascinating way.
    The Elizabethan themes like love,good and evil are relevant through Shakespeare. His novels,poems and plays are difficult to understand for normal students,who study english because his way of writing isn’t simple.
    You have to cudgel your brain!
    Indeed Shakespeare allows us to utilize different parts of our brain.
    I think it’s normal that english students would love to read “The Hunger Games” during the english class,because it is easier and you understand everything without the use of the vocabulary. However without Shakespeare and without the other writers….Hunger Games wouldn’t exist!
    We can relate him to Italy because a third of his plays was set in Italy.
    Shakespeare was totally fascinated by Italy,but he set his poems there because first of all Queen Elizabeth didn’t allow playwriters to set their poems in her country, second of all Italy was a totally different place from England.
    The idea of “acting out” Shakespeare’s poems is one of the best ideas I’ve ever read.
    Because if you try to act what he wrote, you’ll immediately understand it! I think that If students are 100% involved,they will enjoy what they learn and they will treasure it!

  20. Carbonera Sofia scrive:

    I think studying Shakespeare is necessary to fully understand the English language and culture. Shakespeare is an author that has marked the English culture, like Dante or Leopardi did for the Italian one. He is a “complete” writer in the sense that he wrote plays ( comedies, tragedies, historical ) but even poems ( sonnets ). Shakespeare’s plays and poems are about issues that are contemporary , so they are not closely related in the Elizabethan period in which Shakespeare was born and died, but his works are still living. Shakespeare opened his mind in subjects like philosophy and ethics, so he is still actual and innovative, although his view of the world is that of the Elizabethan time. In my opinion it has no sense to compare Shakespeare’s works to books like “Hunger games” but it would be interesting to compare theater of Shakespeare to the several avant-grade theater of our days and the main evolutions. I love the theater so I like to study the most staged works. Finally we can compare the poetry of Shakespeare to our main author, like the poetry of Petrarca. So it is clear that there are many reasons why studying Shakespeare in schools.

  21. Alberto scrive:

    It’s too easy to say that we should study Shakespeare because it’s part of literature history. You do not totally mistake if you say this but there’s more in Shakespeare’s plays and sonnets.In fact Shakespeare’s works let us know lots of things about Elizabethan period. But he was a great writer because he managed to catch the attenction of his spectators though there was no special effects, lights and microphone; he just used the power of words. He was clever and he was capable to manipulate words to involve spectators. He used many puns and this is one of the reason why it’s useful to study what he wrote and not just to read, that’s different. His works are still read all over the world but not everybody studies them. Shakespeare’s sonnets and plays are beautiful but they are full of hidden meanings and studying them makes you capable to catch them. His description of love is not so abstract as the one of Dante or Petrarca, he dealt with themes not detached from real life and popoular nowadays too. It makes studying Shakespeare a fantastic way to understand that although times have changed, people and situations in which they are have not. Studying Shakespeare makes us increase our knowledge about human condition and it makes us understand emotions and relationships. It’s incredible how can his capability of writing being overlooked to analyze the topics he wrote about but it means to me studyng properly Shakespeare. This doesn’t mean that it’s not relevant how his works are are written, in fact as I said before his capability of using words makes his works beautiful and involving. His writing skills are extremly important for the English language because he coined lots of new words that we use unconsciously.
    Shakespeare is died but he is still all around us.
    I personally don’t like poetry at all in fact as a student I would not like to approach Shakespeare reading much of his works and acting them even if I know it would be useful to improve our language skills. It doesn’t mean that we shoudn’t read anything but I’d just like to analyze properly his sonnets and plays instead of reading everything he wrote. Acting would impress more his words and technics of writing but I think it would stop us at analyzing his writing skills and not the issues he wrote about. To sum up, I would like to examine in depth the themes he wrote about, above all the ones we can see nowadays and make comparisons with our times.

    • cristianaziraldo scrive:

      This is an interesting comment. We will certainly analyse the sonnets in depth and we will always relate Shakespeare’s themes to your life, we couldn’t do otherwise. Happy to your post.

  22. Anna Reschiotto scrive:

    Why should we study Shakespeare?
    First of all we must say that Shakespeare is a giant of literature of all time. Writing his works in English he gave it the same nobility that French and Italian had in that period.
    In his works we can find a “gallery of character” because he touches all the aspects of the personality of human beings.
    When you read or watch one of his plays you are projected into the story and you go beyond it because you start analizing the attitude of characters, and this is when you realize that he understood deeply how humans are.
    If he wants to show you love or fear or other passions, he creates a scene in which everyone can relive that exactly emotion. He can manipulate your thoughts, he can make you think what he wants, and he can create all images he has in his mind.
    I think that he can do this with grate success because he used to study Rethoric and so his language is extremely successful.
    He writes some sentences that will stay in our mind forever, for example in MacBeth when he cannot find a way out instead of write this he writes he has scorpions in his head.
    There are films based on Shakespeare’s plays, some set according to what he wrote and others set nowadays however based on his works.
    We also know the Elizabethan period, reading his plays we can find out people habits of the time and the way of they lived.
    We have to thank Shakespeare because he gave to English language its hegemony.
    So these are some reasons to study Shakespeare.

    • cristianaziraldo scrive:

      Interesting considerations, but you seem to have overlooked a final question I had posed, that is “how would you like to study Shakespeare?”. This part is missing.

  23. Luca scrive:

    I personally think that we should definetely study Shakespare: he’s the fundamental of English literature. He invented lots of new expressions and words unknown at his time. I think that Elizabethan works are still relevant in our time beacuse this is the time when the English language was modeled as never before and even now we can’t remodel the language as like as in the Elizabethan period. Maybe the one thing that could bother me as a student of English is the difficulty to undestand the raw texts of Shakespeare mainly because I’m not mothertounge and could have difficulties as any other student in the world. I wouldn’t mind to study actual books, but we all know that it isn’t the same as the “old school”. Reading actual books maybe could help us expressing ourselves better beacuse is contemporary English, but the old productions as the ones written by Shakespeare give us the basics of the language so we have like a certainty behind our backs.
    We can compare William Shakespeare to our man who gave life to Italian language Dante Alighieri. Dante’s most known production is the “Divina Commedia”, where the author tells of his journey in the afterlife. In this production the author coined new words and perfectionated the language.
    In conclusion of these toughts, I say that I would like to study Shakespeare in a creative way, not the classical way. I don’t know in which exact way, but in a creative way.

    • cristianaziraldo scrive:

      It is interesting that you would like to study Shakespeare in a creative way, but when asked what you mean by it you are not sure! This is the problem with “creativity” isn’t it? Everybody demands it, wants to benefit from it, but when asked what it is, they do not know how to pinpoint it. 😉

  24. Samuele Babille scrive:

    I had really never thought that Shakespeare would have had such a great influence on the current English and I had never imagined that he was such of an actual writer. Yes he died in 1600s, but he is still so current, I don’t actually know much about him because we just started working on him, but, for the few I’ve seen, I really like the way he does things and he writes in such a fashion that will never die. He deals with things that happen nowadays like they used to happen four hundred/ five hundred years ago and I really think that all the stuff he writes about will always be part of life.
    Shakespeare has had the great capability to learn from outstanding Italian poets like Dante, Boccaccio and Petrarch, whose works influenced, not a little, Shakespeare’s poetry, and to adapt the knowledge to his language and his style of writing
    Then, beyond the themes he deals with, I’d like to know more about Shakespeare because I think knowing his works is fundamental to learn more about English culture and English language’s origins.

  25. Alice Santin scrive:

    Let’s just be honest, studying Shakespeare is probably one of the worst nightmares of every student so the first question that comes up the majority of the students’ minds when they hear that they’re going to study Shakespeare is “Why should I bother studying some dead-man’s works? It’s not like I’ll need it in the future.”, personally I think that they couldn’t be more wrong. Shakespeare isn’t just a playwright, a poet or even an artist, he actually is life, he captured the essence of human beings showing us what’s behind the façade, the human nature doesn’t change even though time passes, that’s why everyone can identify themselves with his characters. Love, violence, power, jealousy, good, evil and death are the main themes of his plays and sonnets and they are related with our virtues, qualities and defects but if we don’t study his works we wouldn’t be able to catch and understand their deep meanings, so yes, I think it’s important to study Shakespeare, but the ones I listed before aren’t the only reasons why every English students should give it a try and let Shakespeare take you to a world made of passion, betrayal and blood where he lets messages to his readers in-between the lines.
    Shakespeare is everywhere, we can see his greatness everyday in language and culture where he left his mark, but obviously we can find him even, or should I say especially in modern literature, this means that yes, reading books like “Hunger Games” by Suzanne Collins that are more recent and probably appealing to teenagers is important because everyone should be able to enjoy what he or she reads, besides they teach us lessons too, but if you read Shakespeare’s works after knowing a little bit about him and the époque he lived in you’ll finally grasp the references to the Elizabethan period, the beliefs, the costumes and the “secret jokes” ,as I like to call them, he makes about the aristocracy, and just then you’ll be able to judge his work and appreciate his productions. If this isn’t enough to push you towards Shakespeare and away from the lack of knowledge about literature that is affecting many students nowadays, then you should know that even though the structures of English and Italian sonnets are different he was influenced by Boccaccio, Dante and especially Petrarch who he even made fun of because of his ideal vision of Laura which he opposed the “real” women he talked about.
    I think that it would be easier for students to study Shakespeare and for teachers to make them like or at least stand his plays and sonnets, by making students act them out or by watching some movies inspired by them, in fact it would help us memorize easily the details and the deep meanings.
    What’s certain though is that he was a great man who changed literature and our view about the world we live in.

  26. Giorgia Lo Pipero scrive:

    Why should we study Shakespeare?

    I think the genius that was Shakespeare has to be studied at school because he teaches lessons and makes us see life in other perspectives. Learning a foreign language, I’m asked to study and learn words and grammatical rules but in my opinion a language is not only this. Actually, it is, above all, literature: it opens the mind, it makes see things differently and maybe change an idea about a specific theme. I think that the best way is learning through plays, poems, books and whatever concerns literature. These things make know how words and phrases we still use were invented, the structures, how writes the author, analyse and get the real and important message that then we can use in life, know how to behave in a situation even completely different from the one written by the Elizabethan poet and at the same time we capture a vision of the period, status and problems of where the work is set. Shakespeare died a long time ago, 400 years are not few, and he is still relevant to our time. Not only for the used expression he coined but also for the themes of his plays. Love, jealousy, envy, revenge, friendship are contemporary because, writing human beings’ personality features (on both comedies and tragedies with a hidden message), we can compare the 16th century with our days and notice that they haven’t change. Different ages, still current. Personally, as a student of English I don’t mind if Shakespeare is considered past and old. Even though teachers are not able to turn on a spark of interest in students’ soul, if they want to deepen the works of the poet, they have all the instrument to do it. Some young people bother Shakespeare’s sonnets and plays without never ever read a line of something. They have to find sense in what they study, don’t be superficial and don’t base their opportunity to approach to the dead author on stereotypes or rumours.
    I think it is not correct comparing “The Hunger Games” or others contemporary novels, with Shakespeare’s works because they are completely different. Both can give you a message and both can be a pleasure to read. Many people don’t think they have something in common, instead, they share love stories, friendship and many others themes. Actually, Shakespeare’s works may be compared with modern plays and poems.
    The Elizabethan poet can also be related to Italy because he was influenced by the Fathers of Italian: Dante, Boccaccio and Petrarca. He took a starting point from them and revolutionised ideas with his writing, in ironic and in more serious way, teasing between the lines the lady angel of the Italian poets in his sonnets and being amazing in his plays.
    I would love to approach Shakespeare’s works reading them and maybe doing a sort of performance where everyone is got involved, re-writing pieces of the plays in a modern way and so be the playwright. I think it is a little bit difficult but it helps memorise concepts, history and characters. It would be really beautiful!
    Think and try things before judging, study and read our friend, Shakespeare.

  27. Asia Manzato scrive:

    I definitely disagree with people who think reading or studying works which aren’t written in contemporary English is something worthless, because in my opinion every single information we learn about the past can result convenient to comprehend better our present and the way we live. So the time goes by, and also people in their evolution do the same. In particular, I believe Shakespeare as a playwright is one of the most important personality of the story, who influenced especially nowadays people’s life. All his great works in fact seem to be really suitable with our modern life, even if he had wrote them a long time ago. Friendship, sexuality, love, strife, pain, passion, power, are only some of the main Shakespeare’s items which he describes in their deep and complexity. He’s considered a genius also thanks to his refind poetics and philosophical knowledge that pass down on his works. To understand more the big impact Shakespeare has on us, we can simply think about his famous quotes, that today are often used from everybody to express feelings and personal opinions (but also to astonish others) on social networks, for example, or to update the personal “status” on mass media: “There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so” and “Better a witty fool than a foolish wit” are maybe the most common. So, if we use his words, why shouldn’t we study also his personality designed in the plot of the works?
    Furthermore, as students of English we should absorb the fact that studying this language doesn’t mean to know the grammar or the lexicon only, but also knowing how the English culture and the language itself have become the ones we learn; beacuse not for nothing he’s considered the greatest writer of English literature and the most eminent playwright ever. Anyway, Shakespeare didn’t influence only literature, but even drama, painting, music and movies.
    Someone may say that it would be nicer to read books which reflect better our interests and that are written in contemporary English, but as I just say most of the nowadays major works took a leaf from Shakespeare’s ideas; so willy-nilly he comes back in front of our eyes in any case.
    Another great aspect of Shakespeare is the fact that he isn’t a playwright who concerns only English’s world, but also Italian’s one. In fact, on his works he was inspired by the greatest Italian writers Petrarch, Boccaccio and Dante . So in this way studying Shakespeare means also learning the Italian school of thought of that time. In addition, 13 settings of his most famous plays are in Italy: Venice for “Othello”, Verona for “Romeo and Juliett”, Messina for “Much Ado about nothing”… By setting his plays in the Italian climes Shakespeare proves his fascination with this country, which is a constant undercurrent of his works. Furthermore, his settings are so crucial to his plots that they have become charachters in their own right, and his influence can be felt in Italy today. Verona, in particular, is the city in which Shakespeare’s legacy is felt strongest.
    I don’t really know how I would like to approach Shakespeare’s works, but I’m quite interested in his most famous words. Another aspect which I’m fascinated to is reading some of his works of course, because even if I’ve already read some of them in Italian and I already know the plot, I think that reading them in the original language it’s something completely different and of sure, more involving.

