Nice stories with a twist to spark your imagination

hatsWe read two nice stories with an unexpected ending, stories that sparked our imagination.  The first one, entitled “The Wise Woman and the Hats” (“In Your Hands” by Revell and Norman) made us write a detailed description of the hat that best matches our personality, the hat that best unfolds our character.  I want you to use the application fotobabble to record your description.  Either use an image you can find on the Internet (mind you to find one that is free of copyright) or scan the drawing you made of your hat, then record your “story” (make sure you read it slowly and clearly so that you are audible and can be appreciated by any potential listener).  Post your link the the box below.  This is my example.

The other story we read is entitled “Sir Gawain and the Loathley Lady”, much longer than the first one, yet really worth reading.  You learnt what a woman really wants and you wrote your own poem inspired by the morale of the story.


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