Heroine/Crusader for women’s rights

What are the qualities a person should have to be considered heroic? 

What is your mental picture of a hero/heroine?


Look at the following definition?  Were you right?


The following is a definition given by a young British person:

definition of a hero

Can you think of any figure (in the field of history, science, literature, art, politics, etc.) that matches these definitions?

How old are the heroic figures you came up with?  Is any of them of your age?

What are the rights generally taken for granted in our country which are not necessarily guaranteed elsewhere in the world?

When I think of a heroic figure the word that pops to my mind is courage and the image I picture in my mind is that of a person overcoming incredible difficulties, of a person who manages to keep his/her balance regardless of the pressures s/he is subjected to.

stock-photo-definition-of-courage-47761264 courage-faith-hope-quote-text-Favim.com-124868

courage-i12940We gain strength and courage and confidence by each experience in which we really stop to look fear in the face.

We are going to work on an incredible young girl’s act of defiance, an act that almost caused her life to come to an end, an act that has sparked constructive reactions all over the world, an act that has reminded me of how young people can make a difference in this world and how adults can learn from them. 

Malala-Yousafzai-photo-2012 (1)Malala Yousafzai is a young woman striving for getting education in developing countries such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria and Africa.  She was attacked in 2012 in Swat when she was going home from school; she was shot by militants Taliban because she had been criticising them for not allowing girls for getting education in the Swat Vellay. 

I am stronger than fear

Read the following article about Malala and be prepared to answer the following questions in class together.  I am indebted to the idea of a post on Malala and to the article to my colleague Nella Maccarrone.  As you already know I often work with Nella and the other great colleague Laura Cimetta, whose website you have visited on different occasions.  She created a post on Malala too, visit it!  What would I do without these friends and colleagues that spark enthusiasm and creativity in my teaching?

Malala The Powerful

Questions on the newspaper article taken from Current

Now watch a BBC Interview to Malala.  What are the questions you would ask Malala?  Jot down the questions asked by the interviewer? Do they satisfy you?  What strikes you about Malala’s way of speaking?

0,,16948324_303,00Watch Malala’s speech at the UN Youth Assemly and do the activities prepared by Nella.

Watch Malala

Malala has become a heroic figure around the world and has inspired petitions, debates and prompted a beautiful song, proof that Malala’s voice sparked creativity in some young singers who apparently seem so distant from her personal fight and plight, but certainly share the same need to see their rights preserved.  They can go to school without seeing their right to an education thwarted by the system, so why did they write this song in support of Malala? I am Malala official song (the lyrics)

Different star figures have taken to raise people’s awareness and inform them of Malala’s plight.

Look at the following video clips and be prepared to discuss in class the different ways these famous figures used their influential public resonance to endorse Malala’s cause.

Which one did you like best?  Why?

The boundary between self-referentiality (self-publicity) and true humanitarian support is very fine, almost impossible to put it down in black and white.

Now I would like you to create a video with quotes, catchphrases, images, poems written for Malala, a page of her diary (written by you but inspired by her!) with a background song to be posted on Youtube to celebrate this great young woman.

This is the way some teenagers reacted to Malala’s words.  Let me hear your voices too, let me see how you can pay tribute to Malala too.


If you want you can read the first pages of her book “I am Malala” and the diary she originally wrote in Urdu published on the BBC webpage.

Malala-YousafzaiIn 2014 this Pakistani child education activist and Kailash Satyarthi, an Indian child rights campaigner, have jointly won the Nobel Peace Prize. At the age of just 17, Malala is the youngest ever recipient of the prize. The Nobel committee praised the pair’s “struggle against the suppression of children and young people”.

Thorbjorn Jagland, chairman of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, paid tribute to Malala’s achievements by saying: “Despite her youth, Malala Yousafzai, has already fought for several years for the right of girls to education and has shown by example that children and young people too can contribute to improving their own situations.  This she has done under the most dangerous circumstances. Through her heroic struggle she has become a leading spokesperson for girls’ rights to education.”


Malala was named one of Time magazine’s most influential people in 2013, and awarded the EU’s prestigious Sakharov human rights prize that year.


Nobel peace prize

Here you can find her Nobel Peace Prize Speech


95  Nobel Peace Prizes have been awarded 1901-2014

16 women have been awarded the prize, including Malala Yousafzai

17 Malala’s age, making her the youngest ever laureate

62 average age of laureates when they were awarded the prize

3 laureates were under arrest at the time of the award: Carl von Ossietzky, Aung San Suu Kyi & Liu Xiaobo

Malala Yousafzai Opens Birmingham Library

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  1. Beatrice Silvestrin scrive:

    I want to know many things about Malala, for example I do not understand with what force a girl of her age has been able to deal with these things. For this reason, I would be very curious to see how she was able to overcome his dark past and I ask myself where he has found the strength to do this thing, I’d like to know what were the lessons that this bad experience has given her and I’d like to know how this story has changed her life, I would like to know what are her principles of life now and what is now the most important thing for her aside from (oltre a) go to school, I’d like to know how her life was before the meeting with Taliban. I would also ask her, if she think that the experience in its brutality has opened her new doors to fight for what she wanted.


    she is Sever Suzuky of 12 years old that in 1992, with others children, tried to make a difference to make people of the USA open their eyes, she for 6 minutes silenced the world. She speaking for ECO (environmental children organization), she and the other was faiting for their and our future the future of the animals and our world…..

  2. Pozzi Valentina scrive:

    I’d like to know lots of things about Malala, for example how she felt when the Taliban attacked her; if she remembered something about the accident ; what does she want to be when she grows up and how she feels now in England.

    He is Mattie Stepanek, a young American poet, who suffered from a rare form oh muscolar dystrophy. He died in June 22, 2004.
    He wrote lots of poems, that were published. He became a peace advocate and motivational speaker for kids with disabilities like him.
    Mattie was never the kind of kid that was self centered, he loved talking to anybody that would listen.
    I chose him, for his qualities,strengh and bravery.

  3. Erica Corazza scrive:

    14. What else would you like to know about Malala?

    I want to know where Malala finds the courage to criticize Talibans openly because I wouldn’t have it. I think that she is very self-confident. I want to know if she was afraid of the consequences or she was safety because she was supporting her ideas. Finally I want to know if she thinks that culture is more important than anything else for a girl because I think that for her culture, women are more related to it that men.

    16. Surf the Net and look for a young person who made a difference in his/her life and whose actions set an example for other young people in the world. In class you will create your own post to be uploaded on this blog. Do become my heroes and heroines! Do share with me other touching and uplifting personal stories like Malala’s. I learnt a lot from her and I will learn a lot from your posts too.

    Leonarda Dibrani, a 15-year-old girl of Roma origin, on 9 October 2013 was seized by the police on a school bus during a class outing in France. Leonarda, her parents, and five siblings were detained and deported from the country as illegal immigrants. The case sparked significant public resentment that culminated in thousands of French students blockading entrances to their schools and marching in the streets to protest the expulsions of immigrant families. The police told her that she could return to France but she rejected because she didn’t want to go without his family.

  4. Chiara Tosi scrive:

    If I could know other things about Malala, I would ask her:
    • when you were writing the blog, how did you feel? And how did you fell when lots of people encouraged you?
    • I am your age, what can I do to help you and your work?
    • When Talibans came into the bus, how did you feel?
    • And now, what are you doing to help people in your country?

    Nujood Ali, 15 years old, is now a central figure in Yemen’s movement against forced marriage. At the age of 10 she obtained a divorce breaking with the tribal tradition.
    Nujood was a pretty little girl when she and her family escaped from her small village. They moved to San’a but her father couldn’t find a work and she must married a 30-year-old man.
    Her in-laws always beat her and her husband raped her. She escaped from her new terrible life on 2 April 2008, two months after the wedding and she returned home. On advice of his father’s second wife she went immediately to court to seek a divorce. She was noticed by a judge who gave her temporary refuge. Then Shada Nasser, a lawyer that helped his family in the past, agreed to defend Nujood without pay her job.
    Yemen law allows girls of any age to wed, but it prohibits sex with them until an indefinite time when they are considered adolescents. In court, Nasser told the judge that Nujood husband violated the law since he raped her.
    On 5 April 2008 the court gave her a divorce. After the trial Nujood returned with her family, now she is going to school with the plan to became a lawyer to help other women like her in the future.
    She wrote a book where she explains her story, it become a bestseller and now she is a symbol of courage and an heroine for her country.

  5. Claudia Lavopa scrive:

    1. I would ask her how she find the strength to fight against the Taliban who are brutal and powerful people.
    I’d know how she continues her struggle even after the shooting and how she didn’t stop it even if the Taliban vowed to kill her because I’m the same age as Malala and I’m not so sure that I’d do all the things that Malala did.
    I’d ask her if after she said to the world Pakistan’s problems something has changed and if some girls have the same courage as her.
    I don’t want to ask something else but I just need to say to her that I admire her courage and her strength.

    2. Ellie Schrock is 6 years old and she’s from Waterford. She has been committed to bringing clean water to Africa since she was three years old. Ellie has made it her life’s mission to raise money for Drop in the Bucket – a nonprofit that builds wells in schools in East Africa.
    She immediately approached her first-grade teacher, Jennifer Knipper, with her intention to raise the money necessary to build a well for a school in Africa.

  6. Foresto Sara scrive:

    i would like to know two things about Malala : if there is something that allowed her to go on and not give up (aside from the wish to go to school,to study, and become a doctor ), and which was the thing that she feared the most.


  7. Alessia Giordano scrive:

    I would like to know many things about Malala. I would define her as a “Super woman” because I have never found a teenager like her: I was really startled to know how she has overcomed that brutal accident without never give up to reach her goal: make sure that one day also girls will be allowed to get education in the Swat Vellay without no more discriminations.
    I would ask her how she has found the strength to carry on her dream, what are her favourites subjects at school, how she find the school in England and what are her intentions for the future.


    Ana Dodson was born in Cusco(Peru) and was adopted as a
    baby by a family from Colorado, where she has grown up. Ana
    first returned to Peru with her mother in 2003, when she was
    eleven years old. During a visit to a small girls orphanage in
    the hills outside of Cusco, Ana was saddened by the poverty in
    which these girls were living. Ana came home determined to do
    something to help the girls she had visited. With help from her
    father, Ana started a non-profit organization called Peruvian Hearts in order to bring a
    quality of life to the girls that had changed her life.
    Ana is now a sophomore at Colorado College where she is interested in studying cultural
    anthropology in addition to continuing her service work. Ana has been recognized for her global initiative work on several occasions. She is the Youth Ambassador for the Stop Child Poverty Campaign.
    In 2005 Ana earned the Prudential Spirit of Community Award and
    the Gloria Barron Young Heroes Award. In 2007 she was recognized as a CNN Hero. People Magazine highlighted her as one of their “Heroes Among Us” in 2008 and in 2009 she received a Caring Award from the Caring Institute in Washington D.C. and was honored by the DoSomething foundation as one of the BR!CK AWARDS finalists.

