The Rime of the Ancient Mariner: Creative Writing Activity triggered by Gustave Dorè’s prints

We have analysed the different textbook excerpts taken from the Rime of the Ancient Mariner.  On the basis of all the things you know now of the Rime, observe the following prints and write a dialogue between the different figures present in the print (both human, natural, supernatural, animate and inanimate).  Remember that you need to write the part of the narrator too.  Have fun and try to be as original and creative as ever! I count on that.  Looking forward to reading your “imaginative pieces!”

“The game is done! I’ve won, I’ve won!”
Quoth she, and whistles thrice.

The game is done

Each turned his face with a ghastly pang,
And cursed me with his eye.

each cursed me

And never a saint took pity on
My soul in agony.

and never a saint took pity on


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  1. Luana Linoss, VD scrive:

    Dialogue nr 1

    The Death and the Death-in-live play dice.
    The Death says: “If you want that mariner you must play dice with me.”
    In this statement, the Death-in-life replies: “He was given to me when he killed the magnificent albatross, it’s useless to play with his live in this world.”
    “I don’t care” continues Death “I want his soul to hell. This sailor deserves the hellish pain.”
    At this point, the Death-in-life gives up and decides to play dice with the mariner’s life sure to win his soul. In fact she throws the dice and scream: “The game is done! I’ve won, I’ve won!”.
    Quoth she, and whistles thrice.

    Dialogue nr 2

    The mariner talk with he ship’s soul : “it was horrible each turned his face with ghastly pang, and crused me with his eye. I couldn’t understand what I’ve done to deserve this punishment!”
    The ship pretty annoyed replies: “You lie, you know what you did!”
    “What?” asks the sailor confused. So the ship’s boat explains him what he was done “You killed the albatross: the hope of the sea for us sailors.” And she goes away into the ship’s heart again.

    Dialogue nr 3

    Suddenly the albatross tied to sailor’s neck begins to speak to him, saying: “I’m not angry with you, dear mariner, my fate was sealed long ago. If it wasn’t for your hand, I would by struck dead by lighting next week: God told that to me in Paradise. Not being in pain.” The mariner answer: “Anf never a saint took a pity on me. My soul agony. I’m sad for your death. I’m afraid of my destiny and of my punishment too.”
    The albatross that looks at him with a look full of love conforts him by telling me: “Your pain will end when God wants it, He loves all his creatures.”
    In the end, the voice trailed off as long as the albatross came death again.

    • Cristiana Ziraldo scrive:

      You reveal to have some creative skills, Luana. I am happy to get to know this about you. I appreciated what you wrote, though I suggest you should reread what you write before you post it, that way you would avoid lots of mistakes (silly ones and major ones)! However, since this is your first creative writing activity, I am happy with the results regardless of poor grammar 🙂

  2. Matteo scrive:

    1- And cursed me with his eye.1- Life-in-death: “Oh Death I think that today I’ll win the game”
    Death: “I’m not sure of it, because I win every time!”
    Life-in-death: “Pay attention because this is my moment, I’m sure of it, roll the dice!”
    Death: “Ok”
    -She rolls the dice, Life-in-death wins-
    Life-in-death: “The game is done! I’ve won, I’ve won!”
    -Quothe she, and whistles thrice, the life of the Mariner was won by Life-in-death-

    2- -Death wins the fellows, Life-in-death the Mariner-
    Death: “Well I’ll take his salors and you the Mariner”
    -She says grumpy, after that she kills the man on the ship and they all dead looking to the
    Mariner, because he was the cause of their death-
    The Mariner: “Each turned his face with a ghastly pang, and cursed me with his eye”
    Life-in-death: “This is your fault, you know?”
    Mariner: “Oh, no no no! It can’t be my falut, I’ve done nothig!”
    -He says with a low voice-
    Life-in-death: “Oh, you did, you did and you know it”

    3- Mariner: “ When I was alone, hungry and I saw all my fellows death lokking to me,
    never a saint took pity in my soul in agony”
    Saint: “We did, but when you killed the Albatross you wrote your destiny and we can’t do nothing
    to change it”
    Mariner: “What I’ve done, what I’ve done!”
    -He says in a whisper-
    Mariner: “I’ll change! I promes!”
    Saint: “It’s too late, I’m sorry but we can’t do nothig else, goodbye!”
    -And he leave him there alone in his solitude-

    • Cristiana Ziraldo scrive:

      I know I can expect much more from you. Do you remember the promise you made at the beginning of the school year? Come on smart guy, I decided to bet on you so…show me your great skills.
      As I wrote for Luana, this is your first creative writing activity in English, so I am satisfied with it, but … I expect more from you! 😉

  3. Chiara F. scrive:

    DEATH: This is my time to cast dice
    LIFE-IN-DEATH: Yes but don’t cheat like last time!
    DEATH: Don’t worry, I’ll be honest. Who do you prefer?
    LIFE-IN-DEATH: I want the Mariner, he killed the albatross and sentenced the other sailors to death
    DEATH: But they are partners in crime, don’t you think?
    LIFE-IN-DEATH: Yes but I’m planning a special punishment for him! Come on, let’s play!
    DEATH: Even or odd?
    DEATH: Oh no.. you won!
    LIFE-IN-DEATH:The game is done! I’ve won, I’ve won!
    DEATH: The mariner is yours! I’ll have the sailors, it’s time for them to stop suffering.
    LIFE-IN-DEATH: On the contrary the Mariner will start to do so.

    ALBATROSS: Watch them. They died and it’s your fault!
    MARINER: No.. I can’t watch those eyes. Everywhere I look, all I see is bodies with widely opened and terrible eyes. Each turned his face with a ghastly pang, and cursed me with his eye.
    ALBATROSS: This is your punishment, you killed me and this is the price to pay.
    MARINER: Can I die like them? Why am I still alive? I don’t want to suffer anymore.
    ALBATROSS: It’s too late.
    MARINER: Look at the water, God bless these creature!
    ALBATROSS: This is the first good thing you have done. Now I can go because you have been forgiven but this is just the beginning. You should do a long travel, it lasts until eternity.
    MARINER: What can I do? I just want to die.
    ALBATROSS: No, you can’t. Now you have a mission, you can’t give up.

    MARINER: What happened to the crew? I can’t believe I’m guilty of this!
    SAILORS’ SOULS: We died because of your mistake. You shouldn’t have killed the albatross.
    MARINER: I’m so sorry… I’d have never imagined that this could happen.
    SAILORS’ SOULS: You killed it and made us your partners in crime, but you are still alive and this is not fair.
    MARINER: I wish I could have your punishment, instead of living with the regrets.
    SAILORS’ SOULS: Now you are going to pay forever in agony by travelling until the end of time.
    MARINER: What shall I do during my eternal jurney?
    SAILORS’ SOULS: You will tell you story to every men you’ll meet so they won’t repeate your same mistake.
    MARINER: And never a saint took pity on my soul in agony. I’ll travel the world, hopefully my tragedy won’t be useless.

    • Cristiana Ziraldo scrive:

      Nice. This is proof that I should give you more creative writing activities to do? Is this the only way to make you study? If it works I will wreck out my brain to think of other activities for you to do.

  4. Francesca Lovisa scrive:

    “The game is done! I’ve won, I’ve won!”
    Quoth she, and whistles thrice.

    Then Death and life-in-death started talking to each other, as if I was not there, while I was waiting to know what would have happened to me, yet I somehow knew that what I was doomed for would have been something I never experienced nor imagined even in my worst nightmares.
    “As you can see, I have won, he will be mine for eternity.”
    “You well know he will beg me to save him from this damnation.”
    “And that is the most satisfactory things of all, there is nothing he can do that will save him from his eternal pain.
    Years and years he will spend mourning the loss of his crew, knowing what he did, how he ruined the life of his shipmates and this way of their loved ones. All because of he could not bear seeing that the reason they made it through the ice was something other than him.
    Why can’t men understand that no matter how much they try they will never be equal to God. Nature can’t and won’t ever bend to humanity.”
    I could not understand a word of what they said, what were they talking about, why couldn’t they just do something, anything would have been better than staying there waiting. Yet they kept their conversation going and my heart kept throbbing, while I waited for it to stop. It felt as if time did not exist anymore, it had been so long since I last saw the sun and the night made the pitch black sea look like darkness waiting to get us. All of a sudden I saw the two figures finally move, I realized they must have stopped talking while I was absorbed in my thoughts but then Death started speaking again, for the last time.
    “It is time. It’s been a pleasure.”
    And then they disappeared.

    Each turned his face with a ghastly pang,
    And cursed me with his eye.

    I could not stop staring at a sailor’s eyes, I did not even remember his name, all I knew was that I ruined his life and he knew it, I could see it in his eyes, everything he did not say before dropping down dead. His curse that would have followed me for eternity, his look wishing me the worst of pains. For some reason I started talking to him, even if I knew that that would not have made any difference to him nor me.
    “Stop looking at me like that. You should be grateful your life has come to an ending, so as your sorrows, while I am stuck on this boat, surrounded by soon to be stinking corpses. I did nothing to deserve this kind of punishment, you should well know since you did nothing to stop me from killing the Albatross. You all are as guilty as I am! Yet I do not see any of you here suffering with me!
    And you stupid bird, how was I supposed to know that by killing you I would have caused all this madness. You saved us once, why should we have kept you alive? You are just an animal, like the ones we kill every day and then eat. Yet Death doesn’t go around and kill everyone who eats meat, does he?”

    And never a saint took pity on
    My soul in agony.

    I was left all alone on that ship, aware of the endless pain that would haunt me for eternity. Mad and disgusted by everything I would see. Out of despair I started yelling at the souls of my shipmates passing me by, just wishing for someone to answer me.
    “Please come back, take me with you. Take me to the other world, I will do anything you ask me to. The underworld is better than being here. How am I supposed to find a way home by myself, how can I sail this ship to solid ground?”
    But I received no response. I tried killing myself a few times but it never worked. I was condemned to a life of misery. The night was dark and full of terrors, disgusting creatures all around me and nothing I could do to get rid of them. Nor could I look at the now rotting bodies, who with their eyes were still cursing me an insufferable pain.

    • Cristiana Ziraldo scrive:

      You left me speechless. Close to perfection, what should I add? Original and “superbly” written. I am so very proud of you Francesca. I am lucky to have you as one of my students. 🙂

  5. Leonardo Bidoia scrive:

    DEATH: Now we can play dice
    LIFE-IN-DEATH: But this time we must play seriously!
    DEATH: Is fine, but if I win I’ll take all of them, even the Mariner
    LIFE-IN-DEATH: No! He doesn’t deserve to die!I’ve already prepared a punishment for him
    DEATH: Then, odd or even?
    DEATH: Yes! I win! But this time I’ll be kind and I’ll let the Mariner
    LIFE-IN-DEATH: Thank you old friend

    ALBATROSS: Behold, look what you’ve done…you’ve killed all of them!
    MARINER: I cannot watch them!
    ALBATROSS: You were wrong to kill mean you’ve ben punished for eternity!
    MARINER: What will be my punishment?
    ALBATROSS: As you can already see them suffer just finished, you’ll do forever!
    MARINER: No please, now I just want to die, how can I fix it?
    ALBATROSS: You can’t. Now you have a mission an you cannot go back!

    MARINER: What happened to my fellow? I can’t believe I’m guilty of this!
    SAILORS’ SOULS: You were wrong and that’s why we’are dead. You shouldn’t have to kill the Albatross!
    MARINER: Forgive me!
    SAILORS’ SOULS: It’s unfair we’are dead and you’re still alive! How is it possible?
    MARINER: I have been cursed for eternity. I’ll travel endlessly until I’ll find the redemption
    SAILORS’ SOULS: Good luck old friend, good luck

    • Cristiana Ziraldo scrive:

      Happy to read your creative piece. There are some mistakes, but at least you made an attempt.
      The last line in the third piece is not coherent “Good luck old friend”, since a few lines beofre you write “it’s unfair…”, so I assume the sailors do not consider the Mariner a friend anylonger.

  6. Veronica Pignat scrive:

    Writer: Death and Life-in-Death are up on the boat and they’re playing with dices
    Death: The game is done! I’ve won, I’ve won!
    Life-In-Death: Oh damn it. Please, give me a last chance
    Death: Why?
    Life-In-Death: Because I need to take the Ancient Mariner
    Death: Ok, today I’m feeling good. Take the dices.
    Writer: we all know how it will finish.

    Writer: The Ancient Mariner is up on his boat with the death albatross. The boat is thinking:
    Boat: Oh dear albatross, you came for saving us from this disaster but that stupid man killed you
    Albatross’ Soul: This is the payment of what I was trying to do: save man’s lifes.
    Writer: this is what happens today in our society. Injustice.

    Writer: The Ancient Mariner is desperate on his boat, surrounded by all of his death sailors. He’s speaking with one of his sailor’s soul.
    The Ancient Mariner: Oh no, what have I done?
    Soul: You’d killed a God’s creature
    The Ancient Mariner: But you were all accomplices, why am I the only one who will never die?
    Soul: Because YOU had killed the albatross. We had only seen what you did.
    The Ancient Mariner: You were only traitors. Good bye.
    Soul: Goodbye

    • Cristiana Ziraldo scrive:

      The writer is the narror, am I right? If so, you should not write either writer or narrator.
      The pieces are short, yet you tried to render the true meaning of the prints, though in a few words.

  7. RIGUTTO TOMMASO scrive:

    The ship is sailing through the dark night. No hope is to be found . Two are left to play the last game, who will be the winner who will find his way. The wind is howling through the sails. No sign of God nor of his saints.

    – Leave those coins, do not touch them.
    – They are mine I’ve won. I will leave this bloody ship. I will return to my country.
    – No, none of us will return we will sail for ever , our journey is not over yet.
    God looks down at them and lightens with the moon the ship
    God: life is all a game which must be played.
    – Oh my God I won, I won
    God: But what is it that you have won? Two coins but how is your life?
    – I’ll sit here and wait and let her believe that her life will change

    It’s night there are stars in the sky. The ship is sailing. The sails are down and the flavour of death is all around
    – Help me! Help me! Save me!! save me!!
    – It is impossible for me to save anyone. Who am I to live or to save
    – Look at me I’m here at your feet. Please grab my hand.
    – Neither I nor the saints can hel;p it’s too late your dying.
    – No I am not! If I look in the sky I can see the light coming from the stars. Please don’t leave me.
    – There is no way I can save you . You all need help but I am the one who will be alone, and this is the worst punishment I can receive from the Mighty.

