The Creative Writing Group Lonely Hearts

We had great fun in class today.  I just think you are great. 

This space is dedicated to Wendy Cope, whose poem "Lonely Hearts" sparked our imagination.

This is our Lonely Hearts Column.  Add your personal sparkling ads, so that we will have a collective poem!

Can someone make my simple wish come true?  Young, intellgent woman, with great insight and wit, is seeking career-oriented man, who can share with her passion for hard work. Do you eat healthily? Are you fit? Do you work out every day? Do you take a shower in the evening and in the morning? Are you a non-smoker? Are you an adventurer? Are you romantic? Are you handsome and quite tall? Do you like travelling, reading and socializing? Do you like cooking and wine tasting?  Are you good at dusting and ironing? Can you sew? Is it you? If you exist and you live on planet Earth, please write (with photo) to Box 69.

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8 Responses to The Creative Writing Group Lonely Hearts

  1. SweetGlo says:

    Can someone make my simple wish come true?

    Blond headed girl with big sweet eyes and a rose mouth is looking for a fantastic man, that is able to fly, to stop the time, to turn things into gold, to realize every desire and then it must be willing to clean my room, iron my clothes, wash my dishes, cook my breakfast, lunch and dinner…What else?Oh yeah, he must lay a red carpet when I walk(obviously)…

    Do you live on earth?Is it you?

    Can someone make my simple wish come true?

  2. 11charlie11 says:

    Can someone make my simple wish come true?

    Demanding male looking for a girl to be astonished by

    maybe by her beauty…maybe by her mind…maybe just by her dazzling eyes….

    Do you live in L.A.? Is it you?

  3. anonimo says:

    Can someone make my simple wish come true? Are you funny, out going, positive and a little bit mad?It’s you I’m searching for!Do you love punkrock music, skateboard and surf? I’m searching for someone who wants to follow a musical tour through USA with me!do you live in California?Is it you?

  4. becreative says:

    Can someone make my simple wish come true?I’m not too tall ,with very big eyes,a small mouth and hair long,wavy and blond.I’m a strange person:sometimes I’m very boring,sometimes I’m exciting…..CRAZY!!!!!Do you live in Rome?I seek for a man intelligent,nice,who can make me happy and who can do what I ask him to,even cleaning the rooms.Is it you?If you exist I hope you write me as soon as possible,otherwise someone else contact me before you!!!!!!!! GERO92

  5. anonimo says:

    I’m a tall girl, have violet hair and my eyes are light blue, so blue that you’llbe dazzled whenever you stare at me. I suggest you should wear sunglasses when you come out with me, if you don’t want to became blind- I hope not !. I warn you that all the times I go out I MUST buy something, so please bring with you your wallet or better your credit card. I seek a normal man who can do what I ask him to. Can someone make my very simple wish come true? I’m sure you can. I know the queue could be very long, but it’s worth waiting. Do you live in Paris? Is it you?

  6. anonimo says:

    Can someone make my simple wish come true? Red curly hair and violet eyes. Moody girl with the passion of chocolate, cuddles and tattooes, and you?

    Do you live on a tropical islans? I hope not, i have to reach you!

    PS:interested on having a “train” of children..


  7. anonimo says:

    can someone make my simple wish come true? are you attractive, funny, intelligent and really crazy? so you’re mine! I’m looking for a charming prince who has the courage of putting up with my vices. if you can give me the moon and make me happy we can live a lot of adventures together…! do you live in Rom? is it you?

  8. anonimo says:

    I’m very strange and demanding.

    Need guy with fantasy and with extrem ideas.

    I want travel with the body and mind.

    Can someone make me happy and mae my simple wish come true?

    Do you live in the world? Is it you?

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