    I chose her because it is important what she did,I was also involved by her way of speaking and I also feel her love for her country. I think we should learn from her because she helped all the girls without family in her country. Personally I think that we should take care of this.

  8. Deborah D'Angelo scrive:

    14. I’d like to ask to Malala why did she answer back to talibans, because I think she’s been very brave, becuase you have to have lot of courage to answer back to people who’re pointing you a gun; then I’d ask her what were her feelings when she understood she was alive and what did she think when she didn’t see people she knew when she woke up because she was brought in UK; if I was her, in that moment, maybe I would prefer being shot and died, than alive but alone.
    16. Rene Silva is now nearly 20. But when he was just 11 he set up a new newspaper, and last year he finished his last book that denounce using drugs in his community. He lives in a favela in Brazil, and he knows that there is a big drug circle. He also knows that there are good people that are against drugs, so he decided to do something for change a little part of the world. He informed other people using social media and his own newspaper: his teacher asked him to do it, and he had now resolved some of his country’s problems. “In the past, it was drug trafficking. Today, there is more recognition of the people who are trying to do good and change the reality of the place where they live.” he said. And now he had become the focus of every media organisation in Brazil. He has also his newspaper online and there are lots of followers that are securing his sponsorship.

  9. Chiara Turchet scrive:

    I’d like to know more about this extraordinary girl, because I think that knowing more about these heroes/heroines make us think and reflect. We often take for granted a lot of things and rights in our life, because we always have the possibility to rely on them. But a lot of others people in the world don’t have our rights and don’t live in a democratic country that assure the circumstances to live a comfortable life. We are surrounded by a lot of material things that we really don’t need, nevertheless we want them. So the important question we have to ask to ourselves everyday is : what really matter in our life? I think we should ask more questions to ourselves and listen more carefully to people’s voice and less to our will. We have to be less selfish. Only in this way we could improve the world we live in and we can discover heroes like Malala and learn from them. Malala’s story gave me the possibility to reflect about the value of my life and of my rights. I’d like to know a lot of things about Malala. I think I’d spend hours and hours talking to her because I admire her and her goal and I think I would learn a lot from her words. I’d like to know what really matter in her life before and after the accident and what is changed. I’d like to know what motivate her to continue her fight about girl’s education after the shoot. I’d really like to know if she should be happy to born in another country from Pakistan, where the right to go to school is secured to everyone. Then I’d like to discover if she consider herself an heroine and what is her biggest dream now. I’d also like to understand if she would like to return in her country and why and if she thinks that the situation with Taliban will become better in the future. And at the end I’d like to know what help her to do not give up during her convalescence.

    In my opinion another little hero is Iqbal Masih, a Pakistan child who became a symbol of abusive child labour in the world. He was really a hero for me, because he also died for his fight. During his life he fighted to denounce the slavery child, a brutal activity that abuse innocents kids only for business. I read Iqbal’s book and I watched the Iqbal’s movie too and throw them I could know more about the slavery and I could know above all about an amazing boy that changed his life and the other’s one, giving freedom and hope again.
    This is the link to watch a video about Iqbal’s life. I hope you will appreciate it!


  10. Anna Reschiotto scrive:

    I would like to ask some questions to Malala, for example, I would like to know how she felt to make a speech at the United Nations Youth Assembly and how she felt and feels to talk about her experience in fornt of the cameras; if she is afraid of a new attack against her by the Taliban, even if she is protected in the UK the Talibans could try to kill her anyway because she is going on with her message. However, if things do not change in Pakistan, what will she do?

    Jan Palach is not only a martyr but a symbol, a symbol of anti-Soviet resistance, of the struggle of a generation against falsehood and cruelty of a regime which, in the name of equality and freedom, has deleted the man and his dignity. Jan Palach set himself on fire on 16 January 1969, on the Town Square in Prague. He sacrificed himself for Czechoslovak people’s rights.

  11. Alberto Rocco scrive:

    14)First of all I would thank Malala because she convinced me, through what she didi, that it doesn’t matter the age, if somebody wants to rebel, as she did or even for less important things, can do it!After this introduction, I’m going to write something about Malala that I’d like to know. For example what was the moment when you felt loved the most? Or the action which made you feel loved the most?
    An other question I’d like to ask her is: conditions and issues as those you have rebelled are really complex under various points of view and not immediately understandable by a girl as young as you are, so was the desperation to make you so strong? Or you thought a lot about what Talibans were doing and so you got convinced of yourself? Finally I would ask her if she would have ever expected to be identified an heroin from people from all over the world.
    16)Jan Palach, on 16th January 1969, committed suicide. He was 20. He sprinkled his body of petrol and set fire with a lighter. He was anti-Soviet and he chose this way to show his protest. He decided to let his notes to people who agreed whith him. According to Jaroslava Moserová, a burns specialist who was the first to provide care to Palach at the Charles University Faculty Hospital, Palach did not set himself on fire to protest against the Soviet occupation, but did so to protest against the “demoralization” of Czechoslovakian citizens caused by the occupation “It was not so much in opposition to the Soviet occupation, but the demoralization which was setting in, that people were not only giving up, but giving in. And he wanted to stop that demoralization. I think the people in the street, the multitude of people in the street, silent, with sad eyes, serious faces, which when you looked at those people you understood that everyone understands, that all the decent people were on the verge of making compromises.”
    Lots of people think thath he didn’t decided to set himself on fire but, metaphorically, she was obliged to kill himself.

  12. Laura Manzan scrive:

    I want to ask to Malala why she decides to fight for her rights. Why she isn’t afraid of the Taliban? Why she after the shoot didn’t close herself but continues to fight in spite of all the pain that the Taliban had done to her? I would to ask to her parents why they decide to improve the fighting of Malala even if they know how dangerous are the Taliban. I want also to know what are the feelings that she heard when she met Obama or when she had an interview with the BBC and I’ d like to know what will she do for the girl’s rights or for her fighting now that she becomes famous.

  13. Giorgia Lena scrive:

    I would like to know if Malala is an only child because in a video I saw a boy sitting next to her mum and I wonder if he is her brother. Then I would like to know where she found the courage to deal with Talibans. It would be amazing meeting her and ask her theese questions personally.


    I’ve found on the Net a boy who stood in front of a column of tanks on June 5, 1989, the morning after the Chinese military has suppressed the Tiananmen Square protest.
    We don’t know anything about him, some have identified him as Wang Weiling, but the name has not been confirmed; we know him as the Tank Man or the Unknown Protester. He was protesting against economic reform, inflation and politican corruption.

  14. Borin Anna scrive:

    When I read the Malala’s article I was surprised. I didn’t believe that a girl of that age could do a similar thing. I think that Malala is very strong and brave. I would know something about her and hisfeelings. I would know if she has ever thought that she will become an heroine. Than I would know, How she felt when she was at school even if the Taliban didn’t want it. Besides, has somebody ever told her(excluded Taliban) that she has made a mistake? That all she has done is an error? I think that nobody tells her this now, I’m asking her about her life before the accident. Another question that I would ask to her is what would she like to do in the future? Finally I would tell her that I admire her, I think she is a beautiful girls and all the Pakistani people should be proud of her.


    Patrick suffered from leukemia when he was 10 years old. When he healed, he decided to found an association called “Driving for Donors” where he look for donors. Until now he has saved ten lives. I think that he’s a hero because when he was ill he was too young and he didn’t become demoralized, but he fighted against the sickness and he won. The nicest thing is that he carried out a project to help the people that need it.

  15. Sonia Bruccoleri scrive:

    I don’t really want to know many things about Malala becouse I already know her story, but now I am so curious to see what she’ll do in future. Maybe she thinks to return where she was born.


    He is Felix Finkbeiner and he is 13 years old. this boy would make a change for his future. It is not a big story like malala’s but at the same time he makes a good thing for everybody in a simple way.

  16. Cristian Corcimari scrive:

    I would like to know different things about Malala. For example how was her childhood;what about her family or her mother,is she still alive?? Has she got any brothers or sisters??’Has she ever thought that one day she would become a famous heroine??How did she feel after meeting with Taliban?’What did she think when she write the blog?? How did she feel??
    This is Beate Sirota Gordon,a woman who fought for the Japanese Women’s Rights.
    I chose her, for her determination,qualities and her courage.

  17. Andrea Boccalon scrive:

    14. I’d like to know something more about Malala’s family.I’m courious to see what she’ll do in her future and something about the accident,her emotions at that moment.
    16. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PLJFb7aGXhg&list=PL156C1B7E01BC1484&index=13


  18. Luca Rossi scrive:

    I would know other things about Malala and I would ask her these questions:
    -How did you feel when the talibans attacked you?
    -If you could come back, would you do the same things you have done or would you obey to the strict rules of your country?
    -Will you come back to your country?
    -How do you feel when you speak to really important people like the members of the ONU?

    When I was surfing the Internet I found two examples of young heroes:

    The first one is Nkosi Johnson (born Xolani Nkosi) 1989 – 2001) Nkosi was born with HIV / AIDS inherited from his parents. In 1997, he was refused admission to a public school because of HIV status. He became a powerful speaker for treating HIV victims with equality and respect (at a time when there was often discrimination). Together with his foster mother, he founded a refuge for HIV mothers and their children. He posthumously received the Children’s Peace Prize. Nelson Mandela referred to him as ‘an icon of the struggle for life.

    The other example is about a group of three young boys from Rome Who make videos on YouTube: they’ are Alessio, Valerio and Simone and their channel is called (sorry about the name of the channel) Fancazzisti ANOnimi and they made a video where they give to the homeless of Milan food, beverage, clothes and money. The faces of the people say all: the people are very happy and pleased to receive these gifts from three common guys from the capital of Italy.

