Workshop Five

Sorry folks!  I know I should have posted this before, but life at school has been really hectic this week and I could barely find the time to work on our blog.
So here I am.
It is getting more and more difficult to post my things, since during classes I rarely find the time to write now. I am more a kind of dictionary on the wheels, running from one spot of the class to the other.  This is not a problem, though, since today I am posting some of your "creative pieces".


It was a dark and stormy night and

Draw the face of a person
Write five adjectives to describe the person’s appearance
Write three things that the person likes doing
Write who the person lives with

This way you build up the character profile for the person you are going to write about.  Write the name of the person and write the story as if you were that person.


MIYUKI by Rossanna

It was a dark stormy night and I was trying to unlock the door of my house but I couldn’t find my bunch of keys.
"Jiselle!!! Are you at home?" I shouted.
No answer.
I quarrelled with Juselle the last time I saw her.  It was when she went with me at bungee jumping… what a great day!
Then something happened, I don’t even remember the reason why we quarrelled.  Something stupid I bet.  Anyway I was getting all wet so I decided to sing in the rain hoping that someone could hear me.  The cat was mewing, poor thing! She was probably hungry.  Oh God, what was I still waiting for? I climbed the wall, over the roof and I reached the window.  Guess what…the keys were in my inner pocket.
Jiselle came in, she was just back home.  When she saw me she began to laugh, then I started too.  it was pretty funny, I was all wet and she was all muddy!

Story expansion
Use the following prompts to create your story

David studied at the English Language Centre (Describe David, why was he at the ELC)
One evening he decided to go to a local pub (Why did he want to go out , describe where he went)
Whilst at the bar he met a very interesting local and they ahd a meaningful conversation (Describe the loal, why they were interesting and what they talked about)
Then something very strange happened, something that changed David’s life (What happene and what did David do?)
But that wasn’t the end of the story (Complete the story – with a twist if possible)

Story by Veronica

David studied at the English Language Centre.  He was a sharp boy, quite tall, fair-haired, blue-eyed, sexy and extremely egocentric.  He had a really hot leather jacket on and sunglasses.  He was at the English Centre to meet his girlfriend Asia. 
One evening he decided to go to a local pub to hit on a gril and cheat on Asia.  The pub was a dirt place crawling with high-class hookers.  He suddenly decided to try his seductive weapon = reading a book.  The book was in English.  Whilst at teh bar he met a very interesting local and they had a meaninful conversation. 
"Yes, I relly think green socks match your eyebrows".
"Really?" Gee. It’s soo sweet about you!"
Then they started talking about ostriches.  They looked at each other in the eyes, the local was a beautiful Chinese girl with short dark hair and crooked legs.  They kissed.
Then something very strange happened, something taht changed David’s life.
The Chinese girl bit his tongue off because she was a cannibal.
David wasn’t able to kiss another woman for the rest of his life and he was very depressed.  But that wasn’t the end of the story.  Remember Asia? When she discovered that David had no longer a tongue, she started crying and left him and became a groupie with famous rockstars liek Steven Tyler, Slash and Little Tony.


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