  28. Nicole Pierri scrive:

    Shakespeare is the fundamental of the story of British’s Literature, like Dante or Petrarch for the Italian one, I don’t find any problem in study him and his works.
    Furthermore, study Shakespeare is really important to my point of view because of his issues, like racism, war, sexuality, religious and the exploration of thoughts that no one at my age have never faced. Every play, that Shakespeare has written, has those types of themes and that makes everything more involving. Why should we read novels like “50 shades of grey” when we still have Shakespeare and his plays?
    Every Britain (as it has already said in one of those videos that we had to watch) in all his life have at least once quoted Shakespeare still because of the issues that I’ve already made a list.
    Perhaps the one thing that bother me as a student of English is the difficulty in understanding the texts of the plays we have to read, but in that case there is our teacher that helps us.
    I’ve already read “Hunger Games” and other books in English that reflect my interests but none of them inspires me like old school books as Romeo & Juliet or The Great Gatsby (my favourite book). I mean it would be nicer read those books at school but what can they really teach me at the end of them? Just a love story that we could only dream of.
    I could read them anytime I’d like to, so I think at school we should read deeply and thoughtful books that characterize the British’s Literature.
    We can compare Shakespeare’s playwright works with Dante Alighieri most famous work “Divina Commedia” or Petrarch. Because both Shakespeare and Dante have coined new words that are still used nowadays. They are the fundamental of both of two different languages.
    I would like to approach Shakespeare’s works with acting them out, that would be really difficult because of his topics but I think it would be really nice and funny. Something to laughing at with my other classmates.

    • cristianaziraldo scrive:

      It would be nice if you could find some expressions coined by Dante that are still used by Italians. It would be great to draw a parallel between Dante and Shakespeare, in the way they shaped the Italian and English langauge, respectively.

  29. Emma Borsoi scrive:

    I think that Shakespeare is an important example for young people. He covers important issues that attract today’s youth. Some Elizabethan playwright’s works are really relevant in our time. If we read for example Romeo and Juliet, we can see that Shakespeare’s works are totally different from other playwrights. They are more interesting in my opinion. I think than students of English should read more Shakespeare and less contemporary books, even if it is difficult. I know that probably contemporary books can be more involving, personally I prefer to read “Hunger Games” because is adventurous and fantastic, also the story is interesting. But for our culture is much more useful to read Shakespeare. There are some particulars of Shakespeare which are really fantastic and really involving. 13 Shakespeare’s plays are set in Italy like Romeo and Juliet (set in Verona), Julius Caesars (set in Rome) or “The Merchant of Venice”. The last one is based on an Italian story about a money lender. Verona was not thought as a city of romance before Romeo and Juliet. So Shakespeare’s works are very important in Italy. For my culture I would like to know other playwrights of Shakespeare and I would like to read they instead of reading the Italian books that are always the same stories, because the youth like only specifically themes.

  30. Andrea Dreon scrive:

    I think that studying Shakespeare is one of the biggest opportunities that we ,as modern students, have. Shakespeare is not just a playwright but, through him, we can find ourselves. Its themes are timeless: love, death, betrayal, relationships, family .. Every generation loves Shakespeare because among many stories, there is the story of each of us. That’s why we should study it, a bit like being in search of the work that understands us. Obviously, the reasons why he’s still relevant nowadays are many: he has introduced modern English and so this helps student learning of the language, his works have a deep meaning that we must find between the lines, and finally, his themes remain strong and exciting over time.
    To me, as a student, bother not being able to feel the emotions that his plays contains and don’t grasp the full meaning, making reading boring and meaningless.
    I believe that reading other types of books that we like is enjoyable and instructive, such as “Hunger Games”, but you’ll never be challenged as much as Shakespeare does. In his works you will be criticized, loved, understood, challenged .. as if he knows every part of you.
    Shakespeare is related to Italy because, for his works, he was inspired by Dante, Petrarch, Boccaccio, etc. that are very famous Italian poets. Especially the “ Canzoniere” of Petrarch was a model for the English playwright.
    I’d like to, after reading the plays, being able to watch the films based on Shakespeare’s works. In this way I could compare my idea of the characters with a more specific idea given by the film.

    • cristianaziraldo scrive:

      I like the suggestion your are making: first you build in your mind your own idea of a character, then you compare it with the way that specific character is rendered in the film adaptation. Thanks for this idea. We will certainly put it in practice.

  31. Arjela Topciu scrive:

    I think that Shakespeare’s plays are important for our education and development. The works of this famous and excellent playwrighter might seem so far from our life style but, in really, the themes of his works, like jeaolusy, love, sex and death, are still present nowadays. A lot of peolpe think that these themes are not helpful for our development but to undestand his works is necessary to analize them deeply and then we find out how close are the qualities of the Shakespeare time with the qualities of our time. His works are relevant in our time, because they deal with the human nature, which doesn’t change with the passing of time.
    Shakespeare is related to Italy because he was influenced by Petrarch, whose his play “IL CANZONIERE” inspired the model of the Shakespeare’s sonnets. But he was influenced by Dante and Boccaccio too. The works’s topics were similar.
    In my opinion reading books like “Hunger Games” is not educational. I’m not saying that is useless beacuse they are entertaining but they are not something you can talk about and they don’t give you something to keep for yourself which can be useful in the future. I’d like to read and examine in depth his tragedies because I love tragedies and maybe I can find out something that is close to my way to think and to my qualities.

  32. Marta Manfrin scrive:

    Why should we study Shakespeare? We as students have the possibility to meet Shakespeare as a playwright and as a poet, to study his works and also to see films or videos about him and what he did. Sometimes we are not interested in studying him, but sometimes it is also because of the way teachers teach Shakespeare. I mean, the way of teaching is extremely important for the impact that the story of one of the best playwrights in the world has to us. Sometimes teachers tend to use a boring way to teach it: maybe using just schoolbooks or making us learn by heart every single particular of Shakespeare’s life and works, things that after 10 days we will probably have already forgotten because, first of all, they are not interesting, and that because they are just normally acts that all people do, whereas Shakespeare did a huge quantity of fantastical things that we, as students, are more interesting in. Obviously, Shakespeare’s life is pretty important, but there are many different ways to approach it. It could be a great different just not to make always the same things. As an example, one day we can study Shakespeare’s life by the book, the day after we could read a passage of one of his works and that analyse it. The class after, we can found in the passage some aspects of his life that there are in it. In this way, we manage to learn Shakespeare’s life and works at the same time and it is more probably that students will not daydream during the lessons and they will easily remember things. Another approach could be reading some of his works, maybe one of the most famous. I definitely would love reading one of his works, because I think that just reading we can make our own opinion of Shakespeare. Furthermore, there are many films on his life, on the period of time when he lived or about his works. I would like to watch one of them because to me films are a good way to learn something, because you fix what you studied, you realize if the film director has add some particular that is not true and, obviously, you can learn something more. In fact, there is so much to learn, that is impossible to know everything. Shakespeare wrote great works into he raised many issues, and the greatest things is that most of these issues are still contemporary. Shakespeare spoke of love and of war, of religion and race, of politic, drugs, sexuality and other many issues that we live every day in our life. Shakespeare’s themes go beyond obstacles of every time and place. Probably, this is the most important reason to study him. Of course, he was a famous personality who did great things and it is important to study, but it is still more important studying him because he refund what he said in our life. He changed the world with his poets and his works. Nevertheless, he has a relation to Italy too. In fact, Shakespeare is for English literature, what Dante is for Italian’s. This simple paragon makes quite well understand also to Italian students, the importance of Shakespeare. Many contemporary writers studied him and they took the cue from him and from his works. In other words, Shakespeare is the key to literature and he is the foundation to modern literature. Probably it would be nicer or more worthwhile to study contemporary books, but why study a thing without knowing where its fundamentals come from? Reading contemporary books is good, but realizing, while you are reading it, that that phrase or thought have a particular origin, it is definitely more worthwhile!

  33. Matteo Basso scrive:

    We should study Shakespare because “it is the foundation to modern literature. I mean, it’s got sex, drugs, drama, all good stuffs”, like Tony Douglas says, and I totally agree with him because although Shakespare is an historican poet, in the 21th century he is still contemporary. We should study him because also for the importance of Shakespare to the English language and literature: in fact, he inspired so many british authors and created lots of expression used in contemporary English.
    Shakespare is one of the best Elizabethan playwright in the world of literature and so he is still relevant because of his language in his plays: he discuss of every themes for all people as possible, from the most literate to the most illiterate. His purpose was involving people speaking of cummon issues, like friendship and revenge, and feelings, like love and hate.
    I may bother, as a student of english, due to the difficulty to translate and understand Shakespare’s playwrights and so not understand immediately character’s feelings.
    It can be nicer reading books like “Hunger Games” because of the easily comprehension due to an easier language, but I think it would be less worthwhile because in Shakespare you can learn even life lessons that in books like “Hunger Games” there aren’t. Of course, reading “Hunger Games” is more involving than reading “Hamlet”, but I think if a student want to learn, must read Shakespare.
    We can relate Shakespare to Italy because of his inspiration for his plays found in italians authors like Petrarch and Castiglione and for the settings of his works: Venice and Verona were used as set for some of his plays.
    I would love to approach Shakespare’s works acting some of them with my classmate after had analyzed in class with the teacher, I think it can be a good process to learn and have fun at the same time.

    • cristianaziraldo scrive:

      What do you mean by “Shakespeare is a historical poet”? I cannot grasp this.
      We will certainly acto out some of the scenes of the plays we will be analysing together. Is there a character you would like to act out?

  34. Eleonora Cupin scrive:

    Why should we study Shakespeare?
    William Shakespeare is one of the most powerful playwrights and holds a special place in the story of Literature . His plays full of passion and wit, made a portrait of the society of the Elizabethan’s time and thanks them we can discover costumes and traditions of that period …Our roots. But why should we study him? There are lots of reasons of why we should study Shakespeare, but in my opinion the most important is because he was an incredibly genius who trasformed emotions in words. He studied what there is inside of the Human Being, he was the first who wrote about real facts and left us stunning works which today are propose again all over the world. Studying Shakespeare offers to young people to dig deeper human’s soul and discover theirselves. His immortal issues rappresent that ages pass but people does not change. He describes perfectly our society even if he lived in the sixteen century. By the way ,we have to keep in mind that Shakespeare was not famous just because he was good at writing but also because he knew what were the contradditions of the Human Nature. The ways we love, we hate, we suffer are the same and thanks him we can learn interesting lessons of life. He teaches us that we are the results of our decisions, that we are able to kill the people we love or kill ourselves for somebody. Shakespeare was a creator of literature and every verse, every play or every sonnet make us thinking about how we experience some emotions and what kind of role we have in our life. Who are we? This is the main question which Shakespeare tried to answer. Humans can’t be right or wrong, they are both at the same time. Besides I think these Elizabethan playwright’s works are still relevant to our time whereas they give us historical informations about politics, the walks of society, economics but also of what people like at that time: the fashion, the eccentricity, have fun, sexuality and gory scenes. He also coined expressions that are used in spoken English today, which is an influential element for the learning of the lenguage (expecially for a foreigner). Shakespeare is even link to Italy, he found ispiration for his comedies, tragedies on some Italian works. If we think of “Romeo and Juliet” it is settle in Verona! From my point of view reading Shakespeare is more difficult than reading contemporary and commercial books (which can also teaching you something). But read this author is certanly a way to improve English and study more deepen another culture. I would love to watch films and act some shakespeare’s plays out, I think that with this kind of approch we learn better and it is more fun! Maybe making little videos in groups of some plays, or the classroom could be our personal Globe Theatre !

  35. Lorenzo scrive:

    I think that it’s important to study Shakespeare because it increases our education and the persons who don’t have the possibility to study him have a lower education because Shakespeare’s plays are related to our time, why? A lot of common sayings are from Shakespeare and he has faced the same issues that we are facing in our time like love, drugs, wars etc…
    It would be nice, obviously, to read Hunger Games but after reading it you only know what happened in the book and it’s nothing that can happen in real life; Shakespeare faced real problems that can happen to everybody.
    Shakespeare is related to Italy because he was inspired by Dante, Boccaccio and Petrarca who’s most important write (il Canzoniere) became a role model for Shakespeare. I would like to face his plays watching films, theather shows and stuff like that.

  36. Danya Poles scrive:

    In some way, each person, can see his own story and feelings reflected in Shakespeare’s peoms or in his plays. That’s because he is a pioneer of literature, and the modern one is mostly based on his works. He is one of the most important playwrights of the story of English literature, and we can say that he is still the most popular artist of the world. We are sorrounded by Shakespeare: from the use of his quotes and phrases, to all the paintings and movies made thanks his works. Through his words he completely represented the Elizabethan time (violence, entertainments, beliefs, the upper and lower classes, sexuality and jealousy), issues that are even now important and that represents our modern society too. Most of these themes are still relevant to our time, and this is because the inner emotions of the human being haven’t changed, even after 400 years. So a man that we remember even in 2016, does he deserve to be studied? My answer is absolutely yes.
    To me, one the most amazing thing of reading Shakespeare’s works, is that it seems to know new lands: some plays got me so involved, that it is like if I was there, in the ancient England, with those evil and enamoured people. So thanks to this I became more openminded and I talk about some issues that otherwise I would have never talk to with other people, and particularly with adults. In the majority of modern books, we can’t find aspects that can be reflected in nowaday’s people’s lifes, and in my opinion that is because these novels are made to relax and entertain readers, not to reflect and to dig deeper into the human soul., like Shakespeare’s works were. He allowed us to analyze our behavior towards the others and to compare the past with the present. Moreover, studing ancient english novels, let us learn new words, their derivation and how did this amazing writer improve english language and vocabulary. So I think that reading antique books, at least at school, is better and also more worthwhile, than reading the modern ones. I love this Elizabethan playwright, also because thank to him there are a lot of amazing films that are based on his plays, from wich we can learn, laugh or cry.
    Shakespeare was inspired by some of the most important models of italian literature: Dante and Petrarch, and he took from them the Italian sonnet, that was readapted for the English literature.
    If I could choose, I would absolutely like to act out in groups some of his plays!