    Here three is the link of the video: http://youtu.be/Rld34nThpEM

  19. Pozzi Valentina scrive:

    After the attack of Talibans, she didn’t feel different. She was the same Malala, her ambitious, her hopes and her dreams were the same! She is against with anyone, not even with the Talibans. She would teachs the right education to every children.
    She was at the Un Assembly, because she woulds to thank the people that help her ( doctors, nurses, friends, her father and her mother). And, also, she woulds to speak with the Taliban people that attacked her when returned from school by bus.
    The leaders that she mentions are: Mohammad, Martin Luter King, Nelson Mandela, Gandi, Mother Teresa, her father and her mother and she choose them, because were famous people that did beautiful things for the world, and also her father and her mother, because help she to overcome the difficult moment.
    The Talibans didn’t like education in Pakistan and they changed it! They thought that education wasn’t important and closed the schools.
    Malala thinks that, now, the right education is very important for women and their future career. She said that one child, one teacher, one book, one pen, can change the world. She said, also, that education is only the solution.
    For me, Malala, did a beautiful and good thing. She was very courage and strong to speak to Un Assembly. I think that this speech will remain in all the hearts and in all the minds of those people that listen the speech or know the story of this heroine!
    I think that Malala, will remain, also, in my heart and in my mind, because I’ve never read a story so beautiful about a heroine!

  20. Erica Corazza scrive:

    The work about Malala made me realize that if we want to get some rights, we have to fight, just as she did.
    In the speech she did, she told that maybe the Taliban, shooting at her, thought that silence was reached and they would have succeeded to change her ambitions, hopes and dreams but this didn’t happen.
    On the contrary this fact had a strong reaction. Everybody raised their voice and Malala teaches us that we should all behave like she did: with great courage.
    Another thing that struck me about Malala’s way of thinking is that although she was wounded by the Taliban, she never thought about revenge.
    She learned compassion from Maometto, Jesus Christ and Buddha, the legacy of changing by Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King and Mohammed Ali Jinnah, the philosophy of non-violence by Gandhi, Mother Teresa and Bacha Khan. But the most important teachings that Malala had came from her parents that taught her love and peace for everybody because we are all equal and part of the great creation of God’s love.

  21. Alessia Giordano scrive:

    Malala is a young woman who suffered a lot but, despite this, she has never lost hope and I admire her character, first of all her courage and tenacity.
    She wants to be the witness of women’s rights and set an example to every teenager
    through her simple way of speaking and her loud and clear voice without fear but with fluency and clearness.
    I was so impressed by her strong personality and her perfect English that I was so involved and startled when I saw the video of her speech at the UN youth assembly:
    she said that she wants peace, respect ,and free compulsory education for everyone.
    Her voice, her style and her strength amazed me a lot and I will never forget what she taught to me: to be strong and fight to get freedom.
    I think that the traits that I have in common with her are determination and patience and I share with her the suggestion to have a better future without social disorders and discriminations and I’m ready to contribute to make it better.

  22. Chiara Turchet scrive:


    I saw the Malala’s speech at the UN Youth Assembly and I am just amazed and touched. That girl has an extraordinary power and I think that her dreams and hopes can really change the world. I think sometimes we ask for some changes but we do nothing to have them. We have to start fighting for our world and our rights, otherwise we won’t see some changes. And the principal way to fight for the world is education for Malala. Education can improve our world for ever, because a book and a pen can frightened wars, racism and terrorism says Malala. Education is the way to change the world and we have to believe in it.
    I think we have to speak out for the important things of our life and we have to dedicate effort and willpower to improve it, like some important people did before. These people help themselves, but above help all the others people, their “brothers and sister”, showing love, brotherhood and unity. These people that Malala mentioned during her speech were Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Gandhi, Madre Teresa and many many others. They were not only men and women, workers and housewives, they were also heroes and heroines. And today I think there’s another heroine in the world: Malala, a little girl that uses her voice and her education to spread the message of freedom, justice and brotherhood. Malala thought me that doesn’t care if we are adults or children, men or women : we can always change the world if we have dreams and hopes. I think that people without dreams and goals are lost in this world, made of insecurities and brutality. And Malala thought me to do not stop dreaming in what I believe: in fact if we continue to dream in our hopes, we’ll reach the goals and we’ll realize our plans. If I could describe Malala in few words, I would symbolize her with courage, dreams and freedom, because I think we have to be courage to follow our dreams and to have freedom. Malala didn’t have the fear to follow her dream and to risk her life to realize it. She teaches me to be more dreamer and more brave.
    She teaches to the whole world to be more heroes and heroines.

  23. Sonia Bruccoleri scrive:


    Before we did this work in class I didn’t know who Malala was but now I know her story, what she did and still doing for the girl’s right and I can say that she is an example for everyone. She fought not only for herself but for we all. There were ‘million’ of people who could do what she did but only her, a girl of 16 years old, tried to change something in better. She found the courage og speak in a country where they don’t have the opportunity to say what they want or what they think for this she was shouted on her face. To save her life, she and her family were move to London where she continues to fought. For me she becames an idol because she had never lose the hope and even if she encountered difficultes (that were very hard to deal with) she is still fighting to give more freedom even for the future generation. At our age we think that all the world is against us and we behave as if it is the end of the world for useless things. While on the other side of the world girls try to obtain some rights that we make everyday like watch tv, make up or go out without be accompanied. We don’t realize how lucky we are and we even take school for granted and Malala is the best example for us to realize how important are this little things.

  24. Beatrice Silvestrin scrive:

    The story of Malala has had a big impact on me, I learned a lot only watching his videos, listening to her voice and looking she into her eyes. Her story helps us understand how we can become strong and powerful with the only desire to fight according to our ideals: In her I see a lot of strength and the desire to say: “hey, it won’t be the poverty, the terrorism or the political and social problems of our society to stop our voices, our strength and ourselves” …. and I use the word “our”, because she fought not only for herself but for us: for all the guys who like her, want to make a difference but did not succeed, and all the guys who did not have the strength to try to do something. It is amazing to think how a girl is able to change things, but this is what she teaches us: we are the strength to ourselves and together we can change many things but only if we fight and believe in what we do and in our abilities. For this reason, in life it is very important to me fight and even go against of what is important to us such as our own lives (like what she do) for the things in which we believe strongly, because it is important to make our voices heard for the important things that hurt us every day, also because there are many things in our world and in our society that are not going well … but there are also so many people who like Malala can change things. She, in my opinion, does not only teaches us to be strong and after do not do something or send out another person for us, but she “say” us that we need to turn our thoughts into actions without fear of making mistakes or the fear of not be enough to make a small difference, because we are the difference.

  25. Borin Anna scrive:

    What impact has had the work of Malala on you?

    I think that the work of Malala has taught me a lots of things. I admire very much Malala, she has an incredible bravery. What she has done was for all women and girls and not only for her; she risked her life for other people, for me she is a real heroine. In her speech at the UN Youth Assembly she said “we realized the important of light when we see darkness. We realized the important of voice when we are silent”; I love these words because they have a deep mean, it’s true that if we have a lots of things we don’t know the real mean of poverty. If we are fine we don’t know how a person with cancer, for example, feels. So we shouldn’t speak if we don’t know. We should try before criticize, this is the message that I take. We sometimes should think about people that didn’t have anything, about people who suffering, about people that don’t know the word “love”.
    We have so much things that we don’t realized that in other parts of the world there are problems, serious problems.
    Malala is an heroine because she has had fight against a lots of people and she has spoken out. And luckily this has had a result: all the world has heard and has read the words of Malala and the problem of Swat, now, is known by many people.
    Malala is an example for me. She is an example for all guys. She is an example for the world.

  26. Claudia Lavopa scrive:

    Malala is my inspiration because she’s the same age as me and she did so many things to fight for her rights and dreams.
    I want to take on board with me her strength and her determination because she didn’t give up.
    She taught me to believe in my dreams and overcome difficulties.
    I also take on board with me her generosity because she didn’t fight just for herself but for every girl in the world who doesn’t go to school, who doesn’t have rights or can’t do the same things as us.
    In the UN Youth Assembly Malala told to everybody the emphasis on rights, on freedom and on peace. She’s very strong and she didn’t change after the attack of the Talibans. In her speech she mentioned Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Gandhi and Mother Teresa who are people that changed the world.
    I think that everybody in the world should read her story and learn from her because she’s a point of reference.

  27. Sara Foresto scrive:

    I think Malala is a heroine!
    She have courage, determination and especially she is humble, I love these things about her. She is incredibly strong and at only 16 years old she is already an adult in the way of speaking and thinking. I really like this quality of Malala. I really like even the speech she made at the United Nations. She said beautiful things and mostly true, I agree with her. I agree with every single word she said, for example when she said that every person have the rights and must fight for them. None can prevent someone to speak, think and live in peace because we are all equal, nobody is superior or lower to anyone else. She said even that the hope must not die in none. We must believe in what we want because only in this way we will be able to get it, and we will be able to change our future, like Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela and other people who with them courage and determination have change the history but especially because they believed in what they made.
    Malala speaks on behalf of all the people, she want peace, democracy, equality, and respect, she want that the rights are respected by all, that the education is a right in all countries. I agree with this because I think that without education our future will be decided by other, the ignorance leads to not know what our rights are and so at the submission. We must know! Because the knowledge is a very important thing. Malala said that we must stay united for the justice and we must not forget all the people that are died for us, for our freedom ! and finally she said that “one child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world [..]”. I would like to take on board these things, these thoughts.

  28. Chiara Tosi scrive:

    Watching Malala’s speech, I understood how a teenager could be more mature than an adult and could teach something also to politicians, using simple clear words, coming from the heart. Malala is fighting for women’s and children’s rights. She wants a world where equality and education are for everyone. She taught me that if I have a plan, a goal or a hope I have to fight to make this real. We should not see the obstacles as something that stops us but we should make them a force that encourages us and makes us stronger (like Malala did). We live in a country where lots of times, our rights are taking for granted and where we don’t care if in another part of the world poverty and ignorance are a problem. We are a selfish society where people live and think only for themselves.
    We don’t know how education is important in our life. If we don’t go to school we will never know how to write and read and we will never support our ideas or goals to make our life better.
    Pakistan was a peaceful country since Talibans arrived. They are misusing Islam’s values and they are using a peaceful religion only for their personal purposes. Talibans are against schools and education and, as Malala said, “they are afraid by the power of pens and books”.
    Malala makes me thinking about what is happening in some parts of the world where people are suffering for poverty, racism, discrimination and where people are tired because of the conflicts and wars.
    Lots of times we don’t think about those problems because we live in a house, we go to school, we have a family and we live in a democratic country where we have the freedom of speech and we can protest against our government’s decisions.
    We have to think and support people who are fighting against those people who think to be better, not because they are more intelligent, but because they don’t give the possibility to study and learn, so people can’t rebel democratically.
    Malala said “Education is the only solution, education first” if we don’t know, we won’t defend our ideas and we won’t make our world and our lives better.

