Workshop Four

33_being-creative-printsmToday you have come with really bizarre stories (written individually or collectively).  You got so excited and carried away by the activities.  I hope you are going to post them, so that other people (students and teachers alike) may a good sound laughter themselves!
The first activity was sparkled by the book "The Write-Brain".  We will use other activities from it.  It is a well of "funny" and "quite bizarre" or "unsual" creative writing exercises (if we can call them such!).
I am going to write the activity for those who were not in class today and would love to carry out the activity for the sake of having fun.
Choose ONE word taht most appeals to you: trophy, bible, inhale, giraffe, weed, lava, crush, banana, mask, fender, gas.
Choose ONE setting that most appeals to you: at a circus, during a war, in a space station, under a full moon, on a beach, at a park.
Choose ONE starting phrase that most appeals to you: if I could stop, I once asked, the first day, if you must know, the hurricane neared.
Start your story with this phrase, and incorporate the setting and word.

zzzzzzzkkkkkkkkksss01I was at the park with my children.  They wanted to reach the zoo in Regent’s Park, before it closed, so we hasted our gait to make for the zoo.  It was overcast, but I did not worry about the weather.  Should it rain we would find shelter somwhere in the zoo.  When we got there the kids grew more and more excited.  They could not believe their eyes.  they stared in amazement.  They felt plunged into a world of sheer wilderness.  They had never seen a giraffe before.  Then, animals were not kept in cages.  Mum, they are free!  Can we take one home.  I like them so much.  The animals were in special precincts and so it seemed they did not live in captivity.  In other wors you did not get the impression they were entrapped in a world they did not naturally belong to.  We were lookign at the rhinos, the beautiful muscular creature.  Mum, is it fast? How can it move? It is so big.  Doesn’t its legs break under that weight?  At once the  loudspeakers announced a terrifying warning.  THIS IS AN URGENT ANNOUNCEMENT, HEAD AS QUICKLY AS YOU CAN TO THE RECEPTION AREA.  BE QUICK, YOU HAVE LITTLE TIME! QUICK!
Everybody had to hast to the reception area because a hurrican was going to hit London very soon.  I could not believe my ears.  It must be a joke they are playing on us I said.  Just like the one of the imminent attack of the aliens (Orson Welles’s style?)  I wondered they do not know how to entertain their visitors any longer.  They always need to push things to the extreme, to have you on the edge of your seat.  BUT when I raised my eyes I saw black clouds moving in a sort of strange whirl.  A soft wind raised, but it blew stronger and stronger and emitted a sort of eerie groan.  My little son, unaware of what was happening, was standing next to the gorillas’ area.  I had given him a banana, he was starving he said.  One of the forillas, which obviously having animal instict perceived the approaching hurrican, climbed out of the security area.  Believe it or not, my son was giving him part of his banana.  What am I going to do now?  Mummy, look at it, he is just as hungry as I am. (TO BE CONTINUED!)

This is just a "taste" of the bizarre stories we wrote collectively today.  Please post the others. 

This story took place in a little town near ROme, where there were just a few people.  It was a hot summer day.  On one side there was Johnny Depp, the most handsome man in the world.  Nearby was Mona Lisa.  She was so fat.  I did not immediately recognize her.  She came from the past.  He said to her: damn, you look like a dumb ass, is taht why you are here in hell?  Are you enjoying it here?  She replied to him "I’m going to do it, but not with you around!".  The consequence was he left and then she started missing him, and she called him back but he did not hear and they never spoke again.

ASWLredCopyPost your individual stories.  The ones you read out in class were just great.
See you next week.

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11 Responses to Workshop Four

  1. anonimo says:

    the first day of my assigment was very eye-opening, there were people that in the every day life you couldnt even imagine to see, i taught I was the only normal person there.

    It was during a war, a civil war excactly, the itaian civil war, the political situation was already degenerating, but now everybody is involved, nobody excluded and those who were neutral were immediatly executed.
    I was in a odd position, I didnt’t know which side I was one, I just know that I worked with the strangest people on earth, there were guys that worked inside of huge armors and women that worked in bikini, super intelligent scientis and complete dumbasses, I guess it was a special task force, I didn’t know, I just know I had a crush on a girl with a mask.
    she was very mysterious, whe was very philosophical and had plans for a better world.
    I never spoke with her, and couldnt imagine why se had a mask on, I didn’t even care, I just wanted to know her, so I tried to work with her on every task, Igot to know a little at a time, her name was ingebord, what kind of name is that?!? boh!
    Anyway, even if I never got to see her face she was beautiful, the most beautiful woman I ever knew, just being next to her I felt more comfortable with mysef.

    When the civil war ended she just dissapeared, as like her duty was over and so was she, so I spenti my entire existence looking for her, but I didn’t even know her face.


