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I created a virtual blackboard with the application thinglink (www.thinglink.com) in which you will find videos and links to watch and browse to become more knowledgeable about climate change, global warming, carbon footprint, recycling.   These aspects are essential for us to have the necessary grasp to do something to protect our future, that is to safeguard the environment. Without the environment we cannot exist, so it is high time we learnt something about the necessary steps we need to take to survive and live in harmony with nature.

Read these quotes from Native Indian sages.  What do they have in common?  What thoughts do they prompt?  Which one do you like best? Why?



eat money

we belong to the land

Here you get your interactive eye promoting recyling and not only.

Now use the following padlet to write your comments.  I want you to write two things: a slogan for a t-shirt meant to raise people’s awareness of climate change and the appalling ways we are jeopardizing our environment and thus our own lives.  Then write at least one resolution “I am going to…” to do something to safeguard the environment.  E.g. I am going to turn off the tap when I take a shower.  OR I am going to ask my mum to buy energy efficient bulbs.  Before you write your resolution, make sure that your classmates have not written it already.  So first come first served!!

Last but not least, I would like you to write a poem dedicated to Planet Earth, to the Environment, to Nature.  It could be: Write a poem about what makes nature so grand and majestic. OR Think about the things you do daily to help the environment or how you incorporate elements of nature into your home. Write a poem about the joy and contentment that brings you. OR Find areas that are dealing with big issues of destruction and pollution. Write a poem about the destruction slowly destroying that area, and how it impacts the other communities around it.

Peace By Piece by Celia Berrell

The world is getting smaller and its breaking into bits.

Let’s put it back together.

Peace by piece the puzzle fits.

Repairs can all be tended by the tiniest of friends.

As working all together peace by piece the puzzle mends.

Town And Country Air by Celia Berrell

It’s both town and country air that we ultimately share.

So polluting one expect to get a butterfly effect.

If the key to all our health is to share in nature’s wealth

then we’d best invest a plan to save our wildlife while we can.

Stand Up by Graeme King

Pretend it doesn’t happen

look away you can’t afford to yell or have your say

they have the law behind them and the right and where can we find nerve to stand and fight?

It’s easy to look elsewhere turn your head afraid to ask the questions arms outspread to ask the reasons why they want it all we hear the forest cry and watch it fall.

Be strong. Raise up your hand and join the crowd send out your voice of protest shout it loud

we must preserve the ground on which we tread one day you may remember what I’ve said.

Choose an image linked to the poem you have written, then use the application www.fotobabble.com to record you reading your poem.  Articulate words clearly so that everybody can understand and appreciate your poem. This is my poem and my fotobabble.

My Cradle, My Tomb by Cristiana Ziraldo

Out of you I came

Welcomed and lulled by your warmth

First I crawled and I could smell the scent of flowers

I could feel the soft cool drops of dew

I rolled down jolly hills

I loved you since Day One, unaware of the century I was doomed to live

Each offence to you offended me

I grew and saw my cradle being filled with waste, I felt like choking

People littering, people blind to your wealth: they traced deep scars in you, ignoring the wounds procured to their own future

I did my best, I respected you at my very best, yet that was not enough

Greed and Ignorance turned my rosy cradle, my happy childhood, into my present grey Tomb.

As you saw in the “interactive eye” there are different ways to raise people’s awareness of environmental issues.  There are governments and environmental institutions that do this through social advertising, either in the form of videos or in the form of printed images/messages.

I want you to look at the following “ads of the world” and say which one you like the most and why.  Which ad has the strongest impact on you?  If you were asked to create an ad yourself, what would it be like?

Then watch the two social advertising videos and state which one you find more effective to raise a young person’s awareness of global warming and climate change.

the earth the bear WWFfish extinction WWF-Every-Like-Saves-Lives Desertification-destroys-6000-species-every-year-1 WWF



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91 Responses to Take action for OUR PLANET

  1. Alessia Bernard says:

    OUR NATURE by Alessia Bernard
    Nature is life
    Nature is my
    Nature is all that
    We need to survive
    When I was a child I understand that:
    Planes are birds and
    Boats are fish
    Why destroy the Nature if we copy it?

