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Carmen Mary Coonan: Seminar at Liceo Grigoletti “Let’s CLIL together”

la japonaise, mary brewster hazelton
Dear Colleagues,
Here I am going to post the materials that Prof. Coonan presented at the seminar.  Obviously, we cannot reproduce the videos she showed us and we cannot post all the materials she discussed and shared with us.  However, I have found some other interesting materials (mainly articles) that I think will prove useful for all of us (CLIL supporters!).
If you have not been able to meet Prof. Coonan at the “Let’s CLIL together” seminar, well, perhaps you would like to watch the following video.

If you want to have information on on-line CLIL courses, you can find what your are looking for  by clicking on the following website:

imagesHere you can get some of the materials.  I hope you enjoyed the seminar as much as I did. 

Primary School Teachers

3. aree tematiche4. Giocare


1. OK identify shapes in things outside2. OK identify and colourIDEE PER PERCORSOKindergarten Percorso matematicachange-management1

Power Point Presentation

Esperienze di percorsi CLIL
Here are some of the articles I found

Atti_4Mary Coonancoonan
Primary School The natural learning of a foreign languagequad6
I came across this interesting website (Rete CLIL Lecco), worth browsing it:


Here you have a very interesting presentation by Phil Ball entitled “Designing Materials for CLIL”.  Enjoy it.  Worth watching and listening to!


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