Our school trip to the UK

In September 2017 we went to Bath on a great language experience.  You did not only empower your English, but you enlightened your mind and soul thanks to many cultural activities.  You visited the Jane Austen centre, you went to Stratford-upon-Avon, to London (following Shakespeare’s footsteps: the Globe, the National Portrait Gallery) and last but not least Windsor. What a great experience.  During your stay you were asked to keep a log in which you were expected to jot down your observations as to the main differences between the English and the Italians.  In the following Padlet write some of your key observations.   Then, in groups you created the videos posted on Symbaloo.  Watch them and with the Dotstorming application, vote the one you like best.

Watch the videos and vote for the one you like best.  Leave a comment for all the videos so that you can help one another improve your digital skills for better future results.  Remember not to vote for your own video, that goes against netiquette.



Creato con Padlet

Thanks for having been so great.  I loved your videos and I appreciated reading your personal considerations.


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