What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?

What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?


Within the first few years of life, we’re asked the same question over and over: What do you want to be when you grow up? Our parents, teachers, relatives, and friends have good intentions. They want us to use our talents and gifts to make an impact in the world.  They want us to set goals and to work toward them with dedication and determination.  Do not worry if you do not know yet what you would like to be in five years time.  Think of what you would like to be now, at present.  Think of what drives you, makes your days special.

goalsI would like you to write your “I’ll be happy when…”

For example:

I’ll be happy when

“…work slows down.  Sometimes the life of a teacher is pretty hectic, believe it or not!”

“…when I go on my next trip.  I would love to go to Australia.  Will have to wait till the summer of 2014, though.  Still need to save up lots of money to afford this great holiday”

“…when I have sorted out my basement.  I need to have it done as soon as possible otherwise I won’t be able to put up my Canadian friends in two months’ time!”

“…when I finish sewing my third skirt.  I took up sewing, which is not easy for me at all.  I did it as a challenge.  I feel clumsy, terrible hopeless, yet I am happy I have learnt something new.”

“…when I get to see my friends on Thursday.  I haven’t seen them for a long time and I really miss giving them a warm hug!”

“…when the weekend arrives.  I will have some free time to read on my Kindle and skype my friends.”

Setting Goals blue

pursue dreamsAll your dreams can come true – if you have the courage to pursue them!

Walt Disney

What are your goals? Your wishes? Think of your ambitions, choose a photo and build up your own “Book of Goals, or Book of Wishes”.  Look at mine to see what I mean by this.  You need to go to http://www.pimpampum.net/bookr

YOU WERE MADE TO BE AWESOME, SO WAKE UP AND STOP BEING BORING! DO SOMETHING WITH YOUR LIFE!  Watch the message coming from this inspiring and encouraging kid.

Which of the following two “visual food-for-thought” better encapsulate your attitude towards your future?  Why?  If you were asked to create your own image or your own quote, what would that be?

Langhston quoteLeap of Faith

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79 Responses to What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?

    • cristianaziraldo says:

      Dear Michael, do not get disappointed if you do not get the results you want straight away. You may not have achieved the results you wanted, you may not have got top marks in all the subjects, but if you think about your learning strategies and try to work to better them, you will certainly achieve better results in the future.

  1. Alessia Giordano says:

    My goals by Alessia Giordano
    I’ll be happy when:
    “… I play the piano because I’m feel brave and quiet”
    “… I get good marks at school and this make me feel proud of myself”
    “… I stay with my friends because if I am sad, they know how to make me smile”
    “… I sing alone because in that moment I forget my worries and my fears”
    “… I help my friends and I cheer up them because I’m feel open”
    “… I travel with my family because I love its spirit of fun”
    For now I am sure that I will become a language teacher because I want to increasing the knowledge of languages,culture and history of different countries in people and I really enjoy teach to children.

    • cristianaziraldo says:

      So you want to become a language teacher! Great. I am happy to read that. Happy to know you took up piano lessons. I have always wanted to play the piano. Will you teach me? That would be fun. You would see how hopeless I can be at it. I doubt you are hopeless at sports. It is just a matter of finding the right sport for you. Maybe tennis, you may be right!

  2. MICHAEL says:

    For now, I see my future very far, because I have to study for few years yet. I want to become a translater and I want to live in German or in England. I love foreign language. In my future I see me in an important International Company or in Italian Consulate, where I talk with some people and I must resolve some international problems.

    I will be happy:
    – when I’ll get a good marks, because I know that my family will be happy.
    – when I’ll travel with my family, because I’ll learn a lot of things about the culture, the religion and the language of that country that I don’t know.
    – when it will be Sunday, because all my family will be at home and we will be all together and I will pass lots of time with them.
    – when my mum will go with me to my archery’s match so I’ll prove to her how much good I will be. And she will be very happy when I will win one of them.
    -when I’ll study English, German, Spanish and Latin, because someday I’ll want to move in a Country where people speak that language.
    – when my mum will give me a present, because I’ll take a good mark or because I’ll be good or because I’ll help her to do the hausework.
    But I’m always happy when I came back at home, because I can see all my family.

