To cheat has got two meanings. What are they? The two images below can help you before you resort to the dictionary.


Why do students cheat?

This is what some students think about why many of them cheat:

– So that they do not look stupid

– To get a higher mark

– So that they do not get into trouble if they get a bad mark

– To get out of trouble

In other words they say that kids sometimes cheat because they haven’t done their work and they don’t want to face the consequences. Sometimes they cheat because they don’t feel good about themselves and what they can do. Sometimes it is because they want to keep up with their friends.


What are the possible ways to prevent students from cheating?

Look at this photo, what is it? Do you think this is true?

Cheating-helmet-640x359It is an anti-cheating hat! Shall we make one ourselves? What would yours look like?

Or shall we opt for these solutions? Which one do you prefer? Why?


cheating wrongGo to the following page and have fun!

Look at this video clip where Mr. Bean is sitting a test. What is the problem he is facing? How does he think to overcome it? What are the “strategies” he uses to solve his problem? What does the other candidate do? What does the examiner do?

Have you ever cheated in a test? How did you manage to do it? How come the teacher did not catch you? What about your classmates? Has it ever happened that one of them told your teacher you were cheating?

Can you think of at least three negative outcomes of cheating?

This is what a student wrote, do you agree?

It is terribly wrong. If you cheat, it means you are throwing away the self-confidence you have in you. Also, take into account that you can’t hide forever to cheating. Time and time will come that you will be caught in the act of cheating, and you will have to bear the consequences it could give you. If you go on cheating, you will never succeed in life. Cheating is only for the foolish, and you don’t want to be one of them – unless you want to be. Remember: if you cheat, you are cheating yourself. This quote by Sophocles will tell you:

I would prefer even to fail with honor than to win by cheating

If you want to read and listen to an article about cheating click here. This will help you improve your pronunciation and expand your vocabulary.

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