A gripping novel on the dark side of social media


We debated over the pros and cons of social networking and you worked on Ms. Cimetta’s post on her blog, for which we thank her.

The objective of this post is to invite you to read a novel strongly linked to the thinks you have watched and debated over.  It is a gripping novel written by American novelist Dave Eggers entitled “The circle”.  It is a page-turner, impossible to read in one seating, but so gripping and involving that you would love to.  Yet, unlike the predominance of the positive aspects of the use of social media you came up with, this novel presents a bleak and threatening vision of a futuristic society dominated by different forms of technically advanced devices.

slide3_001Let’s investigate this novel together and have fun with excerpts and activities I selected and devised with my colleague and friend Nella Maccarrone.

Dave Eggers The Circle Cristiana


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