  29. Giorgia Lena scrive:


    I saw Malala’s speech, she is a girl full of confidence and strength.
    I have learnt that I have to be strong, clever and not to give everything for granted if I want to realize my goals.
    I really liked when she said: ‘They thought the bullet would silent us, but they failed. The terrorist thought that it would stop my ambitions but nothing changed in my life, except this: weakness, fear and hopeless died, strength power and courage was born.’
    This is the biggest message Malala gives us, to be strong and to use our moments of weakness to grow stronger.
    Now Malala is not alone, she is known all around the world and she has a lot of support.
    I do really believe in what she said at the UN Youth Assemblyand and I think that if we all fight with Malala we can help her expand her message even more so all children could have an education.

  30. Luca Rossi scrive:

    Malala is one of the strongest people in the world because even if a Taliban shot to her she didn’t head even a single intempt to kill or complain against them. If I were with a gun on my hand and the Taliban who shot to me in front of me, I would probably kill me because I would be so angry and so vendicative that I would kill him. I also admire Malala because she had the bravery to say her own thought about the Talibans; I wouldn’t have it. She even had the courage to rebel against the Talibans and went to school. I personally think that Pakistan is a normal country, not like other people say just because there are Talibans. I hope that Malala will realize her dream.

  31. Alberto Rocco scrive:

    Malala is an example. She said she’s not the only one. In fact se said that there are many young people who fight against terrorists and talibans but she specified that she isn’t fighting against someone but she is fighting for human rights and for giving free compulsory education. In fact she doesn’t want talibans dead but free compulsary education even for them. This is a difficult thing to understand and I struggle to do not want my enemies punished, but I think it’s a beautiful idea Malala’s one. Malala’s ideas are examples to follow.
    We can’t understand what means not have right of going to school. School makes you stronger. School gives you the opportunity to speak up for what you want. School gives you the opportunity to sopport your ideas. School is an opportunity. It means that school makes you powerful so you can frighten your enemy and this is the reason why talibans don’t give the opportunity to pakistani girls to go to school. They’re frightened.
    We can learn a lot of thing from Malala for example that fortitude is fondamental if you want to speak up.
    If someone decides to speak up he mustn’t do it just for himself. He must think about other people.
    I really appreciated what Malala did and what Malala said. It made me think that she’s brilliant.
    She’s an example to follow. For little or bigger things.

  32. Alexia Toniol scrive:

    I appreciate what Malala has done because she hasn’t fought only for her but for every person, especially women in her country, who do not have the right to be educated.
    Honestly I would never have the courage to make a thing like this and fight as she did.
    Now, that I know exactly what Malala did for all these people, she’s one of my heroines.

  33. Emma Borsoi scrive:

    Malala Youngsafzai is absolute my hero. She is the youngest winner of the Noble Peace Prize. She fight for the affirmation of civil rights and the right to education (which is very important to me because everyone should be allowed to learn). I read a few days ago a say of Malala on internet. She said:
    “I don’t mind if I have to sit on the floor at school. All I want is education. And I’m afraid of no one”.
    I think she was very brave to say this in front of million people because she might risk death. She isn’t afraid of this, the only thing she is afraid of is the absence of education. I really want to meet Malala one day because I think she is great and I want to ask her some question like:
    Aren’t you afraid of Taliban? They can murder you. If I were you I would be frightened, I am afraid of death and I am not much younger than you! How do you do??
    Or how did you learn English so well alone? How did you feel when you were given the Nobel Peace Prize?
    I hope I will meet my heroin Malala one day for ask her these short questions.

  34. Daria Ianni scrive:

    I think that Malala is really a great person. She appears like a naive girl, who always tries to see the good part of people and situations and, despite all the things they made to her, and all the ways they tried to shut her up, she never gave up her ideals and projects. I think that her naivety and candour aren’t a flaw, but instead, they are her force. Her ingenuity makes her be one of the most positive people I’ve ever heard speaking, despite the fact she’s also one of the people who suffered more in life. Her ingenuity makes her special, positive and unique, and makes her not be afraid of people who wants her dead. She’ll keep speaking and fighting until she can.
    One thing that made me think a lot about these videos is when, in the Angelina’s speech, she told that when Malala’s father told her that she was one of the most powerful people in the world, she didn’t rejoyed, instead, she wasn’t very happy because she thought that “people shouldn’t be categorized that way”. I think that this simple, naive, disinterested phrase is a really powerful thought. In our culture everyone wants to be powerful, and wants to be told that he is the number one. Malala doesn’t. She just wants to make a difference for a better world. Her soul is pure, not corrupted by greed of success, envy and mischieviousness. She should be an example to all of us, an example of sound ambition, courage and perseverance, and I’m happy that a lot of young people got to know her and her incredible story.

    • cristianaziraldo scrive:

      I appreciate the fact that you emphasise the fact that Malala did not approve of her father’s categorization of Anelina Jolie as “powerful”. What does “powerful” mean? What does “power” consist of?

  35. Marta Manfrin scrive:

    I did not know neither who Malala Yousafzai is, nor what did she do, so watching the videos I was opened-mouth. This girl, since she was very young, has fought for what she believed on, without giving up, even if many people tried to prevent it to her. I extremely admire her for her courage, because when someone wants to kill you, isn’t easy carry on your projects and your ideals. She has overcome the difficulties and she is become a heroin and an idol of many children, men and women. She is stronger and more determinate that how people could think, and she is like that, because she really believes on what she fight and for that reason, she is a fantastic example for all teenager all over the world. She wants that her rights being respected and she is ready to risk her life to defend the most important thing to her: education.
    According to her, education is one of the life’s blessing. She is right! Education is one of the most important things of our life; without education, the world wouldn’t exist.
    Another reason I admire Malala: she is afraid of nothing, or at least, she is so determinate that she does not give up; she continues what she began, with powerful and resolution.
    Moreover, she is the idol of many people because she raised the hope of a better world, even where quality and dignity, peace and life are not safeguarded at all; she is a heroin because she gave hope to people who do not know neither what hope is, to people who were skeptical of what a 16-year-old can do.
    She is young, but the items she raises are not young at all! And it is time that rights being guaranteed all over the world, it is time of a world where no one do not know what education is; Malala Yousafzai does not fight just for herself or for her friends, but she also fights for people all over the world, she fights for us

  36. Giulia Santarossa scrive:

    To me, this young girl is a heroine. I mean, really. This can almost be taken for granted because is obvious to everyone that she did outstanding achievements, but I think that the way she managed to make the world listen to her soft voice is just amazingly shocking. She should be a role model to every child, every woman, everyone. Despite her age, she made the world change. How? Just by following her goal: giving the right to education to everyone. We don’t know how important education is, because we take it for granted, but basically it’s the possibility of learning that gives us the power of knowing, thinking, questioning, acting. And we are so selfish as we don’t think that some teenagers like us in other countries aren’t allowed to have this “privilege”. Malala didn’t think in this way, she didn’t fight only for herself, she fought and spoke “for those without voice can be heard” too. She didn’t do something simple. Probably, she fought a war bigger than her, against the system terrorists had created. She knew it wouldn’t be easy, but she didn’t give up and finally she rocked the boat and now we see her there, standing in front of the UN Youth Assembly after winning a Nobel Prize. She is an example of extraordinary strenght and bravery, the proof that young people can make a difference, the proof that we can’t possibly stand still watching others do bad actions and just complain, the proof that if we stand up and speak out we can change things. She said that it was thanks to her heroes, such as Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Gandhi and her parents, that she found the courage to do what she did and to forgive her “enemies”. Well, I think that now she can absolutely consider herself as a heroine too. In the end, I love the way she explained how to reach the purpose of guaranteeing an education to everybody. She talked about this as a war which must not be fought with guns or violence(as the extremists do), but with knowledge and strenght, with books and pens, because these harmless weapons are the ones which will make a real difference. So, to me, this young girl is a real role model, maybe the one whose age, objectives, actions, behaviours and points of view are the closest to me.

    • cristianaziraldo scrive:

      I admire you, my young talented girl. You have the capability of grasping things and appreciating things most teenagers don’t. Be proud of yourself, you should really be proud of who you are. You will certainly make a difference if you believe in how you can contribute to creating a fairer world.

  37. Andrea Dreon scrive:

    The first thing that makes me think of reading the story of Malala is the huge difference between a girl like her and a girl like me.I could not fully understand what she’s feeling because nobody has lived what she has lived, no one was shot in the head and no one as she struggled for their rights.Malala is a determined girl, who does not give upIn his eyes you see the pride of what he is doing, because being in front of so many people, and above all the courage that allows her to trust people again after what has happened. Furthermore, the way he speaks English in the video will understand how much he had to learn this language and what really amounts to her being an educated person.We understand from the faces of his parents that even if they risked losing a daughter does not want to surrender.If one day I met her I would ask where he finds her courage and her strength.I conclude by reminding her comment “I’m stronger than fear”
    She’s a model to follow.

  38. Luca scrive:

    While I was watching Malala’s speech she made me think about the dangers and injustices that exist in the world, particularly education, that is “prohibited” in some poor countries.
    If I think that an ordinary girl like Malala, even if without education, was able to be heard by the whole world and she managed to survive after her accident. I would immediately demoralize myself because I, who am lucky to have all the possibilities to study,even if I tried hard, I will not be sure of reaching my life goal ;but she, despite she didn’t have anything, she made it by herself and managed to study alone a language totally unknown to her to be able to let anyone know about her message.
    I totally respect Malala Yousafzai because if I was her I would never be able to reach her level.

    • cristianaziraldo scrive:

      Why wouldn’t you be able to achieve your goals/dreams? Why are you telling yourself you would be incapable of fighting for your dreams? If you see strength in Malala, there is strength in you. If you see determination in Malala, there is determination in you. We cannot recognize in other people what we do not have ourselves. Perhaps you just need to clarify to yourself your priorities in life. The tend to commit to them, not to things that are not that relevant to us.

  39. Asia Manzato scrive:

    Well, what also to say about this extremely powerful little woman?
    Personally, I think the only words I can say about Malala are the ones which can express my infinite respect for this girl… The incredible power that she puts in her speeches make these something impressive because she at first sight appears like a normal teenager from Pakistan, but in the real moment when she speaks we can clearly understand that she isn’t so at all. Malala Yousefzai isn’t only a girl, she is the little woman who wants to make her rights and her hopes respect, which are the rights and the hopes of every single woman or child in all around the world. She is a complete role model who decided to fight in what she believes and to carry on doing it, despite everything and everybody. Because she and her hopes are stronger than all, stronger than fights and stronger than any possible attack from terrorism too: she was shot in her head at the hand of people who tought to hush her voice, but now the voice of Malala isn’t only her voice, but the one of the worls. She thinks that peace is the way to follow if we want a better future foe everybody, and she’s right.
    This Pakistani little woman has all the characteristics to be consider a heroine who wants to change the world into a place where equality, peace, dignity and the right to live a free and respectful life are guaranteed for every single human being, man, woman, and child, despite of color of their skin or Nationality. The items which Malala speaks about are rich in power and meaning because this is a girl who really believes in her words and in her ideals, so she teaches us also this. We should never give up in what we believe because only who does it can make the difference in a world which isn’t so fair like we tought.

