Tall Tales

A tall tale is a fanciful or greatly exaggerated story.

Tall Tales or folk tales have been told through out history. Every culture has its own way of telling how something develops : how the world was created. Tall Tales are stories that are told to the extreme like Paul Bunyan and Pascos Bill. Each of these stories explain why something happens.

Paul Bunyan stories mostly in the Northwest. He is supposed to be responsible for making the Grand Canyon while fighting with his huge, blue bull named Babe. He also could cut down a tree with one blow. As you can see this story has been told to the extreme

Your imagination is needed while making a Tall Tale. You can tell a story about a man going to his mailbox. You can explain how the man looks as he went to his mailbox. Then add something like, " He was going to his mailbox and suddenly the earth swallow him up, " Then the character

can start his adventure . Make sure that you use lots of verbs and adjectives. Your verbs and adjectives would explain how big the hole was that swallowed him up. Did steam come out, lava or did it just gulp him up. These are questions that you should ask yourself while writing. You can use anything even the impossible because when you think about it that what a Tall Tale is based on. You can explain that after he was swallowed up an transported to another world and that world that was ruled by trees that could talk.The trees wanted him to save the tree princess.

Now you come to your ending. Make sure that you go out with a Bang . Put a surprise ending. Maybe the man falls in love the princess it’s whatever you want. When you end try to leave the reader thinking how ridiculous the situation.

As you write your Tall Tale be sure you use the following: an imagination, an open mind, showing writing, and the ridiculous. All these things are necessary while writing your Tall Tale . So pens up and start writing.

An urban legend or urban myth is a form of modern folklore consisting of stories thought to be factual by those circulating them. The term is often used to mean something akin to an "apocryphal story." Like all folklore, urban legends are not necessarily false, but they are often distorted, exaggerated, or sensationalized over time.

The Hitchhiker – Urban Legend

When I was a little girl, about 10 years old, I heard a story about a guy who was driving down a dark country road on his way home from work. He was driving along and he saw a young girl, about 17 or 18 years old, standing on the side of the road. He pulled over and picked her up. He asked her what she was doing out there all alone, and she said she needed to get home very quickly before her parents got upset. So the man took her home, watched her go inside and then he left.  As he drove off he noticed that she had left her sweater in his car, so he figured he would bring it back to her tomorrow. He drove home and went to bed. The next morning after breakfast, he went to return the sweater. When he arrived, he knocked on the door and a old woman answered the door. He held out the sweater and told the lady that the girl had left it in his car the night before. All of a sudden the lady started crying and saying, "There is no way she could have left that in your car, she has been dead for 40 years!"  The story of the young lady goes this way…..She was on her way home from a high school dance when her boyfriend and her got in to a car accident and died instantly. The ghost of the young lady hangs around, getting men of all ages to pick her up and take her home – always leaving something behind. I have heard this story many times over the years, one
time it was a cop that picked her up, the other times it’s just some
tired man driving home from work.

Today in class you wrote your collective urban legends.  Post them here and feel proud of what you have accomplished.

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2 Responses to Tall Tales

  1. anonimo says:

    Peter’s Course

    Ten years ago a group of indigenous, hunting in the Brazilian jungle, came across two abandoned tents and the necessary camping equipment. So they started looking around but they didn’t find anyone.

    When they got back to the tents they discovered a little orange book that turned out to be the diary of one of the people that had been camping there. Reading the narration they discovered that one month earlier, in September, four English guys had pitched those tents, but after two days something strange happened. Peter, the writer of the diary, jotted down that his three friends disappeared overnight one after the other. After three days Peter knew it was going to be his turn, so he decided to hide in a tree near the tents, in order to spy on what was going to happen and who was the guilty person. There was nothing else written in the diary but the next page was completely covered in blood. They understood Peter had died, just as his friends. The decided to get back to the village and they didn’t think about that story until, exactly one year later, on the same days the four Europeans had died, four indigenous disappeared.

    Since then every year on the same days four people disappear from that village and no one has understood why, but nowadays this story is known all over the world as Peter’s course.

  2. anonimo says:

    A group of friends were on holiday in Mexico and one day they decided to go fishing to an isolated, small lake not too far from the holiday camp where they were staying.

    While they were fishing, a young girl appeared on the opposite side of the lake: she had long blond hair and grey eyes, she was wearing an old dirty white dress. She seemed a bit out of her wits.

    She walked directly towards the lake shore and then she fell into the water and vanished.

    The guys saw her and they tried to help her but they didn’t find anyone in the water.

    When they came out of the water they looked exhausted and depressed. They were sure they could find the girl and help her. They felt so hopeless and powerless that they decided to leave Mexico and go back home. That terrible incident had spoiled their holidays.

    On the plane they looked so lifeless that the other passengers looked at them perplexed: “How come a group of young people coming back from Mexico are so sad?” A passenger in particular tried to do something to cheer them up. She called the hostess and asked her to give the young people some sweets.

    When the hostess approached them with a tray full of chocolates they started screaming. She was the girl of the lake!

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