Rules, Rules, Rules!

Are rules a bore, a nuisance, or are they necessary to live in peace and quiet and thus respect one another?

We came to the conclusion that for our own sake we need some rules and these are the ones we collectively decided to abide to.

rules-1bWe thought to share with you our rules in a more original way.  We created some Powtoons.  I am sharing some, and the others will be in the “comment” area for you to appreciate.  😉

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16 Responses to Rules, Rules, Rules!

  1. Cristiano Celot says:

    This is my Powtoon:
    Cristiana C.

  2. Giorgia says:

    This is my Powtoon:
    Giorgia 😉

  3. Vittoria says:

    This is our Powtoon:
    Vittoria, Leonardo and Giovanni

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