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You discussed the pros and cons of the use of social media.  You watched the videos posted by Ms. Cimetta on her blog and responded to them.  You formed your own ideas as to the risks of living just in a virtual world (be it FB or Twitter, or any other social media you may use regularly).


Watch the following videos.  The first one raises points against having our lives ruled by social media and does this through a story-line and most of all through the use of poetry.  Music plays an important role too.  The second is an ironic response to it.   What are the issues they both raise?  Take notes.  Which video do you like more?  Why?  Which video do you fully approve of? Why?

A video criticising the way we use social media has become an internet hit with over 33 million views on YouTube.  ‘Look Up’ by British filmmaker Gary Turk says we’re “a generation of idiots” and “slaves to technology”.

This is the scritpt of the (video) poem.


Watch this video, what is your reaction to it? What is the irritating social behaviour you can spot? Has this become the norm? Do you see yourself in any of the situations? If so, does it seem questionable to you now, or do you think it is just what all people do and so you do it too?

See how some teenagers have responded to this video and compare their reactions to yours.

Society has become disconnected, according to rapper/artist Prince Ea. In a video he released on Facebook and Youtube on Sept. 30, the American poet declares “Why I Refuse to Let Technology Control Me.”  Did you know that a person spends an accumulated four years of his or her life looking down at their cellphone? That’s a virtual life of pixels on a screen, rather than a real life with real circumstances.

Prince Ea points out how Facebook has become the ANTI-social network because it separates and disconnects people rather than connecting them. Even when people are in the same room, or same bed even, their iPhone or iPad is still the focus of their attention.  Do you agree?

He continues by claiming that instead of friendships and real life interactions with loved ones, self-worth has become measured by the number of online likes and followers one can attain.  Do you think this is true for you too?  Do you see yourself in his descritpion?

However, the irony is that in order to reach so many people, the rapper had to use social media to spread his message.  What is the way out then?  How can we make sure that technology does not control our lives? (adapted from

Now look at the words and relisten to Prince Ea.  Do you agree with him? Disagree? To what extent?  Be precise and provide evidence.

Is social media ruining our lives, then?  The videos above suggest different approaches to social media.  The following video, may help you in your personal considerations.

In his first media interview, Turk tells ‪#‎BBCTrending‬ why he made the viral video.

And here are your projects!

Neknomination seen through the eyes of some teenagers!

So far you have been exposed to videos that somehow warn us on the unbalanced or better unhealthy use of social media. Can you find videos that, instead, highlights some of the positive uses of social media? Can you think of a video or presentation yourself?

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27 Responses to Debating Social Media

  1. Alessia Marini says:

    The videos care about how social media change our lives,about how much we are attached on our mobile phones that we don’t pay attention anymore on anything that surrounds us when we use telephones.I like all this videos and I approve with “look up” because in 5 minutes Gary explained the worst problem of our generation.It involves you and it affects directly on your heart and brain.I already know this video.
    I often see the type of situations of the third video and I don’t like that irritating type of behaviour.Phones and social medias are everywhere.Me too I wanted to not sped time on the phone when I am with my family but sometimes I notice that they are reading or looking at their phones/tablets too and I feel bed for us because this is a situation that we can’t control anymore(I am not talking of my parents but all the people).I cannot say :”Stop looking at your phone,it’s unpolite,let’s talk!” because they could reply me that everytime I can I am on my iPod checking the notification on Instagram or Facebook or Snapchat.
    I hate the fact that we cannot manage to stop looking on our phones.But it is not all like this.When I hang out with my friends I NEVER look at my phone because I don’t feel the need.Because I feel happy and I don’t care if someone add me on Snap or if a friend of mine posted a photo with me on Instagram.I care about speaking and have fun with my friends and I forget my phone. It happens really often that my parents try to contact me but they do not find me because I do not hear the phone ringing and I do not even look at it.So they become angry with me but I don’t care because I think this is a good thing if when I am with friends I do not notice what is happening on my phone.
    I just want to say that when I am with them I don’t feel the necessity to look at my phone ,it is not that when I am with my parents it happens but I say:We won’t have that needs of using the phone evreytime if we were where we want to be and with the person we want to be with.
    Finally a thing that I do not share with the videos is that of the photos.
    I really like taking photos(for example of the sky,when the sun rises and when it shines) so I think that photos are important,even for the future memories and for the beauty they are.I think that we must take photos in lots of situations to catch the best moments.Is not that we have to take photos of everything and in every time and immediately share it because we lost little things in the real life.
    I had the same reactions to the guys in the video when I saw the terrible situations with the phones and social medias.Unfortunately it is sad to belong to this generation!

  2. Liam Antonel says:

    Both videos are about the use of the social media. The first video is against the use of social media because it’ s unsocial: you don’t have real contact with people, you don’t talk to them and you don’t look at them in the eyes. The second video encourages the use of social media because it’s an easier way to communicate, you don’t need to go out, It’s safe and it can provide anything you need (a date, paying your bills…).
    I prefer the second video because I don’t fully agree with the first one. Indeed, I think it’s not true that social media bring social isolation, in the opposite you can get to know people through social media and meet them in real life. Moreover I think the first video is a bit exaggerated because it says that if you use social media you won’t meet and talk to people anymore.
    I don’t fully agree with neither of them, I think that there is some truth in both of them. I think we should moderate our use of social media in order not to waste too much time online instead of spending it in real life. But it is also true that social media are very useful in everyday life.

  3. Francesca Strammiello says:

    I absolutely love Look up, it is so true nowadays we have more friends in the social media than the real life. It is so sad hanging out with some friends and see all of them texting and they don’t almost see in the face for the whole exit. Instead I prefer going out with my friends and discuss of the news and speak about everything and like the video maybe one day you will find your soul mate instead of texting. Obviously we are in the generation that we can even stay without our mobile phone (I would stay without my phone for a weekend or things like this) but I don’t approve the fact that for a lot of people the phone is super essential, I mean it is too excessive. Yes, I agree with the parody that say phone can give us news quickly or things like this, but it is not possible that a person can depend on a screen.
    The message of “I forgot my phone” is very important. I liked watching this video.
    But it is so sad seeing people use them Iphone even when it is not opportune. For example when the boy asked the girl if she wants to marry him, they took a selfie in an instant. If I was the girl who passed near them I would ask them: “Guys, Is it the moment to take a selfie?” Or the boy who was texting while there was in act a show. You paid for that show and now you are minding your own business,yes sometimes it is better to mind the own business but in these circumstances, I don’t agree,
    I like the teen react because they are young people like us and so I could compare with them, like they said nowadays if you don’t have a mobile phone you are a loser, yes even in Italy, but I don’t understand why. It is stupid and dumb take the mick out of someone just because he/she hasn’t the Iphone 6, I see a lot of people who did this to others.
    I love Prince’s video, he always has interesting topics and he says/raps what a lot of people think or want to say. And he changes words to others to make more pleasant the song, for my opinion. Social medias mustn’t take control of our lives. We are real people, not dolls who everybody can pick and do everything! It depends only from us!
    But, social media are ruining life of a lot of people impededing them a social life.
    Cause that will mean we’ll be one bar closer – to humanity.

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