  40. Nicole Pierri scrive:

    Malala is one of the most incredible woman in world, she is strong, courageous and selfless. She is a Heroine, she is the heroine of every young girl from her country or Pakistan, Iraq. Every woman all around the world admire her for what she stands for and for what she’s fighting for.
    In one of her speech she said that she speaks for all the young women that are going through what she had been going through. She is fighting for the women rights; she is fighting for let every young women from Pakistan, Iraq, etc. go to school because in these Countries is forbidden and she is just 17 years old. I admire her, I absolutely admire her, I think I wouldn’t ever have her courage.
    She is so powerful and amazing, when she speaks I can see confidence and strength. She deserved that Nobel Peace Prize even if it’s just a prize, she have spoken out and she can now see the results of what she stands for. I would love to fight with her.
    Now I understand how lucky I am, I can go to school, I can study and I can make my future. Before now I never thought that way. Every morning is a struggle going to school and I’m so stupid because there are girls who can’t go to school even if they want to and there is me that even if I can, I don’t want to.
    I stand for Malala, I am Malala.

  41. Matteo Chiviló scrive:

    Astonishing, incredible, brave and unique- this is Malala. A strong little girl that had the courage to fight for her and other girl’s rights. Nobody in my opinion could define her for what she did, because what she did is undefinable, but many people tried to and so do I. I say many people because almost everybody knows Malala and, who wasn’t amazed by what she did? Obviously who she fought against. In my opinion, Malala is not just who made people aware about what happened in the middle-east, she is also a person who we can take an example from, she is somebody that above all us teenagers should take an example from. I think we can learn from her many things and one of them is that there are many problems in life and we have to face them with courage and determination, but serious problems, not ours, that belong to a shallow society. In fact, she tried to empower young girls to follow their education life, because in Pakistan girls shouldn’t go to school, based on the opinion of the Taliban. She didn’t accept it and she fought for herself, other women and for education, that she considers what can render someone “powerful”. That way, she generally fought for human rights in the world, that particularly in Pakistan and in all the middle-east seem not to exist. All in all, what surprised me the most is that Malala seems to be the only one that is convincing teenagers to appreciate school, because unfortunately not everyone can or could receive an education nowadays.

  42. Bravin Federica scrive:

    Malala is a Pakistani girl who was shot in the left side of her forehead by gunmen when she was coming back home after a day of school. Fortunately she is saved and she starts write a blog for the BBC which has made her famous all over the world. She is one of the youngest people who have received a Nobel Prize for the peace. During her speech at UN Assembly, she tries to explain the importance of the education and how it can change a person. She also would like to thank people who have supported her after the attack. I was particularly struck when she said that she doesn’t hate the man who has shot to her. She mentions leaders like Ghandi, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela and the qualities that she has learned from them. She also thanks her father and mother who have taught her, that everyone in this world is equal, and maybe is this the reason why she doesn’t hate the Taliban. She also said that pens and books are the most powerful weapons. This phrase is amazing! I think that we don’t give the exact importance at school and at the education. These are the most important things to change the world. We should feel lucky to be able to go to school. Malala is an example, for us and for the world.

    • cristianaziraldo scrive:

      Thus teachers should celebrate the beginning of the school year with Malala’s words: students would be more dedicated and would not take if for granted the opportunity they have to go to school!!!

  43. Annalisa Guerra scrive:

    I really respect Malala for what she did. She’s a very brave girl, this is the first thing I appreciated of her. She did very courageous things: she fought against Talibans, who don’t want women to be educated in their country, Pakistan. And she continued fighting against these injustices even if terrorists shot her in her head, while she was going to school!! She had the RIGHT to be educated, like all women who wanted to go to school in that country. Malala fought, and she won. In my opinion, she’s a concrete example. And she should be that for everybody, especially for women, who have been always considered inferior to men, for everything. When I watched the video where Malala speaks, I was really surprised. She speaks English very well, better than people who learnt it many years ago! She’s fluent, and I understood what she said. This girl knows more things than adults. She’s more intelligent. I think that people should learn something from her. She had a dream. She believed in her dream. She fought and her dream came true. Everyone should do this. But I must to be honest! If I were her, I wouldn’t have the courage to do the same things she did against terrorists. Lots of people appreciate Malala, even celebrities like Bono, Angelina Jolie and Madonna. But they’re not the only ones. Malala is not only the girl who fought for her right to be educated… She’s the girl who fought also for women’s emancipation from a sexist world.

    • cristianaziraldo scrive:

      We tend to fight for our own rights, she fought for the rights of every girl in her country. This is what makes her great in my eyes.

  44. Eleonora Cupin scrive:

    When I was a child I never had a hero or a heroine, because I thought about them like immaginary people in the cartoons, films or books with special powers. But growing up I discovered people like Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela ,Maria Teresa and Malala. For me they are the real heros and heroines that we must show to the new generations.
    They are people like us with the power of speaking. They gain their rights risking their lifes. In my opinion these heros made the basis for a better future and I extremly admire them. Malala is new in the group but not less important. If I have to say the truth I didn’t know a lot of this beautiful,courageous girl, but thanks to the blog of my teacher now I know more.
    Describing Malala with a single word is really impossible. She is a donation for the humanity and an example for us and for all these children who don’t have the Right of Education.
    She doesn’t fight with her voice just for her, but for everyone, for live together in Peace and for the Equality. When in that bad day The Talibans shoot her in the head, they did not know that they will make her more stronger. After a while she shoot the world with her love and her persistance. Her way of speaking is fantastic, makes me reflect of how many rights are denied and how many rights are taking for granted. Thanks her support children can go to school and achieve their dreams like she did.
    This young woman teaches values in the whole wide world with the power of the words, and shows that also the children could make the difference. I have never seen in my life somebody so strong, so patient and so interested for the others.
    She watched to her face the death and she smiled at it. She is a force of nature!
    I think that for her is just the beginnig of a new beautiful life and in the future she will make others wonderful things.

  45. Gioia Magliaretta scrive:

    Malala had very amazed me with her words and strength.
    I really admire her because, even if she was shot, she continues fighting for her dreams and she has never wanted to take revenge on the talibans. Because she is not against them but she’s against the absence of the rights to education.
    I really believe that books and pens are the most powerful weapons like she said and that the talibans don’t want education for women and children because they are afraid of it.
    We take education for granted while in other places people don’t have the right to it. But Malala wants changes, she risked her life to obtain them.
    She raised her voice for every woman, every boy and every girl that don’t receive an education, she raised her voice with no fear.
    She taught me that we should stand up and raise our voices, raised them out loud for what we want because things can’t change if we don’t do something.
    She is an example for everyone and I hope she will see her dreams come true.

  46. Luca Musolla scrive:

    Malala Yousafzai
    This is the name that we most heard when people talk about women rights, because that girl with her force and with her corage has shown to everybody that she won her fight, always fighting for her dream.
    When I watched for the first time the speech which she made in front of some of the most leading authorities in the world I was really surprised about what she said, thinking that she’s just one of the thousand girl that are soffering to live a normal life, and not to be use for do housework or use them as objects for fun.
    I was really impressed not just for her appeal, but also for how she spoke in english, thinking that she studied it alone in a website! This is another demostration that people like Malala that have a humble life, are the people who really fight for what they want.
    Lately I’m sad about my problem like school or about my private life thinking that there aren’t solution to solve them.
    But now I understand that these aren’t the problems of the life and if a girl of 14 years old won a nobel price for the peace everybody can dream for what they believe in.

    • cristianaziraldo scrive:

      Malala teachers us to believe in our dreams, to be determined and contribute actively for the world we want to live in. If there is anything that troubles you, be active, do something, find a solution. There is always a solution. Look for people who can help you. Malala resorted to the support of her family. She wouldn’t have made it if she had not been backed by her beloved. We are never alone with our problems. There is always somebody who can help and there is always a way out.

  47. Ariela Topciu scrive:

    I admire this girl. I’m very surprised by her courage beacuse she has my age and if i was malala i would never do what she did. I would be very afraid by the consequences. she is the right example of intelligence, determination and strength. Malala taught to the world that no matter where do you from, no matter if you are rich or poor, no matter how your age is..you can make the difference. I think that one day, malala’s dreams will change the world. The difference between this girl and the other teens like her is that the others complain everytime saying that the society is against them but they don’t try to change the situation. Malala, instead, fought what she was complaining for.
    She is an example to follow. We should let our voice to be heard.

    • cristianaziraldo scrive:

      Are you telling me that should you be deprived of the right to study you would not react? You would accept it passively? Are you telling me that you are not courageous? Are you telling me you lack determination?

  48. Giorgia Valerio scrive:

    I think that Malala should be a heroin for all of us. I admire her so much ‘cause of her courage, her powerful and her determination because she never give up ahead of a problem. This is sign of maturity. She is not afraid of no one and she fights for the right to be educated and for the civil right. She has got all my respect.
    She should be a model for everybody because in this world there aren’t many people like her. This world must change. There are people who don’t have the chance to live a relaxed life. There are people who don’t have the chance to be educated. There are people who don’t have the chance to have fights for nothing. Is this a good and wonderful world? No, this is a world full of injustice. There are people who die fighting for their fights.
    Listening to Malala I understand the seriousness of her and her folk problem.
    I was very fascinated by her speacking and pronunciation because she had to study all by herself, without a teacher, and she was only 16 years old. She is absolutely a heroin.

    • cristianaziraldo scrive:

      How can you contribute to making this world less unjust? What strategy/skills can you see in Malala’s actions? Can you acquire those skills, that approach, make them your own and prompt some kind of change? I am sure you can, but I would love to read your answer to my questions.

  49. Matteo Basso scrive:

    The story of Malala moved and touched me so much because the issues, that she was fighting to, are really important to create a better world. I think education is the most important right to the humans: all of us should have an education, without exception.
    I really liked the Malala’s speech in the United Nations Youth Assembly because with simple words she faced a difficult theme and so she showed her strength and intelligence.
    I think that Malala without her family could not reach these achievements because she haved to be helped and supported by someone. In fact, her family incited Malala to not give up and to continue till the end.
    Malala is a role model to everybody because she teached us that with sacrifices and tenacity we can reach all we want.