  2. Elena Fogliato says:

    The birds chirp
    when I wake up.

    Cicadas sing in the evening,
    the fireflies shine the sky.

    The trees don’t speak
    but you can listen their breath
    the roots are their thoughts.

    The trees live.
    The animals live.
    We live with the nature.

  3. Shani says:

    11. It informs us of global warming.
    12. It’s time to take action ’cause there is a global warming that leads to more hurricanes or floods. If we can reduce gas emissions, the global warming will decrease. The way the climate will change depends on our decisions.
    13. Yes, I do. It would be a song with a nice and simple rhythm, understandable words and a catchy chorus.
    14. It tells us that if global warming goes on there won’t be emergency exits on this planet.
    15. We have to know if something doesn’t work, or works, how can we make it better?
    16.It made me understand a lot of things and know something that I didn’t know beforelike all the passages of the recycling of plastic. Recycling makes a lot of confusion to people because you don’t know what to put where.
    17. If we want to recycling you have to start from the beginning of your life. Your parents have to teach you that.
    18. To recycling, for example, you can: make confetti with pieces of paper, reuse a bag. With recycling you can get money. In someway you can always recycle.
    19. I want to make a difference helping the planet: recycle, decreasing gas emissions, using water only when it is necessary.
    20. I think I could not follow the 4th tip because what do you do if you have to reach a far place?
    I think I can persuade my parents telling them what is happening to the Earth and how we can help it even if my parents already know it.

  4. Francesca Strammiello says:

    Save the planet,
    Don’t be disrespectful with the world you live in,
    It is all for us,
    We can’t do this,
    Stop polluting, stop wasting, stop.
    Our planet can’t hold up this anymore
    So, why don’t you do something?
    For example starting recycling, helping the environment,
    It’s not a bad idea,
    We can recycling,
    We can waste less,
    We can adopt another way to live more healthy
    Well, I absolutely will start this, what about you?
    This can make a lot of smiles
    Because adopting this style
    People will be more happy
    Trust me
    It is not a joke,
    If we continue doing this
    We are involving our lives in a dangerous lifestyle
    Save the planet,
    is our only reason to live
    and I think most of us want to live an happy life
    So stop!

  5. Shani says:

    The world around me
    The world around me
    is getting more and more polliuted.
    And all I can see
    is we all need to stand up and fight for it
    ’cause the world around me
    is gorgeous
    and I wanna make it a better place
    for me and the next generations.
    We can all do something to save our planet.
    The more little things we do together
    the bigger ill be the result.

  6. Shani says:

    The ad that had the strongest impact on me is the 6th because it gives the idea of a world that is crumbling down.
    If I were asked to create an ad It would be with suffering and undefended animals.
    They are both really effective especially the second one because you can see the suffering of the animals that seems like the human one.

  7. Falvo Arianna says:


    – We pretend to be blind –
    The Earth is sending us a message
    We pretend to be blind
    But she cannot continue forever.
    We have to look at what is happened
    And understand that we exaggerated.
    We can save the world from the ruin,
    Open your eyes and take care of it.
    The Earth is our home
    We should not get dirty the place where we live.

  8. Sara Tonon says:

    Mother Nature
    Yellow, white, black or red.
    It isn’t important skin’s colour:
    all people must respect Mother nature!!
    The nature’s gifts for us are different;
    she gives us flowers, trees, land, sea, sky
    and everthing which we need;
    and we should love all this.
    Love nature!!

  9. Annalia De Re says:

    My circle
    with a breath I’m born in a clean country
    with a breath I’m grown
    with a breath if I choose pollute or not
    with a breath of lucidity say no
    with a breath I choose my way
    with a breath I want to live
    with a breath I think you
    I think how you have to work for a cleaner world
    the union is strength
    with a breath I go away

  10. A. S. Tissino says:

    Today I saw a stupid caterpillar.
    Its home was the leaf
    of a very tall tree.
    The caterpillar often chucked wood
    when it had nothing fun to do.
    One day it started to chuck the twig
    that connected its home to the trunk.
    After a while, nothing
    was holding the leaf anymore
    and it fell down.
    And the caterpillar died.
    “So stupid” I thought.
    “But aren’t human beings
    who know what’s gonna happen
    and still destroy everything
    even more stupid?”
    asked the dead caterpillar.


