Workshop Four

Today’s session was really great.  Herewith below you can watch the commercials chosen by Stefano, Sara and Sabrina respectively.  We all notices that they share lots of interesting features.  First of all the use of poetic language, of strong metaphors, of powerful images.  Then there is once again the use of intertexuality both referred to music and literature.  Along with the use of literary references, there is the shared aim of stirring the viewers’ emotions quite deeply.  Stefano’s commercial wants to highlight how technology can be respectful of the environment.  Sara’s and Sabrina’s emphasise the power of "reaction" to injustices or prejudices.  If you fight back racial attitudes or attitudes of intollerance (towards homosexuals, handicapped people just to mention the ones present in the commercials) you free your soul and you refuse to become an accomplice.  Arrogance, lack of sensitivity, physical or verbal abuse, envy, blind ambition do not certainly help you "soar" in life.  That is why when we finished watching Sabrina’s chosen commercial we were all left speechless. 

I want to post Walt Whitman’s poem, since I think you should all read it.  It is a beautiful poem, really lovely to read and listen to.  I am posting it along with its analysis. Enjoy it.