    • cristianaziraldo scrive:

      But what did she really teach you? She taught you not to give up? She taught you that education is important? She taught you that we all need to be helped by somebody to achieve our dreams?

  50. Erika Cerutti scrive:

    I remember first hearing of Malala Yousafzai two years ago on the News. At the time I didn’t realize how important and powerful her story was, I thought she was brave and extremely brilliant and thoughtful. Now I know that she isn’t just a couraugeus girl, she’s a heroine. When I think of a role model, I always have in mind Nelson Mandela who inspires me everyday, but from now on I won’t ever forget about Malala Yousafzai.
    She had the strenght to fight for her beliefs, she has the strenght to do it not just for herself but for all the children, all the women living in the same conditions. She fought for something that should have been hers already, an education, and she had been shot for that. She didn’t stop, she didn’t give in to a dishonest society of terror but she kept hoping, fighting for her goals. She forgave who did it.
    This should awe us and make us wonder about our lives. We don’t have the same problems, we take education for granted, actually, we complain about going to school but we should be grateful for it.
    As she said, we need to be firm in our beliefs, stronger than the ones who try to obstacolate us because trying to bring someone down is a sign of fright. We can’t be afraid of fighting, we need to be united and forceful. We may just be teenagers, but we are the future and we can change it, we can make it a brighter one and the only weapon that can help us is knowledge. Malala is a heroine, we should all join her battle.

    • cristianaziraldo scrive:

      Thank you for your profound words. Mandela is one of my guides too, his RESTORATIVE JUSTICE goes hand in hand with Malala’s capabulity of FORGIVENESS. You are a great teenager and I am sure you will make a difference in life, how could it be otherwise. Your intelligence and sensitivity make you appreciate what you have and make you see beyond things.

  51. Nicole Mussolin scrive:

    Malala Yousafzai is a heroine, a fighter, an example to follow, she is hope. This girl has even touch the death to fight for something that now we should be able to take for granted: the right to education. Unfortunately, this right is not respected: millions are the illiterates, the boys and girls who, instead of going to school and growing up enjoying childhood, are forced to take up arms, scavenge, look after children like them and become earlier adults. Despite her young age, Malala has the courage to rebel against this harsh reality and, despite all the obstacles, to keep alive her determination to spread women’s education; continuing to do this every day, she shows us that if you fully believe in your ideals and if you have the strength and the courage to never give up and to continue to fight for what you believe in, for what you think is right, you can really make the difference.
    Malala’s story doesn’t make me realize just how important is to transform thoughts into actions, be strong and determinated, have confidence in yourself and never let someone deprive you of your voice, to arrive to the realization of your dreams; it also opens my eyes to the shallowness and selfishness of the society where we live. Often we realize too late about what we have, we worry about the appearance and not about the substance, we take everything for granted, when there are children who have to fight even just to hold in their hands books and pens.

     “We realize the importance of light, when we see darkness; we realize the importance of our voice when we are silenced; in the same way when we were in Swat, in the north of Pakistan, we realized the importance of pens and books when we saw the guns. The saying “the pen is mightier than the sword” is true. The extremists are afraid of pens and books. The power of education and the voice of women frighten them. ”

    I found really touching the Malala’s speech to the United Nations Assembly, where she called out for solidarity, brotherhood (she called the listeners “dear brothers and sisters”) and for equality and freedom.
    Her words made me admire her even more. The attack of the Talibans makes Malala stronger, free from fear and more determinated in the realization of her dreams. This girl teaches us also the forgiveness, infact she doesn’t hate even the Taliban who shot her and she wants education also for extremists’ and Talibans’ sons.

    • cristianaziraldo scrive:

      It is really interesting you point out the fact that Malala is to be admired for her capability of forgiveness too.

  52. Nicol Saltarel scrive:

    I already knew that Malala was a very brave person, but by the video
    where she speech at the UN Youth Assemly, i could understand that
    she should be considered as an heroine, because I have seen how she
    is strong, how much courage she has, and how much she is fighting
    not just for herself, but for every people who lives the same way
    as her.
    And the thing that struck me more is that she keeps fighting
    even after she was hit by a bullet.
    I totally think that Malala should be seen as an example for us to
    follow, because she teach us to fight for our rights and not to
    give up, no matter what.

  53. Gloria Bertuzzo scrive:

    Malala Yousafzai
    Obviously a heroine is someone who will remembered for that she has done in her life.
    Malala Yousafzai is seventeen and she’s a Pakistan student and education activist.
    She is originally from the town of Mingora.
    She’s known for her activism for girl’s and boy’s rights, especially to be allowed in her town.
    She was a victim of an attack in 2012 when she was severely hit in the head by armed men boarded the school bus when she was returning home from school but she didn’t die.
    She has won a lot of prizes infact she’s the youngest woman to have the Nobel Peace Prize in 2014.
    I think she’s a very stronger warrior, an example and a heroine.
    She is brave and determined, she is a woman who faced her problems with great courage.
    She’s able to go on despite the difficulties and facing up life.
    She fight every day infact she made me realize that if we want something we have to fight as she did.

    • cristianaziraldo scrive:

      You summarised aspects of her life that are easily known just by reading the things on the post. You did not write what you learnt from her. Just in the last few lines.

  54. Giorgia Tesolin scrive:

    If I were Malala, I wouldn’t do the same thing. I don’t think so.
    In my opinion Malala is a heroine for everybody, in particular for us. She’s brave and at the age of 14 she became very important all over the world for what she did and for her determination about she believes. Malala fights for her rights everyday but one day she showed her courage to all the world. In fact, Malala lives in kind of state where girls have not the possibility to go to school but Malala, with her friends and her courage decided to do this. Although she was shot in her head she never stopped fighting. Watching her video at school, I understood how family is close to her and how many brave Malala is. I would like to know her to ask some questions.

    • cristianaziraldo scrive:

      You wouldn’t do the same thing for lack of courage? Why? What questions would you ask her? Why not sending her a few questions? I am sure she will answer.

  55. Danya Poles scrive:

    I really admire Malala as a woman, but first of all as a person. I was very impressed about the reason of her battle, I was very impressed because she didn’t do it only for her, but primarily for all the women that are violated because some people, in this case Taliban, don’t respect human rights. Since she was a little girl, when her father was a teacher, the only thing that she wanted was to go to school and learn, infact she said “education is our basic right”; so she decided to take the risk: she dressed as a man and went to school, braking the rules, but being always afraid of death. When I knew about this deed, I thought that she was crazy, because when my peers and I were 12, we thought that school was boring and sometimes useless, but then, when I pondered, I understood that for people in Malala’s conditions (poor and with no freedom), one of the only ways to save themselves is to know, to learn, so to go to school.
    In the end, all that I tried to explain with these words, was that Malala is a really brave, young and little woman that the only little thing that she has is her age, because everything else, from her heart to her brain, is incredibly amazing!

    • cristianaziraldo scrive:

      It is from admiration that we can learn so much, isn’t it? Malala can be a role model for lots of teenagers (and adults too).

  56. Martina Giordano scrive:

    “The extremisis are afraid of woman; the power of the voice of woman frightens them”
    I wanted start with this sentence because it struck me and made me think. I think that everyone is afraid and they are afraid of the women.
    I would like to gove a metaphor… if a person is afraid of an insect, a spider for example.. what does? Escapes. But if this person is with other people and doesn’t want to look like a coward in the eyes of the others what he/she does? kills the insect. And this also happens with people, thinkung that killing them will stay silent and not yell their rights. But no; who kills is only a coward. The power of words is immense and luckily someone like Malala believes, believes in their rights and risked her life for these. The Talibans were afraid that this girl could do to have rights of Muslim women and they thought that killing her would all be over. But now the whole world is talking about her, her courage… she’s a heroine! She has become more stronger and hasn’t stopped talking.
    I hope that one day, thanks to her, all of woman of yhe world and of any religion, can benefit from specific education. We have to believe in our dreams and to think that if we believe, we will always find a solution.

  57. Laura Pagnossin scrive:

    Malala is a Pakistani girl who was shot in her head by Taliban because she wanted to go to school.For us is incredible because we normally go to school but in some countries children,in this case girls,have not this oppurtunity and she fight for this,for education,for equality.She fight for her and for everyone,she made the difference.
    She taught me that if you want somethig you have to fight for it,you have to be brave,determinated and believe in your dreams.
    She make me reflect that we have a really important opportunity(education) that we take to granted but that we should appreciate it.
    She is a heroin and she should be an example for everyone.
    I would like to pose her if she has never been afraid and how she face her fears.

  58. Martina DB scrive:

    The story of Malala Yousafzai stuck me so much because she was fight to have an education and go to school.
    I was especially struck by his courage
    Malala is one of the best heroine that I have known from which I learned a lot.
    In fact she taught to me that in life it’s important to never give up and fight to make your dreams come true and to create a better world.
    Education is a very important thing that help you in the everyday life. For example go to school help you to have a work, a future. And this is the reason why she was fighting.
    Even Malala’s speech at the UN Youth Assemly stuck me. First of all she speaks very well English and than she wanted to thank the people that help her after she was attacked by the Taliban when returned from school by bus. She is alive for a miracle.

  59. Giulia Valdès scrive:

    Watching video on Malala Yousafzai, I learned many things about her.
    She is a young girl of my age, who years ago (2012) was shot in the head by militants Taliban. Now she has more courage, hope, she wants to fight for the rights of or young peolpe for education.
    In 2014 she won the Nobel Prize for the peace. She won for her thought,her speeches and her ideas; ‘We kids have to go to school’.
    Now she is a symbol of the struggle for the right to education, is a heroine.
    People like Malala can motivate everyone. With her I realized that the school is a right and my friends and I, are lucky in that we can go without problems.
    Malala and the other girl were afraid of not having a future.
    She wants to make everyone understand that children and woman should be independent and they should not lose their dignity.
    She wants to fight violence, terror, fear, discrimination and she wants to win.
    She is a great example for all of us; in spite of everything the Taliban continue to scare her, but she is more and more brave.
    What happened to Malala serves to make us think and reflect on all what we have.

  60. Giulia Foltran scrive:

    I think Malala represents the courage and strength. Malala has already shown so much to the world, even if she’s so young! she showed how much are important the rights of a person. she showed that everyone can start over and rebuild a life. Malala has taught something to each one. Apparently so frail, but so strong inside. A girl who has literally changed the world!
    I think that I’ve never had the will to carry one after an accident like the one she had. She’s a beautiful example that represents her country. In my opinion, everyone that lives with her are so proud of what she did.
    She will be forever in our memories for what she did and for the courage she had.
    I hope that one day every one of us will have the same strength of her.
    Thanks Malala for what you give us!