    All are dead only one mariner is alive. He looks towards God and cries for mercy.

    Oh God the mighty I am a lost soul, all are dead, what shall I do now?
    God replies: Hope and faith is all you need, to sail to you home.
    I’ll let nature guide me through this agony.

    • Nice. Remember, though, that these activities are meant to prompt in you the urge to write, to exercise your writing skills so that at the exam you will perform sufficiently wet to pass it without any difficulties. I am writing this to you because I would love you to try to do the activities by yourself. Getting a bit of help is fine, but try to rely on your own competences first. We will do other activities in the near future.

  8. Emanuele scrive:

    Death: do you want to play with dice?
    Life in death: yes of course let’s have a game!
    Death: I want to try first
    Narrator: she roll the dice and comes out the number eleven
    Life in death: oh great but now it’s my turn
    Narrator: she roll the dice and comes out the number twelve
    Life in death: “The game is done! I’ve won, I’ve won!” Quoth she, and whistles thrice.

    Ancient mariner: I killed this sailors and I killed the albatross. I don’t think that this gesture could cause this massacre. I wanted only to have fun with my cross-bow but never a saint took pity on me and now my soul is in agony.
    Narrator: the ancient mariner take his cross-bow and shot himself.

    • Next time try to work a bit more and better. In the second dialogue there is something that does not flow in my opinion. How can the Ancient Marienre mention that he killed the Albatross and then you have it mentioned by the narrator? It is confusing, isn’t it? Try to bury “laziness” and start working seriously to reveal what you are really capable of, if you want to.

  9. Giulia scrive:

    1)While they are in ship life-in-death and death argue about sailors’s destiny considering their action.

    D:I’m the whrost punisment for men. No one of them could ever avoid me.
    L-in-D:You couldn’t be a real punisment because you will give relief to their life’s sufference.
    D:I deprive them of the only life they have. I deprive them of achieving happines.
    L-in-D:You are wrong. I will give thrm the true sufference . The impossibility of reparing their action and the wareness of aneternal life are the biggest pain.
    D:The fate will be our judge.

    Life-in-death and death trusting in their dice determine the ancient mariner destiny.

    L-in-d:The game is won! I ‘ ve won, i’ve won!
    Quoth she, and whistles thrice.

    2)After killig the albatross,death started hiting the whole crew.

    Sailor:This is the consequence of your action.
    Ancient mariner:I’m not the only guilty.
    S:Yes,you are. Nobody pushed you to do this .
    A.m:You all were stucked nobody tried to do stop me!
    S: I didn’t imagine you wear able to do such a terrible thing.
    A.m:Neither do I.
    S:You think only about yourself. You musn’t consider yourself superior to life. She will always win.
    She sent the albatross to help us.
    A.m:If it happened there is a reason. We can only accept the consequence.

    Each turned his face with a ghastly pang, and cursed me with his eye.

    3)While sailors’s souls are rising in the sky, the Ancient mariner scream desperately

    A.m: Oh creul god! You drove me to accomplish this terrible action.

    The Ancient mariner was surprised by the fact that god answer his invocation.

    G: Nobody blamed me about such a violent incident.
    A.m:What about me now? Will I ever be released.
    G: Forgiveness is allowed only to regretfull men.
    A.m: It won’t be easy to me Ialways suffered a lot and never a saint took pity on 
    my soul in agony.
    G:Maybe you have never really asked for their help.
    A.m:Your task is to drive us and help us spiritually in our choises.
    G:Igive you the free will. I don’t oblidge mankind to do anything,they didn’t want to do

    So, god left the Ancient mariner in his pain

    • One thing is sure: you do not lack creativity! However I know you can do much better. Next time try to proofread your written assignment before you publish it. This way you can spot grammar and spelling mistakes. If you happent to have some time you may ask a friend or classmate of yours to read you piece and give you feedback.

  10. Elisa Angelica Farinola scrive:

    “The game is done! I’ve won, I’ve won!”
    Quoth she, and whistles thrice.
    This is the voice of Life-in-Death, but suddenly a strange noise comes from the top of the vessel: “This is not a case, all is written in the Fate, so you didn’t win anything, the Mariner is doomed to you, for his mistakes and now he will have to pay the ransom.”
    Life-in-Death is thinking, and she understands that there is no reason to be so happy
    Each turned his face with a ghastly pang,
    And cursed me with his eye.
    The Albatross around the neck of the Mariner started moving his moving his wings slowly, and then whispered: “This is your fault, Ancient Mariner, and now you have to tell this story to the whole world, if you want to leave this empty body.. You will learn to love Nature, animals and also other humans, all the creatures of God, and we will forgive you”
    The Mariner is extremely frightened and escaping from the Albatross he screamed and tried to throw himself in the sea, but an invisible force rejected him on the ship, so he started to cry and the fell asleep, exhausted from the agony.
    And never a saint took pity on
    My soul in agony
    But a saint wanted to help him, and counseled him: “Try to bless any kind of little creature, even those that you didn’t even know the existence, start to keep calm and behold the world around you, you will discover amazing wonders and feel ashamed of what you did. Only pursuing this way you will find the salvation.”
    And so the Mariner will view the things with new eyes, eyes of a God’s creature

    • Some parts are really creative. Next time try to reread what you write before you post it, so that you can spot some easily avoidable mistakes (spelling, easy grammar rules, etc.). I expect more from you because I know you can give much more than this. However, I am satisfied, regardless of my high expectations (this is no contradiction: I know you have lots of subjects to study!)

  11. Mattia De Camillis Baiocchi scrive:

    Life and life-in-death were casting dice for the ship’s crew and the ancient mariner’s fate.
    Ship: “poor mariners, poor, poor mariners! The two lives are casting dice for their fate!”
    Life-in-death: “the game is done! I’ve won! I’ve won!”
    Quoth she, and whistles thrice.
    Life: “damned dice!”
    Ship: “two pieces of plastic can decide the fate of all the ship’s crew!!”
    Life and life-in-death : “this is fate! It is unpredictable for something or not?!”

    In the meanwhile the ancient mariner is standing on the ship parched because of the thirst and is looking at the crew..
    Albatross: “I’m hanging on your neck because of your fail!”
    Ancient mariner: “You are the cross on mi heart because I don’t think when I killed you!”
    Albatross: “You’ll repent yourself! Look how you reduce the crew!”
    Ancient mariner: “oh my god! They are crucifying me too!”
    Each turned his face with ghostly pang. And cursed me with his eye.

    After this dialogue with the albatross life and life-in-death placed side by side their ship.
    Ancient mariner: “the lives are arrived! I’m lost!!”
    Life-in-death: “I’m here for you, killer of the albatross! See what happened to the crew of your ship..”
    While life-in-death is saying this to the ancient mariner, life pulls out all the mariners spirits.
    Than the ancient mariner looking these souls going away in a twister started thinking about his fate..
    Ancient mariner: “I prefer die here now, with my crew notepad that continue to live talking about this disaster! And never a saint took pity on my soul in agony!”

    • You did not carry out the activity as you had been asked to. However, I appreciated the attempt. Next time leave some time for proofreading. I am sure you will do much better in the next creative writing activity.

  12. Simona Mastrapasqua scrive:



    In a far and undefined period two malignant angels bagan a war to contend for the most excruciating pain. One of these represented the phisical sorrow , the other the psychological. After continuous battles and material destructions, they were exhausted and decided to rely on the case.

    DOLORES: Stop to fight! In this way not prevail none of two.
    PSICHE: What du you think to do?
    DOLORES: Let the fate to decide who will be stronger.
    PSICHE: How?
    DOLORES: We throw two dice, I win if they became blacks, I lose if reds.
    PSICHE: I agree with you, but on one condition, I’ll throw them.
    DOLORES: It’s Ok for me, start!

    She took the dices in a neutral color and threw them on the ground.
    PSICHE: “The game is done! I’ve won, I’ve won!”
    Quoth she, and whistles thrice.

    The captain of a ship was a great flatterer of a mythological bird, so much that he always wore a real one on the neck. In a long trip began to rise symptoms of plague. All the crew was stuck by it, except him inexplicably.

    MARINER: Go away! Walk away! You are the devil! How is it possible that we are all dying and you’re not?
    JACK: I’m not the devil,indeed it is my faith that helps me. You also must believe to save youself.
    MARINER: I will never believe in your vain faith!
    JACK: Therefore you will go in the hell.
    After that he saw all the sailors die and each turned his face with a ghastly pang, and cursed me with his eye.

    In a ship full of sailors, there was one of these that didn’t believe in God. One day the Creator wanted to show him his power, calling with him in paradise all the sauls of his mates , except the one of the atheist.
    ATEO: Why are you doing this? Why you make me see with my eyes to rise souls of my friends? Is it not true that you have been created the earth’s things? I am not even one of your creature? You don’t leave me alone in the darkness of fear and ignorance. Enlighten me! And never a saint took pity on my soul in agony.
    GOD: Open your heart and you will be saved.
    The mariner understood that only believing and loving God unconditionally would put an end to the agony of his soul giving him the eternal light.

    • You have definitely made headway since last year. However, at times it is not easy to follow the train of thoughts. There are lots of spelling and grammar mistakes which make it a bit difficult to understand what you originally meant to write. I am happy to see, though, that you tried to work at your best. Do not give up because you can reach better results. I know it.

  13. Madalina Pavel scrive:

    1) At the early sunset the ocean was opened in two and from the abyss a wreck came out cricking and wailing. On board only two figures could be seeing, one was all dressed with black clothes, the other with white ones. The two were DEATH and LIVE-IN-DEATH. They were preparing for a game of dice, and while doing it they started talking about their mission.
    “Why do you want him so much?” said Death sulky, “, that is what He said, and He let us decide what it will be.What he did, is not something that deserves a simple punishment. ” answered Live-in-death. Than the former replied:” What I did is not simple”, “Well, since we continue to fight over this point we will draw lots to see who will have him, and as the othet ones are also incriminated, you will take them all, so you do not have much to complain about.” told the latter. After hearing that Death made a really grumpy face and quoth:”I just do not thing that you are so special. I could let him left his body and make him stay on the earth forever. He will be ignored like he did with his common sense.” and in the end Live-in-death said:” If he will get ignored then his suffer would be useless, but if he is made to go and spread his knowledge, that would have a double effect.” Death was not so sure about that, but she pulled the dice, that was not a good result, after which there was the turn of Live-in-death, “The game is done! I’ve won, I’ve won!” Quoth she, and whistles thrice. And so the fate was chose.

    2)The crew were at their limit, no one could move beyond, no one could think of anything else except that everything was my fault. They were all closed in their suffering body. They could no longer hear anything, the echo of their tired heart resounded in their empty carcasses. Those were no longer men, what makes a man a man in those bodies there was not. They had also lost hope. Only one thing was left to them; in those dead eyes echoed the hate. The one who was to lead to salvation, led to their death. Each eye said : “you kill me”. The Mariner read them perfectly, seemed almost to hear it actually. And it was really so, the voice come from the dead bird tied to his neck. It said it clearly and repeated it two time. The Mariner got paled, the other looked like they had not heard it, but it said so. He pretended that there was nothing, but for days the albatross repeated those words, he could not bear more, he tried to strangle the bird; and at the same instant in which he succeeded the albatross died, and with him all the comrades, Each turned his face with a ghastly pang, And cursed he with his eye.

    3)My companions were all dead, and their souls were all in front of me, I felt a little like Aeneas in the Elysian fields. I was moved, their pain was finally over, but not mine. And they were looking at me with threatening eyes. Mine pain only then began. Among them there was my most faithful friend, the one who would have followed me to the end of the world, and there I took him. I felt so ashamed, so sorry. I betrayed his trust. I tried to speak but he stop me and said: “what you did was our downfall, but I forgive you my friend. Just tell me one thing why did you do it? What did you want to prove?”. I wanted to answer him but I had no voice, than I started to cry, but no tears came down, it was a dry cry. I could only mumble: “Sorry”, but I was not really sorry, I was scared. I tried to say: “please help me, please save me!” , but no sound came out. he looked at me with pitiful eyes, and told me: “Brother, there is no hope for you, this will be your punishment”. After those words all the spirits passed me by And never a saint took pity on My soul in agony.

    • You worked hard and I really appreciated it. I loved reading your creative pieces. Next time try to reread everything before you post it, this will help you spot some mistakes that are easily detectable in the phase of proofreading.
      You are certainly creative and endowed with strong will. 🙂

  14. Jessica scrive:

    Picture one.

    Death and life in death are on the ship. While they’re arguing about mariner’s destiny, something unaspected happens and it changes destiny’s forces balance.
    Death: “As we all know, the best way to punish bad actions is the privation of guilty’s life”
    Life in death: “It’s only an illusion, I’ll manage to bring them on my way: nothing is better than an existence of expiation to learn a lesson”.
    Death: “Even they will live expiating their guilt, they will enjoy life’s gift anyway and it mustn’t happen. As a guilty man committing a crime against an other being, deprive him of his happiness and freedom we must punish that man depriving him of his most precious comfort source: the life”.
    Suddenly the moon light dims and the ship staggers.
    Sea: “Since you’re not able to find an agreement, I’ll help you in this task”
    Life in death: ” You’re not allowed to take part in this decision”
    Sea: “Nature suffered an injustice, doesn’t it? How could I be rejected from this event? Go on casting dice and I’ll play my part”.
    They cast dice and a big wave, making the ship floatting, make the dices fall according to his will.
    Life in death: “The game is done! I’ve won, I’ve won!”
    Quoth she, and she whistles thrice.

    Picture three.

