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Here you will find useful links to boost your English and have fun! Trust me

Useful Links for Students

BBC Learning English: this is a very useful site if you want to learn and have fun at the same time.  It offers an array of different activities, it is up to you to pick and choose.

Learn English with the British Council: hundreds of pages of high-quality video and audio, along with interactive exercises to help you with your grammar and vocabulary.

The British Council Webpage has a special section for teenagers:  here you can find videos (with transcripts, tasks and keys to the exercises), articles on different topics, you can post your comments, you can read useful tips to improve your English, and much more.  It is up to you to investigate 😉

Do you want to improve your listening skills?

English Central turns popular web videos into fun and effective language learning experiences. You can listen to your pronunciation mistakes. It is a great website to learn different kinds of pronunciations through videos.

Or you can subscrive to the following series.  I am posting just one of a long series of videos.

For the first-year students, have a look at Peter Sloan’s tips to have a better pronunciation in English.  You can follow him on

Another interesting website to practise listening is

Listening & Reading:

Do you want to boost your vocabulary? 

You may find Language Guide  a fun visual tool to learn vocabulary

This teaches you the meanings of idioms:

Do you want to enhance your writing skills?

Writing Fun  is a MUST.  This website will motivate you to enhance your writing skills.

Do you want to have some fum reading some “bizarre” news You can find articles at different levels, so choose the one you consider more appropriate for you.

Another interesting site is Breaking News.

Online English Video Immersion.  Have fun!

You can subscribe to the following series of videos, quite interesting to have some fun with American English.  It is meant more for the biennio students.  I am posting just the first episode, but by resorting to Youtube you can watch all the other series.

General websites to boost your knowledge of the English Language


If you want to be exposed to American English, improve your language skills and most of all empower your vocabulary by studying idioms and everyday’s expressions, I highly suggest you visit the following website (click on “home” to see all the website potentials,  I am posting the page to idioms, because I love the way they are explained ot students!)

If you are just interested in the news, then go directly to


Interested in knowing some of the differences between British English and American English?  I am sending you directly to a student’s blog, browse it, it is interesting.

The following is fun, listening to the same English text read by different people around the world!


Quizzes, tests, exercises and puzzles to help you learn English as a Second Language (ESL)
This project of The Internet TESL Journal ( has thousands of contributions by many teachers.

English for everyone: plenty of practice, from reading, to grammar, to writing, to listening, etc. etc. etc.

Speaking and Presentation Skills


How can Technology assist you?

Collaborative brainstorming and mapping

An Internet notepad that can be accessed from any computer with an Internet connection

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