    And this is my ad.

  11. Guerra Arianna says:

    END ON by Guerra Arianna
    I look around and see any grey. I ask me:
    “What is happening?”
    We are ruining the Earth and it hates us,
    The trees call us for help while buildings fall one by one, like a dominoes,
    The animals call us for help while undefended they die causes of the pollution,
    Some people call us for help while they are fighting for a better world;
    And now I call you for help,
    Do not destroy the nature with a knife
    Give it with your heart a new life.

  12. Francesca Miculan says:

    Lots of us think that money is all.
    But they don’t know they can find all in Nature.
    Let me show how It is:
    Nature is wonderful
    Nature is energy
    Nature is colorful
    Nature has got just one enemy:
    us, because we pollute
    and Nature dies.
    Nature is wonderful
    Nature is indescribable
    Nature is powerful
    Nature is irreplaceable
    So we don’t have to waste what nature give us because it is all we have.

  13. Giulia Martin says:


    Our place, my place
    Every day is the day of the Earth
    We have to take care of her
    Not only one day bt every single day
    We can do everything possible
    Imagine if one day the aliens will come hier
    Pollution, smoke, gasses, cutted trees…
    They will probably think we live in a dump
    The Earth is the strongest of the five elements
    Why do we continue to crumble her?
    We must stop thinking about taking care of her is a work that we can shelve
    So start changing something, starting from your everyday life!!

  14. Najda Bejo says:

    POEM: “I promise you” by Najda Bejo
    We are the generation that doesn’t care about anything. We are people who dont’t think of the future damaging the present.
    I promise you the best of me.
    I promise you that there will be always someone that will take care of your plants.
    You gave us a place to live and deserve the best.
    One person doesn’t makes a difference but i promise you that we will try together.
    I promise you because your wonders i want to have in my future.
    For these reasons… i promise you.

  15. Leonardo Ferreira says:

    The Green Lung of the Earth
    There is a green land in the other side of the Earth,
    a natural lung of the whole humanity,
    extremely abundant of amazing landscapes,
    rivers, fauna, flora and native population.
    There is a green land in the other side of the Earth,
    faultlessly suffering despite having done nothing wrong.
    Deforestation, exploitation, pollution, unfair treatment
    bring about the impoverishment of the area
    bring about the desperation of the people that land is home to
    bring about the doom of the green land in the other side of the Earth.
    Time is running out
    the sons of the ones who do not care about this now,
    will take care about this tomorrow…

  16. Pablo Raspa says:

    ”The earth were our home.”

    The forests were our oxygen, now money are our oxygen but our poison too.

    The oceans were our soul, now petroleum is our soul but our havoc too.

    The air were our breath, now the industries’ gasses are our breath but our death too.

    The ground were our backing, now the trash that we’re treading is our backing but our quicksand too.

    The earth were our home, now… It’s becoming a hell, created by who? By us.

    Do we want to protect the world? Good but we must change it before.

  17. alice accaria says:

    poem: Nature
    Nature is everywhere
    and we live in it;
    Nature is beautiful, is colorful,
    it smells sweet, a smell of flowers, seas, mountains and trees.
    with a wonderful voice, a voice of nightingales, whispers and lullabys.
    We are part of nature,
    and nature is part of us.
    But we are destroying it,
    and so
    we are destroying us.
    When nature suffers because of a chopped tree
    or unbreathable air
    We suffer too.
    We don’t want to respect nature,
    and so nature won’t respect us.
    We might be destined to live in peace in a wonderful world
    But we decided to betray nature, so
    we’re doomed to live in a ruined world
    with sorrow and darkness
    with errors and mistakes
    with sadness and tears
    and without the beauty of the wonderful nature.

