Purple Hibiscus

Look at this nice school project, I would like you to imitate.  It is an audio file in which the interviewer asks a reader to explain the novel and introduce it to promote its reading.  What about carrying out the same project in our class?  I want you to think of the things you liked about the novel and why you would suggest other readers to read it.  This way we can create a “class interview”.  One student will be the interviewer (let’s say Sara P.) and she will ask each of you a question (sorry Sara, you have a difficult task I know it! ) and you will answer.  Then Sara will have to round up the interview and express her own ideas about the book.

Now listen to this audio file and say whether you agree or disagree with Nancy’s observations on the novel.

Now look at this other school project.

It is just fantastic.  The students chose one of the major themes of the novel (oppression) and created a video clip with an interesting sequence of images, if not awesome pictures accompanies by meaningful music and words.  I am left speechless at the capabilities that young people have.  So, once again, think of a possible theme, and collect images that in your opinion best convey the theme you chose.  Then choose a song or piece of music that can be used as soundtrack.  You can create your own music if you wish, just as you did last year.  You choose your own groups and you choose the theme you want to work on.  Obviously you need to let me know who is going to do what.
Watch the following videos and bear in mind the following questions to ease your understanding:


Just like many Nigerian intellectuals, as you will see in Wole Soyinka, fought for democratic elections in Nigeria.


In this video the writer describes how she changed her writing after encountering African writers, whose books were not easy to find in Nigeria.  She explains her experience as a “colonized” reader and the steps she had to take to “free” herself.   This is an interesting video if you want to grasp the “complexity” of postcolonial studies.  I am attaching the tapescript too, should you be interested in it.

Adichie the danger of a single story



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    baci baciiiiiiiiiii

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