First Workshop

I really liked the choice of commercials Valentina, Jessica and Gloria made for this morning’s workshop.  You did a fabulous job.  I found your analysis to the point and quite thorough. 
Now it is up to you to let the rest of the "advertisement geeks" (neologism by Cristiana!) read what you think of the following commercials.

Commercial chosen and analysed by Valentina

Interesting points: patriotism and assertion of one’s national identity; decostruction of stereotypes through the reinforcement of others; globalization vs localization (or better global vs local)

Commercial chosen and analysed by Jessica

Interesting points: fable-like qualities in a commercial⇒distortion of reality; meaninful colour code

Commercials chosen and analysed by Gloria

Interesting points: unfair competition; use of a famous actor to shoot the commercial (endorsement); it does not matter whether you are rich or poor, Pepsi will make you happy! (unreal idea of a world with no class distinction, a world where everybody can be equal/can have the same opporunities; idea of democracy reached through a given product)

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4 Responses to First Workshop

  1. anonimo says:

    Analysis of a commercial.   ( Jessica)
    SO, this is my commercial. I found it so likeable and sweet and I chose it .
    Firstly I want to start analysing it with the music.
    We can find three sequences in the commercial and they are: the Beginning (with a sort of introduction of the setting, and the presentation of the mean characters) than, the Development of the story and finally the Conclusion with an Happy- end.
    We can notice that the music tells us the story and it is higher when the foreground shows the product (in this case PAYPASS MASTERCARD).
    There are no dialogues between the characters; they speak one each other with signs gazes and glances, and the only one voice we hear is the narrator’s voice, who changes his tone conforming the situation and the scene.
    Sometimes it is mysterious, he speaks quietly and in a low voice just to make the commercial like a fable. But the most important sound is when the poor ill man sneezes. We can understand the situation from this detail.
    Then, we have the man ( who is a keeper in a zoo park who is cleaning an elephant) and then there is a little monkey which I think it is just like a funny commentator.
    The man is the typical keeper of a zoo park. He is funny, stocky with a sympathetic and patient face.
    The idea of freedom it is so clear. The elephant takes the liberty of going out the park and without obstacles and limits buying all his keeper needs.
    Finally I want to underline something about the colours used in this commercial. I want you to focus on them.
    MASTERCARD has four colours: blue, yellow, red and green. In fact:
    ·        The waistcoat of the man is yellow( as the logo on the left).
    ·        The bag of the elephant is red, just like the first market.
    ·        The chemistry is green, just like the basket.
    ·        Blue like the card.
    ·        Red and yellow again for the blankets.
    That’s all.
    I hope you enjoyed listening to me at school.
    Thank you for your attention!

  2. anonimo says:

    The protagonist is an average canadian,called John. He is standing in a movie theatre,with a cinema screen behind him showing different images relating to canadian culture.
    Joe proceeds to give a speech about what is to be a canadian and what is not to be a canadian,making particular effords to distinguish himself both from common canadian stereotypes about Americans (like:I believe in peace-keeping,not polincing) and viceversa (for example:I don’t live in a igloo).
    In this commercial there are almost 26 different points of view because of the movement of the camera,and in order to cast light on Joe there are a lot of closes-up. The set of the commercial is very plain and simple,and even Joe’s outfit is pretty casual. There are even several expressive forms:music,words,images and the tone of his voice.
    I chose this commecial because it deals with a very important issue,exploited sometimes too much by big companies.patriotism or nationalism. Patriotism is a hot sales tool these days,and it’s hip to be patriotic! In my opinion it is fundamental not taking our history for granted,but sometimes we do;it all depends on how shamelessly it is done. In this case they are trying to sell you the whole Canada not the beer,and the consumers doesn’t realise ’til the end that it is a commercial of a company beer!

  3. anonimo says:

    I worked on two commercials by Pepsi, both dealing with the issue of competition. In these ads in fact, the comparison between the two brands is strong and direct, even if developed in two different ways:
    In the first commercial messages are mainly conveyed by symbols like the measure of the cans and the position of the buttons on the machine that establish the opposition between the highest quality of Pepsi and a lower of Coca-Cola. This one in fact seems to have no importance for the kid, who spends the money for two Coca-cola cans just to claim them and reach Pepsi. As he has fulfilled his desire, he goes happily back to his games, leaving there the other cans as if they were rubbish.
    By the kid, the music, the environment and the final message “Joy of Pepsi” then, we can easily understand that the target the commercial is addressed to, is young people from every country and social class and kid, youth and game are really bound in the semantic area of joy.
    Completely different is the second spot, where the advertiser employed mainly written text and dialogues to show how Pepsi is sparkling, crisp and dynamic. Fundamental is therefore the presence of a testimonial, Jackie Chan, who chooses Pepsi as supporting actor in his movie. The funny aspects of the clip are brought by the lines of Jackie that remind his movies and appeal a young and dynamic audience (they are selling in fact a DIET Pepsi). The competition here is conveyed by the role of the stand-in covered by Coca-Cola, which enters the scene when the fight gets bad and it gets bitten up.
    Finally, even if with different means, but always leaving a smile on the audience’s face, in both the commercials is established that Diet Pepsi is worth much more than Diet Coke. The aim of competition is reached.
    Gloria J

  4. PaulAuster2008 says:

    Dear Jessica, Valentina and Gloria, I am sure all your classmates appreciated your choice of commercials and your analysis of them.  I certainly did, along with the mother tongue teacher.  Unfortunately we have very little time to give feedback in class, so this blog will give us more chances to express our ideas and to give one another feedback on what we appreciated and on what we did not approve of.  Looking forward to listening and watching the other commercials you and your classmates have in store for ME! Take care for the time being.

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