  37. Luca Pasquali scrive:

    I think that we should study Shakespeare because he is the foundation of literature and he is one of the best playwrighters of all time.
    The Elizabethan playwright’s works are still relevant to our time because even if they are very old, they can still convey us thousand of different emotions; as a student of English I think that it is very important to learn these things at school because otherwise we would forget all the history of the past and the origins of literature.
    In my opinion read “Hunger Games” would be nicer but in that way you couldn’t learn new things about literature and the best writers of all time. Shakespeare would be related to Italy from the fact that he took inspiration from the style and the form of Petrarca, one of the most important poet of Italy.
    I would love to approach Shakespeare’s works with someone who could read to the class some passages of his poems and than we could write some “poem” with the theme of the passage that we’ve read in class.

  38. Daria Ianni scrive:

    I think that the question “Why should we study this?” could be posed talking about every single discipline and school subject. What’s the usefulness of studying the structure of a cell? How could the knowledge of the charateristics of a sonnet or of the implicit function theorem actually be useful in our future life?
    The answer is, that every new thing you learn makes you somehow richer and smarter.
    Shakspeare has become so important in our culture, that he can be considered part of the general knowledge. Everyone knows or heard about Shakespeare and, as it’s said in the videos, even if one doesn’t know or hasn’t studied Shakespeare, he/she quotes him everyday without knowing. He is a cornerstone of the western literature and culture, and just this should be enough to be curious about him.
    Besides, reading Shakespeare opens your mind in many different ways. By reading his poems and plays, you can learn new things about history: he gives you the details of how life was in England at his time, the political situation, the traditions, the way the cities were different from how they are now and the way relationships were lived differently from now, small details about the Elizabethan era that you can’t find in history books.
    But what makes Shakespeare great and still loved this much, is the fact that in every work of his there are not only informations and descriptions of the bare facts. The protagonists of every Shakespeare’s work are the human feelings, thoughts and problems. And feelings never get old-fashioned. A young teenage girl experiencing her first love recognises herself in the monologues by Juliet when she first meets and kisses Romeo. A politician or a CEO identifies himself with the way Macbeth is thirsty for power and let it ruin him and possess him.
    Shakespeare debates feelings that are, and will always be, still common to every human being of every walk of life and age.
    As a student of English, I think Shakespeare is fundamental to understand the following English authors and all English literature. Reading his works is also an interesting way to analize how the language has changed in the centuries, what was the same and what is different now in the way we speak. He also invented new words and expression that are commonly used, and we can understand better their meaning by finding them in his works, with the original meaning he gave to them.
    Nevertheless, it would be a lie if I said that when I’m curled up in my bed with my cup of tea the thing I enjoy the most reading is a Shakespeare’s tragedy. In my opinion, reading “Hunger Games”, “Harry Potter” or any other contemporary book will always be more enjoyable for a 16-year-old rather than reading poetry. But I also think they are both equally necessary to build a literary culture and to know how the world works at our time, as well as to learn new expressions that we can use in our contemporary language. But I think that if you’ve read Shakespeare, you can understand an enjoy better a modern book, and you are better at analizing it and telling a well-written book from a badly-written one, and you can also recognise when the author is quoting Shakespeare or is taking one of his works as an inspiration.
    I think that the best way to approach Shakespeare is first of all by studying the social and historical context of his time before reading his poems, so you’re able to understand every situation he describes. The best way to get involved when reading a play, for me, is to combine the passages of the text with videos of people acting them out (or, for example with Romeo and Juliet, with fragments of the movies based on the plays), or to talk about them in class, contextualizing and seeing in what way they can relate to our life and society. One of the best thing about Shakespeare is that he’s so famous that you can find a huge amount of extra material when you’re studying something about his life and works, and if you’re curious you can draw all sort of informations from the words of the many people who analized Shakespeare before you.
    So, i definitely think there is a reason if William Shakespeare is still being studied today and his plays are the most frequently played in all the theatres worldwide, and that’s it: he knew how to say and describe perfectly our feelings and insecurities, those things we all feel, but are too lazy or too shy or too confused to say, and if you have the patience and the will to read him, I’m sure you’ll think at least once “Hey,but… that’s me!”.

    • cristianaziraldo scrive:

      Yes, you are right when you say that a 16-year-old would rather read “Hunger Games” than Shakespeare. This is more so for a EFL student. However, as you point out, attending a language school like yours implies being prodded into dealing both with the classics and more contemporary writers. We do both and this is what gives you more freedom of choice and what empowers you the most both in the language and in your inner growth (I think).

  39. Giulia Santarossa scrive:

    Who is William Shakespeare? Nearly all people, once you have posed this question to them, would give you an answer. But it is also true that most of the interviewees’ response would be rather similar to: “Shakespeare was an English playwright”. Probably the answer would not be more accurate, more specific, less cold. And that is why I as a student should study the works of this eminent man: to get to know him beyond the shallowness of those who think he was merely a playwright, lazing in their “fool’s paradise”, as Shakespeare himself would have said. The truth is that those ones who choose to learn a foreign language cannot feel exempted from the study of its literature and Shakespeare is the emblem of the English one. That is why the spotlight even nowadays is focused on him more than on others authors of the past: because he laid the basis of literature in England and the current language revolves around what he wrote. If his works are still quoted and well-known four centuries after his death there must be a reason, mustn’t it? They seem to be immune to the ticking of time passing by and it is so simply because the issues developed and the way they are debated have no age: love, politics, jealousy, envy, fame are seen from another perspective, through fictional stories based on true historical events, which have nothing to do with pan and emotionless History schoolbooks. His works are “paper” teachers, who help you open up your mind and let your brain wander through new undiscovered places and times, which is a feature all good literary works should have, though. But, unlike others authors’ ones, Shakespeare’s tales would never be “Greek to you”, unless you are a “blinking idiot”(especially if you come from Italy, where he chose to set many of its plays, for example “Romeo and Juliet” or “The merchant of Venice” and draw on notions from poets like Petrarch, Dante and Boccaccio). The way Shakespeare’s stories are written is truly magnificent: you manage to feel deep down the characters’ feelings and complexities and to become familiar soon enough with the elegant and humorous language, with the common phrases still used in current English and with the frequent and breathtaking plot twists. Shakespeare knew how to create complicity with his variegated audience and how to speak through written words and all you are asked to do is just to be willing to listen to what he has had to say, which, however, is more challenging than the easy entertainment we are constantly exposed to, but it is also endlessly more worthwhile. Moreover, he is a reference point not just of novelists and playwrights, but to cinematographers too, who make a lot of films based on Shakespeare’s, although I think the best way to approach to this English artist is by reading his works yourself. But, to conclude, I would say that whatever way you meet him and his masterpieces is thrilling and exciting. It will forever be so.

    • cristianaziraldo scrive:

      Thanks for this heart-felt comment, Giulia. It was a pleasure reading it. You made my day. I am so proud of you.

  40. Anna Avesani scrive:

    I personally think that is very important to study Shakespeare, because even if he died in 1616 he is still considered a contemporary writer. Shakespeare is considered the father of English literature not only because of his works, but even because he created new words that we still use nowadays. I think that is very interesting to get to know the origin of the words that we study.
    Sometimes I think that is difficult for me to study Shakespeare because I am not mother tongue, and so I cannot understand everything immediately, but on the other side I consider myself very fortunate because I have the opportunity to make a trip of imagination through literature, and I can study how people lived at Shakespeare’s time. I think that is very important reading contemporary books, but in my opinion literature has something more. Literature has the power of teach us. I suppose that the best way to approach to Shakespeare’s work is reading them, discuss and make activity on them.

  41. Annalisa Guerra scrive:

    Why should we study Shakespeare?

    Nowadays lots of students prefer not to study Shakespeare, because they think it’s boring, out of date, and very far from our time. I don’t think so; William Shakespeare is one of the most important English playwrights and poets of ever, and I think we should study his life because then we would understand what he did, how was his lifestyle, why did he decide to become a playwright and which were the detailed features of the Elizabethan period . Personally, I would like to know as much as I can about the Elizabethan Age, it’s an historical period that fascinates me. We should also study his works, because Shakespeare laid the basis of English literature, put cultural and historical aspects in his works (to make us understand which period he was dealing with), and wrote several works, divided into multiple genres: comedies, tragedies, historical plays, dramas. As a poet, he also wrote sonnets. I think it would be nice to find which genre could be more suitable to me (I’m almost sure it would be the comedy). Shakespeare’s works are still relevant, because they’re the inspiration of several films, some famous expressions are present in the TV spots, in advertising and… As sentences in someone’s Whatsapp profile. It’s depressing the fact that some people continuously quote Shakespeare’s famous quotations like “ We are such stuff as dreams are made on” and don’t even know who wrote them… Before quoting, we should know at least the main features of the whole thing we’re talking about. It’s true that Shakespeare died in 1616, but his works are still very important because they deal with some common and contemporary issues: love and hate, the good and the evil, sexuality, misunderstandings, incoherence, mistaken identity and also jealousy. Each one of us can recognize in him/her at least one of these feelings and issues, and can reflect him/herself with a character of Shakespeare’s works (I think I would recognize myself in Othello, I’m very jealous in love). These themes and these works are an item of reflection. It’s like if Shakespeare puts a big mirror in front of ourselves, and we can think even about our jealousy, our misunderstandings, our incoherence, exc.. His works open our minds and help us to reason about ourselves. As a student of English, who is studying this playwright, I should bother because maybe I won’t be able to understand immediately the meaning of some words, or to grasp the gist of the work simply reading it one or two times. It would be very difficult. Obviously, it would be nice reading Hunger Games or other contemporary novels in class, because it would be easier to understand the words and we would use the dictionary a few times, but it’s more important reading the works of an Englishman who laid one of the most fundamental basis of the English language. If Shakespeare didn’t exist, the contemporary English wouldn’t have ever existed. Hunger Games is a beautiful novel, very involving and well written. But the plot is too surreal. Instead Shakespeare’s works are more realistic, the characters have common personalities and the stories are more credible. Shakespeare is in England as important as Dante is for Italy. They’re the “fathers” of English and Italian languages. Moreover, Shakespeare was inspired by the Italian poets Petrarch and Boccaccio. He took inspiration by the “Canzoniere” (of Petrarch) to write his sonets. The structure is different from Petrarch’s, but both these poets dealt about love and the passing of time. Personally, I think the best ways to approach Shakespeare’s works are acting them out, changing some things like the ending of the story, and reading them aloud, trying to grasp as much as you can.

  42. Federica Bravin scrive:

    Why should we study Shakespeare?
    I think that study Shakespeare is really important nowadays and it could help us to understand human’s attitude. This author is certainly important in the global literature and he also coined some words and expressions used still today. His works, composed hundreds years ago, are even now contemporary, in fact Shakespeare was able to deal with human’s features. Love, death or the fight for the power are issues and situations that have always been, and will always be in our lives. Sometimes when we heard the word ‘Shakespeare’ we relate it with ‘Romeo and Juliet’ or something that we do not care about. Maybe for the youth is preferable read ‘The Hunger Games’ or some contemporary novels, because it could seem better and less difficult; but I think that we should never judge a book by its cover. We cannot just say ‘Shakespeare is boring, it’s too old’ we must first read his works, understand them and then we have to develop our opinion about it. Moreover this author is linked to our country, he set several works like ‘Romeo and Juliet’ or ‘Othello’ in Italy. In my opinion to understand better Shakespeare’s comedies or tragedies we could obviously read them in class and discuss about it, but maybe we could also act some plays.

  43. Martina Giordano scrive:

    In the world Shakespeare is one of the most famous playwrights and he is studied in schools today. many students find the works of this author, or even the author himself, boring and old. However in my opinion it is important to study Shakespeare and I think, although he died in 1616, is a modern author. Many of his works deal with love, jealousy, betrayal and other modern themes; for example Romeo and Juliet is a fantastic love story and I saw lots of modern plays and movies and I heard songs on this work.
    But students think that it would be better to read books that reflect their interests and written in contemporary English. In my opinion the works of Shakespeare have an important thing that many contemporary books don’t have, the histprical references. Reading a tragedy about love you will learn the history… and it is a fantastic thing because is not boring and you enrich your knowledge about historical events. Also this famous author coined new words and phrases that we still use today; he introduced the contemporary English.
    Shakespeare has set many of his works in Italy because, like Chaucer, was influenced by Dante, Petrarca and Boccaccio, even if the structure between English and Italian sonnets is different.
    at the end I wolud like to study Shakespeare because his works fascinate me. When I was a child I visited the balcony of Romeo and Juliet, I loved it, and I really wanted to know the story of these two young in love.

  44. Valentina Pignat scrive:

    William Shakespeare was born in 1564. He became a famous playwright, poet, actor and shareholder.
    In 1584 he went to London and he started his brilliant career as an actor and then as a playwright.
    I think we should absolutely study Shakespeare. Reading his sonnets, comedies, tragedies and historical plays is important to feed our brain. His poems are necessary to develop a sense of maturity and awareness towards the whole world. He showed off the real nature of human beings; at the time, this was really brave of him. He was the first to say these things and he did that in a revolutionary moment.
    He was the creator of english literature, he picked up the fundamental points of society. Nobody after him had ever spoken about love, sexuality, jealousy, good and evil.
    At the time society was represented flawless, like a magic world that won’t ever exist.
    He wanted to denude society of all its hypocrisy. I think we should look inside his modern mind and admire him, because he built the pillar of society nowadays.
    His works are still relevant because he deals with issues that are fundamental for our growth, like emotions.
    This allows us to become part of his poems, to feel ourselves as the main characters of the story, to live inside the poem. It’s like a trip back in the time.
    They’re relevant even because their historical plays gives us some portrait of England and it’s important to read them if you’re interested in Elizabethan age.
    Then, one of the most important things to say about him is that he contributed to the development of the modern language. He coined new words and common saying that are still used today.
    I think I should bother because at the beginning it might be difficult to understand the english of 400 years ago, but at the same time I think that it is worth it.
    Personally I have never liked fantasy books, like Harry Potter or Hunger Games. I’m more attracted by philosophical themes or in books based on true stories. I like catching, or, at least, trying to catch something of the author from the reading.
    So, I would rather reading Shakespeare than Hunger Games.
    Then, literature is different from popular commercial books and I think they couldn’t be compared at all.
    I think Shakespeare has lots of links with Italy .
    He’s the “Dante Alighieri” of England, of english literature; then he has lot in common with Petrarch and his sonnets, even if the structure of the two of them is different.
    Last, but not least there is the famous Romeo and Juliet’s balcony in Verona.

