new endings to 4 different stories

I am eager to see posted your nice original endings to the stories we read.  Make sure you write the title of the story your ending refers to.

These are the stories we worked on:

The Teacher’s Jar

The Missing Brothers

The Princess Who Never Smiles

What Hershel’s Father Did

If you are interested in reading a version of "The Princess Who Never Smiles" you can save this file on your desktop and enjoy the reading of the story.

The Princess Who Wouldn't Smile



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4 Responses to new endings to 4 different stories

  1. SweetGlo says:

    […]the youngest brother found the second brother who have been dedicating all his life to fishing; he wanted to become the owner of all the world’s lakes.

    As the youngest boy saw his brother staring at the lake and threatening the fish inside it, he got scared and left.

    He took the other way where he found the last brother. He was talking with his donkey; he was convinced that the animal could fly.

    The youngest boy got scared again and left.

    On the way back home he realised to be the luckyest brother: at the beginning he had the poorest thing, but he appreciated what he got and turned his unlucky condition into a lucky one.

  2. anonimo says:


    “I will have to do what my father did”… The two were a bit worried for his words, but they soon thought it was just a joke. Suddenly Hershel put his right hand into the pocket of his jacket and took out a big knife. The innkeepers were now frightened; they believed Hershel was going to kill them, so they asked for mercy. He looked them strangely laughing. Soon after he started to clip his nails with the big knife and he ate them.

    Rossella, Elena , Fabiola

  3. anonimo says:

    The Princess who never smile

    ….and told her a story that was just the story of her life. When he described the scene of the man led about the city covered with tar and feathers and with a bucket on his head se started laughing, unable to stop. So the poor boy was given half the kingdom and what’s more the princess asked him to marry her.

    Carlo & Francesca

  4. anonimo says:


    […] When they opened it, they noticed the jar immediatly and decided to eat the contents of it, because they didn’t believe the teacher. The jar contained apricot’s jam, that while it was in the closet had gone off.

    It was so tasty that they ate it all. So when the teacher returned he realized that the jam had been eaten. He started shouting and tellin them they were irresponsable. A boy replied: “But you told us it was dangerous, and it wasn’t true!!!”. As soon as he said it he felt sick and he vomited and even the others started vomiting. So they all went to the hospital. What’s more, the teacher, that wasn’t happy with their sickness, gave them a punishment. They had to write 100 times: “I must listen to the teacher and don’t disobey him”.

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