    While he stares at his mates souls rising to the sky, the ancient mariner is depressed and questions himself about the infernal punishment he’s got.
    Ancient mariner: “What a miseable life I’ve done! What a terrible future expects me?”
    Souls: “Think about your fault, think about your actions, think about your decisions and do not look for an undeserved forgiveness: face your action’s consequences before judging your conditions as unfair”
    Ancient mariner: ” I,ve never been assisted in my life, I’ve never been used to gratitude, and never a saint took pity on my soul in agony”
    Souls: ” This time you’re going to serve a heavy pain.. it arrives directly from sufference itself: the death”

    Picture two

    The ancient mariner feels the load of his actions but he doesn’t feel guilty.
    Ancient mariner: “I can’t live with such a burden on myself”
    Sailors: “You have to face your guilt, you have to experience the sufference you have caused to an innocent being and to us”
    Ancient mariner: ” I’m not responsible for your punishment, I’ve operated impulsively. I don’t trust in superstitions and tales, I only belive in the reality of the fact”
    Sailors: “O miserable man, pay attention to your own words: you’re paying for yuor lack of reflwction. Look at your neck. That pour albatross is the symbol of your guilt and by now, he will replace us as your voyage mate. That pour soul is the sign of your guilt with whom you have to coexis”.
    While I was staying petrified, each turned his face with a ghastly pang
    and cursed me with his eye.

    • Some parts were not immediately clear to me, I had to reread them more than once. It is highly advisable to leave time for the phase of proofreading before posting one’s comment. Proofreading is fundamental to avoid spelling mistakes (especially when they may cause confusion. For example POUR and POOR) and grammar mistakes. I am sure you will perform much better next time. I count on that!

  15. Andrea Moras scrive:

    IMAGE 1
    They launch the dice at the same time.
    The tension has cutted with a knife,
    Death howls “go” in sign of encouragement,
    You could see Life in Death assaulted by the fear of the defeat.
    The dice danced uncertain on the deck,
    And at the discover of the final result,
    Life in Death woke up and shouts
    “The game is done! I’ve won, I’ve won!”
    Quoth she, and whistles thrice.
    IMAGE 2
    I know my shipmates will be died in a short time,
    But when it happened I wasn’t prepared at the horrible vision.
    Each turned his face with a ghastly pang,
    And cursed me with his eye.
    They fall on the ground like lots full of stones,
    And in that moment I thinked I would have been alone,
    And damned forever.
    IMAGE 3
    I was lonely on the sea,
    Abandoned by the world.
    My screams dispersed in the wind,
    My crying not heard by anyone.
    I tried to invoke the God’s help,
    But it seemed that God was deaf at my words.
    And never a saint took pity on
    My soul in agony.

    • Some parts are not clear to me. It reads more like poetry than like narrative. You had been asked to write a mixture of narration and dialogue. Then there are lots of major mistakes (thinked, cutted, etc.) that must be avoided. Try to leave some time for proofreading next time. It will certainly help.

  16. Basma Saykouk scrive:

    “The game is done! I’ve won, I’ve won!”
    Quoth she, and whistles thrice.

    Death and the life-in-death was playing dice on the ship. In those dice,all my destiny was played. I was looking at that horrible scene,while I was extremely terrified.
    And suddenly,life in death exclaimed :“The game is done! I’ve won, I’ve won!”. In that moment; I realized that my end;my terrible end was determined. A dead silence overtook the ship; when Death started to speak:” I know that you’ve won;but just explain me why you feel so glorious;and praised? Humans prefer to die; to get rid of all the difficulties and the pain in life;to put an end to their suffering existence..”
    She was ending his speech;when Life in Death laughing aloud said:”Hah;and this is why I feel so victorious, it’s too easy to die;without suffering,it’s too easy to stay in peace; without paying for the mistakes made before;it’s not a punishment but a lesson for humanity. I feel so glorious as you said; because humans made too many errors, being so selfish. Im here,to help mankind to learn from the mistakes;of others. To make them act in a moral and equal way.”
    Death;continued to stare at Life in Death a bit suprised;and did not tell anithing;my destiny was settle.

    Each turned his face with a ghastly pang,
    And cursed me with his eye.

    As long as I will try to explain you;my feelings in that state,I can not never be so realistic. All the suffering faces that was sourrounded me;the yellow sore eyes;it was as if I was imprisoned by the looks. Accused of a grave sin. Cold,night,me and the dead albatross on my neck. I felt so seriously guilty ;the sailors was dying for my fault. And the worst was that I could not do anything to save them;and even save my sefl. In the depth of my despair , I heard a sailor stil alive,tryng to tell me something,with a weak voice he prounounced these words:” Look what you have done;killing the albatross! How miserable and weak now we are for your faut! Look at the sailor and our wretched end! You’ve killed the albatross;the sign of God!”
    “I was just tryng to save the ship from that strange creature,I just did not know of it’s symbolic sign!”
    “Nothing will be the same now,you will be suffering for all your life;and no-one will save you from this fate!” He said;exhaling his last breath.

    And never a saint took pity on
    My soul in agony.

    No one on the ship was still alive. I was alone;in the ocean. Surrounded by dead bodies.
    I cried out;try to kill my self but in vain. My punishment was to live the eternal.
    A strange feeling has dominated my body,anger,rage,fear,and endless suffering. The worst was that sensations will never end. No end;just eternity. And then I started wondering:” This is the eternity to wich humans aspire? This eternal sufference? this eternal pain? Forgive me God! Forgive me, I have sinned without knowing it! Oh how I wish to be one of this dead bodies!”.
    Scared and alone I was. Weighed down behind,by a sin of which even I knew I had committed.

    • cristianaziraldo scrive:

      Basma, I loved your creative piece. You seem to have grasped the scope and complexity of Coleridge’s work. Try to work on accuracy: there are lots of grammar and spelling mistakes you can easily avoid if you try to proofread what you write after some time.
      I enjoyed reading your piece and I hope in the future accuracy will go hand in had with appropriacy!

  17. Lara De Piero scrive:

    Dialogue nr.1
    The Ancient Mariner, who has just killed the albatross, and his crew see in the distance a vessel getting close to them. This view gives them a new glimmer of hope, but what they see as the vessel approaches is something frightening. On board ship, in the middle of the rough water, the skeleton of a dead body is arguing with the soul of that corpse about the destiny of the crew; they decide their fate by casting dice.
    Skeleton: They are all almost dying and I want them, I want to free them from pain.
    Soul: It would be unjust. There is a man who have to purify his soul, the lot cannot be indifferent to what he have done during his life! Skeleton: Let’s cast dice, it is the only way to come to an end.
    Soul: You are right. Here they are!
    The soul takes out the dice and throw them on the floor of the ship.
    Soul: The game is done! I’ve won, I’ve won!
    Skeleton: Yeah, you won… Soul: I’m going to take that old mariner and make him feel sorry for his crime! You are free to do whatever you want with the rest of the crew. Now they are all in your hands!

    Dialogue nr.2
    The crew is dying, but the mariner. His mates are looking at him with a nasty look and are blaming him of their death. In particular, one of them addresses to him with words of reproach.
    Man: It’s your fault! We are in this situation because of your negligence!
    Mariner: No, don’t blame me! I want to die with you, my mates, I don’t want to expire all by myself! Mate: This is what you deserve, you faithless friend!
    The crew is passing away and the mariner stays alone panic-stricken.
    Mariner: No, no! How can be the fate so pitiless? How can I survive without my mates? No, no, I regret what I did!

    Dialogue nr.3
    “And never a saint took pity on my soul in agony” thinks the mariner while his mates’ souls are living their corpses headed toward the sky. The mariner, in the grip of madness, yells at God begging for forgiveness.
    Mariner: Please, take me and release my soul from sins! I hope and pray your absolution!
    God: I cannot do anything, you are the creator of your destiny and this suffering is the right punishment to your crime. Mariner: But…but now I am regretful for the crime I committed!
    God: I know, but it doesn’t matter. By now the dice is cast!
    Mariner: I feel sorry, I swear it! God: Dear old mariner, you have been so unfair with my other creatures and now you have to expiate you faults; unfortunately, suffer is the only way to do it.
    The mariner has no option but suffer till his soul will be purified.

    De Piero Lara 5H

    • cristianaziraldo scrive:

      Astonishing piece Lara, I loved reading it. It seems you are able to show your full potential on the blog. Perhaps your being reserved and timid prevent you from being at your best in class.

  18. Francesco Bortolussi scrive:

    Death: Sister, do you see those sailors? All are going to die: this time we will choose to dice the booty belongs to us.
    Life-in-death: It is true, all because of that fool with the albatross around his neck. Whoever wins will take the wicked sailor and won it will be up to the crew
    Death: I agree.

    The Death took the dice of bone and he let it fall like a dead weight on the keel.
    Life-in-death stood up and walked over to see the result. She had won again, the fate of the sailor was now well marked and like that of his companions.

    Death: Here! nuts have chosen, I will take the crew under my coat and I’ll give you the sailor.
    Life-in-death: He’ll have a worse fate, he will not rest more than ever, it will be wrapped by nightmares and never find peace.

    Last sailor: What have you done? Where did you bring us?!
    Mariner: What is happening to you? Why are all dying?
    Last sailor: This expedition should never have started! your foolishness has condemned us!
    Mariner: It is not possible! It was just an albatross!
    A sailor: You are not enough blood albatross, and even our! God damn you!

    With these words the last sailor of the crew died and remained with his lifeless eyes fixed towards the albatross around her neck. For three days the sailor did not sleep thinking constantly about why he had not died too. But someone had other plans for him…

    3. Mariner: Who are you? What happened to the crew?
    Souls of sailors: We are the spirits of your comrades, dead because of you.
    Mariner: No please! Leave me alone! If I had known I would not have ever done!
    Souls of sailors: Now there is no going back, we not persecute you, you already have your punishment!
    Mariner: And what would be?
    Souls of sailors: You will pay for your crime, you will travel in agony until the end of time, telling your story.

    The sailor again took the helm and with yellow eyes began to scan the horizon looking for someone to tell his story.

    • cristianaziraldo scrive:

      Eventually, after some time, you decided to post your piece. I enjoyed reading it though I know perfectly well that somebody helped you write it. I hope this somebody helped you and did not write it for you. If this somebody helped you it implies you are learning something. Try to start working Francesco, you can make it if you really want to, I know it! 🙂

  19. Valentina Porro scrive:

    I ˚dialogue
    Death and Life-in-death are casting dice. They are going to discover which members of the crew will belong to them.
    Death exclaims :“The Mariner will be mine! You don’t have to cast the dice!”. But Life-in-death replies :“If I were you, I wouldn’t be so convinced of that! Dice, dice, please, show us the destiny!”. So the dice start moving and at the end they whisper :“We run, we turn and we run. We won’t hear your prayer! Arrogance is not the solution. Than here we are, ready to tell you the truth.” A chilling wind comes, the dice stop. The destiny is shown. “The game is done! I’ve won, I’ve won!”
    Quoth she, the beautiful Life-in-death, and whistles thrice.

    Death and Life-in-death have done their game. The destiny shows that the Ancient Mariner will live forever instead his shipmates are dying.
    The Ancient Mariner is confused : “What is happening? I fell flames inside me!”. One of his dying shipmates whispers : “You killed the white Albatross, you made the mistake…But now we are here, suffering.” The Ancient Mariner cannot understand : “Oh man please, I beg you, I beg you, don’t leave me here, Death has come to take me! I will help you I promise, we will find food to eat and water to drink…”. The Ancient Mariner does not end to talk to his shipmate that each turn his face with a ghastly pang, and curse he with his eye.

    The Ancient Mariner understands his destiny. Every shipmate is going to die. He will remain alone. The shipmates’ soul are flying away.
    The Old Man starts crying : “Where are you going? Please I want to come too! The captain has to die, his shipmates have to live!”. He starts tearing up his clothes, he fells fire and flames inside his body. He takes the hand of the man with whom he was talking before : “ Do not go, please! Or take me with you!”. The chilling wind comes, he runs over the collapsed bodies and he whispers : “ Souls, oh souls, come, come, is time: the game is done!”. The Ancient Mariner is crazed, desperate and he shouts : “ I am here, take my soul too, he is burning inside me!”. The Old Man extends his arms, he wants to catch the souls. He falls over the dead bodies. He prays and prays but nothing happens. He lies on his shipmates : “And never a saint took pity on
    My soul in agony.”.

    • cristianaziraldo scrive:

      So original. It reads smoothly too!
      Thanks for always working hard Valentina, I will always cherish you in my heart as one student with a HUGE heart and a great smile.
      I enjoyed reading your piece. 🙂

  20. Valentina Paronuzzi scrive:

    Dialogue 1

    Death and life-in-death are approaching the Ancient Mariner’s ship when Death exclaims: “those men have to be punished for their sin, and the best punishment is to take them under my wing”
    But life-in-death replies: “That’s not fair! You always take them with your chill air” .
    At these words the death claims: ” There’ s a man with the heart cold like the ice, let’s play his soul with dice!” and Life-in-death replies with a grin: ” that’s fine but do not get mad if I win!”
    So death cast the dice. “The game is done! I’ve won! I’ve won” quoth she, and whistles thrice.

    Dialogue 2

    The game is done. The sailors are sentenced to death except the Ancient Mariner.
    One of them starts shouting to me: “Why? Why do you have killed the Albatross? And why are we punished while you have no loss?” Then I cries: “I don’t know!I did not think! but you are guiltless and death should bring me with her and not you!”.
    The sailor screams: “That’s not fair” and then he adresses to Death: “Come here and take him with you! it’s his fault!”. But the ship is already disappeared and each mariners turned his face with a ghastly pang, and cursed me with his eyes.

    Dialogue 3

    The souls are flying away and the Ancient Mariner is shocked and he cries: ” Please, please, stop! Don’ t leave me alone!Don’t go away so fast!”.
    To these words a soul begins to whisper while he is blowing away in the wind: “Now you are alone and you have to tell your story to every man you encounter..remember what you did!You have the possibility to teach men what you are going trough and you have to do it for ever!”
    The Ancient Mariner drops to the ground and starts praying and then he thinks: “and never a saint took pity on my soul in agony”.

    • cristianaziraldo scrive:

      Your creativity comes out whenever I ask you to write something on the blog. You will have to write more then!
      Mind you, there are some mistakes you can easily avoid if you proofread your piece before you publish it!

  21. Valerio Zaina scrive:

    Death / life-in-death: we’re coming Ancient Mariner, be ready or not, pay attention, this is your punishment, not you redemption.
    Death: who will you take, the leader or the crew?
    life-in-death: I take the one, you take the lot! The worst punishment is not brought by you!
    Death: no way, you’re not my chief, for the two of us you cannot decide!
    life-in-death: let’s put stupid consideration aside.
    Death: let’s leave dice to declare if he’s your or mine!
    Life-in-death: life is just a big joke, after all, throw them down!
    Death: and the man’s soul nothing more than a pawn.
    Life –in-death : cast the dice! Do not think about it twice!
    (the two of them start to play in front of the ancient mariner. Life-in-death wins)
    Life-in-death: the game in done, I’ve won, I’ve won!
    Death: sorry for you, Ancient Mariner!
    Life-in-death: the sky for you will not be sunnier!