  45. Nicole Mussolin scrive:

    Personally I think that is useful to study Shakespeare because, although he is dead in 1616, he is still relevant.
    But why the younger generations can still find themselves in his words?
    The answer is simple, William Shakespeare was a genius, an expert in analyzing the human nature.
    The characters of his works aren’t the ordinary spotless heroes who fight evil outside themselves, so “perfect”, so different and far from us, so false and empty; no, Shakespeare’s “creatures” are real, wonderfully defective, humans with lights and shadows, fighting against themselves and in perpetual doubt.
    We can still find ourselves in Shakespeare’s works because they are mirrors those show us who we really are, our lighter and darker shades, what we know and what we don’t know: Shakespeare leads us to introspection.
    As a student of English I can also say that we can find Shakespeare’s influence also in English language. He coined words and expressions those we can find in modern English, for example: “With bated breath.”, “I haven’t slept a wink.” and “Too much of a good thing.”.
    For his great influence and his complex and advanced way of thinking, for his open mind, Shakespeare’s works are totally worthy to be read, analyzed and praised through time.
    (Interesting is also Shakespeare’s relation with Italy, infact the playwright set most of his plays in Italy.)

  46. Camilla Baldo scrive:

    Why should we study Shakespeare? We should study him for learning and knowing. Who was William Shakespeare? He was a poet and a playwright. He wrote a lot of masterpieces. I think study his works means add knowledge in our luggage. When we study English we have to know who is him because he was the most important genius in the English literature. Study him can help you open your mind and think on his works. He was a reference of in the English theatre, he created a language, a poetic language. Then, I think study his works is marvelous because they speaks about love but also about dramatic things how the Elizabethan playwright. Now a days we study this playwright and sometimes we think it is boring but in my opinion this is a pastime because the Elizabethan playwright speaks about love and war or dramatic things that are modern theme. When you read something with boring themes your mind flies away with your thoughts and you aren’t concentrate but when you read about something modern you enjoy yourself and you can see you in the character. I should bother of him because he is the father of the English literature as Dante for the Italian literature. Shakespeare is also ascribable to the Italian literature because was conditioned by Dante Petrarch and Boccaccio but in specific by Petrarch for the sonnets. As an English student I think that the reason is this but for me the reason is also because I love theatre and for me Shakespeare is the base of it. Some students said that they prefer read some contemporary books as Hunger Games or fantasy books. I think that if you want to read Hunger games you can do it but in your bedroom because with this type of books you can improve your English but you can’t learn history or something important for the English literature. I prefer read Shakespeare to learn things that I will remember for the rest of my life. I conclude saying that I really want learn Shakespeare with every means we have for example with the net or with him operas.

  47. Gloria Bertuzzo scrive:

    Shakespeare was a great poet and a playright.
    He is also a good example of what we should follow because his plays teach a moral or lesson.
    I think we should study Shakespeare because he wrote extremly important plays.
    His works are still relevant in our time because he deals with contemporary issues and with his works he makes entire generations dream because presents universal themes such as love , family conflicts , hate,friendship,death suicide, jealousy, murders, revenge… When you read a work of Shakespeare you always go beyond the reality and you can always identify yourself in his stories.
    Shakespeare’s ability is to summarize all the human emotions in simple but profoundly verses.
    If you cannot find words to express how you feel and your thought, Shakespeare can speak for you.
    I think Shakespeare understood the human character, its weaknesses and imperfections and his stories reveal universal truths about the human condition.
    Shakespeare’s writings prompt us to reflect on our deeds, feelings and values and tell us who we are.
    His language was rich infact he introduced the modern english and invented many words and phrases which are still used today.
    As a student of English, I may bother because it is quite hard to translate Shakespeare’s language into Italian, it is rich and sometimes I can’t immediately understand the words and the meanings hidden in and also what he want say.
    I read “Hunger Games” and I liked it, it is a modern novel and it is easier but in my opinion it is not an educative book, it does not open your mind, it does not deal with the reality and I think that it has no sense to compare Shakespeare’s works to books like Hunger games.
    We can relate Shakespeare to Italy because many of his sonnets follow the ‘two poem’ structure of the Petrarchan form and then because some of his plays take place in Italy, like Romeo and Juliet and Othello.
    I don’t know how it is better to study Shakespeare but I would like to “change” reading him.

  48. Vanessa scrive:

    For study Shakespeare there are a lot of motivations. He is widely regarded as the gratest writer in all of english literatur, although he composed a lot of paly for the theatre. Another reason is that Shakespeare never grows old, probably because his rare quality of work. As a student of english, at the same time while I sudy Dante and the gratest italian poets, I care also to study to study the poets of other nations as Shakespearethat is oneof the most important in the world to better undestand the culture of the time in which he lived. I think that in Shakespeare comedies we can find whatever we want, love, filled with faith and loding to happy end, as in real life, the happy endings neve come without struggle! I’ve already read Hunger Games books and I’ve found them interessants, but I read them safly alone, instead of Shakespeare that I find more difficult to study and understand by myself.
    We can put Shakespeare in connection with Italy for several reasons: he was influenced by a great italian poet, Francesco Petrarca, and the most famous palys have plots set in Italy, from the conditioned love of Romeo and Juliet’s in Verona to the intrigue in Othello’s in Venice. I would like to appraoch Shakespeare’s works not only with the books but also whatching videos or analyzing relevant documents.

    • cristianaziraldo scrive:

      Thank you for pointing out the “necessity” of appreciating Shakespeare’s works through films, but also through historical documents. I will certainly bear this suggestion of yours in mind while planning my classes.

  49. Luca Musolla scrive:

    Studying Shakespeare is opening to me a world of thoughts that I never thought I might be interested so much.
    We should study Shakespeare not just to know what he did and what he wrote in his life, but in particular to learn lessons that could changes our way to think or to open our mind with new thoughts.
    In my case reading Shakespeare’s novels will be important to boost my vocabulary and how english is changed.
    I think that Elizabethan playwright’s works are relevant also in our days because are the base for the modern literature and without these tests we couldn’t know the story of the past.
    To me, that I’m doing a language high school, it’s important to know the differences between italian and english literature.
    As a student of english is important to know new kind of expressions that are important to enrich my english when I speak.
    Obviously I prefer read a book write with contemporary english, but in particural for two reasons: because it’s easier to understands some concepts that sometimes could be difficult and also because I can read more…
    But in the case oh the literature it’s interesting to know the changements of the english.
    What we can relate of Shakespeare with Italy is the poet Petrarca and most of his works are placed in Italy.
    I hope that study Shakespeare will be usefull and I want to learn a lot, studying different way to think and new expressions.
    It would be fun acting some part of Shakespeare’s texts and could be a way to be more involved in them.

    Luca Musolla

    • cristianaziraldo scrive:

      After having read and analysed “Hamlet”, “Romeo and Juliet”, “Macbeth” and “Othello”, you will decide which role you would like to play!

  50. Giorgia Tesolin scrive:

    Why should we study Shakespeare? I’t too simply to say that we should study his works because they are key to English literature. He pays attention to issues that are contemporary and he touches feelings that concern every human being, like love, sex etc.
    W.S wrote plays but even poems, that are set in Italy, for example “Romeo and Juliet” takes place in Verona. But Italy is important also for its poets, in particular Petrarch, who Shakespeare took inspiration from to write his works. I considered W.S an inventory, not of things, but of words. We can’t forget that his expressions are still alive today and we use them unconsciously. Shakespeare must obtain the attention of the audience by the power of words,’cause of in the Elizabeth and period, there weren’t special effects, lights or microphone of course. That is the reason why William Shakespeare and his works are still alive and we, as a students, should study past to understand present and by reading his sonets and plays we could comprehend things between lines that in a book, for example Hunger Games which reading would be nicer, we could not do it.
    I have just done something to approach Shakespeare’s works by visiting ‘The Globe Thetre’ last year with my classmates. It was a very interesting experience and I hope to be one of audience at one plays that are acting in the Globe Theatre one day.

    • cristianaziraldo scrive:

      As I told you in class, watching a play by Shakespeare performed at the Globe was a thrilling experience for me. My husband, whose English is very poor, appreciated the experience too. As I dragged you to tour the Globe, so did I with him! You are all victims of this terrible teacher of English! Bear with me. Two more years to go 🙂

  51. Gioia Magliaretta scrive:

    Even after centuries, Shakespeare is still important because in his plays he dealt with so many issues that are similar to the ones of our time, like conflicts, love, hate, sexuality and the human behavior. He invented new words and expressions that are still used in the English language and, in all of his plays, there are a lot of hidden meanings. In my opinion, these seem a good reasons to study him. Learning the origin of the expressions we use and understanding the complexity of his characters are so tantalising!
    He was a genius because there weren’t any special effects so the only way was trough words and he used them very well, and because he explored the depths of the humans mind, like he was a psychologist.
    He is related to Italy because he was influenced by the works of Dante, Boccaccio and Petrarca and also because he set many plays there.
    I want to read both his plays and poems and analyse them and I would like to watch some films that are based on his stories.

  52. Erika Cerutti scrive:

    When we think of tragedies or problematic love the first name to come to our mind is probably Shakespeare’s. Who hasn’t ever heard of Romeo and Juliet? Four centuries and the most famous love story to this day is his.
    The English playwright has had such a tremendous impact on his audience with his stories of flawed people and intriguing happenings that his works have left a remarkable lasting impression on both later literature and language. Therefore, it’s impossible to think of studying literature without analyzing Shakespeare’s plays and sonnets since so many things we may say are of his own creation. Personally, I think it’s fascinating seeing how language has evolved through time and reading books in contemporary English surely can’t show us that evolution. Furthermore, reading a recent novel rather than an old one thinking it’ll be more involving and that it’ll concern current themes is wrong; Shakespeare’s works examine issues still relevant to our time and this is why we can identify with his characters and his stories are constantly brought back up.
    As an Italian student, I can say it is amazing to know that some of Shakespeare’s plays are set in Italy, even though it’s not sure wether he actually got to visit the country or not, and that the metrical structure and even some of his poems were heavily influenced by Italian authors such as Dante, Boccaccio and Petrarch.
    I would love to read some of his most famous plays, maybe Macbeth and Hamlet since I’ve already read Romeo and Juliet and The Merchant of Venice, and work on some creative activities so to have fun while studying an important author like him.

  53. Matteo Chiviló scrive:

    Why should we study Shakespeare?

    This is a question you could answer in many ways, but one I think includes the others: because Shakespeare is the English language, and the English language is Shakespeare. We wouldn’t speak the same English if Shakespeare didn’t write his works, because there are so many “Shakespeare aspects” in the English language. We should study his works even to know the renaissance society, his people, his traditions, his customs, so how our ancestors lived and find the similarities between our life and theirs. In fact, many of these Elizabethan playwright’s works are still studied today: we study them because the England of nowadays wouldn’t be the same if Queen Elizabeth didn’t come to throne. So, the better way to study her, what she did and how she influenced even playwright’s works is reading Shakespeare. We could say even that as a student of English, it’s fundamental first to study English literature. There is no better way to learn the language reading something full of adjectives, expressions, and why not, even insults. Without analyzing William Shakespeare’s poems you could just speak a formal and firm English, relegate just to the most common things they teach you as “How are you? How was your day? What’s the weather like?” etc. etc. Instead, with that poet you can express yourself about your feelings, your emotions, your joy, your anger, your cruelty so that you become not only an English student, but an English person.
    Most of young people think it’s pointless to read something written hundreds years ago, but I think they are wrong. Some think it would be more useful to read something like the “Hunger games” in modern English. But they don’t know even that sometimes it is pointless to stop at what we can already do ( like reading a book in modern English) instead of doing something challenging and exploring new places and old time periods( like reading Shakespeare) that could always help us in our life. For example, studying old English you could understand words you wouldn’t have been able to or why something is called that way or why we use certain expressions while talking. After doing it, it’s always beautiful to know something more, and the right one who can teach us it is Shakespeare indeed.
    Shakespeare, not just makes us closer to English language and England, but makes us even closer to another country: Italy. It could seem strange, but the poet took inspiration from many Italian writers, as Boccaccio, Castiglione, Cinzio and many others. As he was one of the most influencing writers of the renaissance and Italy was maybe the best place where renaissance became established, it was a successful choice to set a great part of his stories in Italy. One of the other reasons which connect the author to Italy is that he wrote lots of his poems partially following the Italian pattern of Petrarch’s sonnet (a poem composed by fourteen lines): in fact, he used to compose them with three quatrains and a final couplet, that is always a sonnet.
    I would like to approach Shakespeare’s works obviously acting them out with a role playing, because it is the only way to find and feel the emotions hidden between the lines, so what actually makes Shakespeare’s poems special.

    • cristianaziraldo scrive:

      You are right when you state that the English language would be different if it had not been for Shakespeare. Reading enriches us in the way we feel, in the way we speak, in the way we think; undoubtedly so.

  54. Giovanna Da Ros scrive:

    I think that we should study Shakespeare because he wrote a very important poem like many others poets at that time, even the italian poets. But Shakespeare, in my opinion, is a contemporary writer. Because in his poems and plays there are many relevant and modern themes like love, hate, murders, suicide.. And maybe even if the stories and the charachters are so far from us, I think that this can help us to understand our problems and people. He also was really realistic, and that is the thing that I really appreciate about Shakespeare. For example Petrarch or Dante were both a little bit unrealistic especially in the description of women.
    Personally, I prefer reading Shakespeare instead of Hunger Games because you can not compare them and I definitely think that Shakespeare is more worthwhile and interesting. Even if the language is more difficult for us I think that this can be very helpful to improve our english,like we study latin to make out better italian. It is nice to see the differences between the Elizabethan period in England and in Italy.
    I would love to approach with Shakespeare works maybe with films or just reading his poems toghether, comment them and talk about how they can be related to us.

