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We are so lucky we are carrying out another project with Ste.Genevieve, with Rhett Oldham’s students.  They are studying the Roman Empire, so here we are, sharing information, ideas, opinions and much more: we are getting to know some students across the ocean!  This is a great opportunity for us all.  Rhett and I created two Padlets on which our students can first introduce themselves and then “challenge” one another on their knowledge of the history of the Roman Empire.  But before the Italian students post “Do you know that…” or “Did you know that…” post-its to tickle their American friends’ imagination and interest, socialize and get to know one another.  Speak of your something relevant in your lives.  What makes you special?  How can you make yourself memorable so that your American friends can remember who you are?

istock_000022123478_mediumSo let’s create meaningful bonds and write meaningful things.  Remember you are the ambassadors of your own country and your school.  Be a credit to me and our institution!

This is the padlet Mr. Rhett Oldham created for his students.  Read their input and then contribute with your own.  Introduce yourself, then upload a picture of yours (you can modify it in the way you wish, as your American friends did) and point out what your interests are.

Creato con Padlet


Now in this Padlet of ours, address a few questions to your American friends, so that you get to know something about their free time, their educational system, their town.  They will do the same with you.  In this padlet they will ask you questions and you will do your best to reply to them.  Have fun.  Be respectful and constructive both in your questions and in your answers.


Creato con Padlet


Creato con Padlet


The next challenge is to express opinions and views on the following questions:

What were the Romans good at? Why?

Why did the Romans lose their Empire?

This is a new padlet dedicated to Roman History only.  Here you can get some interesting input if you wish to see what our students did for their USA friends.  Hope you will appreciate the effort.

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