  18. Alessia Marini says:

    Ads:the ad that has more impact on me is the first one.I like it because I think it reflects the reality.In this imagine the Earth is an ice-cram and it is dissolving because of our wrong treatment.If I was asked to create an ad myself I think I would create a pic wit a not normal human-being,like an OGM with terryfing face that hit directly the person who see that.
    1- The kid asks her dad if there is a happy ending because she cares about the animals of the story,she is afraid of what will happen to them and I think she hopes that they will find a solution
    2-Global warming: is the increase of the Earth’s temperatures because of greenhouse gassesm,for not recycling and for wrong things that humanity did,even in the past.It depends on human choices.To reduce it we can do(in our little) some things.We can learn how to recycle and not waste.We can plant more trees that help the situation or maybe we can sign a petition agains deforestation.We have to diminish pollution.
    We can turn the thermostat down just 1 degree or replaicing an old boiler with a new model.We can use washing machine and dishwasher only when full saves.Allow clothes to air dry instead of using a tumble dryer or adopt a vegan diet sometimes.
    3-The photos tell me that what we do will reflects on animals and on us and that animals cannot grow-up if we continue to pollute.Recycling is important to safeguard the nature and the palce we are leaving in.Recycling makes the Earth a better place.Polluting the environment will ruin ourselves.There are a lot of imagines that should inspire to recycle.
    4-My caption for this video will be like :”use just what you really need” because I think that this video is for demonstrate that we should not use water more than we need.
    5-This video is linked to the one with the baby in the bathtub by the behaviour of adults and the consequences that there will be especially for new generations.
    The mother wasted water and in the kid’s point of view this action is one of the common mistakes that adults make.
    6-Reduce means less packages,reuse means you can reuse old packages for new things with a spare of money.
    What prevents recycling?:
    -in US there are different legislations for each state so they have not a single national law for recycling
    -one single action can make a difference for the environment,we do not need to do a lot of things but we can change the world making little steps.
    Does recycling work?:
    -If you do not put things in a recycling sistem,trash will end in a landfill
    -the recycling glass process needs lawer temperatures than starting a row material(sand)
    -people can make money out of recycling
    Recycling video one:
    -people have a lot of different believes about recycling
    How can we recycle?:
    -steps to be a good recycler 1.people can get money from recycling 2.at the beginning you will have little money but with time they will increase 3.use those friendly money to reward yourself for recycling
    What does the video informs you of?: This video sends a message to America about the dangers of global warming and our bad habits
    Climate change explained to you:
    -lot of CO2 flight up to the air
    -airplanes make a lot of CO2
    -CO2 makes air more hot and this is climate change
    -is because of gas emissions in a much shorter time
    -glaciers are melting faster ,sea level is rising ,cyclones will become more frequent
    -it depends on our lifestiles and economical activities
    -reduce gasses emissions and adapt our lives to this new climate
    -climate projects can helps us using good decisions
    TIPS:I can follow all of this tip and I can try to persuade my parents to take attention of all the things we can make to help me stick to the tips and thus promote a better future for us and generations to come.
    What is carbon footprint:all of the actions that involve carbon like carbon emitted by cars.
    Everything that surrounds us has his carbon footprint.Is impossible to leave no carbon footprint behind but there is no reason to stop trying.
    My carbon footprint:we would need 2,76 planets if everyone lived my lifestyle.

  19. Francesca Strammiello says:

    I found the most effective the first photo.
    The only image explains if we don’t do anything, our planet will “melt” like an ice cream so the life in it won’t continue. So why don’t we do something to prevent this?
    Many of us don’t want the life on the earth stops.
    And if I’m asked to make an ad, I’ll probably choose an animal or even a person in serious conditions to understand people how our lives and our planet are getting worse.

    After seeing the videos, I chose the one which makes me more interested and at the same time even a little bit sad, the second one.
    I immediately saw the pain in the eyes of those animals. They were so unhappy of that life so brutal. The moment that strikes me so much was when the animals killed themself, I didn’t expect this. Seeing the monkey while he was hanging itself was terrible, also when I saw the polar bear falls into the ocean to drown and the kangaroo while he was killing itself throwing onto the platforms while the train was passing.
    These things are so terrible for animals but also for people. We haven’t to die because of what sorrounds us, it’s not worth it to us, to prevent this we must help our planet even if there is people who don’t care about this, we will win but only if the world will collaborate.

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