    • cristianaziraldo scrive:

      We always relate what we read in class together to your own life, so there are not doubts we will be doing this for Shakespeare too!
      We will also watch some clips from the films. We won’t be able to watch full films because of time constraints, yet I have a nice project in mind that I will inform you of in class tomorrow 😉

  55. Gaia Bortolin scrive:

    In my opinion, we should definitely attach importance to Shakespeare’s works nowadays. Indeed, we can’t possibly say or think that they are too old compared to our times and the books we read now: Shakespeare put into all his works universal and contemporary issues like that of love, betrayal, racism and religion, and he has given us the chance to reflect on them. Although I have not read any of his works yet, I think that by doing it you can’t remain indifferent because you will probably end up reflecting on some passages and episodes that struck you, thanks to the relevant issues that they contain. Nowadays, we still deal with themes and problems that existed in Shakespeare’s times and that he chose to include in his works. In fact, he wanted to show people that we are not perfect as we may think or want to be, because, inside every human being, there is some good and some evil, and every single one of us will commit good or bad things during his lifetime. In my opinion, this is a very modern way of thinking that Shakespeare had, considering that he lived in the 16th century. I also think that someone who likes languages and English in particular will enjoy reading Shakespeare, because in his works there are so many words and expressions that were invented by him and that the English always use nowadays. For this reason, reading Shakespeare is also a way to learn more about the English language and analize many expressions. So, if you want to improve your English, it is useful to read Shakespeare. In his works, he provides a real portrait of the Elizabethan period’s society too, so it is important to read them because through them we can get an idea of Shakespeare’s times.
    So this playwright and poet gave us and still gives us a great opportunity: that of improving our English, getting a true image of a period of the English history and, above all, that of reflecting on the most important issues of humanity.

  56. Lucia Pilot scrive:

    Time flies but William Shakespeare is still very important for us and not only for literature, but also for our lives.
    I think that we should study Shakespeare in school because in his works he deals with issues that are very common today.
    This Elizabethan playwright’s works are still relevant and fundamental to our time for the fact that they describe situations that can also happen nowadays.
    As a student of English I should bother because Shakespeare created some expressions that are still used in the world and because he is one of the most important writers of English literature.
    In my opinion, lots of his stories are stories in which we can identify ourselves. In fact, he deals with themes like love, jealousy and power and gives to them a modern meaning.
    I think it is nice and worthwhile to read things of this author because he gives us his own point of view of themes in which all people are involved and we as students can learn from the phrases that he wrote in his plays. They are very current and reflect our interests because Shakespeare deals with topics we talk about every day. Moreover, even though his works are not written in contemporary English, they make us learn new words that were used a lot at that age. To me, this is an interesting thing.
    We can relate Shakespeare to Italy because of one of his most famous plays in the world: Romeo and Juliet. In fact, this love story takes place in Verona, a city in Veneto, a region in the North of the country.
    I would love to approach Shakespeare’s works by reading some of his works, plays and poems, watching a film about him and his life and speaking of the issues that he wants to highlight.
    To me, he is everywhere in our time because we often use expressions that he invented, quoting his wonderful works.
    William Shakespeare has left us a big heritage and thanks to him now we can know many things of his age.

  57. Giorgia Valerio scrive:

    I think that studying Shakespeare is very important because he’s a very famous English playwright and he introduced the modern English. His works are based on universal themes like love, death and family conflicts. I think that we should non read only books that we like, but we should get used to read many other things more useful like Shakespeare even if Hunger Games is more interesting to our age. I read some of the works of Shakespeare and I really liked them. They are full of passion, engaging and entertaining! We can relate Shakespeare to Italy because many of his works are set in some countries of Italy (Venice, Messina, Padova, Verona). Some of his works are set in Italy because in the Golden age Queen Elizabeth the first paid the playwrights to set their comedies out from England.
    His works go beyond reality.
    Shakespeare si very attached to Italy also because he admires our culture.
    That’s why we have to study Shakespeare!

    • cristianaziraldo scrive:

      I do not know where you got some of the information you mention. I did not know that Queen Elizabeth paid Shakespeare to have him set some of his works in Italy. Where did you get this information from?
      Shakespeare speaks to us as human beings, he forces us to see and analyse our contradictions. This is one of the reasons why we should study Shakespeare. I do not like the idea of having to study an author because s/he is famous. There are lots of artists that are considered famous, who do not actually touch my heart in any considerable way.

  58. Ilaria Morea scrive:

    William Shakespeare is an eternal personality. Nowadays we still study him and his works. But why?
    Shakespeare was a playwright, a poet, an actor and a shareholder. He is a mainstay of literature. He was a classic and ispirational writer and his works are still alive, they crossed lots of centuries and now they are a reference for many people. Think only of how many films or books are based on him. He was able to transform a familiar story into a complicated one, full of particular elements.
    For all these reasons I think that as a student I MUST to study Shakespeare and I bother of him.
    Why? Beacuse he teaches many life lessons and he opens the eyes of readers to one of the best playwrights in history world. Beacuse Shakespeare doesn’t show us only the themes of love, good, evil but also importance of historical aspects. Beacause thanks to him we sometimes manage to solve our problems, we manage to use our brain in different ways and we could become more efficient.
    Shakespeare is really still alive. He coined new words and phrases that we use also unconsciously every day. But not only this. Shakespeare in Elizabethan Age deal with love, jealousy, racism, mouring, power.. issues that are the core of our modern society. And Shakespeare told about them 400 years ago.
    I think that reading a novel like “Hunger Games” or other in contemporary English is totally differtent to read a novel by Shakespeare beacuse they have got different objectives.
    Reading Shakespeare improve your English beacause you can learn old words and structures. Instead contemporary novels are made to help you to realx and have fun but they aren’t as instructive as those by Shakespeare.
    We can relate Shakespeare to Italy because he was influenced by Dante, Boccaccio and especially Petrarch because his “Canzoniere” became a model for Shakespeare’s sonnets even if the structure is different. But very often he has a laugh at Petrarch because of his vision of Laura, trying to explain that women aren’t perfect, an angel. Sometimes she smell, she could be a little bit ugly but we have to love her anyway.
    To approach Shakespeare’s works I’d like to watch some of it, like Romeo and Juliet, Amleto, Otello, Macbeth, dicuss about them in class and why not.. act some of them out.

    • cristianaziraldo scrive:

      I would not go as far as claiming that contemporary novels do not enrich us as people, do not prompt a constructive thinking process in us. There are some novels that are read just for the sake of relaxing (chick lit), but there are some others that after reading them you feel changed (recently I read “Stoner” by John Williams and I loved it deeply).

  59. Federica Del Savio scrive:

    Why should we study Shakespeare?

    I think that studying Shakespeare is important because it’s part of literature history, but not only for this; studying Shakespeare is necessary to understand lots of things about the Elizabethan period but even for his sonnets.
    In his sonnets we can see how Shakespeare describes the emotions and the feeling of the people in a precise and detailed way, and some words and phrases that he wrote we constantly use every day.
    Personally I like to study Shakespeare’s life because I can improve my knowledge and I can understand in a better way his sonnets.
    Reading Shakespeare is important because you find out new words and you can see the differences between Shakespeare and the Italian poets; I think that even reading books that are written in contemporary English is important to further our knowledge and to increase our vocabulary of English.
    We can relate Shakespeare to Italy thanks to some poets like Petrarch, Dante and Boccaccio. For us Dante is one of the most important poets for the “Divina Commedia” works and Petrarch for the “Canzoniere”.
    Probably I would like to study Shakespeare watching videos on the net and maybe even trying to recite some of his sonnets in the classroom in order to make it more fun and easier to understand.

  60. Persis Osei scrive:

    Why we should study Shakespeare?

    Well, in my opinion studying Shakespeare and his poems will helps us be cultured and also will helps us to utilize different ways to faced life problems.
    Nowadays his works are still relevant because his works deals with contemporary issues like: Love, faith, jealousy, death, art… and I think this is the reason why he still appeals to readers after so many centuries. His works became fundamental in English literature and has been a source of inspiration for many authors.
    He invented so many words and expressions that have become part of the English vocabulary, making this language richer. As a student of English would bother, the fact of not understanding immediately the story, simply because of the language used by the poet, which was a bit different at the time. I think it’s normal that students would prefer to read “The Hunger Games” because these kinds of books, obviously, are contemporary and easier to read. I’ve read ‘The Hunger Games’ and I think that it was very well written book, that catches your attention because there is a lot of immagination. Shakespeare is related to Italy because Shakespeare sated many of his plays like ‘ Romeo and Juliet’ in Italy and also because he was influenced by Italian poets like Dante, Boccaccio and Petrarch, whose ‘Canzoniere’ had become the model for all European Renaissance poets. Although we know that Shakespeare did not use the Italian sonnets form, the development of the argument in many of his sonnets follows the ‘two-poem’ structure of the Petrarchan form.
    I would prefer to approach Shakespeare watching plays, movies adaptations and reading and then analyzing some books in class, because I’ve always heard people talk about the story about ‘Romeo and Juliet’ but I never had the pleasure to read the whole story. I`ve heard people acting it out and I wouldn’t mind because I think it will be interesting to identify ourselves with the characters.

    • cristianaziraldo scrive:

      I do believe that the more we read and study the more we equip ourseves with the necessary means to tackle life and to get the best out our our own existence.

  61. Silvia Levorato scrive:

    Why should we study Shakespeare?

    Shakespeare was an eminent figure who shaped the culture of his nation by coining new words and aphorisms, but the main change brought by Shakespeare was a deep reflection withheld behind every tragedy or comedy. So to me studying his works enables us not only to examine the past of the culture we are learning now, but also to understand the mankind’s past. Actually, what he portrays of society concerns us all due to the variety of topics he tackles, and his plays mirror what usually occurs in us: there are sundry feelings that could cross one another and bewilder us.
    For this reason I think reading Shakespeare is paramount to judge events, to analyse people’s pose and to marvel about this world, feeling that you are a part of this society and you are able to recognize the good and the evil of daily life. This makes me think over that everything, also what is shunned because it’s bad, can be depicted to the others in a way that lets them astounded, as there’s always something to wonder about.
    As Shakespeare raised several subjects in his works, I surmise people might have had different opinions about them, so their thoughts got easily tickled.
    If you read Hunger Games in English, it can be surely helpful to look up with your language and also in that book you may glean several human features. But I think that Hunger Games doesn’t deal with such a long and thought-provoking human process as that described in books like Lady Macbeth, Othello or Henry IV, in which Shakespeare wrote about political deceptions, mischief, life tragedies and racism.
    Moreover Hamlet is indeed inward-looking, for it regards unexpected events that puzzle you: the protagonist is led to muse about death, nature, dreams and our behaviour.
    As we can remark, these themes are linked to the present, even though they were drawn up more than four-hundred years ago. This means Shakespeare succeeded in scanning so vividly the human spirit that he nearly guessed how society acted and act now, as if he drew some “rules” that identifies with our behaviour.
    Also Romeo and Juliet is bound both to the present and the past, as in this case genuine love is constrained by social conventions and the play also comprises traits of courtly love. As Hunger Games is a science-fiction novel, it is not so imbued of happenings that really occurred, but it is only shaped on some mythical beliefs.
    So the reasons for which we ought to study Shakespeare are relating to our historical process and to the modernity of his plays, for instance in those I quoted before.
    Moreover themes concerning sexuality, nation and middle-classes, which were also described by other European writers, i.e. Dante, Petrarch and Boccaccio, are regarded as pivotal for a person’s education, to let him find out the aptest way to approach society.
    Even though Shakespeare renewed the way to write about love, faith and art in his sonnets by parting these subjects, he drew inspiration from Italian poems themes and frame, especially from Petrarch. In addition he let everyone understand him by employing vulgar like the Italian authors and he set some plays in Italy.
    In conclusion, according to my opinion Shakespeare strengthens our critical conscience, enabling us to judge human nature and to grasp life lessons.
    You should approach his works as you feel more at ease, because everyone has got his own way to work, but I think that in order to learn the most I can from Shakespeare, I would read it aloud, halting on what might have lead him to write that play; therefore I would take heed to the historical background and to his life. Then I would like to watch some plays in the theatre or on the TV, but weighting what coincides with reality.

    • cristianaziraldo scrive:

      You are right Silvia, Shakespeare can really be appreciated by performing his plays, by watching his plays and by reading out or listening to his lines. I really appreciated your comment.

  62. Laura Pagnossin scrive:

    We should study Shakespeare because he is a very important writer who wrote plays and poems. His works are the core of English literature and through them we can grasp fundamental issues like the understanding of human behaviours, love, sexuality, friendship and many others that make his works involving even nowadays. He is considered a contemporary writer because his works are still relevant in our time and they make you open your mind and make you understand the true meaning of life. He also coined new words and phrases that we still use today. As a student of English I may be bother because is difficult to grasp the deep meaning that has a poem, but once you grasp it, it touches you and it makes you reflect very deeply on life. On one hand the themes of human being are still current, but on the other hand the concepts are different because Shakespeare lived in other type of society different from mine. Read “Hunger Games” would be nice because is a contemporary book and for us is easier understand it but it did not leave you something that let you improve as a person or enrich your personality. We can relate Shakespeare to Italy because he could be compared to Dante Alighieri, both of them are the roots of English(Shakespeare)and Italian(Dante)literature and this poets are relevant in every age. I would like to approach Shakespeare’s works reading his poems, grasping the issues and them discuss in class together about them to understand completely the meaning and the concepts of Shakespeare’s works.

    • cristianaziraldo scrive:

      All reading certainly enriches us, yet, I do think that the way Shakespeare challenges us is not generally found in lots of writers. I am no critic, I am not so widely read (unfortunately I do not have as much time as I would like to to read for my own pleasure), so I may be wrong here. However, I love Shakespeare. Whenever I teach his works I find new things and consequently I feel enriched as a person.

