The meaning of HAPPINESS :)

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  1. anonimo says:


    Happiness is knowing where you're meant to be,

    Happiness is living free.

    Happiness is singing to my favourite song ever and ever,

    Happiness is “strawberry fields forever”.


    Happiness is not being judged for what you think,

    what you believe in.

    Happiness is knowing you're not alone,

    there will always be someone you can rely on.


    But don't spend your time wondering what happiness really means,

    because happiness is everywhere, waiting for you.

    Let her keep you and laugh you life,

    because there isn't much to cry for.

  2. anonimo says:

    1) While i was watching this video i fell a lot of contrasting emotions. I fell compassion, pain, anger, shame, happiness…

    In my opinion the video is meant for make people think about the meaning of happiness and to make people realising that, sometimes, we are too much gready to tell the difference between happiness and selfishness.

    I really liked the list of things that shoult make us happy, like family, friends, love and so on being contrast to the images of people (children) who cannot enjoy this little every day things. I fell happy when I saw the things that people cosidered happy, but I fell also ashamed because I realisi how we take for granteed a lot of really important things. Thinking that we don't really think about the tragedy like orphans, soldier children, people who doesn't have enough food or water to drink and to wash make me feel angry.


    2) With the phrase “happiness is a choice” I think that people mean that only your choices can bring you to hppiness. It can be true because we have to take a lot of choices in our lives, most of these very important, and we have to take them with responsability. The image beaneath the video suggests that our choices can bring us near happiness. For exeple if we decide to be unhappy and to see things in a negative view, things will be negative, but if we try to see things in a positive why, we will be sorprise by how life can be beautiful. That doesn't mean that life will be perfect, but we have to learn how facing problems and difficulties with a smile and in a optimistic view!

    But I think that, on the other hand, sometimes we are forced to make some choices that can causes pain, so unhappiness. I'm sure that the only cure is staying near the people we love and try to get through te difficulties and found happiness again.

    Sara Pavan

  3. anonimo says:



  4. While watching the video I felt sad, upset, dejected and…responsible. I felt like I was the one to be blamed for what is happening to those poor children: I am responsible, in some ways, because I live in one of the affluent countries and I don't do anything to stop our nation “spreading violence” all over the world. The governments act out of self-interest and think of how to make money, without wondering what the consequences will be. War turns into another way to make money and the don't care whether scores of innocent people have to die because of their thirst for power.

  5. Happiness is a choice: if you focus your attention on the negative aspects of your life, you won't ever be happy. On the contrary, if you focus your attention on the positive aspects, you will be satisfied with what you have.

  6. I think the Coca-Cola commercial is obviously a….commercial: they just want to sell their product, making you believe that it will make you feel happy.

  7. If I had a happiness factory, I would transform dreams into realities and create places where people could be free from prejudice and express themselves.


    Alessia Bragagnolo 2^H