Look at this video!

Nice images can inspire you, they can spark poetry in you.

Look at this video and if you feel like it, why don’t you jot down your own meaninful words to "embellish" these wonderful images? Those meaninful words will be your poem!


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4 Responses to Look at this video!

  1. SweetGlo says:

    it’s so good feeling life growing inside you,

    it’s so loving feeling nothing else, just the warmth of the sun that caresses your skin and cuddles your mind,

    the breeze blowing tenderly on your face,

    the sea singing directly to your heart,

    your breath becoming deeper and deeper,

    the sand hugging your body,

    your soul flying to the sky…

    it’s so loving taking your love’s hand,

    walking step by step along the shore,

    dreaming to reach the horizont…

    it’s so good feeling nothing else, just yourself..

    peace, love, joy, life

  2. anonimo says:

    Dear Gloria,

    You left me speechless. You write beautifully. Please keep on writing even when the course is over. You wrote a poem that I, myself, as a teacher of English, would barely be able to do. It is a pleasure having you on board of our Ship to CreativeLand! Your words have brightened up my day.

    With admiration and gratitude.

    Your Captain.

  3. anonimo says:

    sun, light and warmth are essential to live because human being and animals couldn’t live without it. everybody know that but, despite this, none give enough weight to it. waking up and seeing the light is too normal and usual that we forgot his role. thanks of it we can live but, above all, we can admire the beauties of the word. without his brightness we couldn’t see the other people, the landscapes, the twilight and the sunset. what a life would be without sun? so what a life would be without friends? they are really important, they are our sun. their absence is an empty in our hearts…even if sometimes we don’t notice the big wealth that we have. the treasure that everybody desire, that someone leaves and that nobody forget.


  4. anonimo says:

    Summertime, the best season of the year, on which you spend all your time with friends…Getting up late, reaching the beach, playing volleyball, swimming..Lying all day under the sun, getting browner, feeling relaxing, carefree.

    Summer, special period of the year to share with friends good and bad experience, all going good and nothing could ruin this wonderful dream, the dream of a perfect life. Relying on friends, sticking up for them, standing by them step by step, getting on well with, fitting in a group. A beautiful event that return every summer.


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