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Dear Friends,
This is what I had promised you during the course.  Yes, our public space.  Here you can find the materials I used during our sessions, the materials the other tutors are going to ask me to post, some useful links and some interesting videos.  This blog is meant for any teacher interested in experimenting the CLIL approach.  It is foremost meant to share the lesson plans you will be writing and any suggestion you want to share with other colleagues.  My dream is to connect the different stages in our educational system in a sort of "waterfall" effect, from Kindergarten to secondary school with the aim to guarantee some kind of continuity in our students' knowledge of English, learning processes and potentials.
SO, let's CLIL together, shall we?


Since the aim of the blog is to spur teachers to experiment with clil, I am going to post some useful links to gather some information about CLIL.  They will be useful also to the colleagues who have already attended courses on CLIL!

As I pointed out during my seminars, CLIL has given rise to lots of debates (sometimes controversial as well).  If you are interested you could read some of the comments left by some CLIL experts/scholars on the Guardian webpage:,,1469879,00.html

And now some videos, not to make you fall asleep, but to make you "meet" (though virtually) some of the well-known figures in the field of CLIL.

As you can see, what I insisted on during the seminars is echoed in the words of these CLIL scholars.  So, I hope these videos will refresh what you learnt with me or through me! 😉

And now the powerpoint presentations that I had prepared for the seminars.  If there are some typos I apologize.  I went over them again and again, but I doubt I have managed to create "flawless" materials. 
This is the introductory powerpoint presentation to CLIL.

What is CLIL?

What is CLILLanguage in CLIL

Language in CLILKey concepts in the CLIL classroom

Key concepts in the CLIL classroomLesson Planning

Lesson Planning  A CLIL Lesson: Principles  

A CLIL LESSON principles

Now I really look forward to posting the materials we will be writing together.
This is the list of workshops, your tutors and the names of your colleagues:

First of all we would like you to use the same "format" for your lesson plans.  This is what Ms. Sgura, Ms. Dell'Agnese and I devised for you:


scheda progettazione


And this is a nice feedback questionnaire, kindly provided by Ms. Dell'Agnese:



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