  63. cristianaziraldo scrive:

    Anna Del Grosso

    Shakespeare is one of the most important playwright in the story; in every of his works we can find lots of issues and themes that are constantly treated nowadays.
    In my opinion is extremelly important for students to learn and read Shakespeare’s compositions because inside of them we can find contemporary issues like relationships, love, homicides, sexuality and religion. It is really useful and interesting actually, reading about the ancient vision of life and world of 450 years ago, and it is fascinating to find the relations between the past and the present to understand the changing of society and mentality.
    Some students would find these “old” works really boring and meaningless but I don’t think so…if we read Hunger Games we will understand perfectly the text and all the events, because that is the language everybody can speak and read and is also the one that is commonly used; but if we take into consideration “Otello” the language that is used is not the “moodern english” because, apart of all the lexicon’s distinctions there are metaphors, psychological reasonings and alliterations that prevale between the lines and all these elements confer to the work a sophisticated speech and we must read it with a different ideology and a different interpretation.
    In Shakespeare’s works are also contained lots of rivolutionary thoughts because he lived during a century rich in alterations of the civil society and politics, and these thoughts were the one that changed this historical period. Shakespeare was also the one who coined new words and new expressions and new insults too!!! So he definitely revolutioned the language.
    Shakespeare set some of his works in Italy because he inspired himselves to some italian poets: Petrarca, Dante, Giacomo Da Lentini ecc…and this is the reason why we should study him: to grasp the differences between the italian and the english’s the points of vew about love, women, nobilty ecc…( Petrarca and lots of italian poets had a idealistic vision but Shakespeare had a realistic vision of life so he often mocked them)
    Personally I would like to take into consideration Shakespeare’s works, read and analize them first to understand what he really wanted to say and to understand the hidden meanings of his words, then I would like to see how would the theatrical rappresentation be like in the past and for last I would like to see the film’s adaptation and discuss in class the differences and the feelings that either the performance or the film convey us.

  64. cristianaziraldo scrive:

    Anastasia Lepeshko

    Why should we study Shakespeare? How do you think this Elizabethan playwright’s works are still relevant to our time? As a student of English, why should you bother? Wouldn’t it be nicer or more worthwhile to read “Hunger Games” or other books that reflect your interests and most of all that are written in contemporary English? How can we relate Shakespeare to Italy? How would you love to approch Shakespeare’s works?
    According to me, we should all study Shakespeare because he’s the base to modern literature and he deals with a lot of themes that we still find nowadays: love, aristocracy, treachery, jealousy, passion, religion, nation, war, drama, good and evil, are the most frequently themes that the poet uses and they’re still used in modern society because they are real life problems and Shakespeare explains them to us. In this year we celebrate Shakespeare 400th birthday and I think that he’s not really that ‘far’ from us because the deals with the human nature which haven’t changed in these centuries. He helps us learn more about the Elizabethan period because in his poems he describes how society was so he makes us cultured and well rounded. Reading other books (for example “Hunger Games”) gives us pleasure and enjoyment but we don’t get cultured from them because they aren’t as educative ad Shakespeare ones.
    Shakespeare is related to Italy because there lived Dante, Petrarch and Boccaccio who influenced Shakespeare’s sonnets. Although Italian poets influenced Shakespeare, he created a different structure of the sonnet but there were the same themes as in the Italian sonnets.
    I’d love to read and study some Shakespeare poems to analyze the characters (like Romeo and Juliet) and to discover more about the Elizabethan society. I’d like to read Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet and Macbeth and then discuss about them with my classmates.

  65. Mariam Nofiss scrive:

    Why should we study Shakespeare? I don’t think that there is only an answer to this question, because Shakespeare was not only a brilliant actor, director and writer, but also a genius. I always ask myself: “How can a man who lived 400 years ago, to understand how I feel?”. I think that here is his geniality: he is a contemporary writer, because in this tragedies and in his sonnets, he treats universal and eternal themes, which nowadays are still part of the human beings and of the daily life. This themes are love, beauty, faith, the destructive action of time, art… How many times have we suffered for love? How can we describe the power of this feeling? What is beauty? What can lead to jealousy? All the answers are contained in the lines of Shakespeare’s operas. I am fascinated by the magic way that he found to enter the minds of people, traveling in it and extrapolating the simple truth. He made a parody of all the fashions of his time (like courtly love) and he has modified them within a new sensibility. For example, there was not anymore the idealization of the woman: Shakespeare describes his Dark Lady as she is in reality, because even she was not very pretty, young and perfumed, he loves her the way she is. And this is the one of the most important messages that he left us.
    We should study Shakespeare also to improve English. Even if he doesn’t use the modern language, is important to read him because in his composition we have the roots of the current English. We still use some expressions which he invented to describe situations of everyday life, like “Seen better days” or “It’s Greek to me”. Some of his quotations became proverbs, like “Love is blind”, or some of them are known all around the world, like the renowned “To be or not to be”.
    There is a huge difference between reading “Hunger Games” and Shakespeare. In one hand there is the pleasure and the entertainment of reading a “fashion” book, but in the other hand, only Shakespeare can put together amusement, psychology and culture.
    Finally I think that, for these reasons, Shakespeare will be known “forever and a day” as the most influent writer of England, everywhere and by everyone.

  66. Cristian Corcimari scrive:

    Shakespeare was one of the best poets and playwriters of the world that have ever existed and is called the greatest author in the English language.He made a huge contribution to the English language and culture(and also to all the humanity) not only because he invented many new words and expression in English that are still udes today and so developed better it,but also for his famous sonnets,poems and plays.To understand well Engish language,origin and culture we must study Shakespeare!The themes and ideas that emerge from his plays are timeless.His characters and stories reveal universal truths about the human condition in a way we can all relate to; whether it is the tragic outcome of unchecked greed and ambition, an unrelenting desire for revenge, or the pursuit of love. His representation of human nature is just as real and as relevant today, as it has been through the centuries.In my opinion Elizabethan playwright’s works are still relevant to our time because they treat fundamental themes which characterize us,human beings and how are we made! I think we can’t compare Hunger Games and Shakepeares book,because are two things completely different! I would choose to study and read Shakespeare for many reasons,some of them which i have already mentioned here! We can relate Shakespeare to Italy,because he travelled to Italy and set many his plays there,especially Romeo and Julietta in Verona! I would like to approach his works in different ways,creative ways,but especially by performing his play,which I believe are one of the best ways to undestand them and him.

    • cristianaziraldo scrive:

      Though lots of the Bard’s plays are set in Italy, there is no evidence whatsoever that he visited or toured Italy.

  67. Giulia Foltran scrive:

    Why studying Shakespeare?
    In my opinion, and I think in the opinion of everyone who study Shakespeare, he is the an incomparable genius. He, with his plays and sonnets, can still get people involved, even if he’s sixteenth-century poet. The themes that characterize his masterpieces are full of feelings and passion, these are the ingredients that still keeps them alive.
    Studying Shakespeare, identify ourselves with him, understand his opinions is one of the biggest gift that history gave us. Thanks to him, the current language has developed, enriched with complex terms and innovative expressions. Shakespeare with his works provide us a complete vision of reality in the Elizabethan age, including aspects less “elegant” that probably Italian authors, like Petrarch, would not ever used.
    For this reasons he is considered an excellent playwright, essential to the comprehension of the history of english theatre but also of the global theatre.

  68. cristianaziraldo scrive:

    Castoro Deborah

    Why should we study Shakespeare?

    In my opinion we should study Shakespeare because he’s the base of the modern literature. I think we should study his sonnets and poems to understand better the foreign language. I think that all should study he to understand what literature is and to compare he with the Italian’s author: Petrarca, Boccaccio and Dante.
    His poems are relevant in our time because he deals with the human nature, which doesn’t change with the passing of time and with the contemporary issues like the love world, ethnicity and sexual identity.
    As a student of English I would bother if I couldn’t understand what I study or reading and it is a problem because I can’t find the sense in what I’m studying.
    I think that each book is worth of being read: for example from Shakespeare’s works you can learn new old words and structures and so your language ability improves not to mention the richness of your vocabulary; the same happens if I read a book like “Hunger Games” because it opens my imagination to see the world with another visual.
    Shakespeare is related to Italy because his inspiration is due thanks to Dante, Petrarca and Boccaccio. Both of them was poets but the Italian’s sonnets and English’s sonnets are different between the structure of the poems, the theme but the English writer and Italian on wrote about the lady and the passing of time.
    Now we are reading the Shakespeare’s sonnet and we are analyzing them but I would like to understand better what Shakespeare wanted to convey in his poems and I would like to see reconstruction about his poems.

  69. cristianaziraldo scrive:

    Beatrice Moni

    Why should we study Shakespeare?
    In my opinion we should study Shakespeare because even if he lived in the XVI-XVII century his works are still contemporary for the reason that they deal with modern issues like the human being and his behaviours. He’s still relevant ‘cause he revolutionised the English culture and language; he invented a lot of new words and expressions that are still used in the English language.
    I think that reading Shakespeare instead of contemporary authors help us undestanding English society, culture and language and how they evolved. We can relate Shakespeare to Italy through is compositions because some of his works are set in Italy, “Othello” in Venice, “Caesar” in Rome, and the most famous, Rome and Juliet in Verona. ( in fact in Verona you can visit Juliet’s house where famous ‘ balcony scene’ took place).
    He was also influenced by the greatest Italian poets like Dante and Petrarca.
    I would love to approach Shakespeare by watching videos and analyse documents in addition to read and investigate his works.

  70. cristianaziraldo scrive:

    Alessandro Fabbricatore

    Well, we know him as one of the most known poet, writer and actor of the Elizabethan period. His sonnets and quotes are surprisingly still part of modern language. So, one of the causes of “why should we study Shakespeare” could be: to learn the language and to learn to master the language you speak. Beside that, Shakespeare’s sonnets hide a lot of meanings inside themselves. For example, the representation, and the image of love for Shakespeare: his love is not angel like, she has not blond hair and light blue eyes; she is not as thin as toothpick, she tamps the soil when she walks, she doesn’t fly!
    In less words, Shakespeare describes love in a more realistic way; he makes us see all the aspects of the real love. And that could be the second cause. the third cause is referred to Shakespeare’s connection with today’s life. Yes, this man that we know as William Shakespeare is still connected to us even today. Isn’t the real love that Shakespeare described, the same we talk about even today? Aren’t Shakespeare’s artworks the same ones we see at the theatre? To me, studying Shakespeare could help a lot of people to understand the language and the history of the Elizabethan period.

  71. Matteo scrive:

    Why studying Shakespeare?
    Personally, I think that studying Shakespeare is extremely important. However not everybody agree on that; even me, before watching these videos, I used to imagine Shakespeare as an ancient writer whose English was very far fom the current one.
    But now that I’ve found out how many largely used expressions and new words he invented, I am much more interested in studying him.
    In addition, especially in his plays, he deals with still current topics, facing problems and facts that affected men at his time but that still has a lot to say to us.

    • cristianaziraldo scrive:

      Happy to read that the videos persuaded you! I hope I will be able to spark some interest too!

  72. Marco Breda scrive:

    In my opinion we should study Shakespeare to go deeper in english language, because this author is one of the pillars of the culture of the united kingdom and the way he affects the development of a modern english should not be forgotten. Even his playwrights could be helpful to make you understand the historical context, but above all these playwrights are interesting and catchy, because the themes he dealt with are related to primitive feelings, such as violence, lust, love or fun, so they are and they will eternally be contemporary. How Shakespeare influenced modern english is not bounded to England, because the idiomatic expression he used, are now used by most languages in the world, especially in Italy, where the poet placed some of his most famous composition.
    about the question “Wouldn’t it be nicer or more worthwhile to read “Hunger Games” or other books that reflect your interests and most of all that are written in contemporary English?” I think that we can not actually compare the two, because we will probably never read “Hunger Games” as it is nowadays, if the playwrights written by shakespeare have not been published and that underline once again how Shakespeare affected all the literature.
    Coming to an end, in my opinion is fundamental to study this author, but it could be difficult to read a poem by him, so deepen the threated themes and concentrate on the narration would certainly help to make students get into Shakespeare’s literature

    • cristianaziraldo scrive:

      It will not be diffifult to delve into the depths of Shakespeare’s sonnets and plays because you will all be assisted by your teacher. So…no worries.
      Mind you: play is (opera teatrale), playwright is (drammaturgo). Do not confuse the two words.

  73. Sara Cattaneo scrive:

    In my opinion Shakespeare is still a contemporary writer. He wrote about the life and events in his time that, for some aspects, can reflect the nowadays’ life. By reading his opus, we can understand how the life was in 17th century and what was the way of thinking of people in that time. That century was characterized by some important events, like the transition from Catholicism to Anglicanism a very important change in the story of England. This aspect reflects what is happening nowadays, we are in an era of transitions and changing. We can also contextualize his poems in what is happening in Italy: people fight to get personal ambitions without thinking what is really important, like family, friend and love, or some people do not let others love who they really want because of social impositions. It is important to read Shakespeare because we can change the things by learning from the plots of the poems.
    Shakespeare is still an actual writer because he speaks about themes like love, revenge, social discriminations that are contemporary arguments. Also today we fell in love, we fight to achieve our objectives, we want to know the truth and those are themes that treated in Shakespeare’s poems.
    Most of the words that are used in English are invented or modified by him; also lots of expressions like “It’s Greek to me” are coined by him, so a lot of expression that are still used today are invented by him. It is important to study his poems because he is the father of modern English and we can discover the origin of most of the word that are used today. Also for us, that are not English, it is a tool to improve our knowledge of the story of England and its culture.
    I disagree with people who say that it is not necessary to study Shakespeare because he is dead 400 years ago. Everybody knows the story of Romeo and Juliet, Othello, Hamlet, King Lear and them are still performed in theatre and there are also some films based on them. Most of the major literary love story are based on Romeo and Juliet and that is just one example of how this poems influence everyday life. It is important to not read only books written in contemporary English because we cannot discover anything new in something that is really far from us.
    What Shakespeare wrote, was created to be played in theatre and not just read; I think that the best way to approach to him is understanding how really were performed by watching some videos or trying to find some review of that time.
    Shakespeare’s works and his messages still are actual and they will never die until someone will speak about his poems.

