What CLIL means to us

This is dedicated to my 1B (CLIL) students. We created different posters to embellish our class, but we also wanted to create our digital products, that is the “digital” replica of the posters. Hope you will like them.

This is my contract, what I hope I will be able to enforce for my students.

by Giulia, Nicola, Nicoletta, Sara, Betty, Angelica, Sifahu and Simone

by Luca Troìa


by Alberto, Federica, Gianluca, Merilda and Silvia

by Michele, Sara, Sofia and Gian Marco

by Benedetta Stoiculiasa

by Letizia, Febe, Marco and Giulio

by Alberto, Federica, Gianluca, Silvia and Merilda

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