Hi folks, post your stories sparked by Langston Hughes’s poem and discussion on dreams.


Hold fast to dreams

for if dreams die

Life is a broken-winged bird

that cannot fly.


Hold fast to dreams

for when dreams go

Life is a barren field

frozen with snow.


Langston Hughes “Dreams”


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9 Responses to Dreams

  1. becreative says:

    She went to see the doctor because she couldn’t sleep any longer. She was always anguished at night, she didn’t want to sleep because she kept having this smothering and benumbing nightmare: a disfigured man attacking her in a public place and brandishing a blade with which he slashed her face as if it had been a piece of thin fabric.

    The nightmare was so real to her that in the morning she would have scratches all over her face. Once she had to go to the hospital to have a few stitches on her left eyebrow. The doctors thought she was another case of battered wife, so they called the police. The more she stated she had not been harassed by anybody the less they believed her. She was not married and she had just ended a 10-year-old relationship with a man she still loved. She was heart-broken, she was madly in love with him: he was the man of her dreams. She had trusted him, she had given him everything, but as you know happiness cannot be real for everybody.

    She wanted to sleep to soothe her sorrow, yet she did not want to drown in that despairing nightmare.

    The doctor didn’t know what to do. He didn’t believe the nightmare could be real, he thought she was just depressed because of the emotional turmoil she was going through. He suggested she should see a psychologist, but she didn’t want to: she was sure she was all right in her head! However, after a few sleepless nights, she gave in and she decided to call the number the doctor had given her.

    The message on the answering machine was sweet and reassuring: “This is Dr. Hope speaking. I’m not in at the moment, but please leave a message after the tone and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Remember that I am willing to see only people who want to hold fast to their dreams”.

  2. anonimo says:


    One day LoNeLyNeSs realized that she felt too alone and couldn’t live that way any more.

    She heard a sort of ShOuT inside herself.

    She needed someone who would stay NeAr her for the FuTuRe. Someone who wouldn’t make her feel so LoNeLy.

    She started travelling, but couldn’t find somebody who would stay with her.

    A NiGhT, after falling asleep, she met DrEaM…and know he was the OnE she was LoOkInG fOr…

  3. anonimo says:

    A little girl found an hiding place where she could spend her day especially when all seemed to get wrong. It was a magic world in the sky in which she could scout the cheerfulness she didn’t have or get in the real world; it was an amazing place where the sun shone every single day and it’s never rained. With a magic wand she could change everything she disliked, she didn’t have limits , she feel free and relaxed. The night and the darkness didn’t frighten her anymore. All her desires came true in that magic world. She wasn’t on her own though, she had many imaginary friends on who rely and who would never let her down, they always stood by her. That was the life she would have, but as she couldn’t, she dreamed at least.


  4. anonimo says:

    Once upon a time there was a little rabbit that kept on watching birds flying in the sky while he could just run on the earth and watch them. One night he dreamed about flying with the birds in the sky. So he tried many ways to make his dream come true but he didn’t succeed in it so he realized it was impossible for him to reach his dream and he felt depressed. Some weeks later,after a storm the rainbow appeared in the sky and the little rabbit would have liked to fly near the rainbow but he knew he couldn’t. A little eagle fell down from a nest and the rabbit stayed with him till the little eagle’s mother returned. when she arrived she thanked the rabbit and he told him she would have done anything for him. So he asked her to take him near the rainbow and to fly trough those beautiful colors. The eagle accepted and took him to fly through the rainbow in the sky. That night the little rabbit was very happy because he had made his dream come true.


  5. anonimo says:


    Once upon a time a little boy lived in a huge castle and, as his parents were very wealthy, he always got what he wanted: toys, computers, candie… But he had no friends because he used to consider dreams a waste of time and have a laugh at who believes in dreams, so one day his mother gave him a present: he immediatly opened it and he found just an empty box. He started complaining with his mum because he looked for a particular toy, that nobody had. However she said: “You have so much stuff that you can’t appreciate the most precious you have: dreams”.

    Giulia Radovan

  6. anonimo says:

    A magic world cannot exists without dreams,we need to imagine even if we are sad about something wrong.Our soul should yell to everyone “FREEDOM”,and tell what we want to do,even if we realize that is impossible,as flying and touch the sky.Fantasy,creativity and happiness are important,the world need colours to be happy and to feel free from every day’s life.WE ARE ABLE TO DO IT IF WE BELIVE IN DREAMS.

  7. anonimo says:

    Dreaming is the colour of the sea. I feel it when I sit on the grass and watch the sky. It sounds like the chirping of birds, but many people think that dreams are useless, i think that many people are dead inside.
    When we live whit dreams we wonder how we would like our lifes to be, we float in our own world, desperate to search something pure in our souls, which usually got dirtied by thousands of sleepless nights. It tastes of freedom and feels like a ray of sun, growing in my head. I dream of dreams when I sleep. I usually see myself as a pirate, sailing the seven seas, who knows, looking for what?
    I hope that one day dreams will make me a better person, since dreams are pure, but humanity usually isn’t.

  8. anonimo says:

    Dreaming is the colour of life and freedom, it represents our true personality.
    I feel it when I imagine wonderful things.
    It sounds like the melody of a piano and many people think it is useless…
    When we live with dreams, we can travel through fantastic lands and meet a lot of lovely and funny people…
    It tastes of sweets and it is as warm as a hug and I see it when I sleep or hope…
    I dream of dreaming when I am sad and when life seems difficult to face…
    And I hope that one day dreams will come true and bad things will disappear, as if I were living in a dream!

  9. anonimo says:

    Dreaming is the colour of my life. I feel it when I look around and I see everybody smiling. It sounds like the perfect melody, but it’s different for each one of us and many people think it is an angel calling. When we live with, in and around dreams we live a life where everything goes smoothly. It tastes of the sweetest and of the sourest chocolate and I see it in my heart. I dream of dreams when I’m stuck in a gray and unhappy world where everybody thinks of their problems: they’re not speakin’, not singin’, not dreamin’. And I hope that one day dreaming will be looked at as something free to share.

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