  2. anonimo says:

    This story toke place in my bed
    it was a winter day, cold and windy day
    on one side there was albert einstein
    nearby was the famous porno star cicciolina, se was wearing her usual body,flashy clothes, or better she was half-naked. she was waring net tight stiletto shoes and a potent mini-skirt. she was not wearing a t-shity, just a bra, a glittering one.
    he said to her "is that a mask, baby? u look like an ass" "are you enjoying it here?"
    she replied to him "i was haing fun taking my daily quantity but not with u around"
    the consequence was that little tony song a mol’s song
    they decided to see each other more often


  3. anonimo says:

    Romantic Whisper

    Anxious…That’s how we feel when we’re too loyal to a person…
    we put all our energies to protect her and to let her know how big our love is…
    It’s so strange…
    Like the Spring: an ambitious season which is going to become the strong Summer…
    But it’s so naive…
    And like a dream, it hasn’t got any rules.
    It seems almost obsessive for its freedom and easiness…
    A voice whispering…
    Sounds educated, but new to the world…
    True to our ears and minds…
    The power of imagination and hope…

    Alessandro V.

  4. anonimo says:


    I remember ths smell of the spring
    It was a hot day
    there was a song, the park was green and full of life
    you were there, under this tree

    I remember your simple but special clothes
    You were breathtaking

    I remember feeling free like a swallow
    I  remember my heart ran furiously
    I remember that I was in peace with you

  5. anonimo says:

    If love was a song, I’d be the words
    If love was a song, I’d be the sound
    If love was a song, I’d be the ink on the paper   
    If love was a song, I’d be the meaning  
    If love was a song, I’d be a singer
    If love was a song, I’d be a guitarre
    If love was a song, I’d be out of myself
    If love was a song, I wouldn’t be alone
    If love was a song, I’d be automatic
    If love was a song, I’d travel all over the world
    If love was a song, I’d be with you
    If love was a song, you’d be able to accept me as I am
    If love was a song, you wouldn’t be scared from a relationship 
    If love was a song, we would be the same thing    
    ….. STEFANIA               

  6. anonimo says:


    Blue is the sky
    huge like our life
    full of events

    Blue is the silent night
    dark like a storm
    lights up by stars

    Blue is diamond
    hard as a rock
    invulnerable like me

    Blue represents summer
    warm as fire burning
    it means freedom



  7. anonimo says:


    We used to laugh all the day
    but now we don’t hear from each other anymore
    we used to be happy like two kids
    but now we don’t speak
    you used to make me feel in paradise
    but now you’re not here
    you’re not here…. anymore


  8. anonimo says:


    Dear "By your side",
    you are my energy to go on.Without you, I wouldn’t be able to wake up every morning and go to school. You’ve tought me that I have to go on in every moment, it doesn’t metter if it’s good or bad because life is like a game and at the end of an hard work, the prize will arrive.
    Without you I wouldn’t be able to understand the behaviour of the human being, its thouths and its feelings.
    Thanks to you, I learn to be myself and to believe in my abilities. Now my life has a meaning and I”ve got an aim for my future. If you weren’t, I wouldn’t understand how strong and deep could be a friendship, even if <<friends>> are far away from us.
    I know enough about love, friendships and life, so please, continue to teach me other things.
    Thanks for all,

    Dear Stefania, 
    I’m glad for you, but I’m not a teacher.
    I’m only a song that somebody has written down to share his experiences with all.
    I’m a poor text, full of feelings and events that someone had lived.
    I haven’t taught you anything, but I thank you to had had care of me. You haven’t treated me just like a everyday song, but I analized me followed my suggestions.
    You’ve learned enough from me, but now you’ve to live by yourself  and don’t be scared.
    You’re "teacher",
                                      By your side    

  9. anonimo says:


    It was a dark stormy night and I was roaning in the centre of a city. I had had a bay day and desired to relax my nerves. I wondered blood, I needed to kill someone. There was a company of young drunkers, they were singing something without sense. I followed them. I shouted after them, so I took out my gun and shoot. They started running away, but I was to fast. I killed all them, except one.
    We were face to face. He too had a gun. We both shoot but none of us fell down. We shoot again but another time nothing happened. We were immortal. I desired his blood more than anything else, ’cause he had killed my boyfriend.
    I ran away and after a few days I saw him in my council.
    Now after 10 years we’re married.

    …………. STEFANIA 

  10. anonimo says:


    we cannot escape forever,
    we have to face reality,
    we are the future,
    we are all friends….
    life is us,
    fredom is tomorrow….
    I need you,
    I feel you
    where are you?
    here? there?
    it doesn't metter
    cause my heart
    beat only for you
    for ED


  11. anonimo says:

    stupid, bizarre, double face, childish
    relative of crazyfrog lover of friends, freedom, fear
    who feels alone, scared by emotions, lost
    who needs love,help, security
    who fears emotions, challenges, relationships
    who gives madness, stress, sadness
    who would like to see the ocean, sunlight, life
    resident of the unknown


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