    • cristianaziraldo scrive:

      “So long as men can breathe or eyes can see, So long lives this, and this gives life to thee” (Sonnet XVIII)

  74. Francesco Sommacal scrive:

    It is interesting to see all these videos and comments that say such good things about Shakespeare and his plays. Well, I have never read one of his plays yet but they seem to be wonderful: jealousy, lies, murderers, love… good stuff! It is like those books for teenagers with involving plots, princes, knights, moral problems and shocking finals. if you add creatures like dragons or orcs you have a Tolkien’s book… amazing!
    I have no competences for judging if Shakespeare’s writings are still current but if all of them have these themes i want to read them immediately!
    Personally, I have not read “The Hunger Games” but I am a big fan of fantasy books such as “Lord of the Rings” or “Eragon” that are perfect for people at my age because they make teenagers loving books and all the world of creatures and imagination, and they appreciate much more them with the special effects that you see in the movies.
    If Shakespeare had already these types of idea in the 1600 it would be great. the fact is that students, in my opinion, study this author at school and maybe they don’t appreciate him at all because maybe the school ambient or the teacher could bore them. If they read it alone without any pressure they would like it much more.
    So, I hope to have the right premonition, if that is right, please give me something of Shakespeare’s to read!

  75. Leonardo De Clara scrive:

    Why should we study Shakespeare?
    William Shakespeare died four hundreds years ago but his prose, plots and characters are still alive today. The original plays who took place between the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries are nowadays performed in a big amount of languages all over the world, both on stage and on screen.
    He is in some way a contemporary writer, able to write about universal themes and human problems that are present in a society living four centuries after his death.
    Shakespeare affects us in a way nearly nobody has ever done; we refer to his quotes all time and most people do not know it, there is a quote for anything one wants to say. Even who has never seen one his plays know something about them and Shakespeare managed to make himself known through his success. For example, nearly everybody knows the story of Romeo and Juliet or the lines from Hamlet’s monologue “To be or not to be”. With his plays the English language has evolved, thanks to the terms, the expressions and also the insults he coined.
    What he wrote can also help us to understand to the history and the thoughts of those ages, because he lived in a period rich of changes in society and politics.
    The difference in reading “Hunger Games” and Shakespeare’s writings is huge, and I don’t think they can even be compared. “Hunger Games” is an enjoyable book but it lacks of the psychology of characters, the different cultural environment and the general feelings that something written by the greatest english playwright has. Shakespearen works leave the readers things to think about, while many “fashion” books are meant to be read once, then there is nothing the reader can do.
    Shakespeare’s engagement with Italy in shown in three of this famous plays, Romeo and Juliet, Julius Caesar and Othello, which are respectively based in Verona, Rome and Venice. He was influenced by Dante, Boccaccio and Petrarch from whom he got inspiration for his sonnets.
    I would love to read it aloud in class, and everybody could interpret a different character from his plays. I also think it would be very useful to watch some plays performed in theatre or in the movies, to compare each other and find the best one.

    • cristianaziraldo scrive:

      We will certainly deal with film adaptation (compare the original play with its adaptation). As to activing out some of the scenes we will analyse, that depends on you all. I would love you to do that. I would love you to act out the scenes simultaneously in English and Italian. That would be interesting, wouldn’t it?

  76. Anna Barbisin scrive:

    Shakespeare is considered without any doubt one of the most famous English poets thanks to the modernity of the topics addressed in his poems like love, history, death, drama and others.
    Shakespeare reveals a different face to different cultures and people and he relates to the English medieval traditions. His prose, plots and characters are as alive today as they were when the plays were originally written by him during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.
    He was skillful on blending his stories and his characters with deep qualities that audiences and readers identify with.
    The plays have been performed in almost every language on stage around the world.
    A lot of people are influenced by Shakespeare even though they don’t actually know a lot about him. Shakespeare as Manzoni, Dante, Boccaccio, Petrarch and other famous Italian authors are studied in high school to allow today’s young people, like us, to open their minds, to remember the past, to deal with current theme, to analyze closely the various conditions and social classes. They had casted light on humans values and flaws at the time which are still common nowadays. Shakespeare delves into the psychology of the individual, investigating the vulnerability, the doubts and fears.
    Generally students go into it because it is an indispensable requirement or only to take a good mark, but I think that they end up enjoying it, included me too. Teachers can help us to rise our awareness through authors like Shakespeare.

  77. Thomas Poletto scrive:


    William Shakespeare is one of the most famous play writer ever existed, but why should we study his poems although he died about 4 centuries ago?
    Despite his poems are 400 years old we still study them because of their modern topics, for example love and strifes, death and hate between relatives, it also deals with human behaviours and sexual identity which in the 17th century were sensitive themes.
    We also study him because is one of the fathers of Earl Modern English who invented hundreds of new words that are still used today and to know what, the people living in that epoch, were scared or in love of.
    A lot of his poems are set in our country and even if he criticised our society (population of poor people and a nobility who thinks only about their earnings and power), he really loved Italy but he couldn’t appreciate it publicly because of the common negative prejudices about Italians in England.
    Shakespeare furthermore wrote poems with very deep concepts, if we choose not to read these things we probably lose the big opportunity to have our heart touched by the words of a 400 years old play writer who still lives and will always live.

    • cristianaziraldo scrive:

      I really hope I will manage to make you love the great Bard as much as I do. His PLAYS cast last upon the human soul and the human psyche.

  78. Anna Barato scrive:

    Questioning if it is useful to study Shakespeare, in my opinion, is like questioning if it is helpful to study Latin for romance languages speakers. As a matter of fact we, as Italians, study Latin because among the other benefits, lots of words we use today originate from this ancient language.
    So, English speakers must know the famous playwright in order to understand and be conscious from where the words, phrases and collocations they use every day come from.
    Furthermore many of the themes he deals with are still relevant 400 years after his death. It means that during his age he was ahead all his contemporary, we can definitely consider him a genius.
    From my point of view, the main reason why students find studying Shakespeare boring is that it is not simple to read and understand it, because nowadays we are accustomed to read books with a linear plot that cut directly to the chase. But I think that if we could be able to watch the plays instead of reading them (I know that’s impossible) we will be more involved, because those are tragedies and comedies and were written to be performed and we would be able to fully understand the coverage of the feelings only if we have an actor that makes those word come to life. That’s why, among all other aspects, he’s considered one of the most successful script writers that Hollywood ever had.
    So, in the end, if you are asking me if we should study Shakespeare, I’d say that we definitely should, or better, we have to!

    • cristianaziraldo scrive:

      I like the comparison with the study of the Latin language, but I do not seem to understand the reference to Hollywood!

  79. Francesco Fabris scrive:

    Shakespeare has been one of the greatest playwright and poets ever in human history. Our culture is still strongly influenced by the plays he wrote. What made Shakespeare such a great inspiration source and an influent figure is the great attention he payed on deep human struggles and issues: he has been capable of depicting every single shade of the inner sides of each character in the plays. Love, hatred, betrayal, power, uncertainty of death, revenge, weaknesses, desires are just some of the aspects Shakespeare developed about psychology and ethics. An outcome of the depth and extremity in feelings and events is the outstanding contemporaneity of the plays: not only in common English idioms we quote some lines from Shakespeare’s literary works but we produce new novels, movies and tv series in which we can easily spot his influence. The ambiguity in the role of hero or villain of Francis Underwood, in the tv series House of Cards, for example, is a quite clear reference to Richard III by William Shakespeare; as a matter of fact, Kevin Spacey, the actor playing the role of Francis Underwood, has been reciting worldwide performing the controversial character of Richard III in order to get feeling of the part of a reprehensible, brash, sly and charming congressman. Another link to Shakespeare I can recall is the idiomatic expression “Winter is coming” that recurs many times in Game of Thrones: the opening lines of Richard III are, indeed, “Now is the Winter of our Discontent / Made glorious Summer by this sun of York…”. In both the series and the play the juxtaposition of summer and winter expresses the turnover between glorious and peaceful times with hard and perilous ones. We could also spot mentions of the great poet in Harry Potter and the Azkaban Prisoner, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971) or The King’s speech and many others.
    So, going back to the question: why should we study Shakespeare? As far as I am concerned studying what are restlessnesses, conflicts and struggles of men and women throughout tragedies and comedies can help us understand our inner feelings and sensations better. Moreover we can actualize many characters in our contemporary society: we can easily find in everyday life a merciless merchant, a bipolar king or two passionate lovers.
    Personally I first approached to William Shakespeare via theatre and cinema: it happened to me to watch The Merchant of Venice live in Pordenone, starring the great Silvio Orlando as Shylock, and The Macbeth in the smoky and dark recent adaptation for the big screen. I remained astonished by the complexity of characters and power of the themes inside the two tragedies.

    • cristianaziraldo scrive:

      Francesco, you have written one of the greatest comments I have ever read (written by a student). COngratulations. I have not watched the series House of Cards or Game of Thrones, so I was particularly interested in the references you spotted to Richard III. 🙂

  80. Nicola Maronese scrive:

    Shakespeare is one of the most famous writer in the history of English Literature, his name is known almost everywhere because of the study of his works and the several plays of his that are been played nowadays. In my opinion if we study English literature we must study Shakespeare because he is the father of the language and he is part of the identity of England. Although Shakespeare was born in 1564, the themes are still relevant nowadays because they deals with human feelings, such as love, hate and jealously, that will never change; that is why it is important to investigate, because knowing humans’ history we will better know ourselves and we will recognize some of Shakespeare’s characters in us. Although for a student of this generation it is nicer reading contemporary books and it is worthwhile for learning useful English, it is good even reading Shakespeare because somehow the language is related with him: he invented lots of words and he inspired other playwrights and writers. In my point of view it is also a shame not to know at least his themes because if we do not study it, the posterity will not and in this way all his play will be forgotten. In Italy were born many writers and their works are the roots of the poetry in the other languages, for example some of Shakespeare’s work are sonnets, which were invented by Giacomo Da Lentini in 13th century and they were used by Petrarca in his Canzoniere.
    During this period I would love studying his works investigating what is the message that the writers wanted us to learn and finding the relations between him and Italy, it is a way even to admire more our literature; I would like even watching or acting with schoolmates some of the most famous parts of his plays.

  81. Francesco Moretti scrive:

    I have never read anything from shakespeare and I know just a little about his most famous plays like “Romeo and Juliet” and “hamlet”. From what I have seen in these videos he is mostly appraised for the work he has done for the english language, but I couldn’t care less of his linguistic importance, if someone were to suggest me a book just because the author coined new words I probably would’nt read it. From what I understood from the video and from last lesson Shakespeare had to use expedients, such as sex, violence and swear words, to entertain the audience. The public also knew more about what was going on than the characters themselves so that they could get even more involved in the story, this trick worked so well that they often tried to give pieces of advice to the actors to help them. The first thought that I had when I heard this was that my grandmother did the same watching soap-operas, from this point of view Shakespeare plays and soap-operas are very much alike. Why does my grandmother watch soap-operas? Because she enjoys them, and these are the factors that make them enjoyable. Likewise Shakespeare’s plays became popular because they are enthralling and fun to watch. They might not be absolute masterpieces quality wise like it is the “Divina Commedia” by Dante, but they are probably much more enjoyable than that, and that is why I think I should study Shakespeare: Because he is fun.

    • cristianaziraldo scrive:

      I had never ever read anybody write that Shakespeare can be as entertaining as a soap-opera for elderly women! You are definitely quite creative.

  82. Marianna Breda scrive:

    I just had a brief approach to William Shakespeare in the last lesson but I am already aware of the importance that this author has assumed over the centuries. In particular, I am interested in find out why Shakespeare has achieved this worldwide fame.
    Surely he invented a lot of the words of english, so he contributed to laying the foundations for the language spoken nowadays, but probably the main reason why we study Shakespeare at school is that in his writings he deals with themes which are still actual now; for instance, he was conscious of the complexity of mankind and human feelings, he talks about love, good, evil, sex, time, death, beauty, he revealed the relationship between brothers, he was interested in art and much more… so I think that by reading his texts we may open our mind to a different perspective to see and analyze reality and feelings.
    As a student of English, I think that the the importance that Shakespeare has assumed can scare, because it alludes to a complexity of poet’s texts, however perhaps, we should interpret his lyrics not only as pages of history of english literature but even as means which give us the chance to broaden and deepen our experiences.
    There are many differences between Shakespeare’s books and the contemporary ones, of course in the language and in the way that they are written, but in books like ‘ Hunger Games’ or ‘Twilight’ we find a story that is already complete and our interest is to discover its plot through reading the book, while Shakespeare leads us to think about what we are reading and maybe he leads us to actualize this as well.
    He sets many of his plays in Italy, like Romeo and Juliet, Othello or Julius Caesar and he was influenced by a lot of italian poets.
    In the end, in order to answer the last question, I would like to find out and analyze the characteristics of Shakespeare’s poetry through the vision of some plays performed in theatre… I think I will love this author!

  83. Sara Giacchetto scrive:

    Why should we study Shakespeare?
    Well, why shouldn’t we? I really can’t understand why people think that Shakespeare isn’t important nowadays. They say: “He died a long time ago”. What does it mean? Shakespeare is literature, history and culture; he wrote about themes that are still used nowadays.
    I really think that literature is timeless: in fact, we define it as all writings dealing with a particular subject. The time in which these writings are written, isn’t so important, because the themes and the feelings that they provoke, don’t depend on time.
    So, if we want to learn what literature is, we have to read author as Shakespeare. If we are not interested in literature, I think that read Shakespeare is a big waste of time.

