Pigeon English

We’re going to read a novel entitled “Pigeon English”.  What do you think the title means?  Any idea? The English spoken by pigeons???? 😆 A variety of English?

This book trailer may help you understand better:

The dictionary entry for “Pigeon English” is: an extraordinary and grotesque dialect, employed in the commercial cities of China, as the medium of communication between foreign merchants and the Chinese. Its base is English, with a mixture of Portuguese and Hindustani.

Now listen to the author himself.  What inspired “Pigeon English”? Why did he decide to write this novel?

Having read the novel, now you can try to imitate the following.  In other words, I would love you to appointe a newscast, the writer himself.  The newscast introduces the novel with its key features to appeal to the students. One of you will roleplay the newscast and then the newscast will also interview the writer.  Non an easy task, I woul define it prtty challenging, but..

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