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Here is the entry to post your poems.  I read different poems to you and you had to jot down the words that appealed to you, that somehow had an emotional impact on you for whatever reason.  Then you were asked to “use” the key words you took notes of and put them in a meaningful “string” of words so that you would come up with your personal poem, though inspired by the poems by Langston Hughes and Natalia Molebatsi.  Some of your poems can have some Italian words scattered here and there because I read to you an Italian translation of Natalia’s “powerful” poem “My pen”.  The poems that you read in class reveal that I am right when I state that creative writing activities are really empowering to students.  You managed to write poems that sounded truly personal, they were not a “mirror” copy of the ones I read out, though they were fed and nourished by them.  It is just amazing how fulfilling listening and writing poetry is.  Thanks for your “jewels”.  Hope other readers will appreciate them.  This time I am not going to post my poem because for the activity that we carried out in class it is important that somebody performs and reads the poems to you. 
Your teacher of English.

NataliaMolebatsiIf you want to learn a bit more about Natalia, visit this website:

and watch this video where you will understand what performed poetry is all about:


If you are interested in Langston Hughes' poems or biography, this website may be of interest to you:

I am also posting this video in which you can hear Hughes read his famous poem "I, too".  Enjoy it.

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  1. anonimo says:

    You knocked me down and now I'm here in a lonesome place.
    You broke my dreams and I scream.
    Nobody can hear me.
    And I cry, nobody can hear me.
    Why? I don't know.
    Am I dead? No. I can survive.
    I must survive and start this life again.
    Push me back to my life and consider me again.
    Unlock my hidden thoughts until I'm free and finally
    forgive me, smile at me because I need you.
    Nothing more.

    Sara Perin

    Here the song: 

  2. anonimo says:



    Freedom sings:
    I want to stand on my two feet.
    no compromise or fear, I want freedom just as you, not later, not tomorrow.
    Freedom sings,
    sopravvive, spits fire. freedom is my pen and my
    it frees locked dreams, escapes
    a storm of words is my being free:
    freedom sings!
    in caverne scolpisce storie…

    silvia m.

  3. anonimo says:

    A lunch box of dreams. React, then stop, then start again, ripartire.
    Lacrime, scelte of glory. None believe in tomorrow.
    Nobody dimentica smiles. Forgive me.
    A sandwich of heart knocked to the heart-strings.
    Fear of the paper, fear of colored fellows.
    Alba splits truth in two parts. Freedom.
    Proteggere choices. Scivola bugie, ragged pensieri.
    Cry pagine infinite.
    The storm shines in a lonesome place.
    Lightning of thoughts.
    Ever bitten.

    The song:

  4. anonimo says:

    The last one is mine Nicoletta

  5. anonimo says:

    I smile my freedom 
    My liberty is the heart-strings
    My pride is to survive the fear

    I'm not afraid to forgive
    because I want to fly towards the truth
    to make my thoughts shine
    and not to be a rugged colered soldier

    My glory "scivola" in the mistery
    if someone comprimise my "anima"
    But I'm not afraid to forgive
    because I want to fly towards the truth

    And I will smile my freedom

    Here the video:

    The video is about the revolutions across the Arab world but, as the link mentions, it's "dedicated to all the people struggling for freedom and dignity in the world".

    Giada E.

  6. anonimo says:

        I live in a lonesome place, and my heart wonder  for Liberty
    Tomorrow is another day, in Liberty, with new surprises and not fear and crying people
    There are my colored mama and papa that spit their glory for their rights, with the others fellows
    We live in a mistery channel
    We have to survive here
    We have to react here
    Yes Sir!
    Freedom is democracy!
    Irene P.