  84. Chiara Paro scrive:

    When we think about the English culture, one of first names (probably the first of all) that comes to our mind is undoubtedly William Shakespeare. Although he died over 400 years ago, during his lifetime he has dealt with themes that still concern the 21st century human beings: anger, love, envy, beauty, faith and so many others.
    One of the benefits we can get from reading his plays is enriching our vocabulary, since he has coined many words and ways of saying.
    He also makes us understand more of the English society as regards the social classes of that time, their life styles and so on.
    His plays involved complex characters, tragic heroes and double plots, which made them entertaining, educational and enlightening.
    From my point of view, every single book is worth being read although some are more educational than others. Taken “Hunger Games” as an example (even though I have not read it), it surely is more popular at the moment but probably it will not last as long as Shakespeare’s plays and sonnets. We should not even compare them for obvious reasons.
    Nowadays people still perform Shakespeare’s plays around the world, and they have been translated into every major language. However, this should concern us a little more: we, as Italian people, should feel proud of the fact that this incomparable genius set many of his plays in our country, such as the globally renowned Romeo and Juliet, that took place in Verona, where we still can visit her balcony.
    Shakespeare was also influenced by Dante and Petrarch, so the writers of the classic Italian masterpieces.
    This consideration should make us think that Shakespeare is closer to our culture and us than we think.

  85. Camilla Colanero scrive:

    Why should we study Shakespeare?
    I think that the reason is given by the answer to the question: which is the first name that comes in your mind if you think about English literature?
    Everyone knows who Shakespeare is; even those who have not studied him. The great success of this playwright comes from the contemporaneity of his works. His plots are still relevant nowadays because they deal with topics that are always true: for instance, there are still lovers in all the world that cannot marry because of parents’ wishes, as in “Romeo and Juliet”. Shakespeare has been able to express the feelings and the ideas of the people of his time, that are very similar to ours.
    However, this is not the only reason for his importance. As a student of English, I can say that lot of the words and the expressions that we can find in an English dictionary come from Shakespeare. Because when he could not find the right word to express exactly what he wanted, he created a new one. In my opinion, there is not a possible comparison between reading the plays of this author and reading a modern book as “Hunger Games”. It can seem more interesting to read a book of our times, but it is certainly more intriguing and useful to read a play of this Elizabethan playwright.
    He is also a source of information about the life in the XVI century, because from his plays we can extrapolate the living conditions and the mores of his epoch.
    I have always seen that in American school, to study this great author they usually stage one of his plays, and I think that this is a fantastic method to understand what Shakespeare really wanted to tell us. I know that this is quite impossible, but I would like to approach to his works playing one of his opus.

  86. Isabelle Pelletier scrive:

    Although Shakespeare lived in the period between the end of 1500 and the beginning of the 1600 century, his poems, sonnets and playwrights are relevant for all the times, ages and generations. As a matter of facts his words endured for four hundred years but they had neither lose their power nor their strength.
    He treated themes that are still object of discussions and he dealt with problems that still exist in our time such as love, death, jealousy, need of power, ambition, revenge, corruption, hatred, betrayal, discrimination, order, disorder, change and many others.
    So he analyzed human psychology and behavior as much as he dug deeply in human soul. He makes us reflect on how things have changed but at the same time remained unchanged: as a matter of facts he give us the possibility to compare our society with the Elizabethan’s one and to see how humanity has evolved.
    Through his characters and his plots we can know Shakespeare’s society in all his different shades and features like entertainments, social classes, rights, life conditions, habits and way of thinking ; so he gave us a complete portrait of his age.
    Shakespeare, in my opinion, has the great ability to open our eyes and he encourage us to see beneath the appearances.
    It is essential for an English student to read his writings not only because he his regarded as the greatest English writer and he is famous all over the word but because he invented a half of the words and idiomatic expressions that we use in all days conversations; so we quote him almost every day without even knowing that. I think everybody know Shakespeare and all of us have heard his name or his plays’ title at least one time in his/her life; he have been a source of inspirations for authors and directors and a lot of movies and books are based or have some links with his stories.
    There are also references to Italy in some of his plays: as a matter of facts Romeo and Juliet and The Two Gentleman of Verona take place in Verona, then Venice is the city where he set The Merchant of Venice and Othello, Julius Caesar takes place in Rome as the Comedy of Errors is set in Syracuse. He was conditioned from Dante, Boccaccio and especially from Petrarch and this is proved by the fact that he was inspired by his sonnets.
    I think it is impossible to compare books like “Hunger Games” or others contemporary book with this Elizabethan playwright because although “Hunger Games” is easier to read and interesting for its original plot, it brings us far from reality, it is not able to show us human fears and emotions or to highlight the things that really count in our life like Shakespearians’ writings are able to do.
    I think the best approach to his works is also the simplest one: read his writings in class and try to understand the hidden meanings in his words all together.

  87. Angelo scrive:

    Why should I study Shakespeare?
    Because someone in the government decided so.

    Why should I be interested in Shakespeare?
    Well, this is harder to answer.
    In the first place we have the fact that he is the one who literally created the majority of English words, but this is not enough. The true reason is that it is simply ridiculous to think that only because he lived 400 years ago the things he wrote about are outdated. This is frequently applied to a lot of dead writers but it should not be done. It is extremely self-centered. Our concerns are not far from those of Shakespeare even if we live in a different culture and in a different time. We said it more than one time :”Literature is not linked to time and space”, and this is simply because the human consciousness is not neither. Shakespeare tried to deeply analyse the human mind, and that is why when we read about Shakespeare’s characters we are reading about a part of ourselves, and we should try to grasp the message instead of searching the differences.
    The other reason why we should study Shakespeare is that his work is a complete and accurate picture of Elizabethan era. This is important because it shows us how his works are much more than stories, they are true historical documents, and it is important to read them. And also, it is the main setting of “Doctor who”, and this should be an adequate reason to read it by itself.
    I am really excited to know more about his playwrights, but I hope we are not going to approach him in an academic way, but instead by reading his work and trying to understand it without being bombarded with impersonal interpretation.

    • cristianaziraldo scrive:

      A very personal comment indeed!
      I need to clarify a point though: the government does not oblige me to teach you Shakespeare. Teachers are pretty free to choose what they want to teach in the Italian school system and I am very lucky. It is me, my decision and unfortunately, I am the one to blame!
      As to making the teaching of Shakespeare more fun, well, I will try to do my best. I think that the very existence of this blog and the fact that I asked you to express your own ideas is proof of my intention to promote the knowledge of Shakespeare among you in a less “academic” way. 😉

  88. Sofia Bon scrive:

    Shakespeare is considered as the central pillar of English literature. Not only have his plays inspired other writers all over the world, but are also still performed nowadays.
    We study Shakespeare because his works raise issues that are still concerning our society. They deal with love, hatred, friendship, life and death. But above all, the playwright has masterly imbued his characters with qualities that audiences identify with. It is his understanding of human emotion that makes his plays so successful, and this in my opinion is the main reason why we should study Shakespeare. Through his works we also get to know historical facts and traditions in the Elizabethan era. Studying them is the best way to truly understand English culture in all its aspects.
    Furthermore, he has coined several words and expressions used in modern English. In fact, as the video mentions, we quote Shakespeare on a regular basis without even knowing it.
    However, students might find Shakespeare boring because his language is different from the English they are used to. Perhaps a good idea would be to see one of his plays, as they were originaly only meant to be watched.
    Shakespeare’s link with Italy can be seen in his plays, since many of them are set in our country. This should encourage us to study his works, for it gives us the chance to view Italy from a different perspective.

  89. Eros Masserut scrive:

    Why should we study Shakespeare?

    Shakespeare is known to be a famous playwriter. He is the writer of Romeo and Juliet.
    Shakespeare is the most famous English artist. I think that studying Shakespeare is useful because it can help us to understand his age better. Studying his works allows us to examine the culture of that time and also to understand the ideas of the past. This eminent figure gave us a portrait of his society through his works. Shakespeare coined a lot of new words and aphorisms for his plays. He coined lots of words that we use today. As a matter of fact, everyday when we are speaking or writing we are quoting Shakespeare. So, he definitely revolutionized English.
    Shakespeare wrote in a fantastic way that no other one can imitate. The books are full of details that it is a challenge to find the deep meaning of the text.
    Shakespeare works are still relevant today. They deal with religion, sexuality, war and racism. Sure enough, everyday we hear about war and racism.
    He tickled some aspects of the society of that time. In particular, he raised some themes such as the corruption of the Church, the attachment to material assets and finally the need of power.
    Studying Shakespeare can be very boring if you learn all the dates of his life. In my opinion if we try to focus on his ideas and his morals we will appreciate all his plays. Shakespeare wanted to express himself by his performances. Using irony, he criticized the society of his age. Some of his most important operas are played today and lots of people like them.
    Reading is very useful to improve our English skills. Nevertheless, there are some books which are considered to be more proper for us. For example, reading Hunger Games can help us only with vocabulary.
    Whereas reading Othello or Romeo and Juliet is completely different for some reasons. In Shakespeare, you can learn life lessons and fun expressions. If you are interested, you can learn some original insults in Shakespeare. He used swear words to make people laugh. However, there are some fantastic phrases that creates a musicality that no other rapper can make.
    Therefore, the reasons for which we must study Shakespeare are relating to our historical process and to the modernity of his plays.
    In Shakespeare, we can find some main themes concerning sexuality, religion and nation that are tightly linked to Dante, Petrarch and Bocaccio. Bocaccio wrote about love and religion and he criticised the church too! But Shakespeare renewed the way of writing about love, faith and religion.
    Everyone has a specific way to approach a subject. Personally, I think the best way to approach Shakespeare works is to watch some plays and then try to study them in order to learn more about Shakespeare and bear in mind the main aspects. I have just started studying Shakespeare but I am already sure it will be a great challenge!

    • cristianaziraldo scrive:

      Thanks for working hard Eros. Your English is getting better and better. I can see that you have watched the videos and taken in lots of info along with useful expressions and words.
      It seems that the idea that Shakespeare used lots of insults and foul language in his plays catches young people’s attention. It is obvious that he did that since his plays were written to be performed and people from all walks of society went to the theatre to be entertained.
      Shakespeare Insults
      Swearing in Shakespeare’s Plays

    • cristianaziraldo scrive:

      Thanks for working hard Eros. Your English is getting better and better. I can see that you have watched the videos and taken in lots of info along with useful expressions and words.
      It seems that the idea that Shakespeare used lots of insults and foul language in his plays catches young people’s attention. It is obvious that he did that since his plays were written to be performed and people from all walks of society went to the theatre to be entertained.

  90. Eleonora Brusadin scrive:

    Why should we study Shakespeare?
    Shakespeare is probably the most important play writer of the English literature and I think that it is fundamental to study his works: we should give more importance to the reading of these plays because they could enrich us, literally and also as people.
    In my opinion he is absolutely a contemporaneous writer and the Elizabethan playwright’s works are still relevant today because of the use of the language and the themes, like love, envy, madness for pain, relationship between siblings and human heart.
    Some people think that by now nobody speaks in the way he wrote so it is useless to study the plays of Shakespeare because the language is not the same as today’s one, but we can find thousands of words in the English that we use every day that are created by him.
    Then somebody says that the characters and the themes treated in Shakespeare’s playwrights are distant from the modernity of the XXI century, but today we still have thwarted love, women murdered by their husbands, tormented teenagers in crisis, people that deceive one another even if for a good purpose, haven’t we? Perhaps Shakespeare is still relevant today and as an English student I really like the idea that problems at that time were about the same as the today’s ones.
    As far as I am concerned, it wouldn’t be nicer to read “Hunger Games” or stuffs like that because the content wouldn’t be the same. The difference in reading a book like Hunger Games and a play of Shakespeare is very big: that kind of books can be read with pleasure but they can’t make people reflect on life experiences and important issues such as those we can find in Shakespeare.
    Another reason why we should study Shakespeare is that he was particularly close to Italy: he took inspiration from lots of Italian characters that were in the art comedy, lots of plays were settle in Venice, Rome and Verona and he admired Italy as a country of deep sixteenth-century culture, but he also criticized it a lot because of the critics of the English people to our country.
    This year we will study Shakespeare, that wrote to being performed and not published, so I would really love to approach with him trying to act some of his most famous works in which everyone takes part, farther to read and analyze them doing different activities.

  91. Emma Bortolini scrive:

    Why should we study Shakespeare?
    It is a very common question, and the answers are always the same.
    It is important to study Shakespeare because it is a part of popular culture; almost anyone can quote from several of his works. The reason that people know them is because they have been a part of our culture constantly since they were published.
    Shakespeare’s stories transcend time and culture. His prose, plots and characters are as alive today as they were when the plays were originally staged during the late sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries; the language is rich, the characters are complex and many of his basic themes, like love, treachery, honor, bravery and political intrigue, are still actual today.
    His plays have been performed in almost every language, on stage and screen and at popular festivals around the world.
    Italy had a special hold on poets, Shakespeare included; it is often present even in those plays that do not have Italian settings, like “The tempest”.
    A lot of everyday references would be missed without studying Shakespeare’s work and a big part of England’s story and literature, therefore I think that we should study his plays.

  92. Lorenzo Beltrame scrive:

    Why should we study Shakespeare?

    William Shakespeare is probably the most important poet and playwriter of the English literature. In my opinion we should study him because with his popular plays he became one of the founder of the modern culture and he has been able to make popular society enjoy the complexity of his plots and his characters.
    Shakespeare’s stories deal with themes that are still relevant nowadays like love, betrayal, revenge, political interests, religion, death, ecc., and they can still inspire new generations.
    His poems were thought for every kind of social class so that everyone could enjoy them although the difficult language.
    I think that for an English literature student not studying Shakespeare would be like studying Italian literature without considering Dante and it would be very incoherent.

    • cristianaziraldo scrive:

      So if the Italian Ministry of Education changed the national syllabus and decided to replace the teaching of literature with the teaching of “language only”, what would your reaction be?

  93. cimy scrive:

    Great post and great comments. Keep it up!!

  94. Arin Suwannawong scrive:

    We should to learn about Shakespeare because he was a one of the most famous writer in the world, he wrote many important books and scripts also the development of the English language. The works of Shakespeare have created a lasting impression. He has expanded the potential of performance to both the excellent act and the nature of the character, special story and style of play.
    We will get surprise of his life. The creativity Ability and new matter thinking that no one in those days. In addition, we are thrilled by the wonder of one of the most famous people of the world.