    • cristianaziraldo says:

      con WHEN usi il Simple Present, rivedi le mie frasi!
      I will be happy when I get good marks.
      I will be happy when I travel with my family……

  3. Leonardo says:

    I don’t know what job I want to do in my life.
    But I’d like to get a job maybe linked to foreign languages. I will be happy when:

    • Summer vacations arrive. I have so much thoughts in my mind and i look forward for some relax
    • I will go to my aunt and uncle’s house in Sicily. Because every time I go there I have fun.
    • I’ll be able to do exactly what I want to do.
    • I’ll finish my studies

    • cristianaziraldo says:

      I am sorry to read that you are so worried about school. Why should you feel ashamed of yourself if you do not get the results you want? If you are doing your best, why should you feel disappointed? Try to relax and be more in control of your energies. Do not waste them in worries. Worrying won’t help you focus and achieve what you want.

  4. Alberto Rocco says:

    I’ll be happy when..
    “…I will resume play football. I love this sport and I’m driving crazy because I can’t play because of an injury. It’s so painful but I’m sure, one day I will resume and I will be the happiest guy ever.”
    “…I will be proud of myself. Now I am not proud of me at all. I’m disappointed.”
    “…I won’t say lies. I think it is unuseful. My life can’t be better if I lie continually. Actually I don’t feel well and so I hope I will improve the situation.
    “…I can relax. These moments are just fantastic. In these moment I want just music, nothing else.”
    “…Someone says me “I trust you”. None said it me before.”

    My Ideal Future by Alberto Rocco

    • cristianaziraldo says:

      All your wishes and hopes are interconnected. If you stop lying, then you will have more true friends, you won’t feel disappointed with yourself and there will be someone who tells you “I trust you”. Above all, if you stop lying you will be free to achieve great things, as you promised your dad. Studying is hard and I am sorry you did not work hard in middle school. This is the problem with intelligent kids like you: you are intelligent, but teachers do not always see that intelligence may be a trap at an early stage of the educational system. You are not challenged to do more and to do different things because you already know how to do the one your classmates are asked to do. So my dear boy, it is the beginning of February, make a fresh start and show yourself and the one you care for your potentials! 😉

  5. Derrick Okyere says:

    _My Dreams,
    My Future_ by Okyere Derrick

    I’ll be happy when..

    “.. When I will become a Rugby Player. Is my biggest dream now. I live around it. Of course, I’ve got a lot of time to grow up. Maybe, with the growing up, I will change idea. But now Is all I want to do. When I play at that game, I feel different. It isn’t me anymore. Mum doesn’t know about this dream. She think that having this kind of dream at my age is for immature boys. So I haven’t tell her anything. I don’t what to disappoint her . She has done a lot for me. But some day, in future, I will tell her.
    Like I sad in the book, this is my life, and I will decide the color of it. Rugby is because now I’m doing this school. And it will be what will make me go ahead with it.”

    “..When Mum will be Proud of me. She has already written a future for me. I always tell her that I agree with her. But I really don’t. Is difficult to tell mum how I feel. Maybe is normal, but I can’t really talk about my problems, my doubts , or even my wishes. All I want is that some day mum will be vary prod of me and will came to me telling: “Hey, I’m really proud of you, of what are you become now.”

    “.. When I will prove that I’m not stupid. Many people thinks that I’m stupid. Maybe is because I behave in that way. Don’t ask me way, but I think that is because I have fun in this way. I know that having fun doing the selfish is a stupid behavior, but most of the time is the best way to see people smile and lough. I know that I must reduce my self. Maybe is because I’m not completely mature as I think I was. But one day I will improve that I’m not so stupid.”

    “.. When I will have a real family. Some nights I put my earphones in my ears and, listening to music, I start thinking of my current family, and my future family. There is a judge difference. This because of my few problems with it, but in my imaginary family, where I’m the father, is all perfect. I know that I’m too young to start thinking about my future family, but dreams are aloud. ”

    “..When I will have a good report card. In this years, my report cards aren’t the greatest, but is all my fault and I know it. I should contain my self in class and pay more attention in class with the different teachers. I asked my self: “Why don’t I start studying like a good pupil? Why I always do something wrong?”
    I think that people in my class don’t think that in my head I ave these questions. But I really do ask my self why, without giving any response. But one day, I hope no so longer, I will be more good and start having a good report card. Promise. “

    • Cristiana Ziraldo says:

      Dearest great rugby player,
      I think you should really be proud of what you wrote. You show deep feeling and maturity. Nobody could ever say that you are stupid. You are a gifted boy, who sometimes plays the fool in class to entertarin other students, but who is certainly very sensitive. Be proud of yourself, fight for your dreams, yet try, if possible, to share them with your mum. Adults sometimes make mistakes. They worry about their children, but it may happen that they do not listen to them as their children wanted to. Help your mum understand that you need her to listen to you. I learn one important lesson in my life: always being myself, regardless of what others may think. Obviously I was hurt, but I can claim I am proud of having stuck to my values, principles and my wishes. Your book is just awesome. Not just in the content, but also in the opening image you chose. You have a big heart my special boy, a really big heart. Get down to work and show how good you can be at school. Do it for your sake, just for your sake.
      PS: REMEMBER that you do not put “will” in the secondary clause:
      Example: I will become a rugbly player when I grow up.

    • Nice objectives. However, just fight for the ones you really believe in. Do not be influenced by the others. Those who love you do not judge you. You are a beautiful person the way you are. If you want to change, that is fine as long as it is your own choice. So many people jusge us, constantly, but if they do they are not our friends. Constructive feedback is something different. If a friend makes a “negative” comment about you with the aim of helping you or wanting your good, that is acceptable, otherwise it is better if you “turn a deaf ear”. I didn’t know you wanted to live in Naples. I agree with you: it is a beautiful city. BELIEVE in yourself, my wonderful young woman. You are special the way you are and your parents are certainly proud of you. If they do not tell you that it is because sometimes adults forget that children need to be told that their parents are proud of them. As a teacher I am PROUD of you and I BELIEVE you can do lots of nice things in your life. 🙂

  6. Anna Reschiotto says:

    I’ll happy when:

    “…my parents will be united, but I’m happy when my parents don’t discuss too, and they speak how two old friends, because the my biggest wish is that they get back together!”

    “… when I spend time with my mum! She’s very nice and I have a lot of fun with her! She always do every thing for me and my brother, she is super! I love her”

    “… when I finish my homework I can feel free, and I get good marks at school”

    “…when I see my friends that go to school in Motta or in Oderzo and for this it’s to difficult to have time together!”

    “… when I go to mountain. For me, the mountains always have something to amaze, when i go to Corvara i feel so good, for me mountain is synonymusof freedom and I think that all bad things arround me, the problems and worries, disappear…”

    “… I sing! I sing every day, every moment that I can! I sing whatever, when i go to singing lesson i spend some of the best moment of my life!”

  7. Cristiana Ziraldo says:

    Great to read you love singing, it is a great way of expressing your emotions. Well done girl. I can imagine that for you it is difficult to accept that your parents are not together, but you wrote that your relationship with your mum is fantastic. That is great. Adults need time to sort out their own problems and sometimes it is not easy for us to do that. Being adults does not mean we have a magic wand. I am sure your parents do their best to be the best parents they can, even if they are not together. Look at the bright side of things. Try to focus on the positive aspects of your life and you will feel energized. Think positive, my dear girl. 🙂

  8. Anna Pignat says:

    I’ll be happy when…
    “…I help my friends because if they are happy I’m too.”
    “…I read because the books for me are extremely important; every book that I read is a little part of me.”
    “…I run, because when I’m running, in the natural park near my home I feel happy and free.”
    “…I travel, because I like visit new cities and country and learn about new cultures.”
    “…I’m with my best friend, we have fun and unforgettable adventures.”
    “…I’m with my grandmother because for me is like a mother and she is very special to myself.”
    “…I draw and paint, my grandfather is a painter and when I was little he taught me to draw, and since than I alwais paint.”
    “…I speak with good pronunciation the languages that I’m studying.”
    “…I study hard and get good marks at school, but unfortunately in mathe that never appens.”
    “…My family and my friends are proud of me.”

    • cristianaziraldo says:

      Dear Anna,
      How lucky you are! You will certainly accomplish great things. You can paint, you love reading, you love travelling, you are a lucky granddaughter, since your grandfather can teach you so many things about art and you can get so much affection by your grandmother. This means that it is impossible that your family are not proud of you. You are having some problems with maths, it seems. Well, take this subject as a great challenge. Do not give up. I will HAPPEN that you get a good mark, it is a matter of believing that this may happen. Try to focus on the strategies and study skills you need to overcome this TEMPORARY obstacle!