    Mariner (to his fellows): Please, close your eyes! Don’t look at my guilty face. That was me, that was me! I didn’t want this to happen to you, my dear fellows, close your eyes! They cross my heart like whizz of my cross-bow! I cannot find the answer to my action. Rest in peace, the game is done: no more pain for you, loneliness and punishment is what I deserve, but please now, close your eyes. Fly away, reach the moon that tonight seems to shine in horrible and different way, I am so sorry, no redemption for me. These horrible sound seem knife in my ears, the shoot my fault on me and I cannot stand it. Why, why, why the life? Why is it so easy to do something wrong? Why so difficult a good action? What I needed was just an arrow, nothing more, and the fate of my crew was already decide. Life is not in our hand, who owns it? Please dear fellows, close your eyes! Life is a gift so difficult to use, life is just a joke that gives you the impression to be, but you are nothing, you are just a pawn, a false step and you are done. The game is done, I lost, I lost. I didn’t know I was playing… I am so sorry, no redemption for me, loneliness and punishment I what I deserve. Please, dear fellows, close your eyes!

    Mariner: all alone, all, all, all alone, alone on a wide, wide see
    Never a saint will take pity on me!
    I will not pray a saint, nobody at all
    I’m sure he won’t notice that I’m even won
    I won’t break this wide silence, I’ll have to share it for so long,
    But I’m not so strong.
    I will not pray a god, nothing at all
    I’m sure he does not care, now that they’re gone!
    I have to stay here, and suffer for so long,
    I don’t know if I’m so strong.
    I feel so stupid, it is all my fault,
    Redemption won’t come easy, I won’t be save at all
    But I won’t break this silence, I’ll share it for so long,
    But I’m not so strong.
    What could I possibly want from this? I’m already done!
    Everything is mud and fire because of me,
    I am so sorry, I surely deserve this loss.
    Souls: you don’t have to say anything at all
    We cannot bring your suffering away, we cannot do nothing at all!
    Shooting to him you wasted our life, now do not waste your pray.

    • cristianaziraldo scrive:

      You show creativity and understanding of The Rime with your three pieces. I read them easily, with no great obstacles as to grammar or spelling. Try to proofread, though, since I know you can do better and you know I demand more from you (because you have great potential, this is why!).

  22. Giada scrive:

    The two women are casting dice. Soon the Mariner will be part of heaven or hell.
    The dice jump…the dice run…the destiny arrives, the destiny goes away and comes the fate.
    The dice stop, Death and Life-in-death look at them and Death says:” The Mariner is my! I will bring his soul but I let him his body. He will not have quiet in his days”.
    And Life-in-death answers:” The game is done! I’ve won but I take the other mariners’ sould. They have already suffered enought.”
    Quoth she whistles thrice
    The bright-eyed Mariner is looking for water to help the crew.
    The mariners can not speak, they are bitting their lips due to the thirst.
    The ancient mariner says :”What should I do? I killed the Albatros and now nature is bad. I killed a sign of hospitability with that murder so we are going to die because of my error.”
    The Wedding Guest cannot choose but hear he is mesmerised and listenning… the tale goes on.
    “Their glance is like ice that hurt my heart- says the Mariner-each turned his face with a ghastly pang, and cursed me with his eyes”.
    The Ancient Mariner is surrounded by corps.
    The members of the crew are dead and he is talking to Death:” Please, take me! Take me with you! I am the only person that should die. I am alone, alone, alone a dead man in a horrible life! My crew’s souls are gone and mine is damneded and never a sain took pity on my soul in agony”.
    Death do not answer to him , she let him alone in the middle of the sea.

    Giada Blasut 5^ F

    • cristianaziraldo scrive:

      You wrote more than usual, great!
      Try to use the “spellcheck” option in the computer, that way you will avoid lots of spelling mistakes. Leave time for proofreading too, that way some grammar mistakes can be avoided.

  23. Emanuele Li Calzi scrive:

    Emanuele Li Calzi
    Death and life-in-death are on the skeleton ship casting dice. The crew stood dumb seing the vessel approaching to them. The Spectre Woman and her Deathmate agreed to cast dice, the winner would have decided the Ancient Mariner’s fate.
    DEATH: This Mariner deserves a harsh punishment, he killed a God’s creature and went against the law of Nature. I suggest to kill him as he did with the Albatross.
    LIFE-IN-DEATH: No! Why don’t we punish him with a stronger solution? He would suffer more if we left him in a condition of immortality, in which he would be forced to live forever with his guilty feeling.
    DEATH: That will be the solution only if you win this match: if you make a higher score than mine the Mariner will get your punishment.
    LIFE-IN-DEATH: I agree with you! That’s fine, let’s do it!

    The dice floated in the air…

    DICE 1: Death will win! The Mariner will die because I will be the winning dice!
    DICE 2: You’re certainly wrong! I’m willing to bet one of my sides that I’m going to be the winner. I’ve always been the most fortunate!

    The dice tumbled on the ship deck…they finally stopped at the two figures’ feet.
    Life-in-death made the higher score and won the match. The Ancient Mariner’s fate was done, the sailors died hence the old man would have carried this painful load throughout his whole life.

    LIFE-IN-DEATH: Alea iacta est.
    DEATH: (she stood silent).


    The Albatross is still hanging from the Mariner’s neck.

    ANCIENT MARINER: Oh! What a pitiful existence! This death creature represents the burden that fills my soul. You! Bright Albatross, you are the bond that links men to nature and I broke that tight relationship, causing the death of all the members of my crew. Your weight is like the load that now and forever will lie heavy on my conscience. My soul and body are too weak to bear the weight of your mole, I would like to take that ax left on the floor and cut the rope that binds us; but I can’t do this, the Albatross is my punishment that will last forever. I accept the curse that descended on me as the serving of a sentence sent by God for the killing of His creature!


    A stream of souls covered the sky like a swollen river, the moonlight was hidden by this tremendous flow. The sailors’ corpses lay down on the ship deck at the Mariner’s feet.
    ANCIENT MARINER: No, no! Don’t leave me all alone!
    MARINERS’ SOULS: Dear, come with us… We can forgive you for what you have done as God teaches us. Your pain and your guilt will surrender to death and you will finally reach a state of peacefulness…
    ANCIENT MARINER: I do agree with you my dear comrades, but…have you ever heard those famous verses?
    “To be, or not to be, that is the question:
    Whether ‘tis Nobler in the mind to suffer
    The Slings and Arrows of outrageous Fortune,
    Or to take Arms against a Sea of troubles,
    And by opposing end them: to die.”
    Unfortunately I already know the answer to this question: I went against the laws of Nature and I must pay for this reason. My life must be here and my punishment will accompany my soul for the rest of my days on earth. As I’m now a life-in-death I have to face the all “slings and arrows” that life throws against me. I pray God for a redemption but I know that this is the right penalty and I deserve it.

    • cristianaziraldo scrive:

      You reveal to have acquired a good grasp of the ballad. I am proud of that. Mind the use of the conditional. You use the third conditional when you should have used the second. When you refer to the actions in a story and you tell the anecdotes, you use “would”. It seems that somebody has helped you, which I am happy as long as you understand the help you are given. The more you write the better it will be for your final exam. At times you use expression that reveal that you thought in Italian and translated into English. 😉

  24. Silvia Piol scrive:

    First dialogue
    Death: Dear fellow of mine, please come.
    Life in-death: I’m coming. I’m coming.
    Death: Let’s cast the dice, dear fellow of mine and let’s see the destiny.
    Life in-death: All right. I’m ready. Let’s go for it!
    Death: I cannot but say something before we start, dearest fellow of mine. If you win the mariner’s life but that of the crew is mine.
    Life in-death: It’s fine. It’s fine. Let’s play the game!
    They cast the dice.
    Life in-death: The game is done! I’ve won! I’ve won!

    Second dialogue:
    Each turned his face with a ghastly pang, and cursed me with his eyes.
    Then one man started to speak.
    Man: You. You are the reason of my sorrow…
    Mariner: Your words are like daggers!
    Man: You, the principal of my death…
    Mariner: They’re like a blade plunged into my chest!
    Man: You. You that I…I thought you were a friend of mine…but now I know you are…
    Mariner: Oh, please. Please stop this painful list!
    Man: Oh if my eyes could be daggers, I would kill you myself!

    Third dialogue:
    Mariner: Oh, never a saint took pity on my soul in agony…but you God… I count on you!
    God: Dear son of mine, my love for you is boundless but I cannot but punish you for what you’ve done.
    Mariner: Oh father, take pity on me!
    God: Dear creature of mine, your crime was an unnatural one. Brothers don’t kill each other…so God’s creatures don’t do that as well.
    Mariner: Oh, I repent my sin!
    God: Your words are a great comfort to me but your crime is like a scar that lasts forever!

    • cristianaziraldo scrive:

      I liked the references to Shakespeare! Everything flows smoothly, but you know I expect more from you. You could have created more complex dialogues because you are capable of great things. I know you are overburdened with things to do, but you could just have written something more to reveal your deep analysis of the ballad. 😉

  25. Riccardo Sartori scrive:

    Picture 1.
    Death and Life-in-Death are casting dice due to discover which of them will take possession of the Ancient mariner’s ship. The fate of the men is hanging by a thin thread.
    Life in death, with confident tone, said: “Ancient Mariner, look! This is your punishment for what you did. I am going to be the leader of this ship!” said she with confident tone.
    “We will see, my dear Death-in-Life” replied Death, “Now play so that I could rejoice”.
    The silence that lingers on the ship was interrupted only by the sound of the dice, that rolled along the slimy floor.
    “The game is done, I’ve won, I’ve won!” quoted she and whistles thrice.
    Death, disappointed, said: “It’s a bitter pill, but this is what fate decided”.

    Picture 2.
    Ancient Mariner: “ All my men are agonying, near to death, but their silence and their eyes is speaking to me. Oh no, cruel fate, why I have to stand all these guilts. I must see this horrible scene, becuase this is the punishment that God decided for me. I deserve it, I deserve it. No forgiveness for me, my admiral, I mock you with my selfishness and my irresponsability. And now, your weary eyes are meeting mine, which are dispersed in the extraordinaryinfinity of the sea. I was wrong, I didn’t know what to do, as if I were isolated all by myself.
    I don’t ask your forgiveness, becuase I imagine your ardent anger towards me, but I need to say thank you, my fellows.

    Picture 3.
    Ancient Mariner: “I am all alone with the collections of your death bodies, my men. No, don’t left me now, I can feel your souls, that still cursed me. I am alone in the sea, which has become my tomb. And never a saint took pity on, my soul in agony. This is what the fate decides and I must accept it. But God, take my soul too, this is my destiny, I hope it! It’s too late, but I regret for my past crime and I ask your forgiveness. Now, take my life and my soul, I invoke you. I am nothing now, no one will notice me and my disappearence, I was defeat by my egoism: punish me, my God, bring my soul with you.”

    Riccardo Sartori 5°F

    • cristianaziraldo scrive:

      You say “to be in agony” or “agonise”.
      You have been extremely creative and your vocabulary use has been improved considerably. Thanks for always working hard, I really appreciate it.
      Another recurrent error is “to ask” when you should write “to ask for”
      You ask a question
      You ask for something (a favour, a piece of information, etc.)
      “egoism” means “egotism”, you wanted to write “selfishness”.

  26. Mattia Pizzutti scrive:

    Dialogue I^
    The two dices, Death and Life-in-death, are playing together in the ship.
    None person would ever meet them: they decide your future.
    They go around the world searching their new “victims”!
    If you hit on them, obviously you would throw them.
    This, is the mistake!

    One day, the ancient Mariner and his fellows are in the ship.
    They have neither food nor beverage. They see the dices.
    They want to play. They have nothing else to do and they want enjoying themselves.
    Every fellow launch the two dices one time.
    The ancient Mariner is the last one.
    He catch the dice. He throw them. He win!!!
    No! He lost!
    One dice shout out: “The game is done! I’ve won! I’ve won!”
    Quoth she, and whistles thrice.

    Dialogue II^
    The ancient Mariner was in the ship, and seeing his fellows, said:”Alas! I asked for that! I play at dice! I thought, I had won, but I didn’t know Those dices! And then I was here, looking my faithful fellows, complaining, barking, shouting at me: each turned his face with ghastly pang, and cursed me with his eye. I felt powerless. I felt helpless. I felt impotent in front of Those great faculty! This is my punishment! This is God penance for me!”.

    Dialogue III^
    The ancient Mariner is surrounded by his fellows’ dead bodies.
    He is alone! All alone in the wide sea!
    He is suffering a lot: for his fellows, for the Albatross, for having played at dices and for having decided his destiny! He thought about all his adventure: he thought how lucky he had been.
    He thought about his fellows, that helped, taken care, attended, accompanied and followed him ever! And he constantly suffering more and more!
    He thought about the adventure, the beautiful Nature, Death, Life-in-death, God and the Moon!
    And he is steadfastly bleeding for!
    He thought about his family, that he doesn’t have, and that he never will have!
    And he is ceaselessly aching for!
    And never a saint took a pity on his soul in agony!

    He thought no more!
    Farewell, farewell ancient Mariner!

    Mattia Pizzutti 5^F

    • cristianaziraldo scrive:

      “Dice” is already plural, so no “s”.
      I am happy with the results of your creative piece because I know you did you best. If possible, try to leave some time for proofreading, that would help you spot some mistakes and correct them.

  27. Sara Pavan scrive:

    Picture 1
    As the skeleton- ship approached, the whole crew was relieved by a sense of hope and persuaded with a joyful feeling, a bliss that they could not compare to anything else. They were not aware of the fact that Death and Life-in-Death were the only crew of that eerie ship! The astonished crew remained still, motionless as the two disgusting creature paced the deck a few times, staring at the expressions of terror on the faces of the sealers
    Death entertained himself with two dice, while Life-in-Death was watching the sea thoughtful.
    <> said she.
    Suddenly Death ceased playing with the dice and grinned. A light of excitement appeared in his eyes.
    Life-in-Death smiled back at him and spoke with an unexpectedly soft voice.
    Life-in-Death seemed disappointed. She was greedy and narcissist and she wanted to have the pleasure to torture the poor sinner.
    She wait, with a shiver of excitement, but then with a giggle, she shouted
    Then she started whistling. Death was disappointed. “not that bad” he thought, and with a glance the whole crew felt dead.