  7. anonimo says:

    I feel loose when I write with my pen
    because of its capability to express
    my inner revolution, my protests.
    I feel knocked down when I can’t
    write, I can’t speak, I can’t let my pen roars.
    I feel kicked when I see people who
    can’t express themselves, people who are
    seen like “negros”, who must yield
    cotton, who must hoe and plough and
    hoe again to make cotton yield.
    Any grace, any pride for them anymore, only double bows
    obsequious double bows, and “yes sir” repeated, and
    “give me your shoes to shine” repeated again.
    Any wonder, any surprise for them,
    only the will to reach liberty, to reach freedom.
    But there is only fear, and dreams

    Fabiola Celaj

  8. anonimo says:

    I am not a ragged
    I do not live in a lonesome place
    I am not bited from anything
    I do not plough
    I have nothing to moan about.
    I am pride because I climb up my wall every day
    because I fly like an eagle
    blowing my horn
    flying for miles because I am free.
    I fly with thunders
    trough storms and rain
    without strings closing my wings.
    I loose my mind in the wind
    and I am proud of my cracking glory.
    This is FREEDOM.

    This is the song I chose:



  9. anonimo says:


    You knocked me down
    and now I just want to scream.
    But I can't let you win.
    I want to start again,
    spitting fire on your storm of words
    that's making my tears flow down.
    I want to escape
    this lonesome place.
    I want to shine,
    I want to make myself heard
    like a thunder in a silent night.
    I want freedom, I want liberty,
    I want to make my own choices.
    So now I will sow a new seed
    to satisfy my biggest need.


  10. anonimo says:

    I'm not part of a great white race,
    I'm part of that lonesome place
    where people do not need to bow to
    a great white race.
    I don't want to climb up a great big mountain of 'yes sir',
    that are biting to the sandwich of your heart
    lightening your eyes with tears.
    I want to make a stride because
    I do not need my freedom when I'm dead
    but I need it now,
    and I want freedom just as you.
    So stop being a nobody, a coloured boy,
    but spit your truth, spit fire
    and give birth to freedom.


  11. anonimo says:


    © Vanessa

    Freedom screams.

    It's not in a lonesome place, it's just close to me
    It is my pen and my thoughts
    It spits fire, ruggisce e scatena tempeste

    Freedom is for me, for you and for them, too.

    Neither compromises nor hesitation, 
    We have just to give an ear to it. 

  12. anonimo says:

    Sorry, the last one is mine… Silvia S.

  13. anonimo says:


    I believe in dreams, I forget the storms,
    a wonderful smile makes me cry.
    My heart shines like a fire.
    My soul listens provocative rimes, and this is surprising.
    But I have fear of tomorrow, why?



  14. anonimo says:

    Once in a lonesome stream,
    an obsequious refugee I was.
    owned by folks that ragged my truth.
    Grinning at me, kicking me, scrutinising me.
    Their claws burst me apart.
    But I did have choices.
    I escaped.
    Like a thunder I loose myself,
    becoming a lightening seed,
    considering me a flying eagle that will reach the heart-strings of freedom.
    I forgive my fellow:
    tomorrow I will share my stride with them.,r:0,s:21&tx=87&ty=7


  15. anonimo says:

    Race protesta, another day save glory,
    Soul survives sogni
    Dimenticare, i muri parlano, listen
    Lion riggisce freedom
    Loose angry yield sugar seed.
    You as eagle start again
    Eyes cry liberty dreams.
    Soldier va a fondo.

    Veronica Sidoti

  16. anonimo says:

    Here the video. I created it.
    Veronica S.

  17. anonimo says:

    Some of your poems are really powerful.  Just a few of you seem not to have understood the task, since your poems do not make any sense, you just put together the words you wrote down in class when I read them out to you, but you did not link them in a "meaningful" way.  I got to learn a singer (Maher Zain) I did not know, so thanks.  Lovely images and songs.  I did not grasp the link between the video, choice of song someone of you did.  The sequence of images is nice, but there is just one that is directly linked to the issue of "racism".  Then I do not understand the link between the song chosen and the title of the video "say not to racism".
    I am satisfied with your poems.  Be proud of them.  Some flow better than others, but they are all so very special.  Well done.

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