    • cristianaziraldo says:

      Dear Anna,
      You seem to have so many things to accomplish in your life, you’d better rank them in order of importance. You want to become a singer and your grandfather will certainly accompany you in this journey. You want to become a psychologist and a kindergarten teacher. That would be great, helping kids. AUSTRALIA: it is one of the countries I really want to visit too. Need to spare lots of money, though. The journey is long and pretty expensive. Never heard of zordbing, thanks, now I know what it is: I always learn from my students! 😉

  9. Anna Borin says:

    I’ll be happy when …

    “… I stay with my friends. They make me glad. Friendship is very important to me: a friend is a person who can always understand you, a friend knows you very good and he always tries to help you.

    “… I graduate. I’ll have to study a lot so I’ll have good marks.

    “… my grandmother heals. Now she is ill and some they she is very sad.

    “… the summer arrives. I miss the summer! In the summer I go to the sea, I go to my pool, I can walk with my friends and I can tan. I look forward to put away sweater and scarf!!

    “… I go to Hawaii! I want to have a relaxing holiday that distract me a little bit.

    “… I listen to music. Music is my life! I often vent with music… In some songs the words help me to smile, in other the words help me to cry. The music is a good comforter!

    • cristianaziraldo says:

      Dear Anna,
      How lucky you are! You will certainly accomplish great things. You can paint, you love reading, you love travelling, you are a lucky granddaughter, since your grandfather can teach you so many things about art and you can get so much affection by your grandmother. This means that it is impossible that your family are not proud of you. You are having some problems with maths, it seems. Well, take this subject as a great challenge. Do not give up. I will HAPPEN that you get a good mark, it is a matter of believing that this may happen. Try to focus on the strategies and study skills you need to overcome this TEMPORARY obstacle!

  10. Carbonera Sofia says:

    I’ll be happy when…
    “…when I will finish the puzzle of 1500 pieces that I started ”
    “…when I see Branduardi in a live concert ”
    “…when my sister will go to college and I’ll have the badroom for myself ”
    “…when I will be graduated ”
    “…when I will drive a car for the first time ”
    “…when the roller skating will become an Olimpic sport ”

    My goals by Carbonera Sofia

    • cristianaziraldo says:

      Dear Sofia, You see. Writing the post was a challenge for you, but you managed to do it. You said you were not good at using the computer, but it seems you did a good job.
      MIND YOU: you use “will” only in the main sentence, not after when. So
      I will be happy when I finish the puzzle
      I will be happy when I graduate
      I will be happy when my sister leaves for college and I hape the bedroom for myself only.
      GOT IT?
      Nice booklet. You will certainly improve your English, it is just a matter of dedication and hard work. If you study and practice good results will come! Trust your capabilities.

  11. Cristiana says:

    I am posting the following for Leonardo Barbin


    • Cristiana says:

      Dear Leonardo,
      I am happy that you eventually decided to write your “book”. You wrote fewer objectives than asked to. Does that mean you do not have other objectives or that you did not feel like writing more?
      You seem to have hopes and wishes common to lots of people: finding a good job, making money, travelling. As to the marks, I am sure you can get good marks if you work hard. You are a smart young man, whose only problem is that of not working at his best. It is a pity. I have not seen your full potentials yet. Hope you will soon decide (before school ends!) to let your teachers and classmates see how good you are. I am sure you will feel prouder of yourself too. 🙂

    • cristianaziraldo says:

      Dear Sara,
      I am happy to read that one of your main objectives is to become fluent and proficient in the English language. You will certainly achieve this target. It is just a matter of hard work, determination and strong will. Another suggestion I would like to give you, as if I were an agony aunt, is the following: do not give up if you see that results are not the ones you wished for. If you work with regularity, perseverance and resolution, sooner or later you will get what you want. Good luck with your gymnastics competition too.

    • cristianaziraldo says:

      Dear Anna,
      You have written a wonderful “book” and you have chosen nice photos: the artistic side in you!
      I think you are right when you say that we always learn from somebody something new, it is just a matter of listening to them with an open heart. I agree with you that grandparents are very important in our lives. I think my grandmother, on my mum’s side, influenced me a lot for the better. She was smart and was endowed with great insight. She taught so many new things. I loved it when I read that you love your step/halp sister (you did not specify). I love a friend of mine just like a sister. Good luck with your dreams, I hope you will be able to achieve all your aims.

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