Your collective poem is dedicated to Natalia Molebatsi

This collective poem is dedicated to Natalia Molebatsi, a South-African poetess who filled my heart with joy and inspiration.  She visited our school yesterday and she made my students and Laura’s students write a poem.  If you visit Laura’s website you will appreciate the poem that our two classes wrote with Natalia and her husband Raphael d’abdon (a researcher at the University of Udine)

Today we carried out the same enlighening experience in our creative writing project.  We owe the following poem to Natalia’s poem "My pen" and to Langston Hughes’s poems "The Freedom Train", "I, too, sing America", "Consider Me".  This is what you wrote.  Be proud of yourself guys, you did a wonderful job and I feel so happy whenever I step our of our creative writing workshops. 

Use imagination to escape the grave

Let an eagle take the tears of wrong decisions away

Stormy lovers pain when they make late steps, their dreams flee from the back door.

How much sugar is there in their tears? Ashamed of the storm getting stronger inside their soul?

Admire the mystery, the fallen coloured tears

The false dreams, their souls are dying.

Think of lonely folks, tears flow down their eyes like eagles flying away

The mystery is to escape from life’s storm.

Nobody can do it without a dreamy imagination.

Folks in graves have no dreams anyway.

Revolutionary souls: escape through your coloured dreams.

The soul, like an eagle, flies with the dream.

Lovers, you revolutionary souls, ride your coloured dreams.






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3 Responses to Your collective poem is dedicated to Natalia Molebatsi

  1. anonimo says:

    hey, just another poems that rocks!

    so much talent, indeed…

    why don’t you (professor Cristiana and Laura) collect the poems that will come out from your creative wrotong workshops and, maybe, make a book out of it or a website???

    the first two poems i have read, this one and the one on Laura’s blog, are wonderful, and worthy to be included in any poetry anthology!!!

    keep posted


  2. anonimo says:

    this poem is beautiful…we make a great work…congratulation!!!


  3. anonimo says:

    it was a pleassure to be invited by you guys. You do great work, and your writing is beautiful and thought provoking… and we are the ones who will raise the dead, ha ha ha…


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