  61. Alice Santin scrive:

    Malala. A name like the others, a name that if by chance you happen to hear it wouldn’t make you think at nothing, a name that you would just forget about after hearing it a few seconds before, but it’s also the name of a heroine.

    I remember the first time hearing about her, I was having lunch with my parents and suddenly I heard on the News about this young girl who had been shot in the head by a Taliban group, but the thing that shocked me at that time and that still affects me is the motivation of the gesture, she had been fired because she wanted to go to school. That is insane. I refuse to accept a behavior like theirs.

    She made me think about how lucky I am. We take for granted the education we receive, but in some countries teenagers like me, girls like me can’t go to school because it’s forbidden to them. Malala was one of those girls but she wasn’t like the others, oh no she was very far from being like them, she didn’t remain impassive against this injustice, she fought not only for herself but even for the ones whose voices couldn’t be heard. She was scared, but determined to achieve her goals: that the right to an education was given to everyone.

    ‹‹They shot her and made her stronger. In a brutal attempt to silence her voice it grew louder.›› said Angelina Jolie referring to Malala.
    It’s definitely true. Her voice is growing louder and it can’t be stopped anymore, I think that this is the start of a revolution that will change the world for better, because as she said during her speech at the United Nation Youth Assembly ‹‹Weakness fear and hopelessness died, strength power and courage was born ››.

  62. Gaia Bortolin scrive:

    Malala is who we definitely can call a heroine of these days. She’s a human like all of us, who understood that her and all Pakistani women’s right to education does not exist. So she started fighting, struggling to reach her objective: the right to education guaranteed for every woman. She demonstrated astonishing strength and bravery like very few people did, and she kept fighting because she really cares of education and equality. I can’t really understand how can she possibly manage to keep holding on despite all the sorrow she has gone through and the obstacles she has found so far and she will find. I think I would never ever have his strength and faith, so I admire her very much. I think especially young people should know about this incredible girl, because too many students have always taken the right to education for granted, without reflecting and knowing that there are people who only dream it. Some of us hate school and think that we would live better without making the effort to study, but we have to realize how lucky we are, because there are women who don’t have the chance of a brilliant future. The incredible thing about Malala is that she doesn’t want the right to education only for her: she wants it to become guaranteed for all women like her who would love to study if they only had the chance to. Another admirable aspect about her is that, although she has done incredible and brave things, she’s always extremely humble and grateful to those who love her and help her. I think Malala is an excellent example of strength and courage and we should all be inspired by her. I’m sure she will keep fighting her whole life and I really hope she will achieve her objective and dream.

  63. Camilla Baldo scrive:

    Malala is a girl, a big Pakistan girl who fights and has fought for her rights. Malala is a girl who risked her life to have an istruction. She went against the ideals, wrong in my opinion, of the Pakistan religion. In this place women can’t go to school and they have to stay at home to look after the family and the house. Malala thought that everything of this was an injustice, She decided to go against everybody and she went to school. One day when she was returning home the police man shoot her in head and they disfigured her face. Fortunately she survivedand also after the accident she continued to fight and she was rewarded. In 2014 she won the Nobel Peace Prize. Although her face was disfigured she didin’t have problem to go straight on her way. Malala had a big power and I have never had the courage to fight in this manner. I always fight, i always try to arrive to my objectives. But i sometimes do big mistakes and fall down disappointing people. Malala no, she didn’t fall down and she conducted everything that she wanted sice she was a child. She became famous, not a famous people like the stars of our days, like actors of Hollywood, she became an heroine, an example to the people who at the first ostacle gave up and say: “i give up, i can’t do it”. How i said previously i probably never fight all the way for fear, the fear wich this big heroine didn’t have. Malala is a girl to esteem and I don’t say only I everything of this, some of global stars say this like Madonna, Bono, Angelina Jolie who spoke about her. The story of Malala is a deep story which arrives straight to the heart and explains the importance of real things which stay around us.

  64. Ilaria Morea scrive:

    Malala is the living example that if you fight for something you want, if you never give up, you can achieve everything.
    Malala is a Pakistani girl who was forced to stay at home to make the houseworks like all the other Pakistani women. But she didn’t really feel like staying caged in her own home and so she decided to face the problem. She went against everyone and everything because she wanted to go to school and have and education at all costs. But due to this, she unfortunately went against a lot of difficulties. For example she faced the local authorities, she was shot in her face, but she had a surgery and she came back as good as new, ready to fight for her goals. And so she fought during all her life to let the other Pakistani girls to have an education. For this reason she was awarded with the Nobel Peace Prize in 2014 and she have become a heroine, not like the ones of the movies, of the cartoons or of the books, but a real heroine of our times who is admired for her bravery and her outstanding achievements. Sincerely, I don’t know if I would have had her same bravery, if I would have risked my own life as Malala did. It’s true that If I want something, I try to get it. But fighting against EVERYONE… it’s something different… I wouldn’t have done it.
    For this reason I think Malala must be absolutely appreciated. This girl reminds us how the youngsters can make the difference and how much the adults can learn from them.
    Many stars have honored Malala as well. People like Madonna (maybe going too far), Angelina Jolie and Bono. But many other ones have written song about her in order to praise her.
    What can I say… Malala is a really amazing girl, from whom to take as an example, because she has been brave like few in my opinion. A curtsy and many compliments wouldn’t be enough to honor her properly.

  65. Giorgia Lo Pipero scrive:

    Malala is an extraordinary and strong girl, a heroine, an example to follow. She made me believe that the nationality, the age, the sex don’t matter if somebody wants to carry out an objective important and, maybe, revolutionary.
    She fought for her rights fearless, speaking against Talibans openly. I was touched by her because at the age of 16/17 she was able to be a “spokesperson” for the girls who are afraid of rebelling and speaking their minds.
    When my teacher told to my class and me Malala’s story a I was speechless, I mean, I would have never had the courage that she had for fighting for HER goal and deal with, in a certain way, the Talebanis. We often take for granted lots of rights (in this case education that here it is for everybody), so we need to open the eyes and see that not all the world is like our little place.
    Malala was shoot in his head by Talibans and she had the strenght to raise herself and give to many people, that are in her same situation, the power and the hopes for a new future for them, without thinking of any revenge about who wounded her. I think those who shoot her and her parents helped her to start a revolution.
    About Madonna, Angelina Jolie and Bono, I would say few words. I think Madonna was ridiculous: she tatooed the name of Malala only to gain fans and fame. Instead, I liked Angelina Jolies’ and Bono’s little speeches because with simply words they spoke about Malala and gave her support even if I think it is still a sort of getting more popularity (more than they already have).
    Malala is the true heroine, I admire her and I learnt a lot about her, thanks also to her words. She can be an example for many people, from the youngest to the oldest.
    She taught the world that the war haven’t to be done with weapons but with strong words and intelligence.
    Malala made her sorrow a strenght to fight.

  66. Persis Osei scrive:

    Before I didn’t know who was Malala, i’d heard something about her on the news but I didn’t realize how important was, but thanks to my teacher I had the opportunity to know this incredible and powerful girl. I admire Malala because despite her young age, she has done everything to gain his goals and for this, she risked even her life. Girls like her you do not find anywhere, and this is one of the many reason that she is so important, despite what happened to her, she didn’t give up and now she`s here fighting for women`s rights. In fact according to Malala , every single woman and obviously the others in the world, are entitled to all rights, without distinction of any kind, but to be honest I don`t think that our rights are really guaranteed all over the world as they should be, because now there wouldn’t be Malala fighting for this issue. This story should make us ponder of the luck we had and about how lucky we are, to have the possibility to go to school and build our future, so i’m very grateful for it. Today some people do not take her seriously, in fact many people used her image for advertising just because everyone was talking about her, and if they did, I think that they didn`t really understood at all, what she`s doing. Malala and her story taught me many things, taught me to believe in my dreams and to overcome my difficulties because there is always a solution. Nowadays Malala is considered a heroine from everyone, is not just a little girl, but a ‘WOMAN’ admired for her courage and determination. I hope that she continues unto the right path and will achieve her goals.

  67. Lucia Pilot scrive:

    Malala Yousafzai is only a young woman, a girl, but she is one of the most influential people. Not all the people are allowed to go to school. So, she fights for the human rights and education in some developing countries for children and young people. She has the courage, the strength and the confidence for doing this. The experience that she has lived made her continue to fight, she didn’t stop. She looked at her and thought that she had to gain what she wanted. She is powerful, patient, interested in the others and strong, has got the hope and has not got the fear of the death in the face. She is an help for all, represents the nature of the youth and has got ambitions. Malala remains in our heart and in our minds for her story so difficult and sad. According to her the right education is very important for women and their future career. She said that one child, one teacher, one book, one pen, can change the world. In fact, education is the only solution. She did a very beautiful and good thing. I think that she is one of the real heroines. To me, all the people have to know about her. The whole world can show what she has done for the Earth to the new generations that don’t know anything of these things because they are too young to understand. We can also change our lives and make a better future for us doing what she did, an extremely important thing. I admire her a lot. She is like us, but she had to fight for her rights with only the weapon of the power of speaking and risking the life. She could make this speaking and, in my opinion, that’s a good point that makes us thinking. This courageous and beautiful girl fought with all her forces to achieve what she wanted for the whole world, for all these children who didn’t have the right of education and for the humanity, not only for her, but for everyone. We should take her as an example for us, our personal example. She didn’t fight with her voice just for her satisfaction, for a life together in equality and peace. She took love in the Earth. Her way of fighting is fantastic. That should make us reflect about lots of things, first of all the quantity of rights that are nowadays denied and took for granted. Now all the children can go to school. She supports their dreams and wills. The power of the words of this young woman is enormous, huge. She teaches us the values of living in the whole wide world, showing that the children make the difference and can change things, also. Malala is alive, she is not dead. And this is only the beginning of her adventure. She has just started to make very wonderful things. I am sure she will continue to make a difference in this world and so always more people can learn from her.

  68. Samuele Babille scrive:


    Malala is a powerful figure who teaches us to believe in our dreams and to keep on believing, even when times get hard, even when people think you won’t ever achieve your dreams, even when you have 1 chance out of 10,000 to succeed.
    This girl was 14, just 14, and, with a single bus run, she changed the life of thousands of people, inspiring them and showing them that you never have to stop fighting for you objectives.
    I think the Nobel prize is truly deserved and I’m glad she’s now living her dream.

