Write to an object, pet or plant you know well, then reply as if you were that object, pet or plant, so reply to your person!

Dearest, we read funny things in class yesterday.  We really had lots of fun.  I would love to read all your letters, so please post them.  Just click on "lascia messaggio" and type in your letters.  Reread them before you publish the post.  That way you can see whether there are any typos (typing mistakes).  Enjoy each other’s letters.  Have fun. Love, your Captain.

Dear Tights,

I need you when it is freezing cold.  You protect my wonderful legs, "wonderful" not because they are perfect, but bacause they walk me around.

I need you when I go to a wedding

I need you when I go to a party

I need you when I don’t want to wax my legs and I need to cover those hairy patches

I need you when I go cross-country skiing

I need you wehn I go to the theatre, but don’t think I’m overdependent on you, because when summer comes I can do without you.

That’s life my dear tights, one day you are needed the following one you aren’t. 



Dear C.,

How ungrateful and cheeky you are! When I started reading your letter I felt so happy, I was beside myself with joy.  I was ecstatic.  I had never rfelt so important in my life.  But then, you shattered my dreams, you spoilt everything.  YOu made me feel useless, worthless.  How is ti possible that you don’t think of me over the summer?  How dare you break my heart?  What have I done to you?  Do I deserve this spite?  No, I don’t think so.  Not at all.  So, go to hell where it’s so hot you won’t need us in winter time!

With resentment,

The Tights.


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12 Responses to Write to an object, pet or plant you know well, then reply as if you were that object, pet or plant, so reply to your person!

  1. 11charlie11 says:

    Dear Ipod,

    as we meet every single day, I think it’s worth to tell you what I think about you, just to be sincere with you.

    I think I couldn’t live without you as I couldn’t live without music and for me you’re the best device to hear music, either trough earphones or speakers.

    You’re simply the best because you’re very user-friendly and you always do what I want you to do.

    Moreover you have always got something nice to play for every single moment of the day, wherever it is happy, exciting, amusing or sad.

    Your only problem is that you’re not always very good at choosing songs when I let you do this,maybe just because you have too many songs t consider.

    I actually think I couldn’t live without you, so, please, stay always close to me.



    Dear Carlo,

    I should tell you I’ve never received a letter before and it was strange for me to read it.

    I was very happy to read what you think about me and I should say I’m astonished as I never thought I could have been so important for someone, even if I could understand it considering how long I have to work for you every day.

    I also have to tell you one or two things. Firstly, how can you think I could be able to choose the song you want to hear in that moment if I have so many songs too consider. Moreover try not to change songs so often, as I could go mad sooner or later, so don’t get angry if sometimes I’m a little bit slow

    So I’m happy to be so important for you but please, let me breathe sometimes.



  2. SweetGlo says:

    Dear pillow,

    I’d really like to tell you how much you’re important for me..so, listen and keep attention because I’m not going to repeat it twice!You’re always in my dreams, I’m not joking…You’re so soft and sweet and comfortable and when I hug you I can’t help to fall asleep and make sweet dreams…

    You’re always with me when I cry and when I look for cuddles and although I fight with you sometimes, it doesn’t mean that I don’t love you!It’s so difficult to say goodbye one another in the morning and when my alarm clock gets off I always wish that I’m dreaming because I’d like to stay with you all day long…

    So, thanks for existing…See you tonight;)



  3. SweetGlo says:

    Dear Gloria,

    I love you, too!When you hug me I feel so good that I could touch the sky…

    You’re sweet as honey and I’m happy to be with you in your dreams(eheh)…

    Sometimes I wish you were a blanket to stay always with you forever and ever and ever…

    We’re made one for the other: we’re both sweet,we both need to sleep a lot, we’re always willing of cuddles…Why don’t you marry me, Gloria??

    Please, leave your stupid boyfriend and spend your life with me!

    I need your hugs and i feel so lonely when you sleep out…

    I love you and I hope that your dreams will come true!

    See you tonight;)


    your pillow

  4. anonimo says:

    Dear Music,

    I listen to you every single day.I can’t live without you. When I’m with you I can dream, I can shout, I can cry,I can love, I can hate. Sometimes, when I’m with you, I can barely breath simply because you express perfectly what i feel inside. When I need, you are there to save me, to calm me down when I need. I listen to you in the way to school and when I come back home, when I’m in the car with my parents and I don’t want to listen to them. I relax myself with you when I’m tired or sad and no one seems to understand me. No one knows how many times I’ve cried while I was listening to you. And now I’m thinking about a phrase one of my favourite singers said: ” music it’s the air I breathe, the blood that pumps up in my veins and keeps me alive”. That’s what I think of you.

    forever your, Giu

    Dear Giu,

    thank you for all the things you wrote. I’m happy to know that but I have some things to tell you. Come on, there are some days you listen to the same songs over and over again! Don’t you know there are lots of song in the world?!? Anyway I think you already know I’ll be there for you everytime you need, don’t you? So even if I’ll be obbliged to repeat the same songs in a day, it’s ok, because i know how much I mean to you. I know you love some of my lyrics in particular and you write them down on your copybooks and in any place you can and you like it because you can keep in touch with me even if you are in class and you can’t listen to me!

    see you later, on your way back home,your beloved


  5. anonimo says:

    Dear book,

    Now I want tell you what I think about your fine and bad things,because I want be sicere with you.Well, first of all I need you, I can’t live without you,you are very important in my life.When I read you I have so fun that I feel better than before.I need you to learn new and interesting things but somtimes on your pages are write things so boring….However I like staying with you when the weather is turning nasty and when I’m sad and you are able to return me the smile.You are important for all of us, maybe because you make happy the spirit of everybody.

    Thank you for existing

    Your Helen

    Dear Helen,

    I’m very enthusiast to have received your letter…I’m without words, I can’t belive about what you have told. I’m very happy because no one has ever told me what thinks about me. When you open myself for reading me I realize what do you want and I become really happy because I know maybe you just want to have fun or sometimes you want only pass the time but however I enjoy staying with you. I love you and I want you stay with me forever and ever, you are too important for me, I don’t want stay alone. Please…don’t leave me!!!!

    Your book

  6. anonimo says:

    Dear earrings,

    I fancy you so much and I’ve you on every day. I feel happy with you and I don’t know what I could do without you. You bring me luck whenever I’ve classtests or I have to work out some problems. You remind me many beautiful experiences I had or people special with me. Then I enjoy I can match you with different clothes and be always OK with my look. You make me feel better and cheerful even if it’s a cloudy or rainy day, all seem more clesr when I’ve you on. Thank you for all!



    Dear Rossella,

    We too like you and we’re pleased of all the experiences we had together; we enjoy every day whn we go out with you: we go shopping together, to the cinema together, to school- we like this less than the others-, to restaurants, to you’re friends party and to foreign countries. Yet we’re a bit sad as you, during summertime, don’t bring us to the beach and everytime you get back from home you put us in a little freezy box. However we’re glad about the time we spend together and we hope you’ll have us on more time than now. Thanks anyway.

    love your earrings

  7. anonimo says:

    Dear pyjamas,

    I can’t live without you!

    When I’m at scool I dream about you, and you’re the first thing I use when I come back home!

    You’re so soft like the snow (because you’re white) and so sweet, because you have a paint that i’m crazy about it!It’s not stupid: there’s a duck and an other animal that I don’t know the name (it lives under the ground when it’s cold and it’s blind). This blind animal gives a flower to the duck and under them it is written: love is blind. I think that when a person falls in love, for the first period he|she is a bit blind because everything seems so wonderful that doesn’t let he|she see clearly.

    Even my boyfriend is in love with you….you’re very sexy!

    I feel in paradise when you warm me.

    thank you!xxx


  8. anonimo says:

    Dear coffee machine,

    I usually use you twice a day when I am at home. I do not like making coffee very much, but I love dinking it. I could not live without it!

    Coffee is one of the first thing I think about when I get up in the morning. I go to the kitchen following coffee’s perfume, I am very keen on it! I put the coffee in a mug, also it is too big, then I savour it satisfied.

    I hope we will be friends forever.

    Thank you for making a fantastic coffee!

    Lots of love,


    Dear Francesca,

    thank you for having written a letter to me. I have appreciated it.

    I am very happy for what you have said. Being important for someone is a beautiful thing!

    I like coffee too. It is right you usually drink coffee twice a day, but you don’t use me twice. Your mum uses me more often than you, also if the coffee is for you.

    I hope you will continue using me. I promise I will never get broken, but you must promise me that you will take me to the university with you. Ok?


    coffee machine

  9. anonimo says:

    Dear BED,

    thank you for existing. If you weren’t here, I didn’t know what to do.

    You’re so useful and comfortable!

    You stand by me when I sleep and welcome me every night.

    You don’t bother me and this is the think I most appreciate of you. You’re special!

    You make me sleep, one of the things I like doing most, and dream.

    When I’m tired and I lay on you, stress and noise go away. There are only me and you, and silence…

    You’re wonderful…hope we never leave us. You’re too important for me. I can’t live without you…

    With Love,


    Dear Martina,

    thanks for your letter. You almost make me cry.

    But our relationship is not fair!!!

    You use me only in the night, and leave me alone all the day.

    Then, why can’t you come to sleep every evening at the same time???

    One day at eleven o’clock, another day at half past nine…I can’t wait for you the whole night!!!

    Finally, I don’t like when you don’t make me, I hate being untidy!I’m cold!

    And…remind it…don’t jump on me, it’s not funny! Would you like to have someone who jump on you?

    See you tonight,

    your Bed

  10. anonimo says:

    Dear I-POD,

    I love you becouse every day you can make me happy just playing music by yours headphones!

    You know, music is a lot important for me: make me unstressed and happy,daydream and give me the force o go on. My life is sad without you, I know becouse when I frget you at home I feel alone.

    I need your presence and I want to tell you really thank and orry if sometimes I let you fall down. I wouldn’t do it!

    for ever yours Giulia.

    Dear Giulia,

    I’ve accepted yours apologies and I’m happy for that.

    I like share moments with you me too. I like when you put songs on me or when you racharge me.

    I feel very well with you and I appreciate your attention but please stop saying you’d have me in another colours! I’m purple and I’m not so bad like this…U.U

    Anyway thank’s and listen to you later!

    your I-POD.

  11. anonimo says:

    dear dog’ vou’re really important for me. i love you because you’re my sweet puppy. even if you’re an animal you can understand me. with your beautiful and blue eyes you cheer me up and with your big tail, that you move everytime you see me, you make me funny! i can’t live without you because you’re one of the most important “people” of my life. we are grown up together so i don’t want you die. what a pity that you can’t live longer! every day i stroke you’re hairy head…you’re my best friend, my brother!

    with love, you’re faby

    dear fabiola,

    you’re important for me too. i thank you because every day you pat me but i’m also a bit angry, because you’re really naughty. in fact sometimes you stress me with your jokes! but despite this i consider you my game’s mate. you make me funny when we play together in the garden, so i’m really happy!!

    by your roby

  12. anonimo says:

    Dear EYE LINER,

    well…I’m sorry if I have never make you understand how important you are for me! I know I use you every single day of my life without saying “Thank you” or “You’ve done a good job!”, but is it my fault if I am a make-up addicted?!? I’m only 16, however I already depend by you, because you make me feel nicer and more attractive and I quite feel as my most beautiful best friends: every boy looks at them when we stroll downtown or we go clubbing…and I’m sick to be consider uglier than them. And, thanks to you, I think I’m…GORGEOUS!!! I would be lost without you! I can’t watch me in the mirror early in the morning, when I have no make-up. I know I’m a desperate case, but now I couldn’t live without you! Thank for what you do every day: I will be thankful to you for all my life.

    Take care of yourself,

    forever yours,


    What sort of owner are you? I won’t call you “dear” because you are NOT dear for me.

    You take advantage of me every day: you make me work so hard that I last only fiew weeks!! And then?? Then you change eye-liner as you change your knickers! Don’t you believe that you use me too much? Sometimes, you use me also three times a day.

    Actually, you are a nice girl, more than your friends because you are natural and spontaneous. And remember: the real beauty is the one without make-up! I’m proud of myself listening your words, but try to be more indipendent by me. As more natural you are, as more people will appreciate you because make-up is like a mask, that you ue to hide not just your body, but also your behaviour and this means that you aren’t honest. So, be as natural as possible and you will be consider sincerity in person!

    Dedicate and zelous,


    Giulia Radovan

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