    Picture 2 – 3
    The ancient mariner was standing on the deck, with the enormous albatross fastened around his neck. He was watching the see. All of his mate were lying dead on the floor and all were overwhelmed in an atmosphere of desolation and death.
    He glanced at the albatross, then at his mate and then again, his eyes fixed on the the huge animal. He suddenly felt guilty.

    Pavan Sara V H

    • cristianaziraldo scrive:

      Interesting. I expected to read some dialogue too, but you seem to have misunderstood the assignment. You wrote the narrative parts only. Did you do it on purpose to have Life-in-Death as a SHE and Death as a HE? Why? I am curious to know 😉

  28. Rossana Solari 5^H scrive:

    Picture A
    The skeleton-ship floated near the doomed vessel. Two women were standing, one was hiding her face under a hood but still it was possible to distinguish her deathly features; the second was beautiful, but if you looked more carefully you could spot that she had in her a putrifying beauty.
    Indeed they were sisters: Death and Life-in-death.
    “Speak, my faithful fellow as we need to split the destinies of these ungrateful men.”
    “Time has come. Throw the Dice and let the Fortune decide.”
    “Thus who will win shall have the ship’s crew souls.”
    The Dice were cast, the wood of the deck resounded, the game was played.
    “Very well sister, the crew is mine!” said Death.
    Life-in-death smiled “Once again, fate had made a wise decision: the Mariner shall have a grater punishment. He will survive his friends, his enemies, all of humanity and suffer from loneliness and immortality. He will be ruined for his actions, but he is no more the judge..he can neither decide to live nor to die. His soul belongs to me!”

    Picture B
    The crew was dying, suffering from the heat of the equatorial sun. Suddenly the voice of the hooded woman whispered inside their heads, warning them of an imminent death. The very last sigh of their souls were addressed to the Mariner. Every single eye of the men collapsed on the deck cursed the only living thing still alive, and, if they could, they would have cursed him even more.
    Albatross “You are the symbol of evil, you have killed me, the bird of good omen, doomed your men to hell and yourself to a more painfull end.”
    Mariner ” I’ve brought distruction, no living person can save my soul, no redemption shall be granted.”

    Picture C
    “You, man without a soul, shall suffer for an infinite lifetime…” said one of the floating spectres “…you have played God and now you will be punished..” continued another phantom “..our souls will hear the echos of the prayers of our loved ones..” “…but you shall never find peace.”
    One by one, each member of the ship, before leaving the world of the living, passed the judgement and like a roaring mist it dissolved away in the wind.

    • cristianaziraldo scrive:

      This is the Rossana I love most! You wrote incredibly well and I am happy to see you did something with passion (at least I hope you did!). Well done, my dear young woman. Well done.

  29. Giulia Girardi scrive:


    L: now I am going to cast you to the floor, please do not disappoint me, I want to win!
    D: you have nothing to worry about, our Mistress! we know how it works: you shake us three times then we spring out the tin and land as you prefer.
    L: excellent, my faithful friends! And now go and make me proud!
    D: three, two, one.. Jump out!


    A: no! no! you are not convincing at all, feed your eyes with more curse!
    S: we are doing our best!
    A: I bet you can do better than it! You have to strike terror into him, to choke him with desperation and pain!
    S: ok, listen men! Open your eyes the more you can and stare at the Mariner ‘till he gets mad!


    S: goodbye damned body! Now I am free and you cannot forbid me!
    D: no! come back here! I am your prison, you are my convict!
    S: ahahah! I wish with all my heart you perish in agony and feel the same pain I used to bear behind your grates!
    D: do not fly away, do not abandon me! My destiny must be your one too!

    • cristianaziraldo scrive:

      Very original Giulia. I loved the idea of having the dice interact with Life-in-Death. You are the only one, so far, who has come up with this great idea. I loved it! You did not write the part of the narrator, but I am happy with the results you achieved!

  30. SARA GRANDE 5^H scrive:

    Death and Life-in-death arrives to the vessel.
    – Hello ancient mariner, you do not know us but we know you. I am Death and she is Life-in-Death. You should know why we are here. You killed the albatross, bird of good omen which was here to help you. You despises life killing it, so we will play a game: if I win you are going to die like the other sailors, if she win you are going to be a living dead… But all is in your hands, because you are the one who will roll the dice. Will luck be by your side? Live or die, is your choise.
    – What number should I do? – Questionned the ancient mariner.
    – If you do the number 1 you will remain alive, but as a living dead.
    – But that is impossible. The dice are 2. It won’t never come out the number 1.
    He cust the dice… Suddenly 1 die becomes all white and in the other appears just one dot.
    – I won!!!!!!!!! – Said the ancient mariner not believing his eyes.
    He did not realize that his destiny was written.

    The ancient mariner watching the sky almost as if he invoked the gods, began saying:
    – What did I do? For what absurd reason I decided to kill the albatross? And why my mistake should be paid by the other sailors? What curse is attacking this vessel?
    Suddenly a voice from the sky said:
    – This is the consequence for killing the albatross, the bird of good omen. You do not deserve the death, it would be too simple. What you deserve is to be surrounded by dead so that, when you will look around, you will reflect upon your mistake and ask for forgiveness each moment of your life. Who does not appreciate the gift of life and kills without thinking or consequences, does not deserve to live without pay. Remember that only you can save your teammates and yourself. The albatross will be hung with a noose around your neck: If you will understand the mistake you have committed and will tell your story so that it will serve as an example, then the noose will loosen itself. If you will not be able to do it, then the weight of the albatross will increase, because the weight of the dead sailor’s corps will make the albatross heavier and you won’t be able to carry out your job and… You will die and all of your souls will be damned forever.

    The albatross appears hung in the ancient mariner’s neck and his sailors begin to die.
    – What do I have to do? How can I tell my story if I am isolated in this vessel?
    – All the answers are inside you. You will know what to do when you will understand your mistake. Remember, time flows: live or die? – Said the voice from the sky.
    The ancient mariner began to steer the vessel with the albatross on his neck. He was ready to go on and face a new trip.. Will he save him and the sailors’ souls?

    • cristianaziraldo scrive:

      Your “pieces” reveal a good grasp of the Rime and I am happy to see this. You could improve your performance, though, by focussing more on accuracy. There are lots of mistakes you could easily avoid if only you allotted some time to proofreading.

  31. Pitton Elisa scrive:

    Image 1

    It seemed like the night would never have passed
    All around was still and sultry
    The haze reigned.
    The sailors were lying on the deck with dry throats
    Then a ship: Safeness! They thought
    But they didn’t know…

    DEATH : Come on! Here we are, let’s cast the dice!
    LIFE-IN-DEATH: Wait, don’t be impatient… Before we have to set the conditions: if I win I will have the mariner and you the crew, and vice versa. I will be the first one to do it. Yeah.. Mine will be an endless punishment.
    DEATH: That’s fair. But don’t be too excited, take a deep breath and calm down, I will be the winner. If I defeat you, he will not certainly rest in peace anymore.

    They threw the dice.

    DEATH: Damn!
    LIFE-IN-DEATH: The game is done! I’ve won! I’ve won

    Quoth she and whistles thrice.

    Image 2

    Only fear could you have seen on their faces
    Anguish, desperation and in the end
    One after one they collapsed on the ground
    But their eyes were fixed on him, the guilty one.

    ANCIENT MARINER: No, wait, wait! I didin’t want this to happen. Why all my fellows are dying? They didn’t do anything!
    ALBATROSS: And I? Was I not an innocent? I came here to save you, I was here as a response of your prayers. And you, ancient mariner, what have you done to me? You killed me. Why?
    ANCIENT MARINER: I don’t know… I did a senseless action, I went against nature. I was not clear headed and now I will regret it for my entire life and beyond.

    Image 3

    He were surrounded by corpses of people who in the last years have become his family. He loved them and now they were dead because of his foolish mistake.
    Their souls began to ascend to the sky: they were magnificent but so far sad.

    SOULS: You sentenced us to death, you are the reason why we couldn’t have lived.
    ANCIENT MARINER: I beg your mercy. I am desperate, I can’t forgive myself for what I’ve done. What can I do now?
    SOLUS: Stop crying for us. Your fate is far more horrible than our. At least we will be in peace in heaven, while you, you’re doomed to wander this world forever.

    The souls disappeared and he remained alone, seated in a corner of the big ship.

    • cristianaziraldo scrive:

      Elisa, I loved your pieces. Original, I could read them easily since they flow smoothly. Well done, my dear.

  32. Xheni Mullahi 5^H scrive:

    The endless game/battle between Life and Dreath continues undeterred,
    sometimes wins Death and sometimes Life, but this time there is something else…
    Life: ” The mariner is alive, so he is my property, you can not win this fight!
    Death:” You are right, sooner or later he will be mine, but I know that he
    would suffer more surviving than dying, so for this time I am with you,
    or better, I always choose for a suffering end!
    Life: “For the first time we agree, we should note it!
    But my intention is not to make him suffer, I just want him to be a witness for all humans
    and to make them understand that their are not indispensable for this planet
    because they are not more important than other living beings!
    Death: ” Just only loving more life that they will hate more death!”

    The mariner is all alone with an albatross hanging on his neck…
    Mariner: “Can you leave me, please?”
    Albatross: ” Believe me, I hate you back, so do not ask me to leave you,
    because was not a choise of mine to live the rest of my life with
    my potential murder. You did the disaster, now you have to find
    a solution! So harry up man!!”
    Mariner: “God, please! Help me, was not my intention to kill it..
    Albatross: “Why you did it???”
    Mariner: ” Can you please let me pray?”
    Albatross:” Are you stupid? I am under your neck you can not pretend that
    I am not here, and when I listen something wrong beacuse I know
    that for you and your silly friends was just a game, you did
    it just for killing time, and you can not escape from your punishment
    just saying sorry my dear!”
    Mariner: ” I am speechless, I do not know what to say, I committed a huge
    mistake, and now I can not do anything except saying you SORRY!”

    The souls of the other sailors flutter up to the sky….
    Mariner:”I only want to die now, I need to die now, I can not efford
    this any longer, it is enough for me. I would like to be like them
    to rest in peace, I do not want to feel this agony!
    What a wonderful miracle is happening? What a peace there is
    outside, instead, inside me there is just chaos, mournfulness!”

    • cristianaziraldo scrive:

      In your first creative piece I enjoyed reading an evironmentally-friendly touch to the story! I am happy with your efforts. You can improve grammar and spelling if you wish. Remember: “cannot” is one word!

  33. Sara Marini scrive:

    Image 1)
    “Death and Life-In-Death are thrilled. They have the power to decide who will be safe and who will be cursed for eternity.
    They just have to cast dice..”

    Death: Come closer. Listen to me very carefull. Here we decide desitiny. So..If I win, the mariner will be mine, and the crew will be yours.

    Death in life: No way. I want the mariner. I want the one who killed the albatross. I am the one that deserve him. I wanna see him fighting and suffer every single day for his mistake. No pity for him!

    Death: I want the mariner! He is mine!

    Death in life: Well then… If you win, the mariner will be yours, i can assure it to you.
    I am so sure i will win, that i can admit it.

    Death: you fool! Don’t think you are so strong! I will have the mariner because I will win!

    Death in life: then, let me see! Cast your dice (I will win!)

    “Death cast dice and she loses”

    Death: Damn, you cheated!
    Death in life: no the dice have been cast and I won. The mariner is mine!!

    Image 2)
    The sky was dark, the moon was afraid to shine that dreary night.
    The ship was silent. A creepy hush stand above everyone. The ancient mariner was still, surrounded by his crew. Their eyes were full of detestation, distress and desperation.
    They were all looking at him with hate.

    Mariner: Alas, I am damned!
    Seaman: Thou are, cursed and damned for eternity!
    Mariner: Hush, do not say those words!
    Look at thou, the eyes are agonizing, the lips are blak! Thou are not alive anymore!
    Seaman: I am alive enough to know, thou killed the albatross, thou deserve to suffer. Not me, not them around us!
    Mariner: Fool me, i’ve killed our hope
    Seaman: Thou deserve to suffer! Thou deserve to suffer!

    “Slowly all the seamen stand up and go around The Mariner, staring at him with their eyes, that were almost gone.
    Each turned his face with a ghastly pang, and cursing The Mariner with his eyes”

    Image 3)

    The souls of the crew went away, rushing like wind from the floor up in the sky, lefting The Mariner alone.
    He is looking above with agony, no word was enough to explane his sorrow and his fear.
    He was alone, completely alone in the middle of nowhere.
    All around him water, water and only water.

    Mariner: I can’t! I can’t endure this! I am screaming and no one is listening!

    “A soul whistle something to him”

    Soul: you are not alone here, you see? There are all of our dead bodies! They are the symbol of your action against nature, they are your punishment!

    Mariner: but I am suffering! My soul is in agony! What shall I do?

    Soul: Nothing, all of your efforts will be vain! Not even a saint will took pity on you!

    “And while rushing away she keeps on repeatin:”
    Soul: Alone, all alone and hopeless. All alone and hopeless!!

    • cristianaziraldo scrive:

      Lovely the idea of “the cheating” when casting dice. You made me smile.
      Three wonderful pieces of creative writing. You worked hard and I appreciated it. Thanks for putting so much passion into the things you do. There are a few mistakes, but they do not spoil your writing, enriched by a vast range of words (not generally used by other students!).

  34. Sara Nicastro scrive:


    “Mate” says the first “what’s the stake?”
    “Not interested in” replies the second
    “I was thinking about going on strike.”
    Then the first, which to the second is bound,
    tries to cheer up his friend of disgrace:
    “This time it seems to be fast;
    neither more nor less than our duties of the past;
    now come on, mate, and follow my pace.”
    Then the first jumps, and dig out a number.
    “We’re servants of children left alone in a chamber;
    let’s take the spin to decide the fate of this crew.”

    The Death and the Life-in-Death play dice.


    While the men are suffering eternal witnesses
    of yernings start chatting of those similar scenes.
    FIRST STAR “Each turned his face with a ghastly pang,
    And cursed me with his eye, thus he spoke that Ancient Mariner”
    SECOND STAR: “Ancient that man, so far away from his grave?
    He had not seen more than what is in front of him,
    and makes of his few dead fellows cause of such an agony.
    We’ve seen indeed thousands of them and others vanish
    in a hearthbeat of us, and we’ve seen them becoming yellish
    and naked of their skin; did we cry, did we produce such a terrible noise?
    Please turn to him and pray the man to be quiete in the night.”
    FIRST STAR: “Time passes but it dare not teach you its own worth;
    and as long as we’re here I didn’t ever listen to your words of pity.
    Let me say, that man should be called Ancient just because of the pain in his eyes
    and the curse on his neck; and anything we’ve seen or will ever see
    could ever enlighten us what a sufference it has to be to him.”


    Life is gone from the bodies of humankind, from all but one;
    and to this one the men who were adress their last thought.

    “Farewell! We leave you, and in you the last of the crew
    whom these eyes will ever behold. Farewell, Ancient Mariner!
    Lucky you, you will be; cursed you, who alone across this land of water
    will complain about his destiny. Either feeling guilty either feeling victim
    life will not be gone from you until your redemption will be done;
    towards us your last thought is going to be, and our spirits will sleep in peace.

    • cristianaziraldo scrive:

      Sara, the writer in you struck again! I loved certain passages, especially the explanation of the why the mariner is called “ancient”. I appreciated your attempt to write using refined words.

  35. Elisa Del Pup scrive:

    Dialogue 1.
    A strange ship approaches to the vessel. When it neared, the Ancient Mariner could see that it was a ghost ship manned by Death, in the form of a skeleton and Life-In-Death, in the form of a woman. At first the sailor is hopeful but then realizes that the creatures that are casting dices are discussing his fate and that of his crew.
    Death: Look at this sailor, he is just petrified of what we are going to do.
    Life-in-Death: Next time he will think twice before killing the Albatross, bird of good omen, sent by God to help him and his crew in the difficult situation they were stuck into.
    He defied Life, so now we are responsible to decide for them.
    Death: But what does the crew have to do with it?
    Life-in-Death: Absolutely nothing. If you are not happy of what God has commanded you to do, that is not my problem. Now we must play.
    Life-in-Death: I have won! Now the Ancient Mariner will pay for the terrible act he committed.

    Dialogue 2.
    All members of the crew were dying one by one and the sailor could not do anything but wander desperate around his ship full of death with the albatross dangling from his neck.
    The Ancient Mariner (addressing to the sky) : Please no. It is not fair that for my stupid act innocent people have to die. Regret, my own consciousness is killing me. Stop their deaths and I will pay all my faults. No more innocents will the sky resumes.

    Dialogue 3.
    Almost all his fellow of adventurers are dead. Overcome by despair, the Ancient Mariner sees all the souls flying away from that damned ship and starts crying.
    Taking note of him a soul comes back for a moment and whispers: Stop being desperate. We died because of a reason: to make you understand the mistake you committed. Now you have to reflect to deserve the forgiveness of God, who will maybe be clement with you.

    • cristianaziraldo scrive:

      You are always so silent and quiet in class, but when you write your words are powerful and your ideas beautifully rendered. 🙂

  36. Noemi scrive:

    Death and Life-in-death: “We are approaching, silly men, and your destiny is in our hands!”
    Death: “I’ll take the mariner, you can have his fellows ”
    Life-in-death: “I want him too…let’s cast the dice and the destiny will decide”
    Death: “No way! I know you are a great cheater”
    Life-in-death: “So you will cast it and I will just watch. I won’t cheat, I promise”
    Death: “Ok, I trust you. Give me the dice”
    Death casts the dice and Life-in-death wins
    Life-in-death: “The game is done! I’ve won! I’ve won!”
    The Mariner is watches his fellows and most of them have died, after coursing him with their eyes.
    Mariner: “God, why?They didn’t do anything, it was me who killed the albatross! I don’t know why I did it, I just didn’t reflected before doing that silly thing. Take me and let them live, they are not guilty, I am!”
    God: “They are guilty because at first they blamed you in rder not to be blamed if something happened, not because they understood what you did and after some time that nothing happened they forgave you. You deserve all this: you killed the bird of good omen without a reason. Watching them coursing you before dying is only a little part of your punishment. You will have to tell everyone what you did.”
    The souls of the Mariner’s crew are flown away and only one remains.
    Mariner: “Jack please, at least you, forgive me, you know I feel guilty for what I did”
    Jack’s soul: “You made all us die and you don’t even have a good explanation for it, you deserve our hate”
    Mariner: “I was not thinking and I did the most stupid thing I could do, but please, you were my best friend, I need it from you”
    Jack’s soul: “I can’t, I’m sorry”
    The Mariner is desperate and can’t do anything but follow his destiny.

    • cristianaziraldo scrive:

      I smiled when I read the sketch between Death and Life-in-Death. It highlights the situation men find themselves in: they are at the mercy of powers they cannot control at all. I also appreciated the dialogue between one of the mariner’s souls and the Mariner. I find it original. Try to improve your accuracy, your written skill will certainly benefit from it.

  37. Lisa scrive:

    Dialogue n.1
    Death: Why should you take the soul of this mariner?
    Life-in-death: Because he has killed the albatross,the bird of good omen and with him all sailors. He must pay for what he has done!
    Death: Yes, but Lucifer is waiting for him in the ethernal place of sadness. He wants to torture him!
    Life-in-death: This punishment is not enough for his guilt, he must pay before diing too…
    Death: I have a good idea,we can play with dice, the winner will gethis soul!
    Life-in-death: I approve your great idea, so what are we waiting for?! I’m impatient of getting his soul!
    Death: So we can start…
    Life-in-death: Oh,you have lost…I was right!
    Now Ican take him with me.
    Dialogue n.3
    Ancient mariner: Oh, what have I done? I am a monster, a terrible creature…I cannot recognize myself anymore!
    Souls: Yes, you are only a cruel and selfish man…
    Why have you killed our albatross?
    Ancient mariner: I’m not be able to remember why, but I did it…
    and this is enough…
    Souls: You have committed a crime against nature and for this reason you must be condemned!
    Ancient mariner: You are right, but you have forgotten something…you are condemned just like me…the spell has benen done!
    Souls: You must broken it, it is the only way to free our souls and yours…
    Ancient mariner: Yes , but I do not know what can I do…
    Souls: So you must suffer a lot and than you will be thrown in hell’s flames.
    Paradise is definitely lost for you!

    • cristianaziraldo scrive:

      I liked the reference to Lucifer waiting for the Mariner. You are the first one who has mentioned this and since it did not come up in the other creative writing pieces, I found it effective, original. Mind your grammar.

  38. Corsunov scrive:

    1. death: now I will bring him with me in hell!
    Life in death: not yet we have to play the game and the winner will take him!
    Death: it has no sense because God want him to hell!
    Life in death: we will see it, now let’s play!
    Life in death won..
    Life in death:I won I won! now I will make him suffer hellish pain in life!

    2. Albatross s soul : what did you do stupid human being?! you killed me! you killed god s creature!
    Mariner: what? are you speaking?! How?
    Albatross s soul: I am the soul of the albatross, I want to tell you that you. Have to suffer in life too much now for having killed me! Your life will became a hell and you will pray for dying!
    Mariner: but I didn’t want to make such a big mistake! I do not deserve it!
    Albatross s soul: you have to pay! Even for the sailor s deaths!

    3. God: you have killed my beautifullest creature! Why? There was not a reason!
    Mariner: oh Lord! I don’t know why I done it but I didn’t want, it was an enormous mistake!
    God: your words have no sense for me now! Stop talking! I don’t want to hear you!
    Mariner: how can I be forgiven, my Lord?!
    God: you will see it soon! Now the only thing that you have is the prayer!

    • cristianaziraldo scrive:

      Nice point: the dialogue between the albatross’s soul and the mariner.
      However, in the last etching you mention God, though God does not appear. You should have written: the Mariner raises his eyes to the sky and hears the voice of god blasting at him (though this departs from the text!). Mind your grammar 😉

  39. Laura Bortolotto scrive:

    Dialogue 1

    Such creatures could not but appear to me when the day was well nigh done, and fire was embracing me.
    Such a woman would have made my blood burn, if she had not have looked like a leprosy: poets had made me dream of red such red lips and curls of gold. But instead she thickened my blood with cold.
    Alas, and what was she saying to the Death?
    “My fellow, the man you see on that ship-she whispered- I want him: for he violated God’s messenger of good omen”.
    Death answered: “Should he not die instead? He would suffer horrible tortures from now and woe would persecute him forever”.
    “This is not enough: life in Death will oblige him to tell his crime anyone and his punishment will be even worse”.
    “Let us cast dice then, and be careful not to load them: for if you do, you will lose all your power and your seductive and cruel looks.”
    “Let us do it, and be it what destiny wants.”
    As I heard this being uttered, my heart started to leap up, for I was praying not to Be punished by that leprosy, but rather to die that self-same moment.
    And then, HER VOICE.
    “The game is done. I’ve won, I’ve won!”
    Quoth she, and whistles thrice.

    Dialogue 2

    Horned Moon, I beg you: will you save me from this curse?
    So she answers: “My poor Ancient Mariner, all I can do is climb up the sky accompained by my maids, ordering them to remain dim, for their light would prevent me, like a blind old queen with weary eyes, from Being able to observe you and your fellows.”
    The bright star near her: “My fair queen, how can you not listen to that star-crossed Mariner Who committed a crime without Being conscious of it? I am the brightest of your maids, and the oldest too: trust me then, he is to be pitied”
    “I definitely take pity on him: but, if sky knows no Death, earth and fish and men DO know her instead.”
    In that very moment, each of my two hundred companions, Who had not noticed my lunar and hopless conversation,
    turned his face with a ghastly pang
    And cursed me with his eye.

    Dialogue 3

    “How can I Believe you, old wise and insane man, When you say you are a living body?” The listener dared ask.
    “I was the only living man in that ship, and I will live forever trying to persuade people of my Being alive.
    Shall my slinky hand not deceive you: if you beat me, thou sceptic Wedding-Guest, I will get hurt.
    I was alone: living friends and spiritual guides had abbandoned me:
    For never a saint took pity on
    My soul in agony.”
    “And where was the albatross then?” The stunned man asked.
    “Alas, the Albatross was not hanging overhead motionless upon the air anymore, for I had condemned him to Death, offended his divine and innocent essence.
    He was still hanging, but from my neck, until he fell off free, and sank like lead into the sea, deep beneath the rolling waves and labyrinth of coral caves.”

    (Quotation from Pink Floyd’s “Echoes”)

  40. Michele scrive:

    Suddenly, the old man stopped telling his tale, as far as he saw a ship approaching from a long distance, among the putrescent waters. The parched crew felt relieved at first, but they did not kmow what would have happened.
    Their enthusiastic celebration turned into the most dreadful nightmare they could have ever imagined: as long as the ship came close, they recognized it was a floating skeleton. Aboard, two mysterious figures. The first one, a veil-covered character, was standing still, while the second one, a beautiful woman, crawling on her knees, casted dices. The atmosphere was so creepy and silent, that the mariners could hear clearly the two strangers speaking.
    “We should make a deal.”, said the unknown figure, “You cast these dices. If odd, I choose. Instead, you win”.
    “Alrighty,then”, answered back the woman with a sadic smile on her pale face and cast the three dices she was holding on her skinny hand.
    To her joy, 666 was the resulting number. “The game is done. I’ve won, I’ve won!” said she and whistled in sign of victory three times.

  41. Annagiulia Nadin scrive:

    1.…“The game is done! I’ve won, I’ve won!”
    Quoth she, and whistles thrice…
    And the two dices speak to each other:
    “Oh, poor man…now begins for him the torture…”
    “Yes, but this is only his fault; he wanted this through the killing of the albatross. Why should he have done it? He overcame nature limits and didn’t respect its laws. He decided the death of an innocent creature!! Now he must pay and the only way to understand his terrible crime is this punishment.”
    “But death also is a right and fair punishment anyway, isn’t it?”
    “No, it isn’t. Death is “life” in comparison with life-in-death. It could be just a liberation and a relief. Even the hell is better than being possessed by this blood-curdling spectre!”
    “You are evil! He’s human and you know the famous Latin quote “errare humanum est”, don’t you?”
    “I know it and I know Latin, perhaps even better than you! But he made a mistake and…do you know the concept “ an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth”?”
    “This isn’t the solution! And the other mariners? They didn’t kill nobody and death takes them! Is it justice?”
    “They are his mates… All humans have to pay for something somehow. They think the whole world and in particular nature depend on them and they take everything for granted. They aren’t the kings of this existence! They have no power: they are simply insignificant. This “end” is the proof and they can finally understand…”
    2.…Each turned his face with a ghastly pang,
    And cursed me with his eye…
    Only the stars knew what the mariner could really feel in front of that terrible scene.
    “They are all dying!”- said a little star.
    And her mother-“This is the sign of the death, my baby.”
    “But where they go now?”
    “ They remain here for a short period to say good-bye to this world. Then she takes them down to the hell or up to heaven.”
    “And that mariner? He isn’t dying…Why does he still live?”
    “No, my baby, he doesn’t. It seems he still lives, but a worse force has taken him. Watching his mates’ death: this is a sign of the life-in-death. What an agonizing, cruel vision!”
    “Oh mom, if I could come down to save him!”
    “But you can’t; nobody can save him from this atrocity. He is the only one who can free himself…but for the moment he has to serve his fault.”
    “And he can’t save them as we can’t do the same with him, can he?”
    “Yes, little baby. He is “imprisoned” like us. He is forced to watch who he loves going away. This is because he has to learn the importance of love, not only for the family, friends, mates…but for everybody and everything, also for the animals, also for that albatross. There aren’t differences between men and the same occur with the other creatures. He didn’t save that albatross from his indifference and now he lives again the same incapability of reaction and action.”
    3. …And never a saint took pity on
    My soul in agony…
    The mariners’ spirits abandoned the ship. They were shaken, upset and disoriented. Incomprehension ruled their souls.
    One of them desperately asked -“ What happens? I can fly…I fly! Why I’m flying? Where are we going? Where is my body?”
    Another one – “We are dead, do you understand? Don’t you remember that terrible sensation under the bones before falling into the darkness?”
    “What?! It’s impossible!…I can’t be dead! And my family? What about my family? My son? My wife?”
    “Please, stop! Calm down! We are all dead! I have a daughter too! And just now I realize how important she is for me. I didn’t even say how much I love her! I thought I had still time…you and everybody did! We never think that this day could be the last one. Life is precious and we have waste it, here in this ship…far from home…I feel ashamed of myself.”
    “And the captain? Where is he? When I saw him for the last time he was watching me with horrified sight, like someone who sees a ghost…then the darkness…”
    “He isn’t with us…he isn’t dead…traitor! He led us to death!”
    “How can you say this?”
    “He killed that albatross and than those terrible figures…!”
    “Perhaps he’s passing through another experience, much more upsetting than this one…”
    “What could be more upsetting than death?!”
    “I don’t know, perhaps death itself in someone still alive…”

    • cristianaziraldo scrive:

      The etchings by Dorè seem to have inspired you! You wrote extensively and with a vivid imagination.

  42. Virginia Nichilo scrive:

    “The game is done! I’ve won, I’ve won!”
    Quoth she, and whistles thrice

    They whispered amongst each other, Death and Life-in-Death, disregarding my presence. The wyrd of the ship was verily naught but a game to them, all of us are naught but their playthings!
    Thou can not understand how it felt to be that position. Expecting thy death, I troth, is verily poignant. I mourned the death of my crew, I wished for death, for the end of my suffering.
    Meanwhile Death and Life-in-Death played their last set of dice ad with a pounding heart I watched my wyrd disclose itself before my eyes.
    To my immense horror the spectre woman won. And eerie laugh escaped her bloody-red lips and she recited ” Ye art mine now Ancient Mariner! Thy shall ever forget the pain thee have brought upon thy self and thy crew! Naught will every bring you joy! And now fare thee well, my Ancient Mariner. Perchance we will meet again”.
    After that she vanished in thin air.

    Each turned his face with a ghastly pang,
    And cursed me with his eye.

    The corpse stared at the Ancient Mariner with his lifeless, beady eyes. The Ancient Mariner was surrounded by the dead bodies of his crew. He felt so much anguish for them but even more for himself, for the wyrd which he faces ad which he brought on them.
    Albeit these feelings he became daunted by their stares and suddenly he speaks: “I bid thee, cease my suffering, let me die! It’s unbearable!”
    But no one heard him, he was alone in the middle of the sea. No one could of ended his pain.

    And never a saint took pity on
    My soul in agony.

    A light mist rose from the deck and with it the Ancient Mariner heard between the wind’s gush, soft whispers: ” Ancient Mariner… Art thee suffering?”
    The Ancient Mariner looked around but he was all alone except for the corpses of his fallen crew.
    And again the voices whispered: ” It’s no use to you to look around. Thee is alone! All alone! Thy selfishness has left you alone. You have sentenced thy crew to death, men who have dedicated their life to thee!
    Thee shall be ashamed. Thee shall suffer. Thee shall not forget.”
    The Ancient Mariner fell to the ground, overwhelmed by the unceasing pain he felt and left hopeless by the fact that he knew it would never end.

  43. Giulia Bertacco scrive:

    Thirst dialogue:
    Death and Life in Death are playing the whole ship crew’s life on the dice.What will happen? Whose life will be saved? The Ancient Mariner’s one or that of his shipmates? What will be the destiny of these men?

    Death : Who do you want to save?
    Life in Death: I don’t know who will belong to me. I just hope with all my heart to save the Mariner’s life.
    Death: Why do you say this? You won’t have the Ancient Mariner. I will have him!
    Life in Death: Look at the dice! Have you seen? I have just won. I’ve won! I wanted that the Mariner would belong to me, and so it is.
    Death: No, no! Why did Fortune want to prize you instead of me? Why did this happen to me? I should have had the Ancient Mariner! Me! Me!

    Second dialogue:
    Because of the Ancient Mariner’s act, all the other members of the crew will die. The Ancient Mariner is suffering for his shipmates. He knows, that who has to be punished it’s him, not their shipmates.

    Scared man : I don’t want to die, I don’t want! Death, you are right! I approved the horrible act the Mariner did, the shooting of the Albatross, but now I have understood: killing someone means to hurt a creature of God.
    Death: I appreciate your apology, but I can do nothing to change your destiny. You approved that act and now you must suffer for what you did.
    Scared man: No no, I want my life back, I want to live!

    Third dialogue:
    The crew’s souls are flying away from their bodies. The Ancient Mariner is suffering for their destiny.

    Death: Here I am. I have come to take the souls of your shipmates with me.
    Ancient Mariner: No, please! Take my life. I am the killer, I committed a dishuman act. They just supported me. I am the guilty one.
    Death: I can’t do what you are asking me. I can’t change their destiny. This time, Fortune have decided to prize you instead of them. You have to accept Fortune’s will.
    Ancient Mariner: Why, why? I must die, I must die! Oh my poor and innocent shipmates!

    • cristianaziraldo scrive:

      Everything flows, so I did not have problems understanding what you wrote. Great! It is not easy to deal with creative writing, I know it, and you seem to have grasped the depth of the Rime and have overcome the challenge of writing about it in a “creative” way!

  44. Arianna Fabbro scrive:

    1) Life-in-death wasn’t happy with her existence because she didn’t decide it by herself and she found herself living a “life” that she never expected to; She spoke to the death while touching her gold locks and said with rancor:“Since I didn’t chose my life…I deserve that man. I want him to suffer as much as i did so that someone understands what it means to live this way”.
    Death looked at the woman and said:”I don’t care about your feelings, you miserable woman! the soul of THAT mariner is as important to you as it is to me. Let the dice decide the fate of this man!”
    At that very moment the two rolled the dice and..”the game is done! I’ve won, I’ve won” quoth she, and whistles thrice.

    2)Death and Life-in-death played with the life of the Ancient Mariner and the one of the rest of the crew; the mariner felt guilty and powerless seeing that the faces of the sailors turned with a ghastly pang and cursed him with their eyes. The weight of the albatross became suddenly more agonizing and the man referred to it. “How can I repair what I did? Would the soul of my mates forgive me? Please Albatross speak to me, speak to me.”The mariner was surprised by hearing the answer of the albatross who said:”Their souls now are free but you will live forever with regrets and pain, you chose to go against nature and now you have to live with your mistakes”.

    3)The Ancient Mariner found himself surrounded by corpses and water.
    MARINER: “alone, alone, all, all, alone, alone on a wide, wide sea! And never a saint took pity on my soul agony”
    SEA:”How can you beg for pity, you Ancient Mariner? You didn’t have it with the Albatross you killed and now you don’t deserve any mercy”
    MARINER:”Oh sea, I knew the answer before hearing it but my heart can’t stop the pain and I can’t free my consciousness from the guilt”
    SEA:”Since your punishment will last forever and ever you’d better stop thinking about what you did and start thinking on the redemption of your sins”
    MARINER:” I accept my punishment and I swear I will star appreciating the creatures of God more than I did in the past”.

    • cristianaziraldo scrive:

      I can see your English has improved a lot (hopefully you wrote everything by yourself, otherwise this comment of mine may make you smile!) and I am happy you have tried to do your best through a piece of creative writing.

  45. Elena Ghersetti scrive:

    The ship was moving and only a rustling sound and a smell of death was felt. It travelled at a few centimeters from water. The crew appeared to be formed by a gruesome figure seeming the Death, and a beautiful woman surrounded by an unnatural aura. The woman was holding two dice. When they arrived near the ship, where the dying sailors were lit with a light of hope, the woman said: “Your lives belong to us. We will throw the dice, and we will decide your fate”. Death nodded without speaking. The beautiful woman threw the dice in the air that with a flurry leaned on the wood of the ship. They did talk about fate: “The men who have made themselves complicit in the murder of an element of nature do not deserve to live. Despite not having killed the albatross, after a moment they rejoiced and are therefore guilty almost as much as the sailor who killed it.” Death smiled, it was a wicked and disturbing smile. It was not what Death had hoped for, but about two hundred souls had become of his property.
    The woman continued the speech made by the dice: “The sailors then are now the property of death. The only one who will survive, will be the one who killed the albatross. Under my control will continue to have the gift of life, but will suffer huge sufferings. ”
    After the speech the silence had become loud, almost deafening. All of a sudden it was broken by a bloodcurdling scream. Only one scream, made of hundreds of voices. It was a scream of terror. The mariners’ eyes were fixed on the man who had the albatross around his neck. They seemed to say:” why have we to endure such sufferings for you that remorselessly killed a divine creature? Why deserve we all this? Why do not you come with us to hell?” With their last strength they tried to grab him and take him with them, but they failed.
    Death began his work: the souls were beginning to come out of their bodies, and to make a macabre dance around the ship, and then point to the ghost ship where death awaited them. The souls, before leaving the ship that had once been their home, passed through the ancient mariner and let to him all the sadness that had pervaded the last days of their lives, until the culminating moment.
    The ship was a carpet of bodies abandoned in a hurry and left in unnatural positions. The silence was black, the non-existent breeze smelled of sadness. The ancient mariner was now alone in that huge ship. His heart was heavy. “Oh God, Why cannot I die like everyone else? Why do not you have mercy on your lost son? Lord, help me. I cannot carry this burden for the rest of my life ”
    The woman after the mariner’s speech said: “Your life will be eternal, and you will wander the world feeling the need to tell your story to any person you will meet on your way, just so you would have a bit of relief, that will however immediately vanish, so that you will forever seek for people who will listen to your story and understand your mistakes, trying not to commit them ever. ”
    The ancient mariner fell to his knees, his hands plunged in his hair, two hot tears rolled down his face. Then the darkness came.
    All around, the sea was calm and a hint of dawn peeked from the sea. Meanwhile, the ghost ship was no longer visible on the horizon, the sailor was still unconscious. The albatross was gone.

    • cristianaziraldo scrive:

      The range of words you used in your creative piece is just above the level I generally find in a quinta. You did a great job. You did not stick to the rubric (writing three dialogues based on the three different etchings), but I appreciated the whole piece the way you wrote it. Evidently, you wanted to have a whole story, instead of chopping it up into three short anecdotes. There are some mistakes in the end, you mix up conditional type 2 and 1, not a big deal, but I could sense you were tired! When we lose our control of grammar it implies that we are tired and we cannot concentrate anylonger.
      You did a great job. I am proud of you!

  46. Valeria Biagianti scrive:

    Picture 1
    The ancient mariner has killed the albatross, emblem of ospitality, and this is the reason why now he is dying with his crew without water or food.
    An unexpected new hope glitters in their weary eyes, when they see a ship getting closer to them. Expectation, frenzy, glee are filling their hearts.
    But then they see the Spectre-Woman and her Deathmate casting dice and they understand; their lives are no more under their own controll, what will fate make them?
    Redemption? Condemnation?

    Spectre-Woman: Bringing them into the fire of hell or making them live an eternal life with a destiny already written?
    Deathmate: Fate already knows. I want the older man, he has to pay personally for the unaccettable act.
    Spectre-Woman (after having won the older mariner): I won him! I will make him living without a purpose, without happyness, without lifeblood.
    Deathmate: The crew will die one after one, turning their faces to him and cursing him with their eyes.

    Picture 2
    The ancient mariner and his crew are dying without food or water. Two men from the crew start murmuring with their thirsty throats, the old mariner has to get closer to them for listening. They blame it all on him. He will have to pay in some ways.

    Mariner 1:Hear me captain, if I can call you yet in this way!
    Mariner 2: Don’t come closer to me for understanding what he is saying, or with my last strenghts I will choke you!
    Mariner 1: It is your fault, your fault! Why did you kill the albatross? I know the answer, don’t answer me or I will get angrier than a storm in an Ocean.

    Picture 3
    The mariner is alone on the ship.
    One after one the souls of the other mariners are leaving their corpses with him, but their souls are flying away to research the miracle remedy for their so agonized thirst, the water for their weakly souls.
    The old man is praying, crying loudly, but no one can hear him.

    Old man: God, please help me! Don’t leave alone my breakable soul or I will be damned for eternity. Can you hear my call? Can you answer me?
    I promise you I won’t make another terrible mistake.
    If only you could give me a sign, if only you could hear my wretched call.

    • cristianaziraldo scrive:

      Really nice. There are some collocations you “created” I really liked, for example “wretched call”. At times, though, you cannot stretch language that much and there are expressions you “filled” too much with creativity of your own.

  47. Iryna scrive:

    DEATH: ” So what you are thinking about, we divided the bodies in the right way? Because at the end most souls will go with me! ”
    DEATH-IN-LIFE: ” I have won, and it is a game! But you know what I am really thinking! It is always the same, you know that I hate my job, and take even one soul for me is terrible …I am too weak to do it, I feel so sorry for this poor souls! I perfectly know what a torture is to be death-in-life.”
    DEATH: “I know that you did not like what you are doing, but I can’t possibly understand the reason! We never spoke about nothing, but work!”
    LIFE-IN-DEATH: “It is the old story, I can only say that doing this things is my punishment for all sins I have commited in life. And I
    am forced to suffer with souls I take, forever and ever.”
    Narrator: the DEATH did not know what to say…they remain for a minute in silence, and then LIFE-IN-DEATH continue… “Anyway I must decide the punishment to the Ancient Mariner, poor stupid man, why he decided to shoot the creature of God?”
    DEATH:” We will never know it!”
    Each turned his face with a ghastly pang,
    And cursed me with his eye.
    THE ANCIENT MARINER: “Ohh, after these curses I will certainly not be able to survive!”, think Mariner.
    ONE OF THE CREW: “What have you done? Do you understand that it is your fault!?”
    THE ANCIENT MARINER: ” What is going on? why all my crew is dying, and I am still alive?…..and the albatross, why is it around my neck?”
    ONE OF THE CREW: ” Are you really so stupid?! We all hate and despise you! You killed the creature of God and all the crew is punished!”
    THE ANCIENT MARINER: ” It can’t be true! It was only albatross! And I did not want it to finish like this!”
    ONE OF THE CREW: “For your ignorance you do not love and do not understand the nature, and because of you, we all are going to die! This will be on your conscience forever! We HATE you!
    The Ancient Mariner remained alone, all his crew is dead and he is desperate!
    THE ANCIENT MARINER: ” Ohh…WHY their souls are going away…WHY I am still here… Is their any chance to change my destiny and the one of my shipmates? Could you take only me, and leave them alive, they have not any fault! It was all my guilt! Please, do not take them, take me!!!”, cried the old sailor agonized.
    DEATH: “Now the game is over. Everything is decided. and no one can change anything. I take your companions who come with me, instead you’ll have your own destiny.”
    THE ANCIENT MARINER: ” Oh no, do not leave me alone, take me too! I want to die, I can’t bear the weight of my sin. I do not want live anymore!”

    Semenyuk Iryna 5F

    • cristianaziraldo scrive:

      Well done Iryna. I liked the way you rendered the crew’s anger and spite. They are really mad at the Mariner, aren’t they?

  48. Rossetti Elisabetta scrive:

    When dark was coming, the mariner and his crew got a glimpse of a ghost ship. In it there were Death and Life in Death and they were casting dice. Death exclaims “this is the moment in which the destiny will be established. Tricks are not allowed my dear, mind you! Otherwise, I’will not play with you anymore and I will catch them all only for me”. “ what are you saying? Am I a cheater? I cheated only when I thought the result of the game was wrong! I just want to take what I think belongs to me and in this case what I want is the mariner” “you cannot have always what you want, there is me too! Moreover last time I left you decide which souls you preferred. So, let’s play and see who is going to win who” “so fussy you are, Death!”. The dice are thrown and the winner is Life in Death. “ no, no, no! This can’t be true! You won once again! I’m tired of taking always those warm bodies and never a person with an important role. I’m done with you!” “Ah ah ah! The game is done! I’ve won, I’ve won!”Quoth she, the beautiful Life-in-death, and whistles thrice.
    The dice are cast. The destiny is established: the crew dies, the mariner lives. Suddenly the mariner saw all his shipmates falling down on the floor as if they all had pains in their bodies. “what is the matter with you all?! what is going on?” one of his shipmates answers “you condamned us to death when you killed the albatros, you made the biggest mistake ever, and now he have to pay for it”. The mariner does not understand what is happening. He looks around himself and sees al the corpses liveless. Now he realizes he is alone in the middle of the sea. “oh God, help me! What should I do know? What will happen to me in the future? I need somebody with me, I can’t go on without my crew. Death, you have been so un fair! They did no have anything to do with what happened”. Now the mariner is all alone, surrounded by corpses. Death is in the air.
    The mariner is all alone and he thinks of what he did “ I did a great mistake, I kill the albatros. I did something without thinking about the consequences, I just acted out of instinct. Now i will spend all my life trying to mend theese damages, not only, I will have to do something extraordinary in order to di eone day as my shipmates and finally rest in piece. So goodbye my friends, and see you soon!”

    • cristianaziraldo scrive:

      The first dialogue is hilarious: Death is mad at Life-in-Death and she seems belittled by her “stronger” sister. The latter has always her way. Poor Death! She gets what her sister turns down.
      You did a good job and I am happy to see you tried to do your best.

  49. yana guerra scrive:

    Dialogue 1
    After the death of the albatross, Mariner’s shipmates see a vessel that is getting close to their ship. On the vessel there are two figures:
    DEATH: He is convicted, he killed a God’s creature, he is against nature! I would kill him with my own hands!
    LIFE-IN-DEATH: No, I am not agree with you! He must have his right punishment! He has to be immortal and see all his friends and parents die, and he has to tell to everybody what he has made!
    DEATH: Let’s cast the dice! If my score is higher, he is mine!
    LIFE-IN-DEATH: Ok. But if I win, he will be immortal!
    The dice floated in the air..
    LIFE-IN-DEATH: The game is done! I’ve won! I’ve Won!

    Dialogue 2
    Each turned his face with a ghastly pang, and a man started to talk to the Ancient Mariner:
    MAN: You decided for me, for my future! You are the responsible of my death!
    THE ANCIENT MARINER: I didn’t want…
    MAN: My family? My wife? My sons and daughters? Who will take care of them?
    THE ANCIENT MARINER: Oh! Please, stop speaking! Oh God! What have I done? Why I did it?
    MAN: You are the responsible of my death, of OUR death!
    THE ANCIENT MARINER: Oh please! I am so sorry! I really didn’t want to do this!
    MAN: I would kill you with my bare hands! Your justification will help any of us!
    THE ANCIENT MARINER: What have I done? Oh my God!

    Dialogue 3
    The Ancient Mariner is speaking with God..
    THE ANCIENT MARINER: Oh, never a saint took pity on my soul in agony. I never wanted to do it, I’m a good person, I believe in you, God. I am a son of God, I am your son. If you think that this punishment is fair, I will agree with you, I’ll approve every kind of your choice.
    The Ancient Mariner began to pray..
    THE ANCIENT MARINER: Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy Name. thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.
    GOD: I like you prayers, but you have committed a crime, a crime against me! Wasn’t the albatross my son? Also he was, and you killed him! You have to serve your sentence, you have to understand what is right and what is wrong. All our actions have consequences and you have to accept them!

    • cristianaziraldo scrive:

      If only you worked this hard and well in class too. I loved the way you rendered the desperation of the Mariner and I enjoyed reading his confrontation with God. Great the idea of looking for the “Our Father” prayer in English. It emphasises the Mariner’s sense of loss and need for redemption.
      The English flows and I hope you wrote it all by yourself. Has anybody helped you?

  50. Michele scrive:

    I’m sorry for having this uploaded in different moments, but I’m doing it by my mobile phone, so i had problems
    2)The destiny was chosen: the mariners should have died, while the old man would have lived.
    They started glaring at him with anger and thunders fell down furiously around the ship. The skeleton where the two strangers decided the crew’s faith disappeared in a slimy haze. The ancient mariner had hundreds of eyes around him, as if he was surrounded by silent statues. They did neither talk nor cry for their sad faith, but cursed the old man with their expressions, waiting for the end to come
    3)And all of a sudden, the mariners started dying one by one.
    “God damns you!”
    “What have you done to us?”
    “You shall not be forgiven, old man!”
    The skinny captain, who did not dare to look at his perishing crew, felt like being stabbed to death everytime one of his men expired.
    Once the massacre finished, the ship was a mountain of corpses, pale and cold as marble.

    • cristianaziraldo scrive:

      I am sorry that you had the inconvenience of not having a computer. It would have made the task less irritating, perhaps. However, our digital age made it possible for you to post your comments too, which, by the way, are worth reading!

  51. Antonino D'angelo scrive:

    Picture I
    The two eternal mates decided to leave to Case two destinies: the crew or our sailor.
    Mr. Death aspires to the precious life of the mariner.
    His partner Life-in-death prefers to take the equipage.
    Death : ” Well, my dear, let our dice to decide.”
    Life-in-death: ” I’m in… I’m sure that I will not lose this time”.
    Death: “I’m pretty skeptical about this, for the last 9 centuries you did not win 3 times in a row!”
    Life-in-death: ” Yeah, I know, but this time I feel that I will not get disappointed.”
    It is almost night and the dice have not yet decided.
    Death: “This will be the last try, I’m starting to get bored.”
    Life-in-death: “All right, but this time we roll the dice together.”
    The two hands are raised and the dice are flying… their landing seems to last an eternity…
    the faces are alternating one another continuosly… until one face decides to keep its place and to stop the cube…
    Life-in-death can not believe what just happened.
    Life-in-death: ” The game is done! I’ve won! I’ve won!”

    Picture II
    Suddenly all of his fellows looked at him with a dying look.
    Ancient Mariner: “My friends! What is happening to you?”
    Crew: “You have condemned us! You have just killed us!”
    A.M. :” But how? I would never let this happen!”
    Crew: “You know what you did and you can not go back, you have to pay for your crime!”
    A.M.:” No, my fellows, I don’t want to lose you for my mistakes! This is unfair!”
    Crew:” What you have done is irreperable… now you will face the consequences… Farewell…”
    A.M. :” Oh Alas! Please forgive me!”

    Picture III
    Now the ancient Mariner is alone, his mates are gone, they left their bodies there with him.
    He is still suffering for what happened to his comrades. The guilt is torturing him harder and harder…
    A.M. : ” My friends! Forgive me for what I have done, have mercy! Please!”
    Souls: “No, you can not change the past, you have condemned us but you have also condemned yourself. Deal with it.”
    A.M. : ” I really regret what I did. I should not have killed the Albatross. I did not know what could happen next…”
    Souls: ” And now you know it. We can not forgive you, let us rest in peace and that you will suffer for the rest of your life and we will not meet again, even after your death…This is goodbye.”

    • cristianaziraldo scrive:

      Nice, Antonino. You did a great job. Did you write it all by yourself or somebody helped you? If you did it all on your own, then your English has improved a great deal!
      Remember that “cannot” is one word!

  52. Giulia scrive:

    “The game is done! I’ve won, I’ve won!”
Quoth she, and whistles thrice.

    They’re playing dice, to decide the fate of the crew.
    D : so, we have to play also today, and if it is a even number I win .
    L: I am agree upon
    They throw the dice and the game was done..
    Overcame death..
    D : yes, I’ve won now they will all die. It will accomplish destiny, I choose. But, however, let him live alone, who led to the death his crew as punishment.
    L : What did you decide , it will be accomplished.
    And so the crew died. And the ghost ship disappeared.

    Each turned his face with a ghastly pang,
And cursed me with his eye.

    They are on the ship, the crew was dying and the ancient mariner was the man who killed the albatross.
    M1 : you wanted ! We are dying because of your crime!
    A: No, I did not want!
    M1 : You created this situation! You have brought us to death!
    A: I did not create this!
    M1 : you did not want ? So, why you have done this?
    A: I thought that would improve the situation, our condition. In fact, the weather had improved.
    M1 , but not our condition ! Now you’ll be pleased.
    A: l do not believe he did just for me.
    M1 : now you’re alone . Farewell.
    And so the sailor found himself alone, without his crew and with the albatross around his neck.

    And never a saint took pity on / My soul in agony.
    All souls are flying into the sky; all are looking over the ancient mariner.
    The sailor was alone and without his crew. You could see the desperation in his eyes.
    A: why all this has happened to me? What have I done so ardours? I thought to help my colleagues and improve our condition. Instead I’m here, alone, with no one. How am I going? Where will I go? I do not know. I am alone.
    M: you want this making that gesture.
    And so the souls ascended to heaven.

    • cristianaziraldo scrive:

      It is interesting the way you rendered the character of the Mariner: psychologically speaking he seems to deny or smother any awareness as to the crime he committed. He keeps on claiming he did not want to, but he did!

  53. Nicola scrive:

    Dialogue 1
    The two women,from a distance started deciding on the lives of the ancient mariner and his companions. Death, the woman wearing an all black dress wanted the lives of the poor mariners,but so did the horrifically beautiful life-in-death. Death said:thy life I would like,be my slave for ever and serve me in the other world where i reign. Death in life said: Oh you little mariners do not listen to her, she shall not give you the prize you deserve. Live for ever with no chances of escaping from my eternal love.
    The two women decided to choose the mariner’s destiny through the game of dice, where only fate rules.
    Dialogue 2
    Fate decieth everything. Death wins and gets the souls of the poor mariners except one.. While everybody collapsed, he stood up all alone. The sky changed above him; a colorful rain poured down on him and a voice echoed in that blood-curdling wind”ahahaha i won, I won he’s my little mariner for all eternity!”
    The last body dropped to the ground with its eyes opened,cursing the ancient mariner to an eternity of suffering and solitude. The mariner could now see an horde of desperate souls diving in the depths of the big ocean,whispering the survivor’s name.
    Dialogue 3
    The rain that fell on the mariner transformed into his greatest sin: a chain was set on his neck and the dead albatross hung from it. In that very moment a voice was heard all over the seven seas and trascental light spotted him and it said:” you whom have committed a great crime shall now live for ever and tell the story of what you have done to whoever you meet. This is my will”

    • cristianaziraldo scrive:

      Succinct, but to the point. Your narrative parts seem to overshadow the dialogue, but if that is your “creative style” I cannot add anything but accept it 😉

  54. Silvia Zongaro scrive:

    First picture.
    Life and Death are playing with dice.
    Life says “So we will play to decide the fate of the Mariner.”
    Death nodded but is suspicious: “but how can I understand if you would cheat. You bring here the dice I don’t trust in you.
    “Oh come on I won’t cheat. The destiny will decide” says Life.
    “No, I don’t believe you”
    “Ok, if this is what you want the dice will be thrown by the wind”
    The beautiful girl stands up, she looks up to the sky and raises her hands. she recites few obscure words and immediately the wind forms a huge tornado that comes to the ship, raises the dice and then throw them between the two souls.
    Life and Death intrigued look the dice.
    “The game is done! I’ve won, I’ve won!” Quoth she, and whistles thrice

    Second picture.
    The ancient mariner is looking to his mates dying in front of him. He is frightened and doesn’t know what to do. He doesn’t know what is happening.
    “Why are you all dying? Why not me? What is happening?” says the mariner scared and confuse.
    The only sounds on the ships are the laments of the mariners and the strong sound of the wind. One of these with a little voice says “we are starving”.
    The Ancient mariner still doesn’t understand: “but I’m starving too why I’m not dying as all of you?”
    Suddenly a strange voice comes from nowhere. “you kill the albatross and you have to be punished” says. The ancient mariner justifies him: “I kill this poor albatross to feed my mates. We are starving. We are here from days.”
    “You kill the albatross” repeats the voice. “and for this reason your sailors will die now instead of you. You will live forever!”
    Each turned his face with a ghastly pang, And cursed the ancient mariner with his eye.
    “No no, I wanted to save them”
    “The die is cast!” says the voice.

    Third picture
    “What can I do to stop this torture? How can I die with them? Please please..” shouts the disperate Mariner. One of the souls that are raising up to the sky answers him: “Dear captain, you can’t do anything. Life and Death have decided. This is your fate.”
    “No it’s impossible. i will throw myself in this angry sea and will take my life”
    “You won’t die” says the soul.
    “Never a saint took pity on My soul in agony. So what can I do? Please help me”
    The soul smile at him: “listen, now you return to the dry land and you tell your story to each person you meet. Help them not to make your same mistake. I will show you the way.”
    The Ancient Mariner flips the ship and wends to the land.