  69. Anastasia Lepeshko scrive:

    I think that a hero is not a rich person but a figure that made the difference,a person who changed something. Malala Yousafzai is a hero, a heroine.A heroine is a woman who is admired for great or brave acts or fine qualities:Malala.

    Malala is a 17-year old girl from Pakistan. She’s known for being an activist for female education and she’s the youngest-ever Nobel Prize laureate. She’s a “special” heroine because she became it at the age of 14 and she’s so young.
    She is the daughter of a headmaster and at the age of 14 she wanted to go to school and study but local Taliban had banned girls from the school. She fought against this but on 9th October 2012 she was shot in the head by a gunman. She was sent to England for rehabilitation but her right part of the face is still paralized.
    She became the simbol of fighting for the peace and for equal rights. We should learn from her: she teaches us that you should never give up. She became one of the most influent people in the world and she made young people think. We shouldn’t take everything for granted as for example school. In Pakistan you coudn’t go there and we should be grateful that we can go and we have the opportunity to receive an education.
    Malala is a heroine.

  70. Mariam Nofiss scrive:

    Fight, hope and humility. These are the three words that in my opinion describe Malala. She is a brave and a strong woman, that at the age of 12, changed the world. I have to say “Thank you Malala”, because she made me understand that if you fight for your dreams, for your ideals, and if you really believe in what you want, you can achieve it and realize your dreams. Here in Italy, we take for granted the right of education, and sometimes we say “I hate school”, “The school annoys me”, “It’s useless” or things like that. It is disrespectful to children who can’t go to school. People here underestimates the value of the education. Education is future, and Malala fought for her future and for the future of thousand of girls and boys like her. When I listened to her words, I was speechless. I mean, she made all by herself: she learned English and with her speech, she has involved all listeners. Malala’s story impressed me. Although she was shot in her head by the Terrorist and she risked her life, she talked against them to all the world. I admire her. She has my age and she is an example and an icon all over the world: that encourage me, because now I know that if young people really want it, they can change the planet. Another thing that impressed me, is that Malala is humble. A humble, sweet girl. And, although she understand the power and the influence she had, she always speak with humility and humanity. And Malala thanks her God for all she did. And I am grateful to her. So, “Thank you Malala”.

  71. Valentina Pignat scrive:

    During my life, my idea of “hero” had changed a lot of times.
    I thought a hero was someone we appreciated a lot, that we admired for the things he or she did. I remember when I was at primary school, every afternoon I was at the gym to do gymnastics. I was just a little girl and I saw the girls who were older than me and they were my heroines because when I saw them I wondered if one day I’ll become like them.
    They were what I dreamed to became and so I looked at them as if they were perfect like a butterfly.
    Now I obviously grew up and I have another conception of hero. I think a hero is someone who makes incredible things that demand a multitude of courage and determination.
    I think that not everybody should became a hero. It’s very difficult.
    They’re not paranormal and they’re not even strange, mad or with superpower, but they are determinated and brave. They’re not frightened even if they know that sometimes they’re risking their life, that’s the most precious gift that God gives us.
    The most bug heroes known all over the world are, for example, Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi and here in Italy even Paolo Borsellino and Giovanni Falcone could be considered heroes.
    The one that I’ve not mentioned yet is Malala Yousafzai. I want to stop momentarily to speak about this big girl.
    She’s a special heroine, because she become a fighter girl at the only age of fourteen years.
    The thing that makes me think about what happened to her is that she was fighting for a right that we take for granted. In Italy, like in a lot of other states in the world, going to school is a right and school is open to everybody. This is not equal. All the children in all over the world should go to school.
    Malala complained about this, but she had been shooted in the head because not everyone shared her ideas. Her deed was a very brave one. She probably knew the outcomes she would have to pay, but she did never stopped her fight against the militants Taliban who did not allow the girls for getting education in the Swat Vellay. She has become an example for everybody, we should take her as an example, and she teaches us not to give up to fight to achieve our aims.

  72. Matias Murlo scrive:

    Rarely in this world you can find a hero, but the Earth is big and there live seven miliard inhabitants.
    I think there are some people that are heroes like Malala.She is my age and she is a heroine. She changed the world in a better place,she helped many people and she has an enormous heart.
    Malala Yousafzai was born on 12th July 1998 in Pakistan.
    All began when she was eleven and she made a blog for BBC where she documented the regime of the Taliban in Pakistan. For this she was nominated for the International Children’s Peace Prize
    On 9th October 2012 she was severely hit in the head by gunmen in a schoolbus but fortunately she is survived but she can not move half of her face.
    On 12th July 2013, in her sixteenth birthday, she spoke at UN Headquarters in New York.
    In 2014 she won the Nobel Peace Prize.
    We have to be proud of her and of what she made.

  73. Federica Del Savio scrive:

    I’m really happy to have the possibility to learn so many things about Malala Yousafzay because she’s amazing; honestly before this work I’d never heard of Malala maybe something on the television but nothing more. But now, I have understand how lucky we are to go to school, because we can study what we like, we can choose the school that we prefer and we don’t have to pay for do it; she is so brave and so amazing that when I read something about her I’m really speechless, there aren’t words for describe her. if someone asked me what I think about Malala I will be in trouble, I really don’t know how to answer it, perhaps saying that she’s amazing, but she isn’t only this, she’s a hero for me and for all the other people. She wasn’t allowed to go to school, but she ALWAYS want to study and one day when she was in the bus for the school she was shot by Taliban. Now. half of her face is paralyzed but she’s still beautiful, I’m really lucky to study Malala because she’s amazing! I’d like to meet her one day for ask her some questions and tell her that is wonderful, and i really appreciated what she did and what she still doing for education.

  74. Martina Ivancich scrive:

    I remember the day when, by news on Tv, I heard for the first time the story of Malala. I was in the dining room with my dad and, at the end of the programme, he said to me :” You should take her like an example, she fought for what she believed in and you must do the same. You shouldn’t be afraid by anyone. ”
    I knew a little about this girl but now, after watching her speech, I’m really impressed. That day she didn’t fight only for her rights, she fought even for the rights of all the children around the world. Malala risked her life because she wanted an education too, a thing that here in Italy is absolutely unknown beacause we don’t have to fight to go to school. Her gesture made all the world think and those people reward her with respect and love. I meditate too after what she said, I understand that having an Education is really important for my future and I’m very lucky to be free to study, learn, write and read but especially I understand that I don’t have to be afraid to express my opinions and to follow everytime my dreams. I think she should be considerated an heroine, a person is remembered when does something great and her, a 17 year old girl, was the greatest of all.

  75. Giovanna Da Ros scrive:

    I think that Malala is an amazing person.
    Where did she find the courage and the determination to do all of these fantastic things? I think that we all have to admire her because she fights for what she wants, for the equality, because she wanted to go to school, to learn all the things that normal teenagers do. I was surprised when I watch the video of the speech at the UN Youth Assembly because of her perfect english. How can she learned it so good without going to school? The answer is that she is definitely determinate. She dressed like a man and went to school, and I thing that she was terribly scared of death in that moment but she did it because she thinks that education is a right that everybody must have. I really admire her because she speaked her mind, she didn’t care if it was very dangerous, and i thin that this is an important lesson, because if you fight for something good, something that can help you and other people, you will win in the end, and in fact she won the nobel price. And the other fantastic part of her story is that she was probably death but maybe destiny wants her to go on with her ideas.

    Malala is a young women that wanted to change the world and she was not interested in fame, money or things like that, that now a day are the most important in this disgusting world, so we should all be proud that there are girls like her.

  76. Giulia Brunetti scrive:

    We’re a extremely superficial generation.
    We usually don’t appreciate what we have just because we’ve already have everything.
    We take everything for garanteed.
    But there are people who doesn’t have anything, and people who have too much.
    I walk through the walls of my school and I just listen students talk about how school sucks, but while we’re hating school, there are teenagers who would pay to go to school.
    Malala is one of them.
    She wanted to learn, she wanted to be intelligent, she wanted to go to school and then, finally, she realized her big dream.
    But she has gone so close to death. Some horrible people shooted her in the face, and now half of her face is paralyzed.
    I can’t stop to admire her. She has hope, and she is strenght.. She know what she want, and she’s fighting for herself and for everyone like her.
    Usually, I give up after a while.. And watching and reading how this girl is fighting for her rights left me breathless.
    I’m not strong enough to keep fighting forever but damn, she really looks like a heroine who doesn’t have the intention to stop fighting.. And that’s giving me hope.
    That’s giving me hope because now I can understand that there’s alway another way which will take you to the happiness, to the success.
    That’s giving me hope because now I can understand that that’s not the end. That in our broken generation there’s still someone who have the courage to fight.
    The only one problem is that we all will never be together like a team.. There will always be that person who will want to ruin everything.
    But it doesn’t really matter, because even if someone will try to destroy us, if we’ll keep fighting, there won’t be an end.
    And Malala is the perfect example. Because even if one day she will die, everyone will remember her like the girl who changed the world.
    The girl who fight for her rights. The girl who wanted an equal treatment for everyone, because they deserve it.
    The 14 year-old girl who just didn’t give up: Malala.

    Giulia Brunetti / 2*F

  77. Nicole Mellina scrive:

    Malala is an incredibly young and wise girl. She appears like a good and naive girl, she sees the good part of people even where there is not. Her ingenuity makes her positive and makes her not be frightened by those who want to shut her ideas up and by those who want her dead. Malala never gave up, she fought for her rights and her ideas, I really admire her. We just don’t think about countries were children can’t go to school because we gave it for garanted, but it’s the possibility of learning that gives us the power of knowing, thinking and acting. We are selfish and uncaring when we think like this because in many countries of the world children don’t have this privilege. Girls like Malala are not allowed to go to school even if they want to learn things, they want to know what there is outside, and want to have their own ideas. She didn’t fight only for herself but for the right of every child who can’t go to school, and she made it, she won a nobel prize at the age of fourteen. She reached achievements unthinkable before. Malala is an example to all of us, she is not greed, she doesn’t care about popularity or success, she just want to do what she can to make the difference, to change the world. Malala is a really great person, she have courage, strenght and kindness, she was also so brave to forgive the Pakistani for what they did. She explained that wars can be fought with just a book and a pen, “the pen is mightier than a sword”, that was what she said, becuase knowledge is power. We don’t need guns and violence to solve problems, because it doesn’t solve really a thing. A lot of young people got to know her story and were shoked that a little girl like her could do such a brave thing and could make us think. I didn’t know her, but when I saw the videos I was moved by her courage, her thoughts and her achievements. With the help of her heroes and her family she made the diference. Malala Yousafzai is an heroine.