Workshop Seven

Some more poems to unlock the self.  We are approaching our final countdown, that is the moment when you will be performing your slam poems, folks! Yes! Do you remember the initial videos we watched?  Well, you cannot back up now, and even if you tried, I won’t let you do it!  (tongue-in-cheek remark!)
Let’s proceed with our "LIST POEMS":

Farewell to disruptive, demotivated and lazy students
Hello to enthusiasm, pleasure to learn, know and share
Farewell to nagging and complaining mothers
Hello to co-operation, constructive dialogue and reciprocal trust
It’s revulutionary education, revolutionary education, revolutionary education

Farewell to piles of tests
Hello to piles of books
Farewell to droning teachers
Hello to affective educators
It’s my ideal school, my ideal school, my ideal school.

Yes to freedom
No to torture
Yes to love
No to hatred
Yes to nature
No to pollution
Yes to simpler lifestyles
No to consumerism
It’s a fair world, a fair world, a fair world

Got+Bugs _You+Bug+Me
What bugs me

When my students do not listen to me and I feel disempowered.  I feel deprived of my passion: teaching.
When colleagues speak behind my back.  I feel slendered.  I feel denied as a human beings.
When my headmasater does not leave room for free expression of thought. 
When I am not taken into consideration.
When I am standing in a queue and somebody skips it.
When I am in a hurry and there is a slow driver in front of me.
When people litter.
When people do not ricycle or dump their rubbish anywhere.
When my friends forget about my birthday.
When people swear or youngsters utter the word C—O.
When people show off or feel superior to others.
When there is indifference towards those who suffer.
When there is no justice before blatant injustice.
When those in power do not do anything to change things or they fake taking action.
When students bully.
When parents deny the obvious about their kids.

My mom is overprotective towards my brother
My mom is always making comments on people’s looks
My mom makes me laugh with her bizzarre remarks
My father was pretty moody
My father did not allow me to take friends home
My father made me work hard
My best friend makes me ponder on things and makes me look inside myself
My best friend means a lot to me
My best friend is a reassuring presence in my life
My neighbourhood bully is always blasting music, day and night
My neighbourhood bully is always littering
My neighbourhood bully is pretty lonely
My dog will be wagging his tail when I am back from school
My dog will come jogging with me
My dog is on his way
My hamster is running round its wheel
My hamster is fluffy and funny
My hamster gets along well with my dog
My Italian teacher knows a lot, but shares very little
My Italian teacher is dissatisfied with his job
My Italian teacher is racing in his grey 500
My sister is supportive and caring
My sister is beaming
My sister helps me through steep paths and dark ways
My brother teaches me how to succeed with men
My brother